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5 reasons why Dreams of Spanking is better than 50 Shades of Grey

There's no stopping the freight train that is 50 Shades of Grey. Since the film opened in cinemas this weekend, you can expect a million more articles about it from kinksters and non-kinksters alike dissecting the story, the acting, and above all the consent.

Naturally the book is pretty controversial. It's a fantasy scenario, sure, but as the 50 Shades juggernaut rolled on and more people read articles about how to 'do' BDSM like Christian Grey did, a lot more people started getting worried that, you know, perhaps this weirdly stalky, abusive lead character wasn't the best role model for people just beginning to explore their fantasies.

I've been told I'm wrong on this, so feel free to angrily disagree with me, but as a general rule I'm uncomfortable telling people what they can and can't fantasise about. And while 50 Shades is clearly not the template for a healthy relationship, I'm not going to stand outside the cinema with a placard telling people it's causing them harm. Erika Moen put it brilliantly:

“I have faith in people to understand that the fictional book they're reading is just a trashy two-dimensional fantasy to get their juices flowing and not the blueprints by which to construct their actual relationships.”

But while it's certainly not a template for real-life kink, it's definitely a handy comparator when identifying mistakes, and looking at how we can do real-life kink better. So without further ado, here are five ways in which Dreams of Spanking is a hell of a lot better than That Bloody Book.

1. We're way better at negotiating

There's surely nothing less sexy than Christian Grey's bizarre 'sex contract', with bullet points and legalese obscuring the hotness of the acts he wants to perform. Loads of people have pointed out that the idea of an irreversible, non-negotiable 'contract' is laughable in BDSM, and they're right – no one gets to claim you as their sub 'forever' or hold you to clauses once they've stopped being sexy for you. But on top of that, there are much better ways to negotiate what you want in a scene. Let's see what we've got...

How about this amazing kinky spanking scene starring Caroline Grey and Will Savage? After blagging their way into a fetish club, they realise they haven't a clue what they're doing. With subtle questions, gradual escalation, and some aroused feedback from Caroline, he escalates to a full-on, knickers-down, over the knee paddling. They both have an amazing – all while trying not to let on that this is the first time they've ever done it - and not a contract in sight.

Sweet and sexy first-time kink at Dreams of Spanking

Or perhaps this beautiful bit of negotiation between Nimue Allen and Andrew Shada? The pair are on their first date, and there's clearly a spark that will appeal to romance fans. Andrew's shyness and Nimue's encouraging requests for a spanking are both cute and incredibly relateable. If Nimue can ask her beau for what she wants, so can you.

2. It's all consensual

I mean, this one should really go without saying. But the point I mainly want to make here is that, because Dreams of Spanking fulfils fantasies via roleplay, it has a broad scope to enact darker fantasies in an ethical, consensual way.

Scenes that involve an abuse of power or a particularly severe thrashing are always published with behind the scenes interviews and discussion. 50 Shades doesn't come with a separate interview in which Christian and Ana talk about how his abusive behaviour was just play-acting, and so it's much harder to draw the line between which aspects of a fantasy are hot because you'd never want them to happen for real, and which are things you'd like to do in real life. At Dreams of Spanking, we're able to make that distinction clear.

Edgy tawse punishment fantasy brought to life at Dreams of Spanking

3. We switch it up

I read a lot of kinky erotica and watch a fair amount of porn, and one of the themes I often think about is the idea of roles. You play Christian Grey, I play Ana, and never the twain shall switch. But while there's certainly a place for strict roles that never waver, I love a bit of switching. Spanking someone who's going to spank you next adds a whole level of trust, as well as a frisson of sexy tension – if you spank them hard, are they going to get their own back? Not to mention a chance for some non-verbal negotiation as you show them exactly how you like it.

In 'Prove your Love' Michael Darling and Pandora Blake do one of the most balanced switch scenes I've ever seen, and in 'Beat the Recession', Nimue Allen and Sebastian Hawley take turns to spank each other on a money-saving celebratory night in. The best part of the second video, in my humble and pervy opinion, is when Nimue smacks both palms flat on Sebastian's beautifully-presented bottom.

