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Wrapped Up In Books

Eve X spanks Sai Jaiden Lillith on the bare bottom with a book at Dreams of Spanking

A book makes a surprisingly good spanking implement. I’ve been spanked with books myself, in fact; they’re often at hand, they’re easy to wield, they give a satisfyingly thuddy impact that makes a great warmup beating. Their subjects can add a little something to the headspace, too: it’s amusingly apposite to be beaten with a copy of Crime & Punishment, and it can be extra humiliating if the chosen tome is by an essayist whose opinions you loathe. 

In the backstage content released alongside Part I, Sai and Eve talk about how they’ve both been around and alongside books their whole lives. Books have been an important part of their careers; Sai really was a bookshop manager for a good while, and Eve has worked in several others. They’re both avid readers, and the books they collect as a couple mean a lot to them.

Eve X spanks Sai Jaiden Lillith on the bare bottom with their leather belt at Dreams of Spanking

It makes sense, then, for them to involve books in their kinky lives in this way - and we’re delighted to have them share that with us. Some of the funniest moments in this film arise from the comments Eve and Sai make about particular choices that get pulled off the shelves to further redden Sai’s shapely bottom. A must-see for fans of switch couples and sexy literature, this scene, like its predecessor, is a beautiful microcosm of a real relationship - funny, sexy, and deeply connected.

Subverting the expected tropes

Anty gets scolded by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

I have a confession to make: when I first saw the opening shots of this film, I assumed Anty would be the one doling out the punishment.

It seems like the expected choice, really, doesn’t it? The surly butch dealer type, taking our Pandora in hand. Pandora herself is ever so femme in this scene, in a floral camisole and figure-hugging skirt, and my mind went directly to the classic butch top/femme bottom dynamic. But Dreams of Spanking has a long history of subverting the expected tropes, and this is no exception.

As the plot develops, it transpires that it won’t be like that at all - rather, a recalcitrant Anty is to be punished for her misdemeanours, bent over and beaten till her backside glows bright red. Pandora administers the punishment with clinical precision, taking time to line up every stroke and letting us see the excited glint in her eye. The resulting collection of welts is a sight to behold, and I winced in sympathy for Anty as Pandora instructed her to pull up her jeans. I too know how much that can sting!

Anty pulls her jeans up over her cane welts at Dreams of Spanking

In the end, though, my very favourite thing about this scene isn’t part of the punishment itself at all (though believe me, it’s a good’un). There’s this bit toward the end, just after the spanking has finished, where our co-stars are looking at each other in a long-angled shot - and for a moment, the screen sizzles with sexual tension. For all I knew it wasn’t part of the film, I half expected them to jump each other anyway.

And really that’s what we love most about Dreams of Spanking, isn’t it? So much of what we see here is real, even when the performers involved are actors playing a part. There’s nothing faked about the stingingly beautiful state of Anty’s bottom at the end of her punishment, and I reckon there wasn’t much faked in that snapshot of domme/sub desire either.

I could be wrong, of course. But if you’d like to see this scene for yourself - and it’s great fun from start to finish - it’s out now, and you can find it right here.

(PS - my second favourite thing about this film is Anty’s response when Pandora tells her she won’t hiring her as a dogsitter again: “But I love your dogs!”. We here at Dreams of Spanking are pleased to reassure you that no dogs were harmed in the making of this fantasy.)

A bad, wicked stepmother

In the current circumstances, audio stories are a good way to get a fix of naughtiness discreetly. Just put in some headphones and enjoy an intimate spanking fantasy, direct to your eardrums.

Bare That Bottom, Boy is an immersive little tale of domestic discipline and bare bottom spanking. And this fantasy is dirty. Pandora Blake plays a young and wicked stepmother to you, dear listener, in the role of a young man badly in need of discipline. Pandora slides from stern disciplinarian to teasing sensualist. Her "it's-for-your-own-good" strictness is spiced up with hints of tantalising, forbidden pleasures to come.

This story plays on the theme of erotic humiliation. Any subs with a taste for taboo naughtiness will find themselves squirming with anticipation.

