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Calm. quiet sadism

Pandora Blake strips, ready to recieve the tawse from Clara Hewitt, while Faerie Willow watches at Dreams of Spanking

Every now and again, I see someone who has a particular gleam in their eye that just says ‘I will absolutely fuck you up’. It’s the twinkle of calm, quiet sadism; nothing big or flashy, just an indefinable glint that tells you you’re in for a real thrashing. Clara Hewitt, who plays the mother in this week’s new release, has that look. 

She is also a consummate professional - at one point she delivers six cane strokes and leaves behind just three evenly-spaced stripes, which must take legendary aim when using an implement that moves fast enough to make what is technically a very small sonic boom (or so I’ve been told). One of our goals here at Dreams is to showcase some of the ways spanking porn can also be art, and goddamn but a spanking like that is certainly an art form.

Faerie Willow holds her striped bottom while Clara Hewitt flexes a cane at Dreams of Spanking

Of course, she wasn’t the only professional on set. This was my first time watching either of Pandora’s co-stars in action, and I was enchanted by Faerie Willow - there’s a sort of glow to her that is immediately compelling. She looks incredible both in and out of her Daisy-Duke-style outfit, and her easy, relaxed manner somehow makes everything she does on screen seem perfectly natural.

There’s a lot to love about this scene, and I think Pandora has a blogpost in the works somewhere about why it was such an extra-special one for them and their cast and crew. It’s got a little bit of everything that Dreams of Spanking stands for: intimacy, sex appeal, humour, taboo. If you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely won’t want to miss out.

(PS - you know I love to call out our most amusing adlibbed lines in these blog posts, because nothing makes a joke funnier like hanging a flag on it. This week’s entry: “Not while you’re eating a cheese sandwich”. That would...that would be a bit weird, yeah.)

It’s the little things

Pandora Blake stands in the corner, her spanked bare bottom on display while Stephen Lewis reads a book Dreams of Spanking

Here’s a thing I’ve learned from the past fifteen years of doing BDSM with people: sometimes it’s the smallest details of a scene or a dynamic that stick with you the most.

Our new release for the week sees Pandora wearing what is referred to in the film as the “punishment dress”; a pretty, flouncy frock that, when combined with her frilly pink knickers, makes up the outfit her character wears every time she’s earned a spanking from her husband.

It’s just an incidental detail, really. In and of itself, the dress doesn’t seem like much of a punishment - it’s not particularly slutty or exposing, there’s nothing inherently humiliating about it. It’s just a dress; one you could wear out to the pub, or in the office with a nice sharp blazer. But it’s the dress her husband has her wear every time he punishes her, the dress she’s had pushed up to her waist a hundred times.

Pandora Blake kneels at Stephen Lewis's feet wearing her punishment dress at Dreams of SpankingJust think what that would be like after a while. Any time you saw it hanging in the wardrobe, you’d get a little thrill of excitement at all the memories it holds. Any time he told you to put it on, you’d know exactly what was happening without his needing to say another word.

His Spanked Wife is a lovely window into domestic discipline: the anticipation, the obedience, the remorse, the tenderness. You can see the love these characters have for each other in the way the wife kneels at the husband’s feet when they’re done, the sense of calm relief she seems to feel. But my favourite little detail, I think, is that knee-length, plain black punishment dress.

In Big Trouble: porn and art

Welcome Violet, who has recently joined the Dreams of Spanking team as a copywriter. She regularly posts erotic photography and writing and her blog Love, Violet.

It’s an interesting thing to look at porn that is “not my thing” and try to see it objectively. Not surprisingly, this isn’t an easy thing to do. It makes sense that we process stimuli we find pleasing more readily and more directly than stimuli that doesn’t quite float our boat. However, the photo gallery In Big Trouble is beautifully made and has enough artistic merit to stand alone, regardless of one’s personal tastes.

