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A very thorough hazing

Former sorority president Pandora Blake lowers her knickers for a paddling from Mistress Lorraine at Dreams of Spanking

More or less everyone has at some point felt bullied by their peers, or rejected by their social group, or like they don't fit in with the world around them. And who among us has never fantasised about taking some kind of revenge and giving those people a taste of their own medicine? 

That's exactly what former sorority pledge Lorraine gets to do in this week's film. She had no way of knowing that Pandora, the incumbent President during her time in the sorority, would show up on her doorstep when she did - but she certainly seems to know what she wants to do with her now she's there. It's pretty obvious she's been planning this for some time.

Former sorority president Pandora Blake gets a bare bottomed paddling from Mistress Lorraine at Dreams of Spanking

The hottest moment of this film, for me, comes right at the beginning of the spanking. "This isn't where a sorority president should be, is it?", Lorraine says, a smirk at her lips and her paddle already lined up against Pandora's exposed backside. "Bent over with a bare bottom in front of one of her pledges." 

Back-to-school season is upon us, and if you'd like to celebrate with a little revenge fantasy of your own this is the perfect film for it - we can't help but be glad Lorraine finally got her moment!

Plus ça change...

Faerie Willow gets the cane on her bare feet from Clara Hewitt, as Pandora Blake holds her hands to comfort her at Dreams of Spanking

This week’s offering has it all: schoolgirls, caning, feet, queer innuendo, blackmail, practically everything the discerning fetishist wants in a film. 

One of my favourite things about this little duo of scenes focused on beatings off the beaten track is actually the friendship between the two girls played by Fairie Willow and Pandora Blake. They don’t seem to be romantically involved, but they’re absolutely partners in crime. They get each other into trouble and support each other through its consequences. When a punishment is happening they hold hands and when it’s over they compare marks. I’m a sucker for representations of femme friendship, and this is a lovely example of the genre!

Pandora Blake gets the cane on her red, striped bottom as Faerie Willow watches at Dreams of Spanking

The real focus of this pair of films though is the unusual locations to which Headmistress Hewitt chooses to apply her cane: thighs, hands, feet, over the top of still-angry welts. There were some firsts in here for Willow, who earlier in the day had shot her first ever cold caning scene, and she squrims and winces beautifully as Clara removes her white school kneesocks and canes the soles of her feet.

If you’re a fan of unconventional beatings and naughty schoolgirls, watch this space: we’re releasing new content every week, and as ever we still have a few tricks up our sleeves.

What is it about the stinging whack of the ruler?

At school, along with the inevitabilities of squashed sandwiches and forgotten PE kits, one thing was certain: when it came time to measure things using metre sticks in science or maths class, some wag would use the metre ruler to playfully swat one of their mates. Nothing serious or painful, just fooling around.

At the time something about it gave me a kick, and I didn't understand why. Likewise if a friend whacked me on the hand with one of the smaller plastic rulers. It hurt a bit, but more than that – it was interesting. Interesting in a way that made me realise I... well... perhaps I had a bit of a thing for it.

Rulers aren't naturally my favourite implement, as a spankee: they're whippy and stingy enough that they're reminiscent of the cane – something I struggle to take for more than six strokes before I'm clutching my bottom and praying for a belt or another soft and thwacky implement instead. But to watch, they work wonders. Just like the cane, there's a very specific tone: that of the strict schoolteacher or, in the case of this week's video, the calmly authoritative Dean of a University college.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

This strict male/male spanking scene with Dr Richard Barton and Alexander Knight features a severe punishment with the wooden ruler. It starts out firm but fair, and takes place over Alex's formal trousers. Pragmatic, and a little brusque: Alexander has broken the rules, so he must bend over for a whacking. Although he gasps and winces as the ruler falls, it's obvious from Dr Barton's unruffled demeanour that this kind of corporal punishment is par for the course.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

Afterwards though, when Alexander challenges the method of punishment itself, Dr Barton's character becomes genuinely angry. This is the kind of role I think Dr Barton is perfect for: the authoritarian master of an historical institution, who sincerely believes in corporal punishment as the means to correct poor behaviour.