Nimue Allen pulls down Sebastian Hawley's denim jeans on Dreams of Spanking

As someone with a fondness for consensually mistreating cute young men, I personally found myself identifying more with Pandora than with her victim, but that made me enjoy it all the more. I could envisage myself participating in the ritualistic removal of skin-tight denim jeans, baring a pert, vulnerable pair of buttocks, all ready to be reddened by a good, hard spanking.

Fun though it is to relish the subtle touches which let you know there are naughty undercurrents to spankings and punishments, there are times when it’s even more fun to be explicitly filthy. The delightfully spiteful refinements Pandora proposes to include in this punishment gave me a few ideas to put into practice the next time I get someone cute and willing over my knee...

A beating that's so much sexier because we're all co-conspirators...

Something as dark and sordid as blackmail is ripe for kink. Firstly there's the power-play element: where you're never quite sure quite who's got the upper hand. Secondly, the subversion of society's inclinations to make sex something dirty and sordid: excellent blackmail material.

In this week's scene, Ten Amorette take all of that darkness, wraps it up in her tight, smart, dress, and sashays over to politician Paul Kennedy's house with the aim of entrapping him in a sordid spanking scenario

An over the knee hand spanking for Ten Amorette at Dreams of Spanking

 You can probably tell that this scene is inspired by House of Cards: when Pandora emailed me about it, she explained that she'd been watching a lot of the devious Netflix series at the time. I was delighted, because I personally find House of Cards a massive turn on: the machinations, the double-crossing, the fact that you never truly know what Frank Underwood is thinking, until he turns to camera and beckons you closer, giving you a keyhole glimpse into his evil plans. 

An over the knee hand spanking for Ten Amorette at Dreams of Spanking

In this scene, it's Ten Amorette who has the power, and politician Paul Kennedy who's caught in her honeytrap. But her exposition at the beginning of the scene is borrowed straight from those intimate moments during House of Cards, where the audience is invited to both fear and root for the 'bad guy.' Ten sits on the bed, putting the finishing touches to her outfit – tight dress and high heels, a real femme fatale costume - and explaining her hopes for the afternoon. She wants to make sure that she gets enough material to blackmail Paul. She's heard he's into some 'freaky stuff' in bed, and if she can draw his spanking kink out, then she should get the evidence she needs to truly screw him over. 

A hard belt whipping for Ten Amorette in this new blackmail porn film at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora explains that this technique was a new idea, which came up during a discussion at the feminist porn conference. The dilemma: how do you make performer consent explicit in a non-consent scene? Blackmail is a great test case for this, because either character can be the one doing the blackmailing. While you may have a spankee who is feigning reluctance to get spanked, in a blackmail scenario they're there because – like Ten Amorette in this scene – they want to get the payoff when they gather the blackmail material. 

A hard belt whipping for Ten Amorette in this new blackmail porn film at Dreams of Spanking

Of course in a scene with more characters, or one with a longer story arc, you can use conversations with other characters to make the blackmail plot explicit. But the House of Cards-style discussion means you can break the fourth wall without needing more characters, and it also gives it a delicious conspiratorial air. You, the viewer, are being invited along with Ten Amorette as she carries out her plan. 

I think this conspiratorial atmosphere is one of the things that made House of Cards so sexy, and it's one of the things that adds to the hotness of Ten's blackmail porn scene. She gets to Paul Kennedy's house, and teases him into giving her an over the knee spanking. To someone who wasn't involved in the back story, it may look like your average playful sexy spanking scenario. But to us, the audience – Ten's co-conspirators – we know that she'll need a much harder beating if she's going to get the evidence she needs... 

A hard belt whipping for Ten Amorette in this new blackmail porn film at Dreams of Spanking

An edgy fantasy made flesh

Sometimes a lover will whisper a particular fantasy in my ear, and my heart beats extra-fast because it presses exactly the same buttons as fantasies I've had myself in the past. This week's scene is that feeling made flesh.

Alex Reynolds likes edgy scenes and harsh roleplay where there's a struggle or an abuse of authority. She likes disproportionate punishments and begging and screaming and beating.

And so do I.

'Playing Truant' doesn't just float my boat, it's almost measure for measure one of the scenes that's played out in my head ever since... well... ever since I started fantasising.

