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A perfect Christmas present

A beautiful traditional English classroom location is the perfect setting for a final end-of-term caning for these two beautiful students in their pristine uniforms by the most beautiful, exquisite & strict head-of-year school mistress……..I luv the way the girls giggle just like schoolgirls would when reminded of their school term jolly japes……..

How apt to have a gym horse ready for those two lucky students to mount in order to take what can only be described as the most perfect, hard, precise caning action delivery by Mistress Pandora, those cane strokes are definitely going to be felt physically by Adele and Irelynn and emotionally by Mistress Pandora who must be on a absolute high after punishment has been completed.

This is a beautifully performed scene by all players………a perfect Christmas present for all Dreams of Spanking members. I hope the flood-gates open on 23rd Dec………because if the world forgets to descend on Pandora’s amazing dream, then they are going to miss out big time…………..

Thank you so much and once again, well done to cast, crew, writers, techies, producers, directors…and everybody else......this has made MY Christmas extra special.......xxx

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