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Wonderful site, and wonderful video!

Hello Pandora and others...I just signed on as a member a couple of days ago, and I must say congratulations! The videos and photos that I've looked at definitely capture the exciting "essence" of the thrill of spanking, with the perfect amount of storyline to engage us in the characters (which seems unique among spanking video sites!) followed by what appears to be very realistic, hard spanking action. Congratulations!...I look forward to seeing more great work. I must say, I particularly enjoyed this video...There's something about a "period piece" featuring very attractive women in tight jodhpurs that's downright irresistible, and Zille has a fascinating air of innocent eroticism about her that's positively delightful to see. I hope you can feature this endearing young woman in more videos soon...I'm most definitely a fan! And by the way...I completely agree with the comments above regarding pubic hair. I'm sorry that it's gone out of vogue lately, but to my eye it adds a delicious erotic element which seems particularly appropriate in a period piece like this, from a time when I highly doubt that most if any women would have shaved. I suspect if you took a poll you would find that there are a surprising number of us guys who would be in agreement with me. In any case, thank you so much for the wonderful work...Please keep it up!

Ken (aka "Backbeat"...)

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