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About Dreams of Spanking

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Dreams of Spanking produces hot, subversive spanking porn that brings fantasy to life in a way that is performer-driven, radically inclusive, and holds consent at its heart.

What We Do

Our core mission is to create content that:

  • speaks to spanking fans of all genders, orientations and preferences
  • features believable storylines, engaging characters, genuine chemistry and high production values
  • caters to the queer, femme and bottom gaze as much as to the straight, masc and top gaze
  • emphasises the agency and consent of our performers at all levels, from initial discussions through the shoot itself to backstage content released alongside the finished product.

We release a brand new high-quality spanking porn film every week, often accompanied by a selection of bonus content. We maintain a presence on a variety of social media and porn-focused content platforms, and we publish writing on our own blog that focuses on the themes and dynamics we explore in our films.

How We Do It

We are a sex-positive and gender-affirming studio, run by a diverse team of real-life kinksters who understand what people want from spanking porn - and firmly believe that it can be done better. You can find out more about Pandora Blake and the team behind Dreams of Spanking in this post.

Our performers are genuine spanking enthusiasts, and many of our films depict the real fantasies of the people starring in them. We pay fairly - which means paying the same fees to everyone, regardless of gender, body size or other attributes, for the same work - and honour the contribution of our spankee performers by paying them a higher rate than tops. We take the ethical standards of our shooting environment extremely seriously, with performer welfare and informed consent our highest priority.

Why We’re Here

Pandora Blake founded Dreams of Spanking in 2011 as a way to create the content they wanted to make, share and enjoy - beautiful, sexy spanking porn aimed at real kink and BDSM fans. A decade later, this is still the core of why we do what we do - and it always will be.

That said, we do have a few other goals:

  • Shifting the porn world toward being more consensual, more ethical, more diverse and more overtly egalitarian
  • Challenging other studios to meet the standards we treasure, by making content that ultimately viewers enjoy more for our integrity
  • Countering the huge quantity of porn that objectifies its performers and caters exclusively to the male, heteronormative gaze
  • Helping people explore their darkest and most taboo fantasies in a safe and consensual way.

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