Pandora Blake spanked at home at Dreams of Spanking

Porn is a faction of the overall canon of contemporary art, in my opinion, and I say that as someone whose education is in fine art and critical theory. Many people would disagree, but when the crafting and production of pornography is as considered as its themes and narrative, like the films and photos here on Dreams of Spanking, I’d be hard pressed to dismiss it as too low-brow to be art. In Big Trouble is a beautiful example of visual storytelling that is highly narrative, emotionally demonstrative and visually satisfying to the viewer.

Pandora Blake spanked at home at Dreams of Spanking

I’m not privy to the details of the creative process or art direction behind a scene like In Big Trouble, but it’s clearly well considered with captivating details. The inspiration for this custom hard spanking photo story came from a client with a particular vision, based on tales of his ex lover’s accounts of hard caning and OTK spanking conducted at home in her younger years. He said,

“Her stories to me of being punished were always the most engaging when she was describing the more ritualistic preparations of being led to the living room, being made to assume the position, being told to lift her dress, being instructed to lower her panties, and then later being ordered to lay down over his knees."

Pandora Blake spanked at home at Dreams of Spanking

So much of what is described and desired in this scene is internally felt; both by the client as he relives his response to his lover’s stories, as well as the actual scene as it unfolds, grippingly portrayed by Pandora Blake and Mike Pain. Nuanced focus, attention to detail, and the rich storytelling of photography allows the viewer to be transported to the dining room, where paternal hand and rattan cane befall Pandora's tender bottom over and over. I found myself holding my breath as I moved through the images, struck a bit dumb by the intensity and anxious discomfort I felt as the story unfurled. I could feel the heat of the welts, the humiliation of her bottom being bared, and the potion of fear and obedience she must have felt to be able to resist flinching, kicking or squirming.

Pandora Blake spanked at home at Dreams of Spanking

The artistry of these photos is, for me, in the discomfort that they elicited in me. Not all art is pretty or comfortable. These images are striking (ooops, what a pun!) even though they are not what I turn to for visual titillation. How then, did they resonate so deeply for me? I understand the client’s desire to have that tension highlighted: to experience, indirectly, his lover's humiliation and fear, as well as the unquestioned power and authority of her disciplinarian. These are potent archetypes and themes, because of the power dynamics of the domestic relationship and the ritualised experience of punishment.

Pandora Blake spanked at home at Dreams of Spanking

This photo gallery made me pause, examine and interrogate my responses. It made me reflect on the nature of the relationships and fetishes depicted and the powerful emotions they provoke. In short, it got me thinking, and it made me feel something. Although that is not the same as being turned on, I was certainly stimulated. And that, folks, is what both porn and art are meant to do.

Pandora Blake spanked at home at Dreams of Spanking

A hand spanking proves no match for young love

Can you tell that Talia Lane and David Weston are a couple in real life? I think it's hard not to, because the whole of their first film together is infused with a close flirtation and a crackling chemistry, which makes their school romance all the more real, and all the more intense.

David Weston and Talia Lane punished together with an over the knee hand spanking by Pandora Blake

I get a bit nostalgic about these school moments – when there was a guy I fancied so much I couldn't stop thinking about him in class. A guy who I just needed to touch me. Those stolen moments – kisses and gropes when teachers weren't looking ... sigh.

Talia and David play a couple just like this – horny students with ties askew, shirts untucked, and eyes only for each other. As is to be expected when you're young and hot for someone, they fondle and kiss behind the bike sheds for so long that they miss the start of lessons.

They hardly care, of course – they're far too wrapped up in their own teenage world of giggles and snogs. But this is Dreams of Spanking, after all, so from the moment their lips touch we know they're going to get caught by a strict teacher. Enter Pandora...

David Weston and Talia Lane punished together with an over the knee hand spanking by Pandora Blake David Weston and Talia Lane punished together with an over the knee hand spanking by Pandora Blake

Pandora (aka the stern Ms Blake) is formidable in this scene, but then she has to be to keep the pair in line. Talia and David joke around even as Ms Blake explains that they're in for a punishment more severe than the usual detention or lines.

