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Calm. quiet sadism

Pandora Blake strips, ready to recieve the tawse from Clara Hewitt, while Faerie Willow watches at Dreams of Spanking

Every now and again, I see someone who has a particular gleam in their eye that just says ‘I will absolutely fuck you up’. It’s the twinkle of calm, quiet sadism; nothing big or flashy, just an indefinable glint that tells you you’re in for a real thrashing. Clara Hewitt, who plays the mother in this week’s new release, has that look. 

She is also a consummate professional - at one point she delivers six cane strokes and leaves behind just three evenly-spaced stripes, which must take legendary aim when using an implement that moves fast enough to make what is technically a very small sonic boom (or so I’ve been told). One of our goals here at Dreams is to showcase some of the ways spanking porn can also be art, and goddamn but a spanking like that is certainly an art form.

Faerie Willow holds her striped bottom while Clara Hewitt flexes a cane at Dreams of Spanking

Of course, she wasn’t the only professional on set. This was my first time watching either of Pandora’s co-stars in action, and I was enchanted by Faerie Willow - there’s a sort of glow to her that is immediately compelling. She looks incredible both in and out of her Daisy-Duke-style outfit, and her easy, relaxed manner somehow makes everything she does on screen seem perfectly natural.

There’s a lot to love about this scene, and I think Pandora has a blogpost in the works somewhere about why it was such an extra-special one for them and their cast and crew. It’s got a little bit of everything that Dreams of Spanking stands for: intimacy, sex appeal, humour, taboo. If you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely won’t want to miss out.

(PS - you know I love to call out our most amusing adlibbed lines in these blog posts, because nothing makes a joke funnier like hanging a flag on it. This week’s entry: “Not while you’re eating a cheese sandwich”. That would...that would be a bit weird, yeah.)

Subverting the expected tropes

Anty gets scolded by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

I have a confession to make: when I first saw the opening shots of this film, I assumed Anty would be the one doling out the punishment.

It seems like the expected choice, really, doesn’t it? The surly butch dealer type, taking our Pandora in hand. Pandora herself is ever so femme in this scene, in a floral camisole and figure-hugging skirt, and my mind went directly to the classic butch top/femme bottom dynamic. But Dreams of Spanking has a long history of subverting the expected tropes, and this is no exception.

As the plot develops, it transpires that it won’t be like that at all - rather, a recalcitrant Anty is to be punished for her misdemeanours, bent over and beaten till her backside glows bright red. Pandora administers the punishment with clinical precision, taking time to line up every stroke and letting us see the excited glint in her eye. The resulting collection of welts is a sight to behold, and I winced in sympathy for Anty as Pandora instructed her to pull up her jeans. I too know how much that can sting!

Anty pulls her jeans up over her cane welts at Dreams of Spanking

In the end, though, my very favourite thing about this scene isn’t part of the punishment itself at all (though believe me, it’s a good’un). There’s this bit toward the end, just after the spanking has finished, where our co-stars are looking at each other in a long-angled shot - and for a moment, the screen sizzles with sexual tension. For all I knew it wasn’t part of the film, I half expected them to jump each other anyway.

And really that’s what we love most about Dreams of Spanking, isn’t it? So much of what we see here is real, even when the performers involved are actors playing a part. There’s nothing faked about the stingingly beautiful state of Anty’s bottom at the end of her punishment, and I reckon there wasn’t much faked in that snapshot of domme/sub desire either.

I could be wrong, of course. But if you’d like to see this scene for yourself - and it’s great fun from start to finish - it’s out now, and you can find it right here.

(PS - my second favourite thing about this film is Anty’s response when Pandora tells her she won’t hiring her as a dogsitter again: “But I love your dogs!”. We here at Dreams of Spanking are pleased to reassure you that no dogs were harmed in the making of this fantasy.)

A bad, wicked stepmother

In the current circumstances, audio stories are a good way to get a fix of naughtiness discreetly. Just put in some headphones and enjoy an intimate spanking fantasy, direct to your eardrums.

Bare That Bottom, Boy is an immersive little tale of domestic discipline and bare bottom spanking. And this fantasy is dirty. Pandora Blake plays a young and wicked stepmother to you, dear listener, in the role of a young man badly in need of discipline. Pandora slides from stern disciplinarian to teasing sensualist. Her "it's-for-your-own-good" strictness is spiced up with hints of tantalising, forbidden pleasures to come.