Real life couple Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy play on the darker side at Dreams of Spanking Real life couple Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy play on the darker side at Dreams of Spanking

Paul Kennedy plays an angry, predatory truant officer, who's been watching Alex behave like – his words – a 'little slut.' She skips school and fools around with boys, and he's been watching her, clearly enjoying the show and scheming how to take advantage. He collects enough information that he can not only scold her, but blackmail her to submit to his violent, nasty urges.

As she squeals and begs him to stop, he punishes her far more severely than she deserves – a vicious tawsing across her naked buttocks and oh-so-sensitive thighs.

Real life couple Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy play on the darker side at Dreams of Spanking
Real life couple Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy play on the darker side at Dreams of Spanking

Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy are a couple in real life, and I really appreciate their candid discussion in the performer interviews accompanying this film. Alex explains that this is the kind of scenario she enjoys most – rough scenes where Paul abuses his authority to dish out cruel punishments. Paul's demeanour in the interview is so different from his character in the film that it's clear this sort of role is very different to how he actually is – and both partners explain what they find so liberating, and so rewarding, about exploring these different roles in scene.

Paul's character is certainly a nasty piece of work in this scene, as he strips Alex to the waist and roughly fondles her breasts, before bending her over for the tawse. He frequently shoves a hand between her legs as she squirms away, and grins with evil delight as he paints vivid red stripes onto her bottom and thighs. And in case you're worried, the camera stays on the couple after Pandora calls “cut”, to show Alex snuggling up to her lover, thanking him for bringing her desires to life.

Real life couple Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy play on the darker side at Dreams of Spanking

I might start using this film as an instructional video. As someone whose most often-used phrase in bed is 'be mean to me', I've now got this bookmarked so that when I want to show just how mean I can say 'like this'. Beat me like I'm a naughty schoolgirl caught playing truant. Beat me like I'm a helpless young woman entrapped by a very nasty man.

Real life couple Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy play on the darker side at Dreams of Spanking
Real life couple Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy play on the darker side at Dreams of Spanking

It's not often we get to see a spanking film that shows sexual coercion as well as corporal punishment – and it might make me uneasy if the love Alex and Paul have for each other didn't shine out of the screen. If you are worried, I recommend you watch the interview before you watch the film – it's an in-depth discussion of kinky sexuality by two very articulate, experienced players, who are perfectly comfortable sharing their darker side with each other – and with us.

It's a seriously sexy treat for me to see have two talented performers act out something that's so closely matches one of my own fantasies, and if you're keen on this type of edgy, harsh punishment then I'm sure you'll love it too. From the words Paul chooses to humiliate Alex, to her well-acted misery and fear, there is so much in this scene to love.

Real life couple Alex Reynolds and Paul Kennedy play on the darker side at Dreams of Spanking

I don't think there's any way to end this post other than with a huge thank you to Paul and Alex, for sharing this aspect of their play dynamic, and for such a smoking hot interpretation of the things that happen in my head.

Have you had a similar experience with a particular Dreams of Spanking scene? I love the idea of sharing a specific film with a lover, and saying 'look! This is what my fantasy looks like!' Which scene is your closest match?

Reading while getting the strap

One of the things I find hottest – whether it's during a kink scene or sex itself – is distraction. Having to perform one task while someone else tries to distract you, or being the one doing the distraction. This can be something really simple, from cleaning the oven (as in last week's playfully sexy Provocative Housework) to reading out loud.

This week, the amazing duo Molly Malone and John Beecroft are back. With their trademark flirtatious chemistry, they act out a spanking scene that's based on a true story. Molly rents the village hall to host kinky workshops, although she hasn't told John, the hall manager, exactly what she's using it for.

Punishment and curious pleasures for Molly Malone at Dreams of Spanking

Unfortunately, she accidentally leaves a bag behind -  and when John looks inside, he finds a book entitled "Curious Pleasures" alongside a selection of even more cuious implements. Molly squirms as he quizzes her about her erotic spanking hobby, deliciously embarrassed at having to explain that her corporal punishment workshops are ... umm... "relationship counselling".

Molly looks like she wants to sink into the floor as John demands to know if her parents know what she's doing - or what if someone took photos? He tells her it's disgraceful to treat it as all fun and games - in his day, punishment was a serious matter, used for discipline. John gives her a choice: accept a real punishment from him, or he'll tell everyone her secret.

