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Can you let me know which version of the film you are having trouble with? Is it the embedded player or one of the download links?

Yeah, I had a hard decision to make with this one. You're absolutely right that it is slow to get going. In the end though I decided to keep the dialogue because for me, this film serves two purposes. Starting from 19:00, it's a hot spanking/belting scene. But in it's entirety, it's an introduction to kink, to consensual discipline, and an honest look at the reasons someone might come to it and the questions they might have. The dialogue may not be much interest to the casual watcher, but I'm hoping it will be reassuring and educational to those new to kink or to the concept of consensual discipline. I've added some text to the page which I hope will give people a realistic sense of what to expect.

As for the membership fee - I deliberately set the cheap 5 day membership as an option for those who think the other is two high. I am fairly confident that I'll be able to compete on quality before too long, and it is quite hard to put one's prices up, so in the meantime, I hope the 5-day option will cater to anyone who can't stretch to the 30 days price.

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