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Irelynn's comeback

Hi, Pandora

Ah, the schoolgirl caning, that mainstay of the UK spanko porn business. If any of the participants looks back in 10 years' time, will this movie stand out as a career highlight? I doubt it. And yet ...

This is wonderfull stuff, "feelgood porn", lovely to watch and so obviously a fun experience for the enthusiasts who made it. I feel a little bit sorry for the victims (poor sweet babies) because those pretty marks must have been a bit sore.

And what a surprise to see Irelynn come out of retirement. I first met her in 2011, and I knew she was visiting you and Adele on a shooting day in July. Indeed, I escorted her from Euston to the venue, and I got to meet Adele & Nimue, albeit very briefly. But I DIDN'T know you'd be releasing a film with her in it ...

I asked her afterwards how the day had been for her. She wasn't very forthcoming, but hinted that there would be a surprise for me. Then, in late September, she puzzled me by saying "Pandora sent me an email this morning regarding the scene we shot for her website". I didn't press her to clarify, thinking she might have a bit part, perhaps like her non-spanking cameo in Northern's "Strictly Come Spanking".

I came across "Leaving Day" in the final hours of 2013. An amazing year for me, to which both you and she contributed greatly. Irelynn's comeback may be over - I thought the prospect so unlikely that I never seriously considered suggesting it to her. But think about the Pandora of 2 years ago. Private 1-2-1 sessions? Never !

I eagerly await the behind-the-scenes footage.

James M

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