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A well-deserved hairbrush spanking

A while ago Pandora sent me the latest Dreams of Spanking film with the caveat that 'our sympathies here are definitely with the spankee!' The idea being that - as I think is the norm in Pandora's work - the story is told from the spankee's perspective, and in Christy's case we feel bad for her ... despite being deeply aroused by her red bottom and plaintive squeals of pain.

In 'Intervention', I don't think I'm going out on a limb here to say that the case is the exact opposite. This painful hairbrush spanking is very much deserved.

Click to view trailer for Intervention

Amelia Jane Rutherford puts her acting skills to good use in this film, playing the most obnoxious, conniving work colleague that anyone has had the misfortune to work with. She oozes fake sympathy with her underpaid colleagues (played by Pandora Blake and Caroline Grey), dripping saccharine sweetness and patronising words even as she boasts about her own recent payrise.

She insists on showing them how she's planning to remodel her bathroom, using money they all know she's been stealing from the company - putting expenses claims in for erotic lingerie is just one of many ways she's been doing the dirty. While showing off her unearned success, she oozes mock sympathy that her colleagues haven't fared as well:

“We can't all have payrises now, can we Pandora?”

While Amelia's out of the room, her justifiably pissed-off colleagues Pandora and Caroline discuss their strategy. They've clearly planned a punishment for Amelia that will make her think about her bad behaviour, encourage her to stop usurping her coworkers and – because this is a Dreams of Spanking film – give her a bottom so red she won't be able to sit down for a week, let alone sit at the right hand of the boss she's been sucking up to.

Lingerie spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford with the wooden hairbrush

Amelia is an out-and-out baddie in this film, and so it's delightful to see her get her comeuppance. Watching her be spanked with not one, but two horrid wooden hairbrushes art once is incredibly hot – Caroline and Pandora take it in turns to whack her, pulling her skirt up to reveal the stockings and sexy lingerie she spent company money on, and administering a no-nonsense double wooden hairbrush spanking until she squeals in pain.

Lingerie spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford with the wooden hairbrush Lingerie spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford with the wooden hairbrush

The punishment itself is beautiful, but it's made even more delicious by the fact that it's so well deserved. If anyone ever deserved a humiliating hairbrush spanking, it's Amelia's character in 'Intervention.' When you watch you'll see exactly what I mean, I promise.

Vintage 1950s spanking with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie

When Pandora sent me Her Married Sister to watch, she gave it a content warning: “Our sympathies are with Maddy's character, Dreams of Spanking does not endorse patriarchal power structures ;)” I couldn't help but laugh. That's one of the things I love about this site - Pandora takes traditional fantasy scenarios and creates playful, beautiful, hot videos that subvert these old tropes rather than reinforcing them.

In this vintage spanking film, the 1950s context means that although it's terribly unfair, we know that Christy is within her rights at the time to dish out punishment to Maddy. The hotness comes just as much from the underlying power play as from the gorgeous bottoms.

Click to view trailer for Her%20Married%20Sister

In 'Her Married Sister' Christy Cutie is eager to exert authority over her older sister Maddy Marks. Now that she's married, Christy considers herself to be in charge of household matters, and she thinks her sister must be punished for giving orders to the staff.

Maddy is not just upset and humiliated – she's outraged! Although she submits to the spanking, she protests and squeals with frustration throughout. Of the pair, she's clearly the one most keen to break out of the traditional roles – like Mad Men's Peggy Olsen she's raging against an old-fashioned system that gives married women greater respect.

I sympathise - it must be hard enough having to put up with old-fashioned sexist views that say a woman is more valuable when she's attached to a man, but to have to let your younger sister put you over her knee and spank you? I'd be as unhappy as Maddy is.

Humiliating sister spanking with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie

These two ladies are absolutely stunning - Maddy with gorgeous red hair and a perfectly-shaped bottom, tall and willowy in beautiful contrast with Christy Cutie's luscious curves. They're not just different in looks, though – from the way the sisters bicker back and forth you can tell they have very different outlooks. Maddy's outrage is made more exciting by the fact that Christy is clearly revelling in the rules that give her the upper hand, giggling and smiling like the cat that's got the cream. Each smack on her older sister's bare bottom underlines her new-found authority.

