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New update: David's Strict Governess behind the scenes

David's Strict Governess - Behind the Scenes with David Weston and Pandora Blake

David's Strict Governess: Behind the scenes

Performers: Pandora Blake, David Weston

An in-depth look at the process of shooting David's first spanking video. David muses on how surreal it is to finally be on a spanking set after watching so many films online. He and Pandora negotiate the scenario - and Pandora takes rather a lot of enjoyment in having him over her knee! David: "I think I can honestly say this is the first time it's taken two people to adjust my underwear." Plus some bustle-wiggling as Pandora plays with her petticoats... Pandora briefs David and tells him he can cut any time. During the scene she stops regularly to check in on him, and David reveals that the hardest thing is trying not to smile!

I loved putting together my Victorian governess costume for this scene - especially improvising a bustle with a net petticoat under my skirt. I love that the Victorians loved bums so much that they invented the bustle to make them look bigger!

Pandora Blake as David's Victorian governess at Dreams of Spanking

This behind the scenes video is worth watching if you're interested in how someone reacts to shooting their first ever spanking scene on film - and how Nimue and I help David through it. My favourite moment in this is at 7:30, when David confesses he's enjoying the spanking so much it's an effort to keep a straight face...

Pandora Blake and David Weston - behind the scenes at Dreams of Spanking
Pandora Blake and David Weston - behind the scenes at Dreams of Spanking

David's strict governess takes him over the knee...

It's time to give a proper welcome to new male spanking performer David Weston. Having shown us his gorgeous naked bottom in an introductory photoset (in which, I have to say, I fell in love with his sexy smile just as much as his lovely bum), he's showing us even more of his good points in this classic bare bottom Victorian spanking film.

David plays a young man punished by a very strict governess (Pandora Blake). He's suitably sheepish and nervous as she berates him for clumsy behaviour during his lessons, before ordering him to drop his trousers and underwear and bend over her knee.

Strict bare bottom spanking from a Victorian governess - Dreams of Spanking

What follows is a thorough hand spanking which had me wincing alongside David. He grimaces, and holds his breath, taking his bare bottom spanking with commendable stoicism, all while Pandora continues to scold him in the stern, clipped tones of a Victorian governess.

Strict bare bottom spanking from a Victorian governess - Dreams of Spanking

It must be humiliating for a young man to be taken over the knee and punished as if he were a little boy, and David plays the part with a lovely combination of trepidation and humility. After the spanking, Pandora orders him to stand, naked from the waist down, so she can continue to lecture him. He must then stand facing the wall, with his red and tingling bottom on display, to think about his behaviour - even though while he is standing there, servants of the house might pass by and witness his disgrace.

Strict bare bottom spanking from a Victorian governess - Dreams of Spanking

If you loved this classic historical spanking scene, you should definitely check out David's solo photoshoot for more super-hot pictures of him bending over, and showing off his assets - and his incredibly filthy grin. And we would love it if you could take the time to leave a comment and welcome him to Dreams of Spanking. Taking your first ever spanking on video and then having your body and acting skills exposed to the world wide web is just about as nerve-wracking as facing a real punishment - so add a comment below if you want to let David know how much you enjoyed his first ever spanking film. There's more of this gorgeous new spankee to come, and we can't wait to share the rest of his scenes with you!

Shoot with David Weston

I shot lots of female spankee scenes when I was touring the USA, but it wasn't until I got back to England that I was able to arrange shoots with two male spankees I'd been looking forward to working with. We filmed for two days in a lovely new studio in Bristol, and the first day was with David Weston.

I made contact with David on Fetlife after seeing his pics and that he was into spanking, and asked if he'd consider a spanking shoot. He was definitely interested, and we talked by Skype while I was in LA to set things up.

Producing spanking video is a continuous learning curve, even after five years. After Nimue, Tom and I discovered quite how productive it was possible to be on our location shoot last September, I've been trying to balance that against the limits of the other performers I work with, particularly new spankees. It's not only how much spanking you can take, but the physical, mental and emotional fatigue of shooting - the improvisation, the adrenaline spikes, the costume changes, the elation, exhaustion and catharsis of a hard scene.

Ron had put us in touch with a beautiful venue, and I wanted to make full use of it. But I was wary of pushing David too hard on his first day. I want every performer I work with to have a fun, satisfying, non-stressful time on set, but that's particularly true of new spankees. My aim is for everyone I shoot with to want to come back and do it again! My compromise to was cast David in four short spanking videos, but to shoot some solo photosets inbetween to make the most of the venue.