They can't quite bring themselves to believe that she'll put them over her knee for a hand spanking, and as a result their insouciance just gets them into deeper trouble.

Everyone remembers those kids at school who – no matter how stern the teacher – just would not behave. Talia and David in this scene are exactly like that - holding hands and messing around and making exactly the kind of exasperating retorts that teenagers seem to think are oh-so-funny. They play that casual 'you can't touch me' attitude to perfection - to the point where I, as a bit of a meanie, couldn't wait for Pandora to dish out the spanking just to show them she means business.

When she does, Talia's shock and outrage is amazing.

David Weston and Talia Lane punished together with an over the knee hand spanking by Pandora Blake

This is Talia's first ever spanking scene - in fact, she says in her interview that it's her first ever proper spanking. David's starred in a few Dreams of Spanking videos before (I particularly enjoyed David's Strict Governess) and he was keen to share the experience with her, and watch her discover why he loves spanking so much.

Taking the behind-the-scenes connection together with the scenario, it's a gorgeous shared moment. I loved seeing the dynamic between the couple as they stay strong against the teacher determined to punish them. Keep watching after the credits for more out-takes, including Talia's infectious giggles - and her genuine reactions to her first ever punishment spanking.

David Weston and Talia Lane punished together with an over the knee hand spanking by Pandora Blake
David Weston and Talia Lane punished together with an over the knee hand spanking by Pandora Blake

That David and Talia are a real couple serves to highlight one of the best things about this type of joint scene. When two lovers or close friends are punished together, there's an added dynamic: the support and sympathy between the two spankees. There's an amazing example of it in Punishment by Proxy, too, in which Pandora and Jimmy are forced – against their wishes – to actually punish each other.

As David and Talia comfort each other you can see that what started as humiliation is actually making them stronger. Initially David is reluctant to pull down his pants in front of his young girlfriend, but by the end the pair are united in solidarity against their teacher.

Facing the wall and baring their bright red bottoms after their spanking, they exchange shy, loving smiles. You know, I'm not sure they've entirely learned their lesson. Some things are just worth doing, no matter what the punishment.

David Weston and Talia Lane punished together with an over the knee hand spanking by Pandora Blake

Office caning - touch your toes!

Pandora Blake bending over, touching her toes, and taking an incredibly painful-looking twelve stroke cold caning. Those who like your spankings traditional will be delighted by this workplace punishment video - a classic office caning story in which Pandora receives a hard punishment from her boss, Paul Kennedy.

Office Caning presses all the buttons for a quintessential caning sequence. The verbal chastisement as Paul scolds Pandora for making a silly mistake. Her initial reluctance and shock to be told she will be physically punished. The anticipation as he tells her to stand in the corner while he goes to fetch the cane. The look on her face as she nervously lifts her skirt, lowers her knickers and bends over to touch her toes for the cane.

Pandora Blake touches her toes for an office caning Pandora Blake touches her toes for an office caning

In this scene Pandora is a promising young executive still in her probationary period. She is on a career fast track, and the flipside of the quick route to promotion is correspondingly strict standards. I love the idea of having a 'disciplinary clause' in a work contract that means your boss can beat you if you do something wrong. Not in real life, obviously – I've had some awful bosses in the past - but as a fantasy it really does it for me. An authoritative older guy taking me to task for not meeting his high expectations, then making me bend over to take a hard caning. And the caning Pandora takes is certainly hard enough to make her eyes water, and make her jump up and clutch her bottom in horror at the pain, and the fact she has ten more strokes still to go.

The image is even hotter when you imagine how much you'd want to make your boss proud of you - and how brave you'd have to be as the cane strokes start to sear your bottom...

