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Soft Whimpers

Emma Christie gets the cane on her bare bottom at Dreams of Spanking

I think this is probably the most intense spanking I’ve seen here since I’ve been part of the Dreams of Spanking team. Pandora takes Emma through three different increasingly difficult implements before finally finishing off with a heavy cane, all delivered straight onto the bare. Emma takes her punishments almost in silence, only the softest of whimpers betraying how difficult it must be. At the end her skin is bright red and heavily welted, and I’ve no doubt that some of those final strokes will bruise for days or even weeks.

It turns out, though, that Emma Christie - for whom this is a Dreams of Spanking debut, making her endurance all the more impressive! - might be a woman of hidden talent (as well as the talent that’s already on show). There’s a little twist at the end of this scene; one that suggests a sequel is potentially in the works. Is this blisteringly severe spanking going to be followed up with some unexpected blackmail and table-turning? 

Emma Christie holds the cane and talks to Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

As always, folks, watch this space for more...

Episodes from real life

Real life has been far too busy lately. After a hectic July that left me burned out, I'm taking a couple of weeks to recuperate and rest ... relatively, anyway. That's why this blog has been a little quiet, but I'm starting to catch up. Here's a scene that went up while I was away at the end of last month.

Click to view trailer for Landlady


Alex has been keeping a cat in her new flat against the terms of her tenancy agreement. Her landlady is scheduled to visit later, but to Alex's horror she arrives a few hours early. The cat is hastily bundled into the bathroom, but Alex doesn't have time to tidy anything else up - and when the landlady finds a cat toy under a cushion, the secret is revealed.

Alex begs her not to kick her out, and instead the landlady decides that some old-fashioned discipline might do some good. She fetches a heavy wooden spoon from the kitchen, and Alex bends over for some stinging swats over her denim jeans and on the bare. 

Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking

In this scene I asked Alex if she'd be willing to help me re-create an experience from my real life, with her playing me, and me playing the role of my landlord (or landlady, in the case of this film). Apart from the spanking, this actually happened. I hadn't obtained permission for my cat when I moved into my new home. I planned to ask about it at some point, pretending I was getting the cat for the first time, but before I did so my landlord paid me a visit to fix a broken blind.

He'd said he'd come round later that afternoon, and I was planning to hoover the place and set the cat up nice and comfy in the shed for an hour or so in time for his arrival. He showed up in the morning, however, and I barely had time to shove the cat and her litter box in my bedroom before letting him in.

One of the first questions he asked me was, "So where's the cat?" Turns out that without having hoovered, the cat fur everywhere was a dead giveaway. What can I say - she sheds a lot.

Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking
Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking

The dialogue in this is pretty much true to life, apart from the fact that in real life he let the matter drop, fixed my blind (when we picked it from where it had fallen onto the floor, the catnip mouse was on the carpet underneath it, plain as day; that would have been obvious even if I had hoovered, but he didn't mention it), and went away without saying a thing about it. He still hasn't called me on the fact I was blatantly trying to hide the fact I had a cat, but I felt guilty about it for weeks.

Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking

Initially I thought I might re-create this scene with me playing myself and enjoy a bit of catharsis for my misbehaviour, but we needed a domestic scene when I shot with Alex at my place, and I decided to go with this one. It meant that Alex got to star in a video alongside Fatface, who is her favourite spanking performer ever. It also gave rise to this superlative image, which is possibly my favourite photo of all time and which still makes me laugh whenever I see it.

Alex Reynolds spanked with the heavy wooden spoon at Dreams of Spanking

Alex and Fatface formed a close connection during filming and are now bonded for life. No cats were harmed in the making of this video.

Steamier spankings

I don't know about you but we love the heat. Admittedly it's inconvenient if you're carrying heavy things or getting public transport, but any situation that inclines people to get more naked and spend more time outdoors is good with us. 

Things are getting warmer at our favourite spanking sites as well, with some steamy scenes resulting in hot, sore bottoms.

Molly Malone takes to the sunny outdoors with Aleesha Fox at Red Stripe Films. The girls decide to go camping in the country but soon get lost. Molly gets really stressed at this state of affairs and they just decide to camp where they are. To relieve her stress Molly asks Aleesha to give her a good spanking. Aleesha does this with great enthusiasm, and soon brings a good rosy glow to Molly's bottom cheeks.