I'd continue the Mad Men analogy, but although Christy's got the gorgeous looks of a Joan, I'm not sure any character in the series is as delighted with the old-fashioned status quo as Christy seems to be! Not only does she think it's her right to spank her older sister, but she's thoroughly enjoying every stinging smack. From her arrogant assertion that 'I'm in charge' to her giggles and grins when her sister squirms under her firm hand, I'm certain this won't be the last time Christy insists on giving her sister a bare bottom spanking.

Humiliating sister spanking with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie

Victorian spanking for Alexander

In order to really knock someone down, first you've got to build them up. That's why, when Alexander Knight walked into the first shot of this latest video, I rubbed my hands with glee. Dressed in an incredibly smart outfit, complete with waistcoat and bow tie, he looks dignified, posh, privileged, and the ideal candidate for being taken down a peg or two.

Molly Malone's strict stepmother character is the perfect person to do it: severe and authoritative, she is clearly determined to make Alex see the error of his ways. The build up to his punishment is beautiful power play, partly because of his utter astonishment that his own stepmother intends to physically punish him – he protests that she is “barely a year older” and the idea of her spanking him is “utterly, utterly ridiculous”. Yet there's a delicious anticipation as we know – from Molly's firm reprimands and barked instructions – that this is a power struggle she will most certainly win.

Victorian spanking from Alexander's strict stepmother at Dreams of Spanking

After the intense chastisement at the beginning, I'd have expected Alexander to be meek and humble as he accepts his inevitable fate. But it's infinitely more fun than that – as Molly delivers smack after smack onto his lovely bottom, he continues with his outraged protestations. She grips him tight around the waist to keep him in place as he's spanked, and you can see him growing redder in the face as well as the arse – it's the perfect humiliation.

As I say, it's far more fun to knock someone down if they're on a pedestal to begin with, and my favourite thing about this video is watching Alex go from blustering surprise to outraged resistance, and finally settling in to anguished acceptance of his fate. About four and a half minutes in his expression twists into a reflection of his pain, and by seven minutes he's twitching and clenching his teeth with every smack of the paddle.

Victorian spanking from Alexander's strict stepmother at Dreams of Spanking

Molly plays her part to perfection too – from the high-necked dress and old-fashioned bonnet, reminiscent of a Victorian governess, to her clipped tones and barked orders, she is every inch the strict stepmother. The way she holds Alex so firmly across her lap as she delivers a hand-spanking and some hard smacks with the paddle show that she is practised in doing this – it makes you wonder just where her character learned to spank so beautifully, and if she's been on the lookout for an opportunity to wield the paddle on Alex's bottom...

Pandora tells me that this is the first in a three-part series, and I cannot wait for part two, which sees the arrival of Alex's father – Molly's husband – played by Dr Richard Barton. This is going to be awesome – in 'Spanked by Stepmother' Molly tells Alex that her husband would thoroughly approve of her dishing out domestic discipline to her stepson, and Alex wasn't quite brave enough to call her bluff. I can't wait for the second instalment to see if she was really correct...

So keep an eye out for part two which is on its way soon, and in the meantime enjoy Part 1, with Molly Malone as the strict stepmother and Alexander Knight as the naughty stepson who is eventually stripped of his dignity - as well as his trousers.

Click to view trailer for Spanked%20by%20Stepmother

Winner spanks loser

At the end of a day shooting M/M spanking videos, I thought it would be fun to unwind with something lighter. I'd had the idea of a Dreams of Spanking wrestling shoot for a little while, and then it turned out that Sebastian Hawley was a competitive Varsity wrestler. Michael Darling didn't have similar experience, but he did have a shiny lycra costume, and he was more than willing to be shown the ropes.

I decided to indulge myself with a bout of female-gaze, spanking-oriented, all-male wrestling - winner spanks loser! The boys put in impressive performances, especially given both of them had colds that day, and the resulting film has already brought me a fantastic amount of glee.