We started with an introductory photoset of David showing off his lovely bottom - and his geeky taste in t-shirts.

Introducing David Weston at Dreams of Spanking Introducing David Weston at Dreams of Spanking

When we had been discussing scene ideas beforehand, David mentioned that he was interested idoing a Victorian roleplay. A lot of the performers we work with are attracted to our historical scenarios - it seems to be a setting that resonates with a lot of people in the scene. Besides, who doesn't like dressing up?

We settled on a nice and simple storyline for David's first ever spanking on camera, with him playing a naughty boy who has disappointed his strict governess. When you're dealing with the nerves of improvising and reacting to a spanking under the studio lights and in front of camera crew, sometimes it's best not to complicate things too much with an intricate plotline

David took his spanking with remarkable stoicism - he kept on tensing up until I urged him to relax. It may seem counter-intuitive but if you can relax your bottom it really does feel nicer! He certainly proved that he can take a spanking. This was a hard hand spanking, but nonetheless at one point we had to move away from the face shot because he was struggling to suppress his natural reaction to the pain - a great big smile! No big deal - it provided a great excuse for a close-up on his lovely bottom instead.

David's Strict Governess at Dreams of Spanking David's Strict Governess at Dreams of Spanking

David had a break while Nimue and I shot some solo photos of me in my brand new school uniform. It was a bit of a squeeze to get into the tight school skirt, but I think it was worth the effort!

Pandora's new school uniform at Dreams of Spanking Pandora's new school uniform at Dreams of Spanking

After a tea break we moved into the studio's wonderful reception room, with its intimidating antique desk. David got the opportunity to explore a brattier character, playing the recalcitrant school boy who refuses to show up to detention and is sent to the head's study. Corporal punishment is no longer common in schools, and he doesn't think anything will happen to him. His cocky attitude changes to shock when the headmistress gets out the slipper and shows him that she isn't joking.

David visits the headmistress' study at Dreams of Spanking

David visits the headmistress' study at Dreams of Spanking

While David recovered from his first encounter with the slipper, I stayed in headmistress mode and shot some solo images, showing off my new academic hood - and a vicious new tawse from the Correction Collection.

In the headmistress' study with Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

In the headmistress' study with Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

Then it was time for lunch, and some involved scene planning for our most intense scene of the day. A far cry from the sweet and simple first spanking, this was one of my most ambitious plotlines to date, a sci-fi epic with David playing two different characters, a prince and his rebel clone. I won't give away the story, but I will say that David put in a superb performance. I wished we'd had time to devote a whole day to this idea, but making do with the time available, improvising dialogue, blocking and shots, we gave it the best we had. I was impressed with David's acting.

The acting was the easy bit though - he had never taken a cold caning before. I gave him six measured strokes, medium hard. It was very emotionally intense and David was extremely brave. The marks were gorgeous, too.

The clone's cold caning at Dreams of Spanking The clone's cold caning at Dreams of Spanking

It's funny, sometimes a hard scene, even on a shoot environment, can throw up unexpected emotions or memories that need processing. It wasn't the first time I've sat with a co-performer on the floor after a caning, listening and holding space while they worked through whatever feelings the scene had thrown up, and I suspect it won't be the last. Catharsis is part of this thing we do. There can be surprising emotional closeness on a spanking shoot, even among people who have never worked together before.

Finally, while David enjoyed a well-earned break, we took some final solo photos of me in some new white and red cami knickers a viewer recently sent me as a gift. I love these full style French knickers and am looking forward very much to getting spanked in them!

Pandora Blake in full French knickers at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake in full French knickers at Dreams of Spanking

Finally Nimue had her turn in front of the camera in we shot an unscripted, candid scene in which David finally got the chance to express his enjoyment of being spanked. Nimue took him over her knee for an enjoyable aftercare spanking during which he was allowed to grin as much as he wanted. It was the perfect end to a very successful first spanking shoot. I'm looking forward to inviting David back for more!

Pandora Blake in full French knickers at Dreams of Spanking

My top five scenes from the Dreams of Spanking archive

When I started blogging for Dreams of Spanking I felt a little overwhelmed by how much fantastic stuff there was in the spanking archives. Although I get to see the new hot spanking videos as they come out, I couldn't resist delving a little deeper to see if I could come up with a definitive list of my top five favourite scenes.