An upstart student challenging that idea is not to be borne, and he insists that Alexander bends back over - this time lowering his trousers and baring his naked bottom to the stinging wood.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

I think that the fact it's done with a ruler rather than any other implement gives this spanking scene a particular tone. A ruler is a practical tool. A no-nonsense spanking implement that's easily to hand - and one which can potentially deliver surprisingly intense pain with little exertion. It can be used to deliver a firm, measured punishment - but it can also be wielded more fiercely if the spankee isn't paying attention.

Which brings me to the hottest bit of this scene, for me: about ten minutes in, when Alexander is asked a question. The poor boy is flustered and hesitates - presumably still reeling from the burning strokes of the ruler he's just been given – and Dr Barton loses his patience and administers a ferocious flurry of blows that leave Alexander's bottom red and marked.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

One thing I love about the ruler – a quality it shares with the cane – is the whooshing, cracking sound it makes. It takes me straight back to school, and the memory of the other kids messing around with the metre rules in science lessons. Of course, I was lucky not to go to school at the time this story is set, and my exposure to the ruler was just playful fun, nothing extreme or painful. But watching this video brought back that vivid memory of a whish-smack, and a laugh, and a 'hmmm... I wonder why I find this so interesting.'

It's clear that outwardly, Alexander's character is outraged to be beaten with a wooden ruler by the Dean of his University college. But I think I can detect a slight smile on his face at certain moments in this video - and I can't help but wonder if despite his protests, he is thinking something similar...

Male student goes over his tutor's knee

A calm, softly-spoken correction from an older male tutor? Yes please. How about a lithe, beautiful male spankee with a gorgeous smile? Yes please again.

In the latest video for Dreams of Spanking, Alexander Knight plays a University student with serious time-management issues, and Dr Richard Barton is his supportive tutor – keen to correct his mistakes in any way he can.

In this case, the correction involves a very efficient over the knee spanking on Alex's bare bottom

Click to view trailer for An%20Unorthodox%20Tutorial

Richard is fantastic as the calmly authoritative tutor, who initially jokes that Alex's problems are so serious he might benefit from 'a damn good hiding.' The moment he makes the suggestion Alexander's eyes light up.

The set-up to this scene is so perfectly British. From the initial scolding about handing in work late to the subtle 'I-want-it-but-don't-want-to-say-I-want-it' discussion about a disciplinary spanking, both Alexander and Richard are pitch-perfect. Their chemistry and coy discussion or the merits of corporal punishment creates a really believable scenario, and I genuinely felt the tension of the build-up.

There's a beautiful moment when you see Alex weigh up the benefits of a short, sharp spanking versus a longer period of less exciting correction. It's a Dreams of Spanking video, so you know he's going to choose the spanking, but watching him decide is completely delicious. Especially because when he does decide to go for the over the knee spanking, his authoritative professor immediately sets to with a calm and deliberate lesson in how punishment used to be done.

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

Two things about this stand out as particular 'oh God that's so hot' moments for me. Firstly, it cannot be overstated just how gorgeous Alexander Knight is. Not just for his smile, which is so filthy it actually makes me grin along with him, nor just for his arse, which is perfectly round and goes beautifully red as the scene builds. No, to my mind the hottest thing about Alex is the noises he makes when he gets spanked. For me, noises make the difference between 'ooh' and 'oh my God yes'. Particularly when it comes to spanking, I love hearing that a beating is being loudly appreciated. The spanking starts with some gorgeous shots of Alex's arse clad in jeans, but only a minute later Alexander pulls down his jeans to feel the sting of Richard's hands more intensely. From the sounds he makes you can really tell it's making an impact.

I'll be hearing his 'argh's and 'ouch's in my dreams for the next couple of nights, for sure.

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

The second thing I love about this scene is the character that Richard plays. He isn't a terrifying top, or a loud one: his calm determination makes this a genuinely 'unorthodox' scenario. From his initial jocular reluctance to deal out an over the knee spanking to his eventual hard slaps and careful elucidation of the problems he's trying to correct, everything he does is measured and calm, and it creates an atmosphere that you don't often get to see. There's a genuine warmth between both of the characters: Alexander wants to do better, and Richard genuinely wants to help him. It just so happens that his 'help' comes in the form of some delicious, arse-reddening pain.

Oh, and Richard also happens to do the hottest pre-spank thing that any man can do (in my humble opinion). As Alexander bends over his knee and prepares to be spanked, Richard neatly and calmly rolls up his sleeves. I have no idea why this gets me so worked up, but it really really does.