Click to view trailer for Male%20Spankee%20Wrestle-Off

Here's the blurb: Contestants Michael DARLING vs Sebastian HAWLEY fight for the right to spank in the first ever Dreams of Spanking male spankee wrestle-off! Pandora Blake presents a best out of three bouts, with extra points for landing smacks on each other's arses during each round, as well as the traditional points for single or double shoulder pins. Referee Thomas Cameron keeps the score. Round ends on a three second count of a double shoulder pin, or after 120 seconds, whichever happens first.

Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking

Winner spanks loser: after best out of three, the loser bends over for a number of swats equal to the total point count of the winner.

Wearing only tight lycra, Darling and Hawley grapple in a tangle of limbs, bottoms frequently uppermost and providing tempting targets for those all-important, points-worthy spanks. The stakes are high and passions are higher as the tension mounts.

Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking

This one-of-a-kind video includes 15 full blooded swats with a wooden sports paddle - but who will spank who?

Hot male wrestling at Dreams of Spanking

If you like this, you might enjoy Kink's male wrestling site Naked Kombat. It's a bit more hardcore than the above effort, both in terms of the standard of the wrestling, and the action. Naked Kombat are just concluding their Summer Smackdown Tournament, in which contestants compete for sexual domination. Spanking is definitely a part of it - but that's just the beginning.

Auditioning the help

I'm a bit behind on blogging our latest scenes, so there might be a flurry of posts over the next few days while I get caught up. It's been a busy month, what with attending Molly Malone's amazing wedding; shooting with her, Zoe Montana and new male spankee Vincent Brennan; doing a tonne of 121 dom sessions; and enjoying some pleasantly filthy activities with my darling D, and, pleasingly, with Tom as well, who has taken time out of his busy summer to come and pay me a couple of booty calls lately. (A term which seems even more appropriate when it's just as much for spanking as it is for sex.)

I want to post previews from both this summer's shoots - things have just been so hectic I've not had time to finish processing the pictures. Ideally, I'd love to get caught up this week, as on Sunday Tom and I are going away for with Nimue Allen to shoot for Dreams of Spanking and Nimue's World for a whole seven days. It's an exciting milestone for this site, our biggest shoot yet, and we'll be adding four new performers to the Dreams of Spanking cast. I'm hugely excited and will share more details soon :)

Meanwhile, a look back to our recent film featuring Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey as applicants for a vacancy in Baroness Blake's decadent household.

Click to view trailer for The%20Baroness'%20New%20Housegirls

The Baroness' New Housegirls

When Baroness Blake hires a new housegirl, she is looking for obedience, grace, elegance, and a willingness to serve. Two applicants compete to meet her exacting standards: blonde Amelia, keen to show off her poise and perfect submission; and redhaired Caroline, a strong-willed and sarcastic New York City girl.

The Baroness doesn't only want attractive serving girls, but willing companions who can help keep her guests entertained. She tests their modesty, their mettle and their ability to give and receive corporal punishment with a smile. Do either of them have what it takes to join her household?

Amelia Jane Rutherford kneels to serve Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

Photographer Hywel Phillips, Amelia's real-life husband, lent his skill to this shoot and captured a whopping 134 photographs, each and every one stunning in high resolution. Amelia and Caroline, a perfectly complementary pair, are shown off to best advantage, whether in elegant evening gowns or bare skin.

Pandora Blake assesses the charms of her new housegirl at Dreams of Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford submits to discipline at Dreams of Spanking
Pandora Blake assesses the charms of her new housegirl at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake trains her new housegirls at Dreams of Spanking

And as a hard-wired spanko, Hywel knows which moments in a punishment sequence are the important ones.

Caroline Grey punished with the tawse by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking
Amelia Jane Rutherford kneels to serve Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford's spanked bottom at Dreams of Spanking

With a running time of over twenty minutes, the accompanying long-play video has already proved popular. If you like satin ballgowns, service, nude submissives, rivalry and watching me administer the tawse, you'll love this classy F/F punishment drama.