In episode 2 the girls decide it's time to eat, but Molly finds out that Aleesha has only packed booze, no food! Molly decides a punishment spanking is in order and takes Aleesha over her knee. Spanked first on her denim shorts she knows that she is in for a real painful episode. Next it's her beautiful bare bottom that comes in for some spanking attention from Molly's hard hand.

Meanwhile at Reluctant Young Men, eighteen-year old Trey looks like he belongs over an older man's knee getting what he deserves, and Chic looks like the guy who can give it to him. First Chic spanks him hard and heavy by hand. Nopone can give a hand spanking quite as hard as he does, pounding away until you can see Trey's body heave forward with every blow. Soon the poor young man is crying out in pain. Chic strips him down and continues with the bath brush as Trey kicks, struggles, screeches and howls in pain. Chic is both tough and tender with the young man, just like a dad, as he dishes out an intense punishment until Trey's cute, young butt is red and bruised.


Over at Triple A Spankings, Alex Reynolds is the subject for prefect Zoe Page's study on how to carry out the perfect detention. Alex is a complex subject for Zoe to observe, as this American Exchange Student tries every trick in the book to wriggle out of her guilt until confronted with overwhelming evidence. Miss Reynolds' regulation panties are removed, then she receives various tried & tested methods of discipline on her bare bottom. This includes the heavy hairbrush, a thick leather strap and a painful wooden paddle. Zoe watches eagerly, taking notes as the punishment unfolds so that she can step in when required.


At Femme Fatale Films, Famous TV chef Miss Severity Myers was proud to present her bakery lesson, until her hapless assistant decided to help himself to her stash of cupcakes. What ensues is a humiliating lesson for the assistant, who ends up with four red cheeks and an arse full of icing - and it's all broadcast live on TV!


And finally, something a little different and even steamier at Bright Desire. Sundae Love and Andrew are a real-life polyamorous couple who couldn't wait to fuck and went at it like monkeys. Sundae has no less than six orgasms during their marathon, playful sex session.


Domestic goddesses

This week our theme is domestic goddesses - especially sexy, submissive, apron-clad ones. So put your feet up, relax, and let a well-spanked beauty bring you service with a smile...

First we have Molly Malone, who has been baking all day like a good little housewife. Now all her cupcakes need is 15 minutes in the oven: just long enough for Pandora to undress Molly down to her vintage lingerie and give her a hard hand spanking.

Once Molly's bare bottom is nice and pink, there's still time for twelve good swats with the wooden baking spoon.

Finally the cupcakes are ready, and Molly's round buns are also roasted to perfection. She ties the apron over her stockings and suspenders; Pandora won't let her have her clothes back until the cupcakes are iced. Until then, Molly is left to decorate the cupcakes with her bare red spanked bottom on display.

Cupcakes is a playful domestic F/F roleplay with a charmingly retro flavour. Yum yum yum!

But of course, not only ladies can be sexy domestic femmes! In our accompanying bonus gallery, playfully called Cheesecake!, we have Michael Darling wearing only a candy-coloured apron and a smile. He shows off his recently spanked bottom and strikes some classic pin-up poses.

It was the end of a busy day shooting domestic F/M scenes with Michael and Nimue, but somehow after the final scripted scene (which will be going up on the site next week, so you can see how Michael obtained these cane stripes) we all had some energy and enthusiasm left.

Michael's bottom was so beautifully welted that we decided to show it off in one final set of photos. He had brought a pink and blue apron which we hadn't got to use yet, and we came up with the idea of a gender-bending, naked-butler-meets-submissive-housewife scene, with Michael wearing only the apron and showing his marks while he pours the wine.

I couldn't resist the opportunity to twin this scene with Cupcakes starring Molly Malone. Playing at being a retro housewife can be hot for subby types of any gender - why let women have all the fun?

And yes, it's possible I may have a teensy kink for the image of a spanked bottom showing through the back of an apron.

Shoot previews - Alex Reynolds

Alex Reynolds has moved on to the next leg of her UK tour, and is now in the safekeeping of Lucy and Paul of Northern Spanking. I miss her already! Fatface on the other hand is sleeping the blissful sleep of the undisturbed for the first time in ten days, and isn't being picked up or bothered any more than usual. I think she's much happier than I am that we have the flat to ourselves again.

Still, the nice thing about shooting spanking porn is that I can stave off the Alex-deprivation by looking at the awesome photos and videos we shot together. I went through the stills and some of the footage last night and I'm really excited about the scenes we filmed.