Cute girls and boys spanking each other at Dreams of Spanking

4. Our romance is just more... interesting

Guy meets girl, guy wines and dines her, stalks her until she says yes and then they shag: as the premise of pretty much every mainstream romance ever, it's not exactly original. How about guy meets girl, girl gets a birch for Christmas and asks him to test it on her? Or perhaps guy meets girl, girl has hot fantasy about being a mistreated maidservant, and he surprises her on a Saturday morning by dressing up in period costume - and bringing a cane?

There's a time and a place for more traditional romance, of course – although you'll never see the “stalking is sexy” theme on Dreams of Spanking. One of my personal favourite photosets is Tangled With You – a stunning explicit gallery with Pandora and D being so hot and horny for each other it burns into every image. Which brings me neatly onto point five...

Real life couples in love and lust at Dreams of Spanking

5. Our cast has chemistry

A couple of people have told me disdainfully that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson (who play Christian and Ana in the 50 Shades of Grey film adaptation) don't really like each other that much. I don't know if this is true – to be honest I think I'd struggle to spend months working with someone I didn't like, so I doubt it. On the other hand, perhaps they've been put under so much pressure to capture a 'spark' that they're sick of the sight of each other by now. Either way, there's an easy way to get around the 'chemistry' issue when you're shooting porn: find people who really fancy each other, and ask them what they really want to do.

Dreams of Spanking scenes and ideas come from all manner of places, but the most vital is the performer fantasy element. When the people acting in a scene can help shape it with their own kinks and desires, what comes through is inevitably going to be natural and hot.

A giggly pleasurable caning for Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

A beautiful example of this is Pandora's giggly caning at the hands of Paul Kennedy (who, by the way, I have a gigantic crush on). Not only is it something she's specifically requested, but it's so clear from her sexy sighs and excited giggles that Paul's catering to a genuine and heartfelt desire. Likewise with the gorgeous double caning that she begs from Nimue Allen and Thomas Cameron – you can watch the bliss suffuse her face as she counts out the strokes with audible pleasure, and moans in delight when she gets a bottom rub in between whacks.

What's more, Dreams of Spanking shoots porn performer couples like David Weston and Talia Lane, who are together in real life as well as on camera. In scenes like our latest Valentine's Day spanking special David and Talia just can't hide their natural flirty dynamic. And why would we want them to?

Sensuous real couple switch spanking at Dreams of Spanking

In case you'd reached the end of this and hadn't realised, every single link above goes to a different Dreams of Spanking scene. If you watched each scene, that'd still be less than 5% of what's available on the entire site. So if you're eschewing the cinema this weekend, grab yourself a subscription and have a rummage through our archive. All our films are downloadable, so once you've got them they're yours to keep forever, and watch whenever you like!

Sex blogger spanking month, and other links around the web

I'm never quite sure whether summer is a good time to be selling porn or not - a lot of people are on holiday enjoying good clean fun (or perhaps indulging in some real-world kink or sex), and far be it from me to try to lure people back indoors out of the sunshine to watch a screen. Still, school is long behind us and we don't all get to take the whole summer off any more- more's the pity! - so I guess there is still a need for erotic spanking entertainment to amuse discerning adults on summer evenings. (And perhaps afternoons. And maybe even mornings, if you're keen...)

So I've been surprised at how many mentions I've seen of our films around different corners of the web this month. Do people still watch spanking video and write blogposts when it's 30° centigrade outside? Apparently so - and here are the reviews to prove it.

Femdom Resource - Ethical Erotica

I don't know the person behind Femdom Resource, but I was delighted to hear them pick out Dreams of Spanking in a discussion on ethical and fairtrade porn. They particularly like our mix of male and female spankees, illustrating the post with a photo from male-female switch spanking scene Corporal Punishment: "There’s a variety of gender combinations which I think makes for a pleasant change. Personally I can admire all manner of well reddened bottoms."

Corporal punishment - M/F and F/M switch spanking scenes at Dreams of Spanking

Spanking Blog - The best way to tame Bridezilla

I'm a huge fan of Molly and Nimue's first scene together, and it seems that so is the Spanking Blog. In Bridezilla, Molly plays the perfect truculent bride brought to tearful humility by her mistreated maid of honour. The chemistry between the two performers absolutely crackles, the acting is fantastic and the spankings are well delivered. And Molly's classic beauty as she bends over for the cane in bridal lingerie doesn't hurt, either.