It's clear that John is simply itching to have a go with Molly's kinky toys - and as she realises that his motivations aren't as strict as he claims, Molly quickly accepts, and willingly bends over the sofa for a beating.

Punishment and curious pleasures for Molly Malone at Dreams of Spanking
Punishment and curious pleasures for Molly Malone at Dreams of Spanking

And this is where the distraction bit comes in: in between lashing her bare bottom with the flogger, John asks Molly to read out passages from the book he found in her bag. An old-fashioned text explaining how some people corrupt corporal punishment to use it for 'carnal purposes', it's perfect to be read aloud by a giggling, teasing Molly.

When John steps things up a notch, and picks up the strap for phase two of Molly's punishment, he insists that she keeps reading it as he beats her. I'll be honest: as soon as the book came out at the start of the scene I'd been waiting for this moment.

Punishment and curious pleasures for Molly Malone at Dreams of Spanking

I think it's mainly so arousing because the distraction of reading highlights just how hard the strokes are. As each whack lands, we hear a sharp intake of breath, and Molly jerks at the impact, pausing briefly in her recital as she takes a moment to absorb the pain.

Distraction doesn't make the spanking more painful, necessarily – it just makes the pain more apparent. The impact, the involuntary reactions all call delicious attention to that moment when the strap connects with her bare bottom.

With Molly's increasingly teasing comments, it soon becomes clear that John's as kinky as she is. For all his claims about "depravity" and "discipline", it's obvious to Molly, and to us, that John is loving every minute of the experience. And with the gorgeous juxtaposition of Molly's calm, measured reading voice and her gasps as each stroke of the strap leaves its mark, I can't say I'm surprised.

Punishment and curious pleasures for Molly Malone at Dreams of Spanking

Alongside the element of distraction, I should also mention that I love the whole look of this scene. When Molly takes off her jacket to reveal a tight corset, tiny skirt and leather collar, the contrast between the two is perfect - John as the distinguished disciplinarian, and Molly as the coquettish, cheeky madam. She giggles and flirts, and is clearly delighted that rather than reporting her, John has decided to take an interest in her hobby.

I've said before how much I love the chemistry between Molly and John (and if you keep watching after the credits on this video you'll see more of it in the out-takes). I think one of the best things about spanking performers who are play partners in real life is that everything feels so natural - from the initial reprimands to the order to bend over, the playful flirting and the dialogue. Oh, especially the dialogue.

When he's finished with the strapping, John turns to Molly and declares:

“You may put what passes for your clothes back on.”

I'll be distracted by the thought of that line for a pretty long time to come.

Punishment and curious pleasures for Molly Malone at Dreams of Spanking

A well-deserved hairbrush spanking

A while ago Pandora sent me the latest Dreams of Spanking film with the caveat that 'our sympathies here are definitely with the spankee!' The idea being that - as I think is the norm in Pandora's work - the story is told from the spankee's perspective, and in Christy's case we feel bad for her ... despite being deeply aroused by her red bottom and plaintive squeals of pain.

In 'Intervention', I don't think I'm going out on a limb here to say that the case is the exact opposite. This painful hairbrush spanking is very much deserved.

Click to view trailer for Intervention

Amelia Jane Rutherford puts her acting skills to good use in this film, playing the most obnoxious, conniving work colleague that anyone has had the misfortune to work with. She oozes fake sympathy with her underpaid colleagues (played by Pandora Blake and Caroline Grey), dripping saccharine sweetness and patronising words even as she boasts about her own recent payrise.

She insists on showing them how she's planning to remodel her bathroom, using money they all know she's been stealing from the company - putting expenses claims in for erotic lingerie is just one of many ways she's been doing the dirty. While showing off her unearned success, she oozes mock sympathy that her colleagues haven't fared as well:

“We can't all have payrises now, can we Pandora?”

While Amelia's out of the room, her justifiably pissed-off colleagues Pandora and Caroline discuss their strategy. They've clearly planned a punishment for Amelia that will make her think about her bad behaviour, encourage her to stop usurping her coworkers and – because this is a Dreams of Spanking film – give her a bottom so red she won't be able to sit down for a week, let alone sit at the right hand of the boss she's been sucking up to.