It's trickier than you'd think, probably because I find myself getting stuck in a particular mode for a while (“I love the strap – let's find all the videos that involve people getting strapped”) and then wandering off into another specific fantasy, before returning to one of my particular favourites and re-watching it a couple of times just to make sure it's exactly as fun as I originally thought it was (it always is).

I am also very aware how much my favourites are driven by my personal desires. When you read the list below you'll probably see deeper into my own filthy mind than even some of my partners have ventured.

My top five spanking videos will necessarily be different to your top five spanking videos, simply because porn is so personal, and everything pushes people's buttons differently. For me, anything that involves hot male subs, the strap, or a certain type of wittily brusque dominant will jump to the top of my own list. Other people might seek out a menacingly quiet top, the most severe caning they can find, or a very specific scene involving gorgeous historical costumes and a firmly-wielded riding crop.

So, after a lot of research (and by 'research' I mean exactly what you think I mean), here's an entirely subjective and quiveringly enthusiastic list of my top five spanking videos. Watch, enjoy, wander down your own avenues of spanking fantasy, then come back to the comments and recommend your own favourites.

Girl and boy spanked together by their strict governess

Punished by a strict governess

“Am I making an impression on that smart mouth of yours yet?” Dana Kane is so far beyond superb in this spanking video that they haven't yet invented a word for her.

She plays a quick, witty, and very strict governess to two naughty youngsters – Pandora Blake and Michael Darling. I love her laser-accurate, painfully swift cane strokes and her withering, no-nonsense scolding. Her brusque, briskly efficient over the knee spanking with hand and paddle hits the spot too.

Above all, though, I am a total sucker for guys in make-up. The gender-bending elements in this scene and Michael wincing through his beautiful eyeshadow are a joy to watch.

Severe caning from a strict schoolmaster

Hot male spankees caned by harsh schoolmaster

When I started writing this post Pandora kindly sent me a list of suggestions to help me get started. This was the first one I clicked on, because she'd so temptingly titled it 'hot male spankees.' And she was not wrong.

It stars Michael Darling again (I cannot resist him - he has one of the most beautiful pain faces I have ever seen) and Sebastian Hawley, who has a gorgeously punky look that makes me weak at the knees. As they practice caning each other to see if they can take it, they get caught by their harsh schoolmaster, Thomas Cameron, who takes them inside for a much more severe punishment six of the best.

Girl and boy forced to punish each other

Boy and girl plead not to punish each other

Punishment by proxy is an unusual scenario, and it grabbed my attention because there's a delicious thrill in two unwilling spankees being made to mete out discipline to each other.

Zoe Montana utterly rules (in both senses of the word) in this spanking video because she delivers such excellent, out-of-patience scolding, as well as a viciously effective over the knee hairbrush spanking.

But the real kick comes about four minutes in, when she orders the trembling twosome to punish each other. Properly. Pandora and Jimmy are both beautifully convincing as the terrified pupils caught breaking the six inch rule, and Zoe's special form of aversion therapy really hits home. Their teacher overrides their initial reluctance and ensures that they spank each other hard enough to really hurt.

Strapped on a wet bottom

A wet strapping for Andrew

This video was bound to be right up my alley because it contains two exceptionally gorgeous people. Andrew – a young, lean, beautiful submissive – and Thomas – a strong-armed, hotly angry top.

You might be able to tell, given that Thomas features in three of my top five videos, that I have a teeny bit of a crush on him. Teeny in the sense that the Amazon is a 'teeny' rainforest.

I love the scenario in this video - Andrew gets caught his sister soaking Pandora in a water fight, so he is hauled inside for on-the-spot punishment. This starts with a firm over the knee spanking over his wet underwear, before Andrew is made to bend over the table for some hard strokes with the strap. The beauty of his punishment is – as Thomas so rightly says - “It hurts more when it's wet.”

Severe punishment of 100 strokes of the leather belt Severe punishment of 100 strokes of the leather belt

Severe belt whipping for Pandora in denim shorts

Lastly, I went on a really specific hunt. I wanted to find the video that – of all the amazing scenes on Dreams of Spanking – most captured one of my own fantasies.