Pandora Blake touches her toes for an office caning

Of course, some of you would happily be on the other end too – and would imagine yourself as the one who wields the cane and delivers punishments in the form of a cold, hard, bare bottom caning to wayward employees.

Whether you're picturing yourself as the top, or bent over, trembling in nervous anticipation of the next burning stroke, sit back and enjoy Office Caning – a 'short, sharp shock', and a definitive caning fantasy.

Click to view trailer for Office%20Caning

Spanking and orgasms

I'm both nervous and excited to share our latest film, which shows what I fantasise about as I bring myself to my first ever orgasm on video! My Inner Little Girl dips between fantasy and reality, combining an erotic solo masturbation scene with an F/F age play spanking fantasy, complete with little white socks, kicking, crying and the hairbrush.

This 17 minute film is accompanied by 60 high definition screengrabs, and also Tammy's Shame, a new photo gallery which illustrates Tamora's fantasy.

Click to view trailer for My%20Inner%20Little%20Girl

My Inner Little Girl

Tamora is a high-powered businesswoman. She loves her work, but it's a lot of responsibility. Back home after a long day, she unwinds by putting on school uniform, and reconnecting with her inner little girl.

In her fantasies, Tammy is helpless, told what to wear, what to do, and spanked if she disobeys. The thought of being taken over the knee and spanked soundly on her bare bottom until she kicks and cries just turns her on so much. It's the perfect escape from the stress of grown up life - and a sure way to a very real, very pleasurable orgasm.

And along with our photogallery Ms Howard's Little Girl, here's a bit more of a peek into the spanking of Tamora's dreams...


Little Tammy is spanked with aunty's  hairbrush at Dreams of Spanking

Tammy's Shame

Tammy's aunt is so strict. She won't even let her wear skirts inside the house. Ms Howard believes that having her knickers on display will teach Tammy some humility. Plus, it means she can't leave the house without asking permission - unless she wants to walk out of the door in her underwear!

When Ms Howard sets her a long list of rules to memorise, Tammy quickly gets bored. She wanders over to the window and sees some boys outside. She can't go out and talk to them, but she can give them a show. She waves to them, unbuttons her school blouse and quickly has their attention. With their encouragement she even pulls her bra aside to reveal her budding breasts.

Ms Howard picks just that moment to come back to see how Tammy is getting on with the rules. She is horrified to discover her niece exposing herself at the window to all and sundry. She grabs Tammy's ear and pulls out a straight backed chair. Clearly the spankings Tammy has already received have not had enough of an effect. This time, it's going to be the hairbrush, and it's going to be hard.

Little Tammy is spanked with aunty's hairbrush at Dreams of Spanking Little Tammy is spanked with aunty's  hairbrush at Dreams of Spanking
Little Tammy is spanked with aunty's  hairbrush at Dreams of Spanking

Although I've already published some hardcore photographs on this site, I've never done anything this sexually explicit on video before. Throughout my career, I've always intended to save my hardcore "virginity" for Dreams of Spanking, and have never taken things beyond softcore eroticism when modelling for other people's websites.

I've been wanting to make a film like this for years. As soon as I came up with the name "Dreams of Spanking" I knew I wanted to make films about sex and masturbation showing the fantasies of the people involved... which in my case of course is almost always spanking!

My Inner Little Girl: fantasy and reality at Dreams of Spanking My Inner Little Girl: fantasy and reality at Dreams of Spanking

I very much hope to create more explicit films in the future - specifically, I'd love to shoot some real world kinky sex videos with my real life lovers, starting with my longterm partners Tom and D. But it felt right that my first orgasm on camera should be a solo scene, directed and controlled entirely by myself. Creating this film, for me, was about empowerment, ownership and self-determination. I wrote the storyboard a long time ago, and although Tamora is a fictional character, the story expresses something true about myself. I'm glad I was able to edit this film myself to make it look exactly as I'd envisioned - even if watching my own face and chest flush as I approached orgasm was an incredibly surreal experience!