This story plays on the theme of erotic humiliation. Any subs with a taste for taboo naughtiness will find themselves squirming with anticipation.

Nimue Allen pulls down Sebastian Hawley's denim jeans on Dreams of Spanking

As someone with a fondness for consensually mistreating cute young men, I personally found myself identifying more with Pandora than with her victim, but that made me enjoy it all the more. I could envisage myself participating in the ritualistic removal of skin-tight denim jeans, baring a pert, vulnerable pair of buttocks, all ready to be reddened by a good, hard spanking.

Fun though it is to relish the subtle touches which let you know there are naughty undercurrents to spankings and punishments, there are times when it’s even more fun to be explicitly filthy. The delightfully spiteful refinements Pandora proposes to include in this punishment gave me a few ideas to put into practice the next time I get someone cute and willing over my knee...

A knowing twinkle in Headmaster and schoolgirl's eye...

Pandora Blake caned at Dreams of Spanking

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for strict teacher/naughty pupil spanking scenes, and Even Teachers Make Mistakes pushes all the right buttons. There’s the décor – crossed canes on the wall, Union Jacks to show the upholding of Proper British Values, and all the rest of it. There’s Pandora’s choice of bad-girl attire – super short denim shorts, and a tight Ace of Spades t-shirt. There’s the ritual ‘Oh but Sir!’, and the ‘Don’t answer back, get those knickers down!’ And then there’s the caning itself, expertly delivered and beautifully paced.

I like it when scenes like this are done with a knowing twinkle in the eye of each performer. In this film, I love watching Pandora’s face as the caning progresses; her little yelps and gasps for breath, and the way she chews her lip once the pain kicks in. I know some people find school caning fare a bit camp, but my tastes have always run to kink that is fun for all concerned - and despite Mike's strictness at the start, this film delivers. I particularly like the ending, which I won’t spoil for you except to say that it’s probably not quite what you might expect.

Over the years, I’ve done a fair bit of school-themed play and, of all the spanking things I’ve ever done, for me school scenes always seem to tend to end up with everyone involved nearly helpless with laughter, even while there are also tears of pain from whoever I’m whacking. I love to elicit tears in a reaction to a particularly hard stroke – but laughter and tears are more closely linked than some people think. No one actually gets to the point of giggling in Even Teachers Make Mistakes, but I couldn't help observing the occasional hint of enjoyment or trace of a smile which didn't quite seem entirely in character. For me, these moments of joy bubbling up through the strict disciplinary facade of the scene make the whole thing more enjoyable. I also spotted what I reckon was a hint of imminent tears from Pandora - which I liked even more.

Both Mike and Pandora clearly know one another well and are comfortable working together; apparently Danielle K, who was behind the camera, is a friend of Pandora's who is new to Dreams of Spanking. On the strength of this scene, I would say she fits right in – it’s a beautifully shot short film. I’m tempted to go get my cane, now, and see if there’s a willing bottom available, so I can practice some more until my tramlines are as precise as Mike Pain’s.

Pandora Blake caned at Dreams of Spanking

An ode to sexy shorts, short shorts, tight shorts and yoga pants

Two words to make any bum­fan swoon: yoga pants. Two more: short shorts. This week's scene is not only a hot tease by a lady with a gorgeous bottom, it's a handy visual demonstration of just which clothes best show off a lovely bum. Pandora Blake is off on a date, and she just can't decide what to wear. So, from tight yoga pants to sexy short shorts, she shows you exactly what the options are, and just how nicely they all highlight the full curves of her big butt.

Pandora Blake shows off her big butt in sexy short shorts at Dreams of Spanking

Personally, I'm a fan of yoga pants. No matter what shape your bottom, the tight fabric clings and hugs so well that – in my opinion – it'll look so deliciously spankable that it's pretty hard to resist. Despite the fact that they cover every inch of each buttock, they're so tight they're close to being naked. Obviously, Pandora works this outfit with exactly the style and confidence of someone who knows the appeal of a beautiful big bum.

Tight shorts are to a bottom what dangling jewelry is to a cleavage – they're like a highlighter, pointing right at something beautiful and saying 'look! Appreciate me!' When I'm going up the escalators on the tube, a quick glance up and I never fail to spot one or two bums in tight shorts or trousers that I just want to... Hmm. Smack? Bite? Squeeze?