Lingerie spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford with the wooden hairbrush

Amelia is an out-and-out baddie in this film, and so it's delightful to see her get her comeuppance. Watching her be spanked with not one, but two horrid wooden hairbrushes art once is incredibly hot – Caroline and Pandora take it in turns to whack her, pulling her skirt up to reveal the stockings and sexy lingerie she spent company money on, and administering a no-nonsense double wooden hairbrush spanking until she squeals in pain.

Lingerie spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford with the wooden hairbrush Lingerie spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford with the wooden hairbrush

The punishment itself is beautiful, but it's made even more delicious by the fact that it's so well deserved. If anyone ever deserved a humiliating hairbrush spanking, it's Amelia's character in 'Intervention.' When you watch you'll see exactly what I mean, I promise.

Cross-dressing, caning, and the ultimate schoolgirl's revenge...

The first spanking event I ever went to was a school night. I stared longingly as guys dressed as teachers and prefects lashed out with canes, slippers, and their bare hands. This wasn't an accident: I chose that event because of my deep and abiding love of school scenes. I wanted my 'public spanking' cherry to be popped in one of the places I knew I would most enjoy it.

I love everything about school roleplay: the uniforms, the authority, the wide variety of implements. The cold, hard wood of the school desk under your stomach when you bend over it for a beating. Standing in a corner while you think about your punishment. Having to call someone 'Sir' or 'Miss' as they thrash you. And, of course, although I'm not nearly as good at taking a caning as some of the performers here on Dreams of Spanking, there's something irresistible about the whishing sound of the cane.

Schoolgirl Molly Malone thrashes her old headmaster at Dreams of Spanking

Ahem. Where was I? Oh yes – The Schoolgirl's Revenge.

This scene barely needs an introduction, but I'll give you an overview so you can fully appreciate the total mess I was while I was trying to write this. John Beecroft plays a sleazy old headmaster, enjoying a spanking scene with now grown-up Molly Malone. After giving her an old-fashioned, knickers-down hand spanking in the spirit of play, the scene suddenly takes a turn for the really fucking dark. It transpires that Molly is an ex-pupil of John's, and has some blackmail photographs of him on hand. As John protests in shock, Molly explains that she plans to release the photos to the papers and get him into serious trouble. Unless, of course, he submits to her revenge...

Click to view trailer for The%20Schoolgirl's%20Revenge

Her plans involve putting John in exactly the same situation that Molly's character was in at school: dressed in a school uniform – including tight white cotton knickers – being beaten over the spanking bench with a variety of implements, and being perved over, humiliated and objectified. Deliciously, she insists on him calling her 'Sir' throughout the proceedings, adding an extra badass touch to the genderbending role-reversal.

I'm not even going to tell you the rest of the story. Just watch it. This video contains so many of the school scene hot buttons. School uniforms, authority, barked commands, the slipper... I could go on forever.

Schoolgirl Molly Malone thrashes her old headmaster at Dreams of Spanking

I bloody love scenes between Molly and John (if you liked this then 'Slight Damage to the Rear End' stars the same duo and may well float your boat too) because they're regular play partners and not only have a brilliant rapport, but a mutual passion for roleplay. They're not just playing a scene, they are the scene. And you can tell that they both love it – one-upping each other with backstory, references to each other's past and – of course – the traditional reprimands and apologies that give school roleplay an edge over any other kind.

“Discipline's just what you need.”

“This will hurt me more than it hurts you.”

“The last stroke is always the hardest.”

Beyond the hotness of the cross-dressing, the slipper, and a caning so hard it draws blood, there's a deep horniness to this scene. Molly talks about how her old headmaster used to take far too much pleasure in beating her and her classmates. How she'd see him growing hard and notice the shape of him through his suit trousers. As for revenge - she makes sure she milks every last drop of satisfaction out of the experience, and delights in every cry of pain when she administers six vicious cane strokes.

Schoolgirl Molly Malone thrashes her old headmaster at Dreams of Spanking

Be warned, though: this video might influence you a bit more than you'd like. After watching the video for the first time I turned my wardrobe upside-down, hunted around the house for nearly an hour, before finally finding an old pair of slippers. I'm going to leave them somewhere visible around the house in the hope that my partner feels inspired to dish out some school-style punishment of his own.