So what are you waiting for? A gorgeously controlled male top dishing out an over the knee correctional spanking to an appreciative male spankee – watch it now, and keep an eye out for Richard's rolled-up sleeves, Alex's filthy grins, and that first delicious moment when the pain (and the lesson) really hits home...

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

Watch 'An unorthodox tutorial'

The Final Test

At the weekend our first severe caning film was released.  We've had hard canings before, of course - Caning Merit Badge and Caned in Jodhpurs spring to mind - but "severe caning" is pretty much a genre in itself, usually referring to judicial strength cold canings of 30, 40, 50 strokes or more. It seems to be particularly common amongst the Eastern European producers such as Lupus (whom Adele Haze has worked with), Mood Pictures and  Pain4fem (which is the studio with whom I filmed my only judicial level caning to date).

It's a controversial genre, with a lot of anxiety and misinformation about both the consent of the spankees and the wisdom and health concerns of this level of physical severity. Most professional spanking performers only indulge in this sort of scene occasionally, due to the healing time required afterwards, and the fact that very few people have the desire to play at this level frequently - for most of us it's an occasional adventure, not a regular thing.

German spanking bloggers Ludwig and Kaelah have more direct experience with the severe caning genre than most. Ludwig has topped for both Lupus and Mood, and is well known for his detailed shoot reports, dispelling the myths and horror stories with his matter of fact honesty about the realities of production. Ludwig's partner Kaelah does not share his kink for this level of severity, but nonetheless she was deeply curious about the experience. She decided to confront her fears and undergo such a caning herself, so that she could have an informed opinion about what it was like for the performers she had seen in other films.

The pair had previously shot a homemade film of Kaelah taking a severe 50 stroke caning, but Kaelah was not entirely satisfied with the results. She wanted to revisit the theme with a professional producer, to create a film she could be truly proud of.

Click to view trailer for The%20Final%20Test

Together they conceived the idea of a martial arts student ready to progress to the next level of her training, about to go on a life-changing journey to study with new, stricter teachers. She chooses to participate in a final inurement practice to prove to herself and others that she has the strength of character to endure such rigorous training. This test is not mandatory; rather she volunteers to undertake it, for her own reasons.

Kaelah and I both love the concept of severe corporal punishment undertaken consensually, with honour and self-discipline. As an experienced tai chi practitioner Kaelah was able to bring her physical skill and grace to the screen with a breathtaking performance that underpins her courage and self-control during the caning itself.

The resulting film, The Final Test, is strongly performer-driven. Two behind the scenes documentaries supplement the main feature, and both Kaelah and Ludwig have written in-depth blogposts about the experience of creating the film in their own words. Kaelah wrote, "I have seldom been as happy with a scene as I was and am with this one." You can read more about Kaelah's decision to embark upon this journey in her blog posts Healthy Severity, The Final Test: Preparations and The Final Test: Shoot Report.

The Final Test is focussed on the rite of passage of Kaelah's character, and the way she draws on her training and inner strength to endure the experience. Fifty full force cane strokes delivered straight from cold are not for the faint-hearted. But as you will see, Kaelah is anything but.

Kaelah displaying her marks after shooting severe caning film The Final Test for Dreams of SpankingPhysically, it's the most severe scene to be published on this site to date. This photo was taken a few hours after the shoot, by which point the deep bruising is already visible. The welts are dramatic and beautiful, a must-see for marks fetishists, but perhaps beyond the comfort zone of many spanking enthusiasts.

This physical severity is why the consensual storyline, the emphasis on Kaelah's strength of will, and the behind the scenes material in which she explains her motivation for doing the shoot are all so important to me.

The Final Test achieves a lot of the goals I had in mind when creating Dreams of Spanking, and I am very proud of it. The things I love about this film are many, but here are just some of them:

  • The severity. This is actually the level of corporal punishment I fantasise about most of them time, although it's not practical to indulge in real life very often. Despite the asexual nature of the scene, and my cerebral focus on the technicalities of editing, I found myself physically aroused at the end of each working day while I was working on this film. Hey, I guess I must have some sort of corporal punishment fetish.
  • The strength of will shown by Kaelah's character. She's not submissive; she's totally in control of herself and of her situation throughout the film. It's inspiring for those of us who aren't straightforwardly submissive but still enjoy hard corporal punishment.