Besides, believe it or not, I was shy about shooting this film, and I felt pretty shy about releasing it, too. On the day of the shoot I wanted to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, and doing it solo meant I wasn't performing for anyone other than the camera, which my good friend Nimue was operating. Nimue and I have little to hide from each other these days, and of course she is no stranger to sex and masturbation on camera - in fact, I had operated the camera for a masturbation scene for her site only the day before. So asking her to return the favour felt balanced, reciprocal, and extremely safe.

My Inner Little Girl: fantasy and reality at Dreams of Spanking
My Inner Little Girl: fantasy and reality at Dreams of Spanking

Performing in porn can be a weirdly vulnerable experience at times, leaving you feeling very exposed. I hope you enjoy this film; it's very personal for me. To my relief, My Inner Little Girl has only provoked positive feedback so far, and no-one has been unkind or told me I look ridiculous.

Please do let me know if you'd like to see more films like this on Dreams of Spanking. Now that the first one is up, I think I'd really enjoy making more.

Spanked by uncle and aunt

I'm really excited about our latest spanking video and photogallery, School Report. This was created in response to several viewer requests I received along these lines:

There is one way that you can widen the appeal of any M/m content. By including a female element, such as a witness or onlookers. It matters not how tenuous the link, if it is there you would be amazed at how many buttons this will press!
Love your films. I particularly love Thomas Cameron. He's a great top and knows how to give a good OTK spanking with his hand. My question is this, would you have him spank another guy over his knee?
I really do love your site and am looking forward to more updates. I would like to see you add a m/m otk spanking video. I am a straight male but have been spanked by both men and women. I always thought the most embarrassing scene would be getting spanked over a man's knee on my bare bottom with a woman watching. Like a dad/mom or uncle/aunt scenario. Or even better someone like you playing the babysitter and watching my spanking. I think it's great that you enjoy every type of combination.

Well, far be it from me to not take good advice, and if I like an idea I always try to bring it to life... even if it might take me a few months or years to find the opportunity.

I've known for a while I wanted to feature some MF/M scenes on the site, with a male spankee punished by a man and a woman together, to balance out the FM/F we've shot with performers including Ten and Alex. Since I started topping, Tom and I have discovered we love playing the dom double act. I thought perhaps we'd get the chance on our 2012 M/M shoot, but we ran out of time. (I wanted to shoot some M/FM that day too but it didn't happen - nor did our planned M/FM scene with Phil Fury. Still, it's always nice to have some ideas left in the bank!)

Based on the positive response School Report has received so far, it seems that plenty of people want to see naughty boys spanked by another man while a woman watches... and vice versa.

Click to view trailer for School%20Report

School Report

Michael hates living with his strict, old-fashioned aunt and uncle, who believe in traditional methods of discipline and do not consider him too old to be taken over the knee for a sound spanking. When he brings home an unfavourable school report he knows they will be displeased, and so he keeps quiet and hopes they won't ask. Unfortunately his nosy aunt goes through his things, finds it, and is all the angrier because he tried to deceive them.

She scolds Michael and, although he is nearly fully grown, she makes him lie over her knees, and spanks his bottom firmly. Nose to the wall and in disgrace, with his spanked bottom on display, Michael is forced to wait until his uncle comes home, knowing that when he does he will give him an even harder spanking while his aunt looks on.

Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt

Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt

This is a very simple spanking plot line. It is similar to countless other domestic scenarios, with one difference: the schoolgirl one usually sees is, here, a schoolboy.

I'm interested in innovation, but that doesn't have to come from increasingly wacky storylines. It can arise from something as simple as swapping the familiar genders. Until hot young male spankees are as common a sight as female ones, there's a value to revisiting the classic tropes, the traditional scenarios. I'm interested in making videos that strike to the heart of the spanking kink, that have a nostalgic quality, and sometimes that means returning to familiar, well-loved storylines.

Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt

What I wasn't expecting was that when you reverse the genders, it can bring a freshness to the fantasy that re-injects it with life. The idea of being spanked in front of someone watching is fundamentally about embarrassment. I suspect that might be even more true when you introduce an F/M element. Boys are traditionally encouraged to be tough and strong, and so being infantilised and punished like a little boy by a female relative might, perhaps, be particularly humiliating.

And for a boy to be punished by a man - well, you might think that was a private, masculine affair, to be endured with as little fuss as possible. Putting someone else in the room to watch - particularly a female someone - heightens everyone's awareness of what is taking place. Suddenly the bare bottom seems particularly bare. The over-the-knee position becomes especially embarrassing.

Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt

Watching this scene play out, and even now when I look at the pictures, something about the spanking felt particularly real. The over-the-knee position, which I have seen and enjoyed countless times, took on a new piquancy. I felt newly aware of how intimate it is, to have your weight supported by someone's thighs, your bottom vulnerably raised and your face humiliatingly close to the floor. Familiarity had taken the edge of that embarrassment I felt when I first explored my spanking fetish, but when I see Michael over Tom's lap, I can feel it all over again. That tremble in the tummy, the disbelief that this is even happening. I almost blush on Michael's behalf.

As one commenter has pointed out, the excellent photos accompanying this set were taken by Nimue Allen, so in fact Michael had not one, but two female observers during this scene. And now you all can see it too.

Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt Naughty nephew spanked over the knee by uncle and aunt

Of course, in real life Michael is a professional and I loved his performance in this scene. Thankfully for those of us who want to hire him for spanking video, he's not really embarrassed about people watching him get his bottom smacked. He does still blush delightfully at compliments, though - so when he reads the comments on School Report, his face might indeed end up as red as his bottom ;)

Beauties in bloomers

Tom here, standing in for Pandora as she makes preparations for her US trip next week. Our latest film is a very exciting historical drama starring two of the most talented and beautiful actresses in the British spanking scene, Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford. The scene page includes a gallery of 107 high quality, visually stunning photos by Amelia's real life husband, renowned fetish photographer Hywel Phillips.

This twenty minute film features strict scolding, authentic vintage bloomers and petticoats, plenty of flouncing and pouting, and firmly administered over the knee spankings.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

The Edwardian Governess

Sneaking out to a dance in town, spirited young ladies Caroline and Amelia are caught by Amelia's stuffy governess. She hauls them both upstairs and shows Caroline what happens to young ladies in this house when they misbehave. Miss Blake takes each girl over her knee and gives her a firm, no-nonsense spanking with her hand and leather paddle.

I've very much enjoyed watching Pandora's professional topping style evolve and develop over the past year or so, and this piece gave her more opportunity to exercise her dominant voice than most. I always find improvised scolding the hardest thing about topping on camera, and so I notice it when done well by others. Pandora presents a well-controlled performance, poised and strict without being overly harsh.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake
The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

Those who've been following our progress over the years will know that we do like our historical dramas at Dreams of Spanking. Twisted history has long been a favourite source of fantasies for many people. It also offers wonderful costume opportunities; impressively, Caroline and Amelia both created the vintage outfits they wear in this film themselves.

Many of us, if pressed, would admit that we do what we do in part out of a love of playing dress-up (when we're not building sofa-forts). Ladies in bloomers are always a beautiful sight, and both Amelia and Caroline look stunning with their perfect, peachy bottoms rising out of parted white cotton and frothing petticoats.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

That day the team also filmed a sequel in which the young ladies are joined by a dashing young footman, played by our newest star Will, who joins them in getting into trouble with the strict governess.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

The Edwardian Governess is a must-see film for anyone who shares our tastes for firm-but-fair discipline and the stylings of a by-gone age.