The Schoolgirl's Revenge: inspirational, in all the best ways.

Schoolgirl Molly Malone thrashes her old headmaster at Dreams of Spanking

Shoot previews - Ten Amorette

So what I didn't tell you about the shoot with Ten last week was that just as we were ready to start filming the first scene, bright and early at silly o' clock in the morning, a strange noise sounded outside. A very loud strange noise. We tweaked the curtains open and, to our horror, saw that my street had been cordoned off and was filled with large orange trucks. It seems that Thames Water had picked that day to start working on the water mains... a process which apparently involved a lot of loud drilling. Right outside my bedroom window. The bedroom that we were shooting in that morning.

They don't tell you about this sort of thing when you become a pornographer.

Ten and Nimue were very patient with me as I sat down and had a think. Would we have to do all the scenes in the lounge instead? Was it audible throughout the house? Would I have to try and book at studio at zero notice? We'd already set all the lights and cameras up in the bedroom, so changing the plan at this point would lose time wherever we moved to. I'm getting better at this producing/directing malarkey but last minute snags like this are never fun.

Eventually I decided to go ahead with the first scene as planned - I still don't know if that was a good idea, but I guess I'll find out when I come to do the editing. The other bedroom scene we shot just as a photo gallery, without any video.

Thankfully, the third scene planned for the morning was in the bathroom with the shower running, which helpfully masked the noise... and which, incidentally, resulted in all sorts of hotness. Wet white cotton knickers, running water, naked Ten and a wet leather strap. I got rather hot and flustered glancing over that footage last night. Purely to check the audio you understand. Ahem.

Here are some juicy preview photos for you to have a peek at:

The shower scene was shot in response to a request I received soon after the launch of this site:

Pandora, have you ever had the strap taken to your beautiful bottom while you were in the shower, positioned hands against the shower wall, bottom thrust out, water( warm) running down your back? My girlfriend (little brat) says it is most effective to put her back on the straight and narrow. You wearing a tight pair of panties with the water running over them gives the full effect of the strap.

It's Ten's beautiful bottom rather than mine, but still, I hope this scene meets the criteria. I am always happy to film member's requests for videos, so if you have any scene ideas, let me know!

The final scene we shot that day was an edgy MF/F fantasy, with me and Tom ganging up on Ten as a sadistic double act. We were meeeean to her. We like her really, though. And she was wonderfully sympathetic - and gorgeously spankable - as our hapless home help.  

Our Au Pair

Working as an au pair in London without a visa, Ten is trapped in a house with two psycho parents. They don't believe in spanking for their little boy, but they do insist on corporal punishment to keep the home help in line. Poor Ten is completely at their mercy... 

Adventures in Texas

Two weeks ago I flew over to America to attend the Texas All State Spanking Party, and shoot some spanking video with the organisers Paul Rogers, Princess Kelley and Sarah Gregory while I was there. It was an epic week full of new experiences, and you can read my posts about it over at my other blog, Spanked not Silenced.

Thinking I'd have no free time to shoot my own videos between all my other commitments, I didn't take my camera with me. But America is the land of opportunity, and one way or another it happened anyway. Alex Reynolds approached me asking if I'd like to shoot some trade or content share with her, and it seemed stupid to pass up the chance. Alex is adorable and I liked her in person even more than I thought I would from reading her blog. So I said yes, sure, and started begging favours to try and make it happen. It meant getting up early on a Saturday, and being late for the vendor's fair, but that was okay. Ten Amorette offered to let me use her cameras and suite for the shoot, and Amelia kindly stepped in to help behind the camera. Ten, by the way, is foxy and brilliant and I adore her, and she was amazingly supportive all weekend, including not minding being chucked out of bed after a late night partying for my shoot.

I filmed two scenes with Alex. She doesn't switch, so I spanked her in both of them. In the first video I was a spanking therapist she'd been referred to by her psychiatrist to help her work through some guilt issues. It was kind of dorky and sweet, and Alex was great in it. We're sharing both scenes, so I'll have to wait until Alex has launched her clips store before I can show you them. Feel free to nag her about it in the meantime! :P

The second scene was more of a "real life" sort of video just about Alex and Pandora, although it wasn't really based on a true story. In the scene we're roommates at a spanking party, and the day before I went for a nap to catch up on my sleep, but asked Alex to wake me before the evening's happenings. She gets so distracted getting spanked by cute guys and hanging out in the pool that she totally forgets, and lets me sleep through. The next morning I wake up and am furious to discover I missed all the fun. I decide she needs another spanking to teach her not to forget about me. (Okay, maybe I just needed an excuse to spank Alex in her pyjamas).