When it's late at night and I'm lying in bed, one of the most common sex fantasies I reach for is that of the older guy punishing me as I try to struggle and get away. In the notes for this video, Pandora explains that one of the hot buttons for her is the severity of the beating which is disproportionate to her crimes. This tallies perfectly with what runs through my head when I'm alone at night: a severe beating from an older man, that makes me cry out in pain and anguish.

That's the primary reason I find this video so hot. The second reason, and the thing that made it leap out at me and give me that stomach-kick of lust, is Pandora's arse in tiny denim shorts. Tiny denim shorts being one of the hottest outfits in which to be beaten, and Pandora's arse being one of the hottest arses on the internet.


Tell me what your top spanking videos are...

So, there you have it – the top five spanking videos according to me. As I say, it took a lot longer to decide on my favourites than I thought it would, because every single time I thought I'd honed the list, I fall in love with yet another performer, or scenario, or implement (right now my fantasies involve Thomas Cameron, in the schoolroom, with a hairbrush).

But given that it's completely subjective, I won't spank you if you disagree. In fact, here's a perfect opportunity to do an archive tour yourself – pick a performer, implement, or scenario, and follow the trail of tags until you've found your favourites. Then come back and answer the sixty-million dollar question - which are your top spanking videos on Dreams of Spanking, and why?

Beauties in bloomers

Tom here, standing in for Pandora as she makes preparations for her US trip next week. Our latest film is a very exciting historical drama starring two of the most talented and beautiful actresses in the British spanking scene, Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford. The scene page includes a gallery of 107 high quality, visually stunning photos by Amelia's real life husband, renowned fetish photographer Hywel Phillips.

This twenty minute film features strict scolding, authentic vintage bloomers and petticoats, plenty of flouncing and pouting, and firmly administered over the knee spankings.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

The Edwardian Governess

Sneaking out to a dance in town, spirited young ladies Caroline and Amelia are caught by Amelia's stuffy governess. She hauls them both upstairs and shows Caroline what happens to young ladies in this house when they misbehave. Miss Blake takes each girl over her knee and gives her a firm, no-nonsense spanking with her hand and leather paddle.

I've very much enjoyed watching Pandora's professional topping style evolve and develop over the past year or so, and this piece gave her more opportunity to exercise her dominant voice than most. I always find improvised scolding the hardest thing about topping on camera, and so I notice it when done well by others. Pandora presents a well-controlled performance, poised and strict without being overly harsh.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake
The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

Those who've been following our progress over the years will know that we do like our historical dramas at Dreams of Spanking. Twisted history has long been a favourite source of fantasies for many people. It also offers wonderful costume opportunities; impressively, Caroline and Amelia both created the vintage outfits they wear in this film themselves.

Many of us, if pressed, would admit that we do what we do in part out of a love of playing dress-up (when we're not building sofa-forts). Ladies in bloomers are always a beautiful sight, and both Amelia and Caroline look stunning with their perfect, peachy bottoms rising out of parted white cotton and frothing petticoats.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

That day the team also filmed a sequel in which the young ladies are joined by a dashing young footman, played by our newest star Will, who joins them in getting into trouble with the strict governess.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

The Edwardian Governess is a must-see film for anyone who shares our tastes for firm-but-fair discipline and the stylings of a by-gone age.

They dress you up, they dress you down

I felt like I was taking a bit of a chance by filming a cross-dressing F/FM scene with Mike Stryker and Dana Kane. Being a little bit self-indulgent. Sure, we all love a bit of gender-bending, but would anyone want to watch it? Do people really want gender politics in their spanking porn?


Mike and I play siblings united in our rejection of default gender roles. Mike feels fabulous in eyeliner and lipstick, and I prefer the comfort of baggy clothes that free me up to run around and climb trees. Unfortunately, our absent parents aren't the tolerant sort, and they've hired an uber-strict governess for the summer to turn us back to the straight and narrow. The fearsome Ms Kane embarks on a harsh discipline regime, part of which is forcing us out of our preferred clothing and into more conservative garments. Once Mike is dressed in a smart suit and tie and I've put on a pretty frock and feminine underwear, she takes us both over the knee in an attempt to spank the non-conformity out of us.

This is a super-hot fantasy for me, but it's a tricky one too. Hypothetically, if someone were to find this hot scene because they actually believed that tomboys and transvestites deserved to be punished, I wouldn't be able to share their enjoyment. For me, this is one of those scenes where sympathy with the spankees as the mistreated party who are just trying to be themselves is essential. Once that's understood, scenes like this can actually stand as a reverse political statement in favour of freedom of expression.