Out-of-control bride Molly Malone gets the cane at Dreams of Spanking

Lady Laid Bare - The Big Dreams of Spanking Review

Apparently it's spanking month in certain corners of the sex blogosphere, and several bloggers are celebrating with spanking-themed posts. I'm very honoured that some have chosen to include reviews of Dreams of Spanking. Lady Laid Bare has written a number of posts so far, each focussing on particular scenes, and I particularly enjoyed the second, in which she takes a close look at our rollicking Napoleonic War series Havelock's Campaign.

Like me, Lady Laid Bare has an appreciative eye for both male and female spankees, and her reviews take a balanced look across the board of our gender categories. I loved reading how much she'd enjoyed both the M/F and the M/M punishment in Havelock's Campaign - she writes, "One of the best kinds of porn is the kind that makes you feel things you didn’t know you wanted to feel. And this scene did exactly that – it made me feel joy."

The Major and the wench - historical military punishment at Dreams of Spanking

Check out the rest of her posts too - in The big Dreams of Spanking review - part one she watches Lady Godivapart three looks at wet spankings, namely Bathtime and The Waterfight; and her fourth and most recent review focuses on strict governesses, particularly Zoe Montana in The Whipping Boy and me in David's Strict Governess.

Bawdy Bloke - Review: DreamsOfSpanking.com

Lady Laid Bare took a close look at some individual scenes, following the tag trail back through our archive. Another sex blogger joining in with spanking month is Bawdy Bloke, who has produced a comprehensive review of the site as a whole. He seemed to like what he saw, and particularly praised the production values, the site navigation and keyword search page, and the behind the scenes videos that show just how much fun the performers have on set. Thank you Bawdy Bloke!

Even more excitingly, he is also offering a free Dreams of Spanking membership in a prize draw - click here and enter your name to be in with a change of winning a thirty day subscription.

Rebloggy - real love

It seems we're not the only ones who love art nude erotica featuring tattoos, hair pulling, and real couples with sizzling sexual chemistry. Our tumblr post sharing a photo from Tangled has been reblogged 3,534 times and counting. That's a lot of reblogs!

Tangled With You - erotic dominance and submission at Dreams of Spanking

What's the best spanking material?

I've waxed lyrical on this blog before about transparent knickers – the pair Vix Vixxxen wears in her introductory shoot being a perfect example of sheer panties that are ideal to get spanked in. You can watch her bum turning red as she gets smacked, and the sheer material itself adds so much to the experience.

Then there's spanking over denim short shorts. For instance, in Corporal Punishment we can see Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey being spanked over tight denim.

Ms Vixxxen spanked in sheer knickers at Dreams of Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey spanked in denim shorts at Dreams of Spanking

Our latest photoset will be perfect if you're into leather. Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron enjoy a flirty, playful outdoor spanking. He's dressed in a leather jacket, and she's wearing tiny leather shorts – that snugly encase her bottom for the paddle.

Pandora Blake spanked in leather shorts at Dreams of Spanking

So it got me thinking: do you have a preference? I'm a sucker for denim and leather. Both to wear and to watch. There's a delicious hard thuddy sound when you get beaten through either of these fabrics, and getting spanked in jeans is one of my favourite things. You can still feel it but the denim takes the edge off the sting, freeing you up to enjoy the delicious thud. I love being spanked in jeans knowing that they'll soon come off.

I know others prefer latex or PVC – do they sting harder when you're belted or caned through them? I think so. Lacy or ribbon knickers are perfect for presentation, tempting whoever sees them to pay attention to your arse. White cotton is signature for that innocent feel.

So I thought I'd throw the question open to spanking enthusiasts – by which I mean you lovely lot – what's your favourite material to get spanked in? Or to spank someone in? Leather? PVC? Latex? Denim? Or something else I haven't thought of yet...

Pandora Blake spanked in leather shorts at Dreams of Spanking

Spanking strippergram

I'm still only just recovering from a fantastic shoot last week with new performers Alexander Knight and Richard Barton and others. The venue was stunningly beautiful, and things went incredibly smoothly. Over two long days it was hard work, but great fun too, and the quality of the performances from everyone was simply outstanding. I'll be processing some preview photos this week, and look forward to sharing them with you.