I also wanted to shoot a couple of scenes with Amelia while I had the chance, so while we had the cameras out I squeezed in a third scene with her. I'm a bit scared of wooden paddles, but in all honesty I'd have been disappointed if I'd gone home without getting a paddling or three. The night before, Alex, Amelia, Ten, me and half the other models at the party had got together for a big group dormitory scene organised by Ten, in which her roommate Jerry Diamond had wielded the Spencer paddle. I liked Jerry's style as a spanker, and asked if he'd mind giving Amelia and me another taste of traditional Texan discipline before he went home. He was good enough to oblige, and you'll hear more about that scene in due course.

I was pretty sure that that was all the filming I was going to have time to do for Dreams of Spanking over the weekend. But after the shoot with Alex and Amelia, I got talking with an English photographer and videographer called Andrew Morgan, who was living in Texas and keen to take part on a spanking shoot. He even had his professional recording equipment with him at the party. Again, the opportunity was too good to pass up. So I hired Amelia for a final scene, squeezed in before the models' brunch on Sunday morning, asked Jerry if he'd do the honours again, and we borrowed another room to shoot in.

By this stage of the weekend none of us had had much sleep; I'd been making do on about five hours a night, although Amelia had been being much more sensible and seemed as fresh as a daisy. When I went to knock on Jerry's door on Sunday morning, I discovered the party had only finished a couple of hours earlier, and it seemed best to let him rest.

I walked back down the corridor, brain whirring to think how to re-write the scene I'd had planned. On the way I bumped into Alex's boyfriend Malignus, who had spanked us for another short promo clip the night before. "Hey, Malignus, fancy whacking Amelia and I on video?" I chirped, not really expecting him to say yes.

He blinked. "Er. Sure! Can I have five minutes to shower?"

Saint amongst men! I told him that was fine, and raced back to Amelia and Andrew to reassure them that Thunderbirds were Go.

So Malignus, bless him, was drafted in on zero notice, probably with even less sleep than I'd had, and with no clue what sort of scene he was walking into. Amelia and I had worked out a plot where we were caught by a TSA agent for lying to security at the airport that we weren't visiting the USA for business purposes. So now it was a plainclothes TSA agent. Fine. We thought that it might be hotter if he wasn't a real agent anyway - or at least not one currently on duty - just a sadist with an aptitude for sniffing out naive travellers with something to hide. The title "Business or Pleasure", you see, goes both ways.

Click to view trailer for Business%20or%20Pleasure

I really loved Malignus' topping in this. There's something really hot about his snide, knowing expressions and air of smug, geeky superiority. I'm really glad I got to do a proper scene with him over the weekend, and this one was hot hot hot.

Fun facts:

- The heavy leather strap was bought by me the day before at the vendors' fair, and instantly became my favourite implement ever. It had been well used the night before and I was delighted to be able to use it in a video. It hurt a lot more on no sleep and no warmup, but that's all part of the fun, right?

- One of the things with the strap is that it can be tricky to angle it so the impact is distributed across both buttocks. Knowing Malignus hadn't used this particular strap before, and that I was at a bit of an odd angle, when I noticed that the weight was falling mostly on my right buttock I suggested that he drop his arm a little lower. I meant lower to the floor, but the next series of strokes fell entirely on my thighs. Next time we cut to move the camera I asked what was up with all the thigh action. "I thought you said you wanted the strokes lower!" he replied. Bless him, he was dutifully following my pedantic topping-from-the-bottom instructions and was trying to do what he was told.

- Although Amelia and I didn't have to do much acting in this scene, having recent vivid memories of going through American airport security, this obviously isn't based on a true story. Of course not. Our suitcases didn't contain anything suspicious, and we would certainly never lie about our purposes for visiting the USA. Although if we did, and we were caught, I think we'd both much prefer to get spanked than deported.

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