Having said that, I wouldn't go so far as to call this a serious film. On the contrary, it's joyously light-hearted and camp. Mike played it up to the hilt, and the clash of personalities resulted in a lot of fun banter. I adored Dana's satirical performance as the repressive governess, precisely because I know that in real life we're on the same side.

And - well, Mike Stryker paddled in lipstick. What's not to love?

The New Governess runs at nearly 19 minutes and includes both F/M and F/F, with Mike and I both subjected to hand spankings, over the knee paddlings and the cane. It comes with 60 hand-captured screengrabs and 24 high definition photos by Tricia Sullivan.

Our other recent F/F film also plays on the theme of dressing up, and being dressed by undressed by a lady in charge. In After the Play Party, however, the mood is much more consensual and sexy. This is the steamiest Zoe and I ever got on camera, and it made for a highly memorable, intensely erotic scene.


This film is the sequel to Adornment. At the start of the evening, Zoe dressed me up to her liking, and gave me some vivid cane stripes to wear under my outfit. Now, we're home from the play party and fizzing with energy after the fun we had while we were out. But the night is still young.

Zoe toys with me and teases me, pulling at the nipple clamps I've been wearing all evening under my dress. She spanks, straps and canes me over the thin silk, then makes me remove the dress. She delights in cruelly removing the painful nipple clamps, and the sexual energy intensifies as both of us become increasingly excited by the pleasure she takes in hurting me. Finally, she takes her time giving me a hard beating with the riding crop and a thick cane.

The Whipping Boy

It's been a busy fortnight, and this month is about to get a hell of a lot busier. Last week Tom and I went camping together, with perfect timing for the glorious few days of golden sunshine which warmed the south of England. Jacq joined us for the final weekend, and we came home tanned, toned, tired and full of love. Tom and I in particular really benefited from the time together; it's been hard this year since we had to move to different cities, and I feel like our relationship has been healed and renewed. It was a brilliant and very needed holiday that left us feeling refreshed, recharged, relaxed and reconnected. Plus we had the hottest sex after we got home; things haven't been that energised in the bedroom for a long time.

Since then, I've had my work cut out catching up with emails, video editing, client work and some exciting new professional projects - about which more in due course. While I've been too busy to blog about what's new on the site, there have been some cool updates over the last couple of weeks. Before I went away I released one of the most intense films I think I've ever made, a historical fantasy filmed during our amazing location shoot in March. It's called The Whipping Boy, and it goes a bit like this:

Click to view trailer for The%20Whipping%20Boy

The Whipping Boy

Governess Miss Montana is at her wit's end. First her charge fraternises with a servant boy, and now the young lady is going behind her lord father's back on matters of politics.

Not wanting to make a martyr out of the girl, Miss Montana summons both Adele and her sweetheart Jimmy, the serving boy she grew up with. Adele always had a soft heart, and as children, the best way to punish the young lady was often to whip her friend the serving boy. Now, Miss Montana decides it's time to reinstate the arrangement.

To save his love from disgrace, Jimmy willingly offers himself in her place. But this will be the hardest thrashing he has ever had to take for her - and the worst of their punishment is yet to come.

View this scene »

The brainchild of real life couple Jimmy and Adele, this historical fantasy explores themes of class inequality, nobility, personal honour and self-sacrifice. The spanking and caning are hard, but the emotions of the young lovers' plight is the most intense aspect of this scene. Their devotion to one another is plain to see as they cling to each other, offering comfort as real tears stream down Jimmy's face. A deeply personal scenario from two of our most gifted performers.

Click here to read a personal perspective by Jimmy on what this scene means to him, and the experience of letting go enough to cry for the first time on camera.

The mistress, the maid and the wardrobe

If you like Downton Abbey, you'll like our latest update, period upstairs/downstairs film The Secret in the Wardrobe starring Caroline Grey, Adele Haze, Thomas Cameron and yours truly.

With her father away, young Miss Caroline Grey is left in the care of the household staff and to the companionship of her lady's maid Dora. The two young women are close friends, and the impetuous Caroline often leads them into adventures. But this time, it's soft-hearted Dora who hatches a plan to help out those in need. Their conspiracy must remain secret if it's to succeed - but to their dismay Caroline's strict governess Miss Haze uncovers it, and is greatly displeased.