All of the above.

Pandora Blake shows off her big butt in sexy short shorts at Dreams of Spanking

There's something incredibly satisfying about a lovely big bum. My bum, like the rest of my body, grows and shrinks on a relatively regular annual cycle – getting smaller in the summer when it's too hot to eat much, then getting nice and big and plump just after Christmas when I've gorged myself on roast potatoes. While the title of the video – Does My Bum Look Big in This? ­ is a playful homage to worries about weight and body shape, I love that the video celebrates the sexiness of a deliciously big butt.

There's something very satisfying – and, of course, spankable – about a bottom with full curves. A big bum that you squeeze into a pair of jeans, letting the fabric stretch tight and taut across your buttocks.

Pandora Blake shows off her big butt in sexy short shorts at Dreams of Spanking

I have a pair of short shorts that only come out in winter – partly because I hate having to shave my legs, so I want to wear them with leggings, but partly because in the summer the shorts don't fit quite right. They hang off me a bit, looking deflated and a bit sad. In winter, when I've plumped up a bit, they fit just right – tight and sexy. It's not just the way they look that I like, it's the way that they feel – cupping and hugging me tightly.

Pandora Blake shows off her big butt in sexy short shorts at Dreams of Spanking

In Pandora's video, I'm torn between the tight short shorts as my favourite outfit, or the sexy yoga pants. Of course, there are definitely merits to the sexy tight pink shorts too, and I suspect there'll be some who prefer Pandora's bottom in just a flimsy black lace thong - or kneeling on the sofa with her knickers pulled down and cheeks spread. Whatever your preference, though, I can tell you one thing for sure: if you like big butts, you'll adore this.

Pandora Blake shows off her big butt in sexy short shorts at Dreams of Spanking

Angry or calm - what's the best kind of spanking?

I think the spankings I've had generally fall into one of two categories: the “I'm so angry with you right now” spanking and the “this is for your own good.”

The “angry” spankings usually happen when I've deliberately been bratty to try and get a harder beating, whereas the others have a kind of calm, sexy intensity that makes me feel as if I'll get what's coming to me no matter how I behave.

Which do I prefer? I'm not sure I can really decide, especially since I've just watched this week's amazing scene with Christy Cutie and Paul Kennedy, in which the beating definitely falls into the 'calm and collected' category.

Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking

Uncle Paul takes his naughty niece Christy in hand when she accidentally messes up his work. He's warned her that he'll be busy while she's staying with him over the summer, but ignoring his advice to stay out of his way, she decides to 'helpfully' go into his office and tidy his desk. This is Dreams of Spanking so – of course – some seriously hot punishment is in order.

He instructs her to bend over the desk and deals out a firm hand spanking over her tight jeans. And here is where I melt a little bit (OK, a lot) with desire.

Paul has a fantastically calm authority. As 'Uncle Paul', he adopts a kind of weary 'why do you make me do this?' attitude that makes me tingle in just the right way.

He's not angry – he's disappointed.

Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking

If you've seen Christy on Dreams of Spanking before (and if you haven't then you should check out Her Married Sister) you'll know that she's utterly beautiful, as well as a brilliant character actress. Her happy-go-lucky naughty niece character works so beautifully against Paul's 'disappointed uncle' and as she squeals with each stinging smack, you can tell she's mainly upset that she's let him down.

Of course, when he asks her to pull down her jeans and knickers for a strapping on the bare bottom, she pouts and trembles just as any naughty niece would, when she knows there's no getting out of it.

Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking

I think scenes like this can work both ways. In my fantasies, when I'm the one being strapped over a desk because of some minor misdemeanour, I've often found myself torn between a 'calm' or an 'angry' beating.

Sometimes I picture the guy who is beating me as someone so incensed that he can't prevent himself from lashing out with far more than I really deserve. At other times he's calm, measured, and practically sighing with disappointment that I've let him down again. Both are amazing, but which is your favourite?

I'd recommend you watch Naughty Niece Christy first – when you see Paul berating Christy for requiring punishment and therefore taking up his valuable time, you'll see what I mean about the appeal of a calm, collected disciplinarian.

What's the best spanking material?

I've waxed lyrical on this blog before about transparent knickers – the pair Vix Vixxxen wears in her introductory shoot being a perfect example of sheer panties that are ideal to get spanked in. You can watch her bum turning red as she gets smacked, and the sheer material itself adds so much to the experience.

