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Caroline's Revenge

Episode 1 of The Prefect's Revenge was the first scene I ever uploaded to the site when I was getting it ready for launch. It feels good to finally get Episode 2 up and bring the story up to date. As yet, there isn't a part 3, although it might be fun to pick it up if I get the chance to shoot with Caroline again.

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Episode 2 of our F/F school blackmail story. Nursing her cane stripes, Caroline plots her revenge. She threatens to show her cane welts to a teacher unless Pandora (who gave them to her) takes a punishment in return. Pandora puts up a struggle, but Caroline wrestles her into submission, holds her down and makes her endure a humiliating hand spanking and tawsing. The three-tailed leather tawse is not to be argued with, and Caroline applies it with gleeful sadism.
Until Caroline's marks fade, Pandora is going to be her bitch.

I love bitchy banter, and getting whacked by Caroline is always a treat, but my favourite part of this film is the wrestling. It wasn't scripted, it just sort of happened that way.

Next time, I am up for giving it a much more serious go; pulled hair, ripped clothes and all. We could leave it open as to who was going to spank who and see who came out on top.

Last time we tussled I think Caroline was stronger than me, but I've been working out since then. And I really enjoy spanking her, so I'd have determination on my side.

I've also uploaded a video of behind the scenes snippets from the filming of both episodes, although there isn't much for these two due to the way we were shooting. What there was ended up being reduced further when I decided I'd better cut out one bit. Halfway through the tawsing Caroline called a cut, and pointed out where she'd drawn some blood on my bottom with the tawse. We had a look and decided it was just where the edge of one of the tails had caught the skin at an angle, and it would probably close up in a minute or two and not cause a problem. (We made sure we cleaned the tawse after the scene, of course). Unfortunately we stopped rolling just after Caroline said "blood", giving the impression that it was much worse than it was. I didn't think it would be a good idea to include that fragment on its own, without the conversation and resolution that followed!

I really enjoyed the switchy, playful dynamic that arose between Caroline and I through these characters. To my great joy, it seems to have splashed over a little into real life. Here's a true account of the last time I hung out with Caroline, which we spent drinking, running around, and cheerfully battering each other:

Caroline and I had topped each other on our last film shoot, and without really discussing it, somehow we ended up revisiting that dynamic. As the champagne flowed, we merrily exchanged beatings in private and public. No dominance and submission, no roleplay, nothing but friendly, exuberant, hard play.

In a quiet corner by the stairs, she whacked me with a leather paddle, and then enthusiastically talked me into bending over her knee as she stood up. “Come on, right over, so you’re dangling with your feet off the floor. I love this. Don’t you love it?”

Yeah I love it!”

“No, put your weight right on me. Don’t be scared: I’m strong, I do yoga.”

So I leaned right over and dangled my feet, and she whacked me some more while I got dizzy. It was awesome.

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The law of the first night

This week's spanking scene is finally up - not before time. I finished editing over 24 hours ago, and since then it's been a battle to get my slow, outdated computer to export this unusually rich and complex film. I've finally managed it, although I had to compress the file a bit more than usual, so you may notice a difference in the film quality as a result. Still, lower download times are never a bad thing... and the full resolution, high-quality, glorious technicolour version will have to wait for the DVD.

This film is called Primae Noctis, also known as droit du seigneur, the right of the lord. This was never law in Britain, but there's evidence of it being an embedded custom in some places. It refers to the right of the feudal lord to take his pick of new brides in his fief, and, if he wishes, claim the virginity of a peasant girl before her husband.

This scene, however, isn't about the lord and the peasant girl. It's about the lady and the bridegroom.

Click to view trailer for Primae%20Noctis

The full movie has a running time of 21 minutes 43, and includes 75 exclusive images by talented new photographer 'Fforbes'. I'm afraid it's not the most historically accurate medieval film ever made - we did our best with available resources, but I hope you can forgive the odd anachronism of dress and location. For me, the relationship and personal chemistry between the performers are the heart of this scene, and those are absolutely genuine.

Adele and Jimmy wrote this scene together, and it expresses the full intensity of many of their shared kinks: complex consent, emotional dominance and submission, class politics and social injustice, female sexual desire, masculine honour and devotion, self-sacrifice. It also includes Gregorian chant, ironstone pillars, back whipping, hand spanking, Jimmy's naked form and Adele wielding a riding crop. Among other things.

This is also the most sexually suggestive F/M scene we've released to date. It's filmed quite discreetly, but if you're offended by the idea of male spankees having their cocks touched, there are some bits you should probably skip.

It's quite rare for me to publish a scene which I neither wrote nor performed in. I was involved, of course - as director, producer, camerawoman and editor. But I don't claim creative ownership of this scene. It belongs to Jimmy and Adele, and it expresses a powerful facet of their fantasies and relationship. 

I find this scene remarkably powerful to watch. There are subtleties which I missed while I was concentrating on the technical side of filming, camera angles I didn't get to see. I have greatly enjoyed editing it and selecting appropriate music to accompany it. The couple and the location are both stunningly beautiful, the punishment is hard, Jimmy's reactions are raw and heartfelt. But it's the injustice, the emotional edginess of this scene that gets me. The part where the Lady makes her serf beg her to use him as she will is profoundly touching, and the first time I watched the footage I was actually moved to tears. 

But then, I like helplessness, martyrdom and humiliation as much as Jimmy and Adele do.

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