As Caroline is taken over the knee by Miss Haze for a hand spanking and the hairbrush, Dora pleads on her mistress' behalf, but their protests only land the girls in more trouble. In her father's absence it is Mr Cameron the butler who is responsible for maintaining order in the house. He takes his duty to the family very seriously, and after dealing with the hapless maid Mr Cameron turns his attentions to the wilful young mistress.

Although there are some edgy moments in this scene, there's also a lot of humour, especially around the secret itself.  We had great fun filming it, particularly the sequence involving the actual wardrobe. Members can check out some goofy out-takes in the behind the scenes material.

I also want to take this opportunity to share a photo which didn't fit in anywhere else, of governess Miss Haze looking delightfully stern as she orders her charge over her knee:

Also starring Caroline Grey this week is a new bonus gallery of lost photographs, taken during the filming of The Prefect's Revenge - part 1. I didn't realise I had these images when the film, in which my character blackmails her rival and fellow prefect into taking a caning, was originally published. When I found them I asked our twitter followers if they were worth putting up, and the answer came back yes. So here you are.

The gallery also includes some behind the scenes photos, including Caroline modelling a bold new look in kinky fashion: a frock coat over gym slip and knee socks. I think it'll catch on, don't you?

New blog: Holloway's Road

Male spanking star Jimmy Holloway has just announced the launch of his very own blog. This is exciting news. Not only is it rare to find bloggers writing on kink from a male submissive/switch perspective within our spanking niche, but I know Jimmy to be a remarkably insightful, perceptive person, with a valuable contribution to make to the world of sex blogging.

Despite being brand new, Holloway's Road already has some excellent writing to offer. Check out his thoughts on sexuality and kink, feminist porn and the female gaze, male submission, polyamory and pegging. But this isn't just a kink blog - it's also a showcase for his original BDSM art, which illustrates many of his posts.

He also, of course, offers a fresh, male spankee gaze perspective on filming for this site, as with today's very personal post, Crying On-Set: A New Dreams of Spanking Shoot.

As good as the first scene was, and it really was, it was the second which really blew my mind. Although we had played with some of my favourite themes – chivalry, martyrdom, victim substitution – in ‘As You Will’, we had really run riot with them when it came to plotting out what turned out to be the last scene of the day. I was playing a young man, a servant of the house, who had used to be Adele’s character’s whipping boy. They had known each other since forever, were obviously becoming inappropriately fond of one another, and had allegedly been involved in various kinds of unacceptably political behaviour. The governess, played by Zoe Montana, is called, and after some back-and-forth it transpires that my character is to be punished for the young lady’s misdeeds, even though it hasn’t been done that way for years. At first, after the deeply ingrained deference of the first character, I was finding it difficult to be as mouthy and outraged as the scenario dictated, but eventually managed to get deeply enough into the head-space that it was all coming naturally, before we even got to the CP.

Incidentally, I should mention at this point that we were running with two video cameras, each of them being operated by a different cameraperson, and a separate stills photographer, so we were able to get the whole thing done with as few cuts and changes as possible, which only helped to get deeply into character, which perhaps explains what happened next.

When we were through the hand-spanking, which – as SnowdropExplodes has commented [in this review of Taking the Blame] – Zoe is particularly fierce with, and into the paddling, when Zoe chipped in with the notion that we would have to stop seeing each other completely, although if we were particularly good she would arrange for us to see one another roughly annually. Until that point, I had been taking the beating as stoically as I could, which is pretty damn stoically even if I say so myself, but when she came up with that I just burst into tears, and couldn’t stop myself until quite some time after we had stopped filming. I think it was because we were so deeply in character, or because I was concentrating so hard on withstanding the physical aspect, but it completely blind-sided me and I just couldn’t bear the thought of it, in fact there are tears coming to my eyes now even as I am writing this. By the end, Adele and I were just clutching at each other, wide eyed, and nearly unable to speak. I have rarely been through such an intense scene in the bedroom, let alone on film. 

Click here to read the rest of the post »

I think Holloway's Road is going to be a blog to watch in 2012, and you'd be mad not to add it to your feeds. Perhaps you might also leave a welcoming comment - all new bloggers love feedback. I'm greatly looking forward to reading more of what Jimmy has to say.

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