Then there's spanking over denim short shorts. For instance, in Corporal Punishment we can see Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey being spanked over tight denim.

Ms Vixxxen spanked in sheer knickers at Dreams of Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey spanked in denim shorts at Dreams of Spanking

Our latest photoset will be perfect if you're into leather. Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron enjoy a flirty, playful outdoor spanking. He's dressed in a leather jacket, and she's wearing tiny leather shorts – that snugly encase her bottom for the paddle.

Pandora Blake spanked in leather shorts at Dreams of Spanking

So it got me thinking: do you have a preference? I'm a sucker for denim and leather. Both to wear and to watch. There's a delicious hard thuddy sound when you get beaten through either of these fabrics, and getting spanked in jeans is one of my favourite things. You can still feel it but the denim takes the edge off the sting, freeing you up to enjoy the delicious thud. I love being spanked in jeans knowing that they'll soon come off.

I know others prefer latex or PVC – do they sting harder when you're belted or caned through them? I think so. Lacy or ribbon knickers are perfect for presentation, tempting whoever sees them to pay attention to your arse. White cotton is signature for that innocent feel.

So I thought I'd throw the question open to spanking enthusiasts – by which I mean you lovely lot – what's your favourite material to get spanked in? Or to spank someone in? Leather? PVC? Latex? Denim? Or something else I haven't thought of yet...

Pandora Blake spanked in leather shorts at Dreams of Spanking

Spanking strippergram

I'm still only just recovering from a fantastic shoot last week with new performers Alexander Knight and Richard Barton and others. The venue was stunningly beautiful, and things went incredibly smoothly. Over two long days it was hard work, but great fun too, and the quality of the performances from everyone was simply outstanding. I'll be processing some preview photos this week, and look forward to sharing them with you.

Meanwhile here's a fresh, funny spanking film that went up a couple of weeks ago. I'll always love the classic, traditional English punishment scenarios but I think variety is important, and there'll always be space on Dreams of Spanking for quirky, modern scenarios as well. As well as a storyline that's a little bit different, Corporal Punishment innovates by starring a hot young male switch who's as gorgeous as his female co-performers.

Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.

Will Savage works as a male stripper in real life, and this storyline gave him the opportunity to bust out some of his moves. His sexy striptease routine is playful and naughty, and shows off his toned body to perfection.

The shoot was hilarious - as you can see in the behind the scenes video, Will felt a bit self-conscious performing his routine without music (which I added later) but he carried on like a true professional, and the results are fantastic - despite a certain amount of giggling!

Click to view trailer for Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment

On a girls night in Caroline and Amelia hire a spanking strippergram, a hunk in uniform called "Corporal Punishment" whose photo shows off his lovely muscular arms. When he arrives, Amelia is stunned to discover that it's her new boyfriend Will. He hadn't told her he was a stripper - and neither of them knew the other liked spanking!

Amelia insists that Caroline firmly punish him for keeping secrets from her. And since they've already paid, he might as well do his sexy striptease routine. After that the girls can't resist the temptation to go over his knee and try out the spanking capacity of those strong-looking arms!

Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise. Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.
Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.

The scene wraps up with a vision of long legs and tight denim as Will takes both giggling girls over his knee for a double spanking. Even left-handed, that boy has one hell of a hard hand spank - as Caroline and Amelia discovered!

Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise. Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.
Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.

As a producer I'm all in favour of switch visibility, particularly showing switch dynamics between men and women. I wanted to release something around Valentine's Day which was a little bit different, and showed that male submission and switch dynamics can be just as sexy as the predictable male dominance and female submission of classic kinky romance. So far our male/female switch scenes have all been light-hearted and modern, but if you have any ideas for more traditional or historical scenarios that include a switch, please do send them in.

Here are some of my favourite behind the scenes moments from the filming of Corporal Punishment:

Will Savage shows off his sexy moves behind the scenes at Dreams of Spanking
Fun and laughter on the set of ethical porn site Dreams of Spanking
Fun and laughter on the set of ethical porn site Dreams of Spanking

When Activists Attack!

Well, my first month as Pandora's assistant has been a brilliant experience so far. I love the way we work together and we get on so well, it's a really promising start and I'm immensely grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Dreams' Team. I'm so much looking forward to meeting the rest of the family at the upcoming cast and crew party for the site's 2nd birthday. But enough of that, onto the fun stuff.