  • The focus on the performer's desires and motivations. Ludwig and Kaelah were closely engaged at every stage of the process. They wrote the storyline, which draws on Kaelah's tai chi skills in a highly personal, non-verbal and intimate way. The production as a whole is about Kaelah's emotional journey - both her character's rite of passage, and, in a way, her own in realising her ambition to have positive memories of shooting a consensual severe scene. The behind the scenes documentaries describe her motivations, reactions, thoughts and feelings throughout. I would love to see other severe producers picking up on this and releasing similar behind the scenes material with their films - when creating edgy, extreme or uncomfortable porn there are few better ways of facilitating transparency and trust.
  • Speaking of Kaelah's motivations, I found them complex and interesting. Her reasons for acting out this scene herself were not sexual; the shoot wasn't an erotic experience for her. Her vision for the film was informed by what she finds erotic to watch (ie. consensual scenarios, restrained reactions) but in bringing this idea to life her motivations were creative, not hedonistic. The sensations, extreme as they were, were simply a means to an end. I can identify with this to some extent, and I think it makes her perspective really unusual; her joy and satisfaction in this scene are not those of a thrill-seeker, but someone enduring physical suffering for the sake of long-term emotional gratification. Rather like her character!

  • Kaelah and Ludwig are both very much on the same page as me when it comes to transparency in ethical porn. They favour informed, enthusiastic consent and scenes in which the performers are expressing something true and heartfelt about themselves. They are thoughtful and articulate in their advocacy of these ideas, and the accompanying behind the scenes documentaries really benefit from their ability to express themselves clearly (in a second language, no less!). As you will see, the couple took a lot of care to construct the scene so as to create the genuinely severe film they wanted, without compromising Kaelah's emotional wellbeing or causing needless physical damage.
  • Finally, I am entranced by the beauty, grace and skill Kaelah shows in her tai chi sequences. She moves with the fluency and control that comes from years of experience. It's a joy to watch. (It's also very sexy - physical skill and grace both being extremely attractive!) Compare her movements and breathing during the tai chi katas with the way she uses her breath during the caning, using her exhales to ride the pain and retain absolute self-control throughout. The result is an awe-inspiring demonstration of physical discipline and inner strength.

I was a bit nervous about including the meditative tai chi cutaways during the caning scene, but I felt the caning was somehow too plain without it. I wanted to find a way to raise it to another level. It was a bit of a risk to interpolate martial arts shots into a corporal punishment scene, but I think it paid off. One reviewer has already said he appreciated the breaks from the intensely harsh caning. Personally, I find the tai chi sequences make the caning more intense by calling attention to the level of meditative focus required to endure it, and by creating a greater emotional engagement and empathy with Kaelah's character. They also provide a concentration break which renews your appreciation for the severity, the change of scene preventing you from getting used to the force of the strokes. 

The Final Test is released with two behind the scenes documentaries. In Part 1, 'Preparations', Kaelah discusses her motivations for embarking on her second severe 50 stroke caning film (her first with a professional producer). She and Ludwig talk about their thoughts and feelings prior to the shoot, where their idea for the storyline came from, and what they hope to achieve by creating this film. The couple also describe the medical precautions they are taking prior to the caning, and share their decision-making processes regarding the table, cane and position selected for the whipping. Kaelah and Tom practice some tai chi katas prior to the shooting of Kaelah's solo fan sequence. 

In Part 2, 'Making Of', Kaelah and Ludwig talk about their feelings immediately before filming commences, and we share intimate out-takes and behind the scenes footage from the severe caning sequence itself. Kaelah controls the pace of the scene and takes the pauses she needs, and even laughs and jokes between shots. Afterwards, Kaelah and Ludwig give a final interview describing their immediate reactions to the scene. Part 2 ends with out-takes from Kaelah's solo tai chi katas, and a closer look at the sword form. 

It was an honour to be chosen to make Kaelah and Ludwig's dream a reality. The Final Test has already been reviewed by The Blog of Fred and Nimue Allen. I'm thrilled with the finished film and by the positive reception so far. Here's to more fairtrade severe caning films!

Ten swats each to prove their love

Our latest spanking film is inspired by the F/M spanking art of Red Rump.