Meanwhile here's a fresh, funny spanking film that went up a couple of weeks ago. I'll always love the classic, traditional English punishment scenarios but I think variety is important, and there'll always be space on Dreams of Spanking for quirky, modern scenarios as well. As well as a storyline that's a little bit different, Corporal Punishment innovates by starring a hot young male switch who's as gorgeous as his female co-performers.

Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.

Will Savage works as a male stripper in real life, and this storyline gave him the opportunity to bust out some of his moves. His sexy striptease routine is playful and naughty, and shows off his toned body to perfection.

The shoot was hilarious - as you can see in the behind the scenes video, Will felt a bit self-conscious performing his routine without music (which I added later) but he carried on like a true professional, and the results are fantastic - despite a certain amount of giggling!

Click to view trailer for Corporal Punishment

Corporal Punishment

On a girls night in Caroline and Amelia hire a spanking strippergram, a hunk in uniform called "Corporal Punishment" whose photo shows off his lovely muscular arms. When he arrives, Amelia is stunned to discover that it's her new boyfriend Will. He hadn't told her he was a stripper - and neither of them knew the other liked spanking!

Amelia insists that Caroline firmly punish him for keeping secrets from her. And since they've already paid, he might as well do his sexy striptease routine. After that the girls can't resist the temptation to go over his knee and try out the spanking capacity of those strong-looking arms!

Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise. Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.
Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.

The scene wraps up with a vision of long legs and tight denim as Will takes both giggling girls over his knee for a double spanking. Even left-handed, that boy has one hell of a hard hand spank - as Caroline and Amelia discovered!

Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise. Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.
Amelia and Caroline get a Valentines surprise.

As a producer I'm all in favour of switch visibility, particularly showing switch dynamics between men and women. I wanted to release something around Valentine's Day which was a little bit different, and showed that male submission and switch dynamics can be just as sexy as the predictable male dominance and female submission of classic kinky romance. So far our male/female switch scenes have all been light-hearted and modern, but if you have any ideas for more traditional or historical scenarios that include a switch, please do send them in.

Here are some of my favourite behind the scenes moments from the filming of Corporal Punishment:

Will Savage shows off his sexy moves behind the scenes at Dreams of Spanking
Fun and laughter on the set of ethical porn site Dreams of Spanking
Fun and laughter on the set of ethical porn site Dreams of Spanking

Biceps and bottom bondage

The Baroness has a new houseboy and plans to show him off...

Fans of Will Savage will love our latest photoset The Baroness' New Houseboy, a selection of 110 glossy, beautifully lit photographs shot by the talented Hywel Phillips.

I strongly believe that there's a need for more female gaze porn portraying the male body as an object of female desire. Not enough studios, even those ostensibly catering to women, provide a gender balanced gaze and show the men in the same light as the women. As a woman who is attracted to men, I can tell you that when I look at porn, I want the men to be beautiful and sexy, and I want the camera to linger over their physique, and show me their facial expression, the look in their eyes. I don't want to see faceless men or disembodied bums and cocks. I want men I can drool over: strong arms that make me shiver in anticipation, backs I can imagine caressing, jaws I can imagine kissing.

This is all the more important when it comes to submissive men, who are often misrepresented as the least sexy of kinky people. The reality couldn't be further from the truth - and no-one is better suited to demonstrating this fact than the drop dead gorgeous Will Savage.

The Baroness has a new houseboy and plans to show him off... The Baroness has a new houseboy and plans to show him off...

The Baroness' New Houseboy

The Baroness is expanding her household, and her girls are brought in to help initiate the new houseboy. The ladies inspect his physique and his capacity to take punishment without complaint. Amelia uses her skill with rope to bind Will in a flattering tie that accentuates his toned buttocks, and Caroline and the Baroness both take a turn spanking him with hand and leather strap to see how he reacts.

It seems that the new boy meets the Baroness' high standards, as finally she instructs Amelia to tie him to the coffee table as a decorative ornament, with his reddened bottom on display for all the house to see.

The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.
The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.

Ahhh, I love my work.

I was delighted when this scene was picked up by the female gaze porn blog Birds Eye View, which aims "to create a space that prioritises erotic female spectatorship, male objectification and female sexual pleasure" - exactly what I am trying to do with the male spankee material on Dreams of Spanking. I hadn't heard the phrase "female spectatorship" before, but this CFNM scene has it in spades.

The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation. The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.
The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation. The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.

