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Caned on the last day of school

We're very honoured to be able to share Irelynn Logeen's last ever spanking film with you (probably), which she came out of retirement to shoot with us as a one-off a few months ago. She and Adele looked perfect in their matching tunics and blazers, but neither girl was perfectly innocent in this end-of-term school caning film. In the end they both lifted their skirts, lowered their white school knickers and bent over the gym horse for 12 hard strokes of the cane.

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Leaving Day

It's the last day of summer term, and the end of Irelynn and Adele's school career. After their last assembly, their head of year calls them back for one last interview. It seems that someone spiked the punch at the Leaver's Ball, and these two are the likely suspects. But which of them was it?

For their classmates, the summer holiday has already started, but rather than hugging their friends goodbye, Irelynn and Adele will spend their last moments at the school in an all-too-familiar position: bent over the gym horse for a final farewell caning.

Two sixth formers in trouble Two sixth formers in trouble
Two naughty girls thoroughly caned Two naughty girls thoroughly caned
School's out forever School's out forever

Solstice spankings

Merry Yule! This weekend contains the longest night, the shortest day of the year. It might be hard to believe at this time of year, especially in grey rainy London, but after today the light starts to come back. Meanwhile, I recommend snuggling up indoors in the warm, perhaps with a willing partner, and watching some spanking videos to warm the blood. I hear that bottoms and hands can also be warmed by related means ;)

I'm doing much the same with Tom this weekend, although this being me, I'm squeezing in a bit of work around the edges too. Somehow the couple of weeks before Christmas always seem explosively busy, not only trying to get work wrapped up before the holidays, but with presents, Christmas feasts and family visits to organise too. Still, I love this time of year, and I'm looking forward to the festivities. I just wish I had an extra week first to get everything done in time!

Just to add to the excitement, on Thursday we held our last shoot of 2013,  with Adele Haze and new photographer PWP. I've worked with PWP before in various contexts; we got talking and I learned that he loves spanking, but has never shot spanking photos before. As you can tell from his tumblr, he has no shortage of experience shooting bottoms! We discussed various ideas, including the artistic possibilities of combining spanking with glitter and bodypaint.

Not our photo, but you get the idea.

Meanwhile, a couple of tweets from Adele caught my eye in which she said she was craving a shoot with lace, ribbon, silk, and everything frilly and fancy. I decided to bring the two together and spend an afternoon shooting arty, colourful spanking photos with a difference. The glitter spanking experiment was excellent fun (I don't know about Adele, but I'm still finding glitter in unexpected places), and we both dolled up in ivory lacy dresses with ribbons on our lingerie and in our hair for a sensual F/F switch storyline.

My personal favourite, however, was the third photoset of the afternoon. Two topless girls in long skirts, velvet, mood lighting. Old books and ink, hand-lettered typography, words on skin. Adele and I have this kink in common. I copied out the first six lines of the Iliad onto her back in the original Homeric Greek, and it was the most peaceful, zen experience I have ever had on a spanking shoot. As the minutes ticked by, no-one spoke a word, PWP moved around us quietly snapping photos, I think she and I both entered a kind of subspace. There was an element of psychological bondage to it; she had to stay perfectly still, or the work would be ruined. And I entered a trance-like state as I lost all my awareness of the camera, and focussed on finishing the calligraphy as quickly and neatly as possible.

Adele Haze, ink and skin - for Dreams of Spanking

I don't know what story these images might tell. Perhaps we are lovers, or witches; perhaps I'm an artist decorating her for some sort of show, or perhaps she's my submissive and I've set her the challenge of stillness and obedience. Perhaps we are students in some strange alternate universe where punishment lines are written not on paper, but on skin.

If you're impatient to see the results, so am I - I'll post some previews as soon as PWP has sent me the files. Meanwhile, perhaps my next bit of news will tide you over. Adele Haze is also starring in this week's film alongside a much-loved spankee, who has come out of retirement for an exclusive scene with us. I'm delighted to announce that the latest performer to join the Dreams of Spanking cast is none other than luscious redhead Irelynn Logeen!

The Faces of the Cane: Irelynn Logeen and Adele Haze in Leaving Day at Dreams of Spanking

Our new F/F schoolgirl caning film Leaving Day has just gone live. I'd thrilled to welcome Irelynn to the site. We filmed this video back in the summer, at the end of a day spent doing work for a private client. Irelynn had already officially retired from shooting video, but when I asked if she'd be interested in fitting in a Dreams of Spanking clip if we had time, she said yes. Sadly this was the only one we had time for, but it's possible she might be interested in coming back for more. So this might be the last spanking film Irelynn ever does - but then again, it might not. Either way, I hope you like it.

Candid spankings

I had a brilliant time at our launch party on Thursday, a small pub gathering of performers and crew in London. It was lovely to reunite people who hadn't seen each other since they last worked together, and to bask in the truly excellent company. I've been lucky to work with some amazing people so far, and hope to add some exciting new names to the team this year.

I also attended my own launch party with a sore bottom, which felt entirely appropriate. Taking advantage of having Tricia and Thomas in town, I got them together for a mini-shoot before the party to film a single scene. Tom and I had been planning a couple of bedroom videos expressing the more extended play we enjoy in private, and it made sense to film each one on different days, so that my bottom would be fresh each time, and we could generate some pretty marks without having to worry about them showing up in subsequent scenes.

On Thursday, I wanted to film a hard, extended hand spanking on the bottom and thighs. No complex storyline, no elaborate plot: just Tom and I indulging our shared kink. He warmed me up thoroughly and spanked me pretty seriously for about half an hour, culminating in a very hard, fast spanking while he trapped my legs with his thigh. The whole thing was captured on film through a variety of camera angles by the talented Tricia. It was intense, and the result was pretty dramatic. Two days later, I still have bruises down each thigh.

Here are some preview screengrabs:

Even looking through the footage to grab these captures reminded me how very hot it was. I'm very much looking forward to editing this one!

This weekend's site updates are also both candid in nature. The first continues the theme of my spanking relationship with Tom.

In a video diary-style clip from a Tuesday morning last year, I explain how I've been away from home a lot on various kinky adventures, and feel like I've been spanked by everyone lately apart from the man I live with. Taking some time out of our busy lives, I ask him to set things right, and he obliges me with a hard, brisk hand spanking and five hard swats of the heavy leather paddle.

I've also released a bonus photo gallery from around the same time - in fact, I think this might be one of the spankings I mention getting in London the previous week. Penny and I had the schoolroom unexpectedly to ourselves for a couple of hours, and we decided to make the most of it. We hadn't planned a shoot and didn't have a photographer or proper camera with us, so these pictures were snapped by Penny on my camera phone. I hope you enjoy this candid record of a spontaneous, and very enjoyable, schoolroom spanking.

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