I've noticed that it's quite common for my F/M scenes to be inspired by artwork. For some reason, artwork is much more likely to portray both participants in an F/M scene as attractive and sympathetic. Unlike in many F/M film productions, you get to see the man's face as well as his bottom, and he's often nice to look at too. Often the image presents a fantasy from the spankee's perspective. In short, F/M artwork generally humanises male spankees more than traditional femdom.

I liked this drawing so much that I posted it on this blog once before... and now I've made a video version. I hope Red Rump doesn't mind me using his art as inspiration! Here's what I wrote last time:

This is adorable: the playfulness, the sexiness, the cheerful, affectionate supportiveness of the spanker even as she prepares to wallop his arse again. I fucking love that she's giving him a hardcore paddling while wearing long stripy socks and not much else.

Originally Prove Your Love was conceived as an F/M video, but Michael, like me, has been enjoying exploring his top side lately, and I'm not one to pigeonhole my performers into boxes that are too small for them. He said he'd love to do some topping on our shoot, and since I;ve started playing with other switches I'm very excited about producing films which show two people switching both ways in the same scene.

Switch visibility is not always great in the kink scene, especially for men, and people who present primarily as tops - I think there's still an idea that showing people your submissive side will somehow make you less credible or attractive as a top. It's bollocks, of course. The kink scene is full of switch play, so why not show more switch spanking on video?

Click to view trailer for Prove%20Your%20Love

Prove Your Love

Two college sweethearts have both been players in their time, but now want a way to prove their commitment. They decide to follow the fraternities, and challenge each other to pledge their troth by bending over for ten swats with the large wooden paddle. If you take this, you must really love me!

This scene was a LOT of fun to make. Before we started I wasn't sure how plausible the scenario was, but it actually flowed really well. There ended up being a sort of light-hearted rivalry between the two sweethearts which was great fun to play out, and despite the characters' aversion to sentimentality, the result is genuinely affectionate and adorable.

I love the idea of two equals daring each other to take a punishment to prove their commitment - it's simultaneously edgy, funny and sweet. And the college fraternity theme brings whole new meaning to the phrase "pledge your troth"!


Neither of the characters in this scene would describe themselves as "kinky", but by the time they'd exchanged their ten swats each I suspect they might have developed a bit of a taste for this sort of play ;)

It's quite rare to see a spanking production before in which a heterosexual couple play both ways in the same film, but it's something I'm really interested in watching at the moment. (Surely this can't be the first ever film to show F/M and M/F spanking between the same couple?) I hope you enjoy this fresh, entertaining take on male/female spanking. I certainly enjoyed both sides of this one, and it's great to see that Michael can dish it out as well as take it!

Witnessing his punishment

This site is about my own fantasies and experiences as a spankee and switch, but it's funny to see which real life incidents get enshrined in video and which don't. I've just put up the second film on the site which is about a procrastinating university student being punished to help them improve. The first, The Secret to Success, was about consensual discipline sought out and directed by the bottom. This one, Plagiarism, features the more traditional discipline imposed by a teacher on her student... but with a couple of twists.


Mike's procrastination problem has landed him in big trouble. He made the deadline on his latest essay, but he didn't have time to write up all his research in his own words. Suddenly, he's facing accusations of plagiarism.

His tutor Ms Kane and teaching assistant Pandora don't want him to fail her class - they know he's capable of good work. But there isn't time to rewrite the paper before the end of term. They give Mike an option: instead of an F, he can accept corporal punishment, until they're sure that Mike understands the seriousness of the issue. Ms Kane will administer the strapping, and Pandora will witness it. Poor Mike is remorseful and humiliated as he takes his punishment under the watchful eyes of both staff members.

This never quite happened to me, but I certainly missed deadlines and handed in essays that failed to fulfil their potential because I'd started writing too late. In reality, I had to ask my boyfriend Tom to spank me to help me manage my time better; this method would certainly have been more direct!

This storyline isn't intended as derisive towards Mike's character, but sympathetic. I'm sure many of us can identify with his situation. Mike himself, when he saw the scene, said he found it easy to put himself in this character's shoes, and felt like in an alternate universe this might have been him.

Mike took his punishment beautifully, and Dana delivered both the spanking and the scolding with blazing authority. The hottest thing about this scene for me was the eye contact; holding Mike's gaze as he struggled under the strap.

I like the dynamic of having a witness to the punishment, especially a woman watching a man be spanked, and I hope you do too.

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