New Browse by Image page

Over the weekend I made a couple of improvements to the site, including a new page called Browse all Spanking Scenes by Image. This complements the existing Browse by Keyword page, for those of you who prefer pictures to words. It shows a thumbnail grid of all the scenes in our archive in date order, each image linking to the scene page, for you to browse at a glance. I've also linked this page to the Keywords page and vice versa. 

The "Browse" link in the main menu used to link to the Browse by Keyword page, but I've changed this to an "All Scenes" link that goes to the new Browse by Images page.

I'm still thinking about the best way to structure the site navigation, and I'm always looking for ways to improve the site and make it easier for you to find the spanking scenes you want, so let me know if you have any thoughts or ideas.

I also updated the site with our new spanking film, a consensual age play scene starring Ten Amorette. Ten's Pyjama Spanking continues the exploration of age regression within domestic discipline relationships which started with Marital Discipline starring Dana Kane and Michael Darling.

Click to view trailer for Ten's Pyjama Spanking

Ten's Pyjama Spanking

Ten comes home from work in a bad mood, but Pandora knows what she needs. She tells Ten to change into her jammies, and takes her over the knee for a long, firm bare bottom spanking.

Ten is utterly adorable in this scene as she sinks deeper and deeper into her headspace, clutching her teddy bear Ten and a Half. Her round bottom is perfectly spankable in her short PJs, and the spanking is long and firm with a lot of kicking, lap-squirming and howling.

I really enjoyed playing this scene with Ten, we have great chemistry and it's always a delight to work with her.

100 stroke belt whipping

Well, I'm currently feeling rather foolish. I went out with D this morning for some outdoor fitness training and managed to pull my ankle practising a jump. The pain wore off quickly so I thought it was okay and carried on, but a few hours later, in the pub, it started to hurt and swell up until I couldn't put weight on it. Damn it!

So now I'm on the sofa resting up, and hoping it's not a proper sprain and will be better by tomorrow when Alex Reynolds comes to stay for a week. We'll be shooting for Dreams of Spanking and Nimue's World, doing some spanking sessions, hanging out and generally enjoying each other's company. So hurry up ankle, get better quick!

Meanwhile I have some time to kill, so I might as well tell you about our latest spanking video. This came out on Friday and has already generated a lot of positive attention. It's a fictional domestic discipline scenario in which I take 100 strokes of the belt from my real life dominant partner Thomas Cameron. Here's the free video trailer:

Click to view trailer for Thrashed and Forgiven

Thrashed and Forgiven

Not only has Pandora lied to Tom about having a work do when really she was at a friend's party, but she's been caught out by photos posted on Facebook. She is truly sorry for having been so stupid, and she will be forgiven. But first, she will be punished. 100 strokes of her partner's leather belt will help her learn to be more brave and honest in future.

The full video of this 100 stroke domestic belt whipping is 15 minutes long, and members also get a free behind the scenes video, in which I direct the scene between strokes of the belt and cuddle up to Tom during cuts.

The scenario in this film may be fictional, but the emotions and atmosphere are very real. I wanted to capture the mood of heartfelt domestic discipline where one partner is truly contrite, and the other genuinely does not want to punish them.

In this scene Tom's character is not acting in anger, but using punishment within a consensual discipline relationship, regretfully and with love. While shooting I found myself quickly getting very immersed in the roleplay and feeling genuinely upset, and as a result the punishment felt genuinely cathartic 

The belt whippings in my fantasies are often long ones, 50 or 100 strokes, applied slowly and methodically. Bringing this fantasy to life while shooting this film was extremely hot, and emotionally intense.

We decided to deliberately stage the punishment over the leggings and knickers, as I know that some of you like to see punishment applied over tight clothing and underwear. You're welcome :)

Now that I know I can do it, I'm already keen to shoot another belt whipping scene with Tom; more severe, straight from bare - perhaps within a more edgy, less consensual fantasy.

Meanwhile I am delighted with how this nurturing discipline film came out, and based on the response so far it seems that caring, consensual discipline is something you like seeing, too.

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