Submissive housegirls punished at Dreams of Spanking

Ten Amorette in 'The Mediator'

Our latest film features gorgeous spanking star Ten Amorette as a punk rock singer with an axe to grind. This was the only scene on our shoot where the two of us got spanked together, and I really enjoyed it. We play rockstar rivals embroiled in a legal dispute. After our band split we've each pursued solo careers, but now Ten is suing me for using songs she wrote without her permission.

Click to view trailer for The%20Mediator

In The Mediator, my boyfriend Tom intervenes and invites both of us over without telling us the other will be there. He tells us that lawsuits don't help anyone, and tries to get us to calm down and resolve the matter privately.

But bitter feelings quickly rise to the surface, and Ten and I fail to keep our tempers under control. Tom is obliged to do a little attitude adjustment, and spanks us both until we simmer down. In the story, Tom and Ten were together in the old days, so she's already familiar with his hard hand - although she protests in vain that he can't do that to her any more.

To satisfy both our grievances, he dishes out eighteen strokes of the cane to each of us, with the other watching so that both of us can be sure that justice has been done.

Finally our mediator manages to persuade us to sit down and talk calmly, with cooled tempers and very hot bottoms.

I got the idea for this scene watching Hedwig and the Angry Inch last year. I wanted to shoot Ten and I getting punished together, but with a context that was a little different from the usual domestic discipline setup. I think Tom is great in this as the calm mediator who wants the best for both of us. Still, I can't help feeling some sympathy for Ten's character - I definitely felt like I was the villain in this piece!

This was the last scene of the day on my shoot with Ten, and we decided to go all out with the punishment. Thirty six cane strokes in total, after two very hard, fast and furious hand spankings, and both Ten and I will tell you that the canings were no joke.

It was me that decided we should get eighteen strokes each. I went first, and quickly realised my mistake and began to think that a dozen strokes would have been enough! The strokes that landed very low on the crease between my thighs and bottom were particularly painful with that thick cane. Neither Ten nor I were acting as we gritted our teeth through those last few strokes. But still, we both got through it, and the result is a hard, very satisfying punishment scene.

I loved working with Ten, and it was a joy to get spanked with her - even though we did spend most of the scene sniping and yelling at each other! You can also see Ten in Filthy Girl and Our Au Pair.

Contest of Arms

Our latest update stars Molly Malone and myself in a playful, light-hearted spanking film called Contest of Arms. In this scenario my character has recently been getting into personal fitness, and goads her housemate Molly into a contest of strength. Molly knows she will easily beat me, and is getting tired of my competitiveness, so she insists on a forfeit: she'll accept the challenge, but only on one condition - that if she wins, she gets to literally beat me, on my bum. 

We test our strength with free weights, but when Molly matches me lift for lift, she proposes settling the question in time-honoured fashion: arm wrestle! Of course, all of this is a mere warm-up for Molly getting to really demonstrate the power of her strong right arm - when she has me over her lap and is giving me a sound bare bottom spanking.

This scene had me laughing out loud while I was editing it - it contains some moments of comedy gold. Fitness buffs will find it entertaining, even if it's only to laugh at us! (If you actually know what you're doing, don't be too harsh on us; I'm still a newbie to strength training and as the video demonstrates, Molly finds spanking a more than adequate fitness regime!)   

I think this film will also appeal to queer porn fans. There are hints that both characters are at least a bit queer, although they aren't an item, and the whole scene plays with traditional gender roles and macho performance. This storyline subverts the idea of strength being an exclusively masculine pre-occupation, with our characters playing out a stereotypically butch competition for social dominance. All totally tongue-in-cheek, of course!

A quick out-of-character note. Molly and I were involved at the time of filming, but sadly our relationship ended last summer due to me making some horrendous mistakes which I deeply regret. The immediate aftermath was emotionally acute and it seemed best to wait a while before publishing our remaining scenes. Working with your real life lovers and play partners is a mixed blessing, and it can bring sadness as well as joy. Still, I'm proud of the material we filmed together and glad that Molly has given her consent to its publication. Watching it now is somewhat bittersweet, but it's good to have a record of some of the fun we shared.

Molly is a wonderful person and a very talented performer, and I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to shoot with her. If you enjoy her videos, do check out her website, and look out for her work on Northern Spanking, Spanking Sarah and Triple A Spanking.