Tom was our top for the day, and I topped Alex in some scenes, and got into trouble with her in others. (Switches have the most fun.) Able fellow producer Nimue Allen was helping me behind the camera as usual. Tom, Nimue and I have shared a lot of shoots together over the last year and we work together well; the vibe between is increasingly efficient and relaxed.

We were shooting at my flat, which has both advantages and disadvantages. In some ways it's more relaxed, as we don't have to worry about packing bags, remembering everything we might need, travelling to a venue, carrying heavy things and so on. Wardrobe becomes particularly easy, as we can just pick out our outfits before each scene without having to think about it much in advance. And of course shooting at home is cheaper, too.

The flipside is that a room you're shooting in needs to contain a lot less stuff than a room you live in, and I own quite a lot of stuff. Each time you're setting up to shoot in a room, you need to move most of the portable clutter and furniture out to create more space to set up lights and so on. My flat doesn't have an empty room to move all of this stuff into, so if I want to shoot, say, some scenes in the bedroom and some in the lounge, the day becomes a game of furniture tetris, continually shuffling things out of shot and stacking armchairs and storage crates in the hallway and kitchen.

This process does occasionally have unexpected advantages. In one scene we moved the bed around 90 degrees so that we could get a better camera angle, and I liked the new room layout so much that I've kept it.

Overall, I would say that filming at home is a more relaxed way of shooting. And although you're limited to domestic scenarios, in some ways it allows you to be more creative. I don't think we'd have got away with shooting a cat-hiding scene or building a sofa fort in a studio!

We filmed five spanking videos with Alex, and one photoset. First of all we were bad girls staying up too late talking and giggling over the covers, until an angry, sleep-deprived Tom came in and told us we'd both be punished in the morning. The next day we're spanked and strapped side by side on the bed.

This scenario was basically inspired by Alex's and my behaviour the first night she arrived, when our constant attempts to sleep were stymied by finding ever more fascinating things to talk about. We weren't spanked for it, but maybe we should have been.

The second scenario was a new experiment in point-of-view filming. In standard porn jargon "POV" means someone addressing the camera - ie the camera represents the viewer's point of view - but in feminist porn, the phrase is being used by projects such as The Woman's POV to show the viewer the perspective of one of the performers. For instant, if a woman in a sex scene holds the camera herself, the shot puts the viewer into her shoes, which results a strangely intimate experience. With women (and, in spanking porn, spankees) usually cast as the object of a porn film, it's both refreshing and radical to make them the subject.

With this in mind, I'd wanted for a while to have a go at shooting a spanking from the spankee's point of view, using shots which show you how things look from over the knee. A directly cinematographic interpretation of the idea of the spankee's gaze, if you will. We used a mirror and two cameras to capture Tom spanking Alex from different angles.

As the spanking became more serious, we varied the shots to include a couple of more traditional camera angles that showed her bottom more directly. But the indirect view was the most exciting, in my opinion; the glimpses she gets over her shoulder and in the mirror of Tom's hand rising and falling created a suggestive, subtle impression which I found tantalising and hot.

I think this "spankee's POV" film might be the first scene from the day to be published. I'm very interested to find out what people make of it.

We also shot a pagan photoset called "The Rites of Spring", in which Tom and Alex celebrate Beltane with ritual and birching. I basically heart everything about this scene.

The next scene was darker and more violent, with Alex playing a valiant journalist about to blow the whistle on corporate corruption and misconduct. She is visited at home by two of the executives and menaced into keeping silent.


Little do the evil capitalists know, however, that Alex was secretly filming the whole thing, and they have just given her a far better story than she ever expected.

You've already seen one preview from the next scene (based on an incident from my own life) in which Alex is a tenant keeping a cat without permission, who is caught and punished by her landlady.

In real life I wasn't punished - in fact my landlord didn't seem inclined to make a fuss about it - but I felt so guilty about getting caught mid-deception that I really should have been.

Finally, the last scene of the day revisited the cutesy, semi-age-play characters from the sleepover scene, this time building a sofa fort in the living room on an evening when guests are due to arrive. Alex's character had already been punished earlier that day for hitting people with her bear (true story!), and I gave her another spanking in the fort when the bear-hitting continued.