Our new scene this week is a hard-hitting double domme scene with a playful mood, concieved and scripted by our very own Michael Darling. Starring Michael himself, Nimue Allen and Pandora, it's a delicious little tale about female empowerment and taking the fight right to the "seat" of the patriarchy! 

Click to view trailer for The%20Galleristas

The Galleristas

There's a new guerilla movement in town, on a mission to bring equality to the art world. No-one expects the London Galleristas! Gangs of feminist activists are roaming the capital, pouncing on unsuspecting gallery owners to check whether their collection includes enough work by female artists. If not, they exact a price on the curator's bottom, until hand and paddle persuade where words have failed. The ladies have pledged that the beatings will continue until every gallery in town achieves equal representation. Viva la revolution!

Gallery owner Michael is spanked hard for his chauvinistic ways Gallery owner Michael is spanked hard for his chauvinistic ways
Gallery owner Michael is spanked hard for his chauvinistic ways Gallery owner Michael is spanked hard for his chauvinistic ways

Pandora had to hold Michael still to stop him wriggling away while Nimue exacted her punishment!

Gallery owner Michael is spanked hard for his chauvinistic ways Gallery owner Michael is spanked hard for his chauvinistic ways

I just love how this scene manages to be sexy and silly all rolled into one. That's my favourite kind! Be sure to check out The Galleristas soon, I hope you love it every bit as much as we do!

Belted in leathers

One of the most fun bits of producing spanking porn is getting to dress gorgeous performers up in the outfits I want to see them in - be that historical costume, authentic uniforms or sexy lingerie.

It's always difficult writing scenes for someone you haven't met yet, so after booking Lola Marie I browsed her twitter feed for inspiration. I found a super cute photo of her wearing a leather jacket (although it seems to be offline now, more's the pity) and decided to dress her in denim and leathers for a scene in which she played a tough biker girl.

Click to view trailer for Biker%20Girl

Biker Girl

Tom isn't impressed when he gets a call from his mate Lola in the middle of the night asking him to pick up her and her bike in his van after she came off the road. Luckily, she wasn't hurt, but her bike was a bit worse for wear, and Tom had to call in a favour to get one of his friends to fix it up for her.

When he finds out she'd been drinking, he's tempted to confiscate her helmet for a few weeks to knock some sense into her. Lola is outraged, but he's determined to teach her a lesson one way or another - one even this tough biker girl won't forget. He gives her a choice: a slow lesson, stay off the road for a couple of months; or quick one, take a 30 stroke thrashing from his belt. When Lola realises he's serious, she doesn't take long to decide. She's a biker. She always prefers speed.

Tough biker girl Lola Marie gets the leather belt at Dreams of Spanking Tough biker girl Lola Marie gets the leather belt at Dreams of Spanking
"You've got to be joking, mate."

Tough biker girl Lola Marie gets the leather belt at Dreams of Spanking
That moment when the belt's about to fall...

Tough biker girl Lola Marie gets the leather belt at Dreams of Spanking
Fishnets and lacy panties under jeans? Yes please.

Tom has always had a bit of a thing for the idea of a girl wearing stockings and fancy lingerie underneath jeans. Casual and everyday on the outside, a sexy surprise waiting underneath for the lucky person who gets to take the jeans down.

When we came up with this scenario, it actually made sense for Lola to still have on the fishnet stockings she'd worn out to the bar last night under the sturdy jeans she was wearing to ride there and back. Sexy, feminine leopard-print panties with pink lace trim, fishnet stockings, all hidden under a tough, fuck-you exterior. Perfection.

I had no idea when I cast her how well Lola would rise to the challenge of playing the streetwise, south London biker chick who refuses to show any weakness, and lets her mate thrash her simply so she can prove she's hard enough to take it. She took the belt with a self-control I can only envy. They were hard strokes, but Lola ate them for breakfast.

Tough biker girl Lola Marie gets the leather belt at Dreams of Spanking Tough biker girl Lola Marie gets the leather belt at Dreams of Spanking

My favourite moment in this film is after the thrashing is over, when Tom tells her to stand up and have a rub if she likes. Lola just looks at him. "I'm hardcore. I don't need to rub nothing."

Yes, yes she really is.

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