Tight boxers and frilly aprons

Our new video (finally up after I was laid low by this horrid cold virus that's been going round) will appeal to fans of domestic service, feminine dominance, and cute boys in tight underwear. It stars Sebastian Hawley and Nimue Allen as two students who share a flat and wage a bet as to who will get the highest mark in their next essay.


Sebastian is so sure he's going to get a good mark that he's been messing around playing football rather than studying. When Nimue calls him on it he challenges her to a bet: whoever gets a higher grade gets whatever they want for a day. Of course pride comes before a fall, and Nimue's hard work pays off: she gets an A, and wins the bet.

She decides to milk it all she can -  after all, Sebastian needs to learn not to be so cocky in future. She makes Sebastian her slave for the day. And as house slave, there are rules he must follow if he wants to avoid punishment. Nimue makes him change into sexy underwear, do the dishes wearing only tight boxer briefs and a maid's apron, then dresses him up in a butler's outfit with tight trousers and smart waistcoat, and has him bring her tea and shine her shoes, while she gets ahead with her reading.

Sebastian's character thinks this whole thing is kind of ridiculous, but the bet was his idea, so he'd lose too much face by backing down now. Fair's fair, and it's only 24 hours, after all - how bad can it be?

He loses his nerve, however, when Nimue decides to use one of the spanking implements she's dredged up from around the house. He hasn't disobeyed her, so why is he going to be punished? Well, she wants to punish him, and today, that's reason enough. Worse, she's going to make him beg for it. Sebastian is her slave fair and square, and Nimue intends to make sure he knows it.

Finally, just a reminder that voting is still open in a couple of blog awards for the Most Improved Spanking Site and Spankee of the Year 2012. Dreams of Spanking is in the running for the former, which is the only website award, and I've been nominated for the latter, along with other Dreams of Spanking cast members Ten Amorette and Caroline Grey, as well as some other fantastic performers including my friends Sarah Gregory and Kami Robertson. I'm not going to insist that you vote for me, there are lots of deserving candidates, but if you haven't yet please do go and vote!

Ten swats each to prove their love

Our latest spanking film is inspired by the F/M spanking art of Red Rump.

I've noticed that it's quite common for my F/M scenes to be inspired by artwork. For some reason, artwork is much more likely to portray both participants in an F/M scene as attractive and sympathetic. Unlike in many F/M film productions, you get to see the man's face as well as his bottom, and he's often nice to look at too. Often the image presents a fantasy from the spankee's perspective. In short, F/M artwork generally humanises male spankees more than traditional femdom.

I liked this drawing so much that I posted it on this blog once before... and now I've made a video version. I hope Red Rump doesn't mind me using his art as inspiration! Here's what I wrote last time:

This is adorable: the playfulness, the sexiness, the cheerful, affectionate supportiveness of the spanker even as she prepares to wallop his arse again. I fucking love that she's giving him a hardcore paddling while wearing long stripy socks and not much else.

Originally Prove Your Love was conceived as an F/M video, but Michael, like me, has been enjoying exploring his top side lately, and I'm not one to pigeonhole my performers into boxes that are too small for them. He said he'd love to do some topping on our shoot, and since I;ve started playing with other switches I'm very excited about producing films which show two people switching both ways in the same scene.

Switch visibility is not always great in the kink scene, especially for men, and people who present primarily as tops - I think there's still an idea that showing people your submissive side will somehow make you less credible or attractive as a top. It's bollocks, of course. The kink scene is full of switch play, so why not show more switch spanking on video?

Click to view trailer for Prove%20Your%20Love

Prove Your Love

Two college sweethearts have both been players in their time, but now want a way to prove their commitment. They decide to follow the fraternities, and challenge each other to pledge their troth by bending over for ten swats with the large wooden paddle. If you take this, you must really love me!

This scene was a LOT of fun to make. Before we started I wasn't sure how plausible the scenario was, but it actually flowed really well. There ended up being a sort of light-hearted rivalry between the two sweethearts which was great fun to play out, and despite the characters' aversion to sentimentality, the result is genuinely affectionate and adorable.

