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Hi Pandora, thx so much for responding. I'm actually a little surprised, I often don't get a response to feedback that I offer.

I've sorted out the film issues - it seems the MP4 was the culprit. No problem at all with the WMV.

Ok, I get your rationale for the dialogue. You used a flash-back technique with Adele early on which I think you could've applied throughout the dialogue. I found that quite effective. Also, if you are incorporating long-ish dialogue, the audio needs to be of a less variable quality. Totally agree with you that spanking/belting scene was hot! The only thing I'd have added would've been for you to get a little taste of the belt too!

Don't get me wrong, I do think you have a quality site. I fully expected it to be, given how well you've marketed it. It's very well designed, and the film quality is definitely top-notch. I would say that for some sequences, I'm a tad disappointed that there are only film stills, rather than high def pics, but that doesn't take away significantly from the overall quality of the product.

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