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Oh, I'm glad the files are working for you now! Was it the high res or the low res MP4 you were using? I'll re-upload it just in case.

Thanks for the comments and I'm glad that overall your response is positive. Audio quality is definitely something I'm working to improve.

I made a deliberate decision not to *always* generate stills to accompany a video. Sometimes a video is just a video. Duplicating every scene in both media can be redundant, and is not much fun for the performers on long shoots. My aim is for my photo galleries to stand alone as galleries, and my films to stand alone as films. In scenes where I think the story is worth telling in both ways I will do so, but in this one I didn't think that was the case. The screengrabs are hand-selected and included in case anyone wants to blog about or link to the film and wants images to do so.

As it happens on recent shoots I *have* tended to take more stills accompanying videos, but as a point of principle, I don't want to make it policy to always shoot every scene in both media. Every story are told in the best way for that scene, and I don't want to generate redundant material for the sake of it. Sorry if that doesn't suit you but it's something I feel quite strongly about.

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