I love the idea of two equals daring each other to take a punishment to prove their commitment - it's simultaneously edgy, funny and sweet. And the college fraternity theme brings whole new meaning to the phrase "pledge your troth"!


Neither of the characters in this scene would describe themselves as "kinky", but by the time they'd exchanged their ten swats each I suspect they might have developed a bit of a taste for this sort of play ;)

It's quite rare to see a spanking production before in which a heterosexual couple play both ways in the same film, but it's something I'm really interested in watching at the moment. (Surely this can't be the first ever film to show F/M and M/F spanking between the same couple?) I hope you enjoy this fresh, entertaining take on male/female spanking. I certainly enjoyed both sides of this one, and it's great to see that Michael can dish it out as well as take it!

An uncommon detention

Our new video The New Head Girl is a school spanking story, and it's a bit of an odd one.


First, some facts: this is the last scene from our two day shoot with Caroline last year. It's the first scene we ever filmed in which I wasn't performing in at all, freeing me up to be behind the camera: the inept handheld camera work is all mine. (This was my first try - all part of the learning curve.) And I think it was the first switch scene we shot too, in the sense of a scenario in which the same character both tops and bottoms; in this case, the new Head Girl.

When I wrote this scene, I was most interested in the tension between the shy new Head Girl and the bolshy, cynical school rebel. Adele and Caroline played that out to perfection; but watching the scene unfold also revealed some aspects I hadn't anticipated.

It's long, for one thing: 26 minutes. An implement tour always takes a while, doubly so with both Adele and the Housemaster, played by Thomas, both using each of hairbrush, ruler, tawse and cane on the hapless Caroline. (A comparable scene is A Taste of their Own Medicine, in which Head Girl Zoe gives two prefects a tour of all the implements they've mis-used during their disciplinary reign of terror.)

The extended nature of the scene contributes to the biggest thing I didn't really anticipate: how dark it is. Caroline's remark, "This is detention, not The Beating Hour!" is bang on. She is whacked to an extent that's actually a bit surreal. It's hot, I think, but if you need your school stories to be uber-believable this might go too far.

Then there's the question of fairness. I wasn't sure whether to tag this scene as 'fair' or 'unfair', so I went for both. The premise that Caroline is the naughtiest girl in the school and deserves everything she gets initially feels a little stretched. She's witty and sympathetic, and the punishment quickly feels excessive. But you don't actually find out what she's done until late in the scene. What starts out seeming like a horribly unfair ordeal perhaps, by the end, makes a little more sense.

Adele, too, plays a sympathetic character: the Head Girl who can't bring herself to exert discipline. Administering punishment to Caroline is almost a punishment for Adele in itself - she's not having any fun, and Caroline's jibes only make her feel worse. It therefore seems doubly cruel that when Adele is deemed not to be applying herself, she has to endure the same treatment.

There's definitely a moral ambiguity here. The Housemaster's claim that the Head Girl needs the strength of mind to do her duty sounds plausible, but does she really need to be punished in front of Caroline? By the end, Adele may have learned some physical skills at Caroline's expense, but it's not clear that she's any better mentally equipped to exert authority. I think that hint that the whole exercise may have been in vain is one of the most sinister aspects of this scene.

But mixed in with all of that is the fact that thanks to the wit of all three performers, this video is funny - far funnier than I'd expected. Caroline's jaded comebacks are laugh-out-loud witty; her bored expressions while being beaten are priceless. The hostility between the goody-two-shoes Head Girl and the naughtiest girl in the school is beautifully played out, from trading snide remarks to making faces at each other behind the Housemaster's back. A lot of the humour is dark ("What are you going to do - hit me?") but it still lightens the mood. There's levity, too, when the Housemaster and Caroline start trading reminiscences about her more outrageous misdemeanours, and you realise that he's not entirely unsympathetic to her cause, after all.

Whether you read this scenario as dark, light or something inbetween, it offers a fascinating interplay between three of my best actors. Combining M/F and F/F, it's chock-full of spankings from a range of implements, mild to severe. There are some brilliantly funny bits, but I'm hoping it's edgy enough to appeal to the hard punishment fans. Anyway, let me know what you think.

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