When Tom arrived, he did acknowledge that it might be the best sofa fort ever, but we still got spanked for causing chaos with guests about to come round. Sad face! He bent each of us over the sofa fort and spanked us with hand and wooden hairbrush. I don't know what it was about that hairbrushing but it felt ridiculously, excessively painful, and there was lots of howling and kicking from each of us, especially me.

We left the sofa fort up, though, after we finished shooting, and the day ended off-camera with Nimue, Alex and I hanging out in the fort drinking cider and eating crisps, and talking about all manner of things.

Later that night we turned the cameras back on to film a video blog, by which point we may have been somewhat giggly.

As you can see, we hate our work and never have any fun at all on a spanking shoot!

If you haven't already, do add Alex's blog to your bookmarks. She updates it regularly about a range of fascinating topics relating to spanking and D/S, with a highly readable, entertaining writing style. In my opinion it's the best spanking model blog currently online - and I'm not the only one that thinks so, as it was voted Best Creative Spanking Blog in the 2012 Spanking Awards. Do check it out to keep abreast of Alex's many adventures in spankingland.

F/F previews: Molly and Nimue

Last week Dreams of Spanking HQ was full of ladies, laughter and spanking for a two day F/F shoot with Molly Malone, Nimue Allen and photographer Tricia Sullivan. Ever since the M/M shoot last year (dear lord, was it only a year ago?) I've been trying to arrange another shoot with an all-female crew. It was an amazing atmosphere: so easy, comfortable and relaxed. And a good thing too, because it was my new lover Molly's first "proper" shoot with Dreams of Spanking (excluding an informal al fresco outing with her boyfriend behind the camera). I knew she was feeling nervous and I wanted to make her as comfortable as possible.

The first day was just the three of us: Molly, Nimue and me. Nimue excelled herself running two cameras at once, I handled the lighting and other aspects of production, and I eased Molly in gently with an interview and a couple of kinky demonstrations.

The interview has just been published, in which we have a good old gossip about our mutual friend Zoe Montana and she tells me all about how she discovered her love of corporal punishment (including the sensational story of her first ever spanking experience!) Click to view the free trailer:


Molly felt much more confident simply being herself in front of the camera than trying to act a part, and having done some demos on my recent USA trip I've decided to start making occasional instructional videos.

We teamed up to create two switchy spanking presentations. The first demonstrated negotiation, communication and feedback during a spanking scene, and the second was a sexy showcase of cane techniques at various points on the severity spectrum.

We also shot a couple of bedroom scenes, including one in which I spank Molly when she gets home from an all-night rave (in her cute clubbing outfit including UV hotpants and fluffies!), and another which was a re-creation of a real life punishment she gave me for being an hour late to meet her for a date.

On the second day we were joined by photographer Tricia Sullivan, and we indulged ourselves with some more extended scenes that involved a bit more dressing up. In two of them Molly and I played dykey housemates who introduce spanking into their friendship after challenging each other to a strength contest.

At the other end of the butch/femme spectrum, we shot a retro fetish scene with fifties dresses, high heels and cupcakes. Molly looked amazingly sexy as a glam 50s housewife in a polkadot apron and vintage lingerie - and the cupcakes were tasty too.

Nimue then moved in front of the camera in my favourite scene of the whole shoot, a wedding-themed switch scenario. Bridezilla Molly takes her stress out on hapless bridesmaid Nimue... but after her beating Nims realises that Molly is just as moody as ever, and decides that she needs to turn the tables.

This one was amazing to watch from behind the camera. Great acting, hard strappings and canings and pretty dresses. Molly flounced beautifully, and Nims' sympathetic portrayal of the bridesmaid trying to help her best friend cope on her special day really helped to make the relationship real.

Somehow after all that we still all had some kinky energy left, so at the end of the day Molly, Nimue and I got together in front of the camera for an hour-long spanking and switching extravaganza called "Ring of Fire"... and if you can't work out how it goes from the title and the below picture, it will have to remain a mystery. By the end we were exhausted, happy and deliciously sore!

It was wonderful playing together as three switches; it all felt very balanced and harmonious. A lot of spanking performers are switches but it's quite rare to see one person go both ways in the same story. It's still more acceptable to be a female switch than a male switch, so I'm keen to do more switch scenes with boys as well as girls.

I really enjoyed collaborating with Nimue behind and in front of the camera, and I'm planning to do more work with both these amazing ladies over the coming year.

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