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Secret to Success - film and commentary

This was a fascinating film, particularly with the commentary afterwards. It was very illuminating about the real-life relationships in the spanking community.

Can you explain something to me? I can understand how spanking can be a deterrent to improve behaviour in a DS relationship (which is, after all, how punishment has normally been understood), and I can understand how it can be an enjoyable game to play (as I and you and others find it, the observance of appropriate limits being always understood) - but I honestly don't understand how it can be both for the same person. And yet I know that it can because I know at any rate one person to whom this applies, quite apart from what I see of you on the web - and I think I can tell the difference between acting and sincerity!

I suppose Adele's character came close to addressing this when she said something like "He does it a little bit too hard to be fun" - but then you might say "Well just tell him to keep it at game-level and carry on procrastinating"! It's a very strange paradox.

With regard to Nalga00's comment that there was not yet much material on your site to provide value for money - I should say that one can only watch so many films at a time, and providing there are enough that are interesting it isn't necessary to have a huge back-list of films that might also be interesting if one ever had time to view them! What I like about your site is, apart from the quality and imagination shown in the films themselves, the feeling of getting to know someone I have read the written words of for quite some years (Adele, as well as yourself). I suppose it is like reading a journalist in your regular daily paper who suddenly gets a job on BBC television, so you start hearing him as well as reading his thoughts - only the subjects are more personal than Andrew Marr normally deals with!


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