The ropework was done by the very clever Amelia, AKA Ariel Anderssen, who is a skilled rope artist as well as a famous spanking and bondage model.

When I was coming up with scenes for this shoot, I'd been obsessed with the idea of bottom bondage for months. I couldn't get out of my head the image of rope separating and sliding between my cheeks, perhaps a cunningly hidden knot pressing against my most secret place. I loved the thought of bottom bondage that looked like breast bondage, rope tightening around each buttock, compressing them until they swell and throb, and making them all the more sensitive to the attentions of a paddle or cane. Sadly, the latter is not physically possible - our gluteal muscles are attached to the body in a fundamentally different way to breasts, and there is nothing for the rope to tighten behind. But when I described my idea of combining bottom bondage and spanking to Amelia, she designed a beautiful, sexy tie that enclosed Will's toned buttocks, accentuating them and making them seem all the more vulnerable.

None of Amelia's rope experience had prepared her for the newness of tying a male body (there's that gender imbalance again!) but she confronted the challenge face-on... as it were. I will never forget the matter-of-fact way she knelt down in front of Will and said, "Right then: what are we going to do about your cock?"

Ariel Anderssen ties Will Savage in tight bottom bondage Ariel Anderssen ties Will Savage in tight bottom bondage

Check out the full scene page for more hilarious behind the scenes moments - and even, in the members photogallery, some full frontal shots of the cock in question, bondage and all!

The scene ends with the lovely Caroline Grey taking a hand in the new houseboy's initiation, before the very well-spanked Will is securely tied over the coffee-table, as decoration for the Baroness' house. If the three of us look rather pleased with ourselves as we admire our new ornament, that's because we were enjoying the view immensely. Human furniture - and female spectatorship - at its finest.

The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation. The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.
The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.
The Baroness' new houseboy presents himself for inspection and initiation.

Caned by the governess

Our latest scenario is our first historical punishment fantasy to feature boys and girls spanked together. Like most of our Victoriana and Edwardiana, it also combines class politics, lavish costumes and the frustrated desires of spirited young ladies.

Caroline and Amelia are young companions living together at Amelia's house, under the care of her father and household staff. Their adventurous natures have got them into trouble before with Amelia's stuffy governess, Miss Blake.

Miss Blake is only a couple of years older than the girls, and used to be their friend and confidant, but lately she has grown determined to curb their rebellious tendencies and shape them into well-mannered young ladies fit for society. Until the girls are married, they are subject to Miss Blake's authority, and given their distate for the eligible gentlemen Amelia's father would choose for them, that day seems a long way off.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Invitations begins with our heroines working mischief upon a forthcoming dinner party, swapping the rightful invitations for ones of their own devising, and replacing Mr Rutherford's chosen guests with young gentlemen they like better.

They enlist Will, one of the footmen, to help deliver the counterfeit invitations. Unfortunately he is intercepted by Miss Blake, who happens to be his cousin, before he can leave the house. She discovers the plot and marches him back indoors, where he and the girls must account for their behaviour.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Disappointed that the discipline she has previously administered has clearly had no good effect, Miss Blake threatens to inform Mr Rutherford about the attempted sabotage to his dinner party, which will inevitably result in Caroline being sent away. The girls beg her not to tell him. Still, Miss Blake is adamant that such disgraceful disobedience must be punished, and insists that instead each girl must receive twelve strokes of the cane from her.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Although Miss Blake has long been the girls' friend and companion, they now see another side of her. She is responsible for their behaviour, and is determined to correct it, no matter what it takes. She will ensure that they never dare attempt such outright rebellion again.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking
Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Once the girls have been thoroughly disciplined, Miss Blake turns her attentions to her young cousin, Will. She was glad to be able to find him a place in the household, and knows that her aunt and uncle cannot afford for him to lose his position. She also knows that this is exactly what must happen if she reports his behaviour, as she knows she should; and that if she were discovered to be covering for him, both their jobs would be forfeit. She therefore has no choice but to discipline him as she has the girls, if he will accept it from her; after all, although a woman, she is his older cousin, and senior to him in the household.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Will knows he has erred in letting the young ladies draw him into their conspiracy, and humbly submits to correction from Miss Blake in the form of six strokes of the cane.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

This was an intense scene to film, at the end of two exhilarating days shooting on location. Cold canings are notoriously hard to take, and I didn't hold back. When I came to edit this video I winced to watch myself deliver these strokes, and felt full of sympathy for poor Amelia, Caroline and Will, all of whom took it brilliantly. Their performances captured the emotional nuance and intensity of this fantasy, and it's an honour to work with three such talented actors.

Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking
Caned by the Edwardian governess at Dreams of Spanking

Sometimes I look at a picture and think: yes, this is the porn I always wanted to make. If you went back in time and showed the above photo to my eight year old self, you would blow her mind. Scenarios like this are right at the core of my kink, and have had meaning for me my whole life. I feel so blessed to be able to tell these stories that have always held such power for me, and to express my innermost fantasies on film. The implementation is far from perfect, of course - authentic period drama is hard on a low budget - but it improves with every shoot. I hope you will bear with the imperfections, and that the emotional intensity and drama of this Edwardian fantasy is as powerful for you as it is for me.

Fake it 'til you make it

Our latest film is based on a scene from "Kinky" by Justine Elyot. I reviewed this erotic novella in January and enjoyed it very much, particularly the first spanking scene where the two main characters blag their way into the fetish club, and are challenged to prove that they are legitimate pervs and not tourists. It's an unusual premise for a first-time scene, and succeeds in being sweet, funny and hot all at once. I thought it would make an awesome spanking film.

Luckily, this is the age of the internet, and after Justine Elyot replied to my review on twitter, I asked her if she'd mind if we used her idea. She was kind enough to grant permission, and so we went ahead and filmed our version of 'Kinky during our shoot with Will, Caroline and Amelia in February.

Click to view trailer for Kinky

Will and Caroline walk past a mysterious building on their way to work, which often has people dressed in strange costumes coming in and out of it, carrying oddly shaped bags. They've always wondered what was inside, and one day adventurous Will decides to find out. He tells Caroline to meet him there in ten minutes, and together they manage to blag their way into Club Kinky.

However, there's a catch. Club owner Amelia is friendly and welcoming enough, but to ensure they're legit she asks some questions about "their dynamic". Will and Caroline's vague replies aren't enough to reassure her, and so she requests that they show her how they play. Suddenly the pair realise they are in way over their heads, but to save face, they decide to follow it through. They are suddenly forced to negotiate a kinky scene on the spot and play it out - for real - for the first time ever, in front of a very experienced total stranger. No pressure then!

Kinky starring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey and Will Savage - Dreams of Spanking Kinky starring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey and Will Savage - Dreams of Spanking

The more confident Will finds himself taking the lead, but how much does Caroline actually want to do this? When it comes to the world of kink, can you really fake it 'til you make it?

Kinky starring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey and Will Savage - Dreams of Spanking Kinky starring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey and Will Savage - Dreams of Spanking

We had a lot of fun shooting this one, as you can probably tell from these behind the scenes screengrabs:

I love Will's "cracking up" face in number 2.

The cast all gave superb performances in this. Ms Elyot herself seems pretty happy with the results, too! Will and Caroline really captured the sensitivity and intimacy of a couple trying kink for the first time, and I love their spontaneous negotiation and communication in this. The ever-delightful Amelia turns out some of the best comedy moments in the entire thing, and her kinky club owner is both amusingly stereotypical and sympathetic.

Kinky starring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey and Will Savage - Dreams of Spanking Kinky starring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey and Will Savage - Dreams of Spanking

The result is an entertaining, affectionate and very hot spanking scene, showing how in the process of pretending, two curious newbies discover they might be kinky for real.

'Kinky' is available to buy as an e-book for only 99p. If you enjoy this scene, I can highly recommend it.

Kinky starring Amelia Jane Rutherford, Caroline Grey and Will Savage - Dreams of Spanking

Stablegirls and captured spies

We've had two very different scenes go up on the site this week; the first a classic M/F punishment scenario starring Pandora Blake as a stablegirl caught napping in the hay; the second an edgy, fast-paced F/FM interrogation scene in which Will Savage plays a captured spy, and Caroline Grey the agent accused of fraternising with him. James Bond eat your heart out!

A sleepy stablegirl is caught napping in the hay. She's hauled to her feet, and her leathers and underwear are yanked down for an on-the-spot punishment spanking.

The stablegirl wriggles and complains so much that her superior takes sterner measures. She is upended over a haybale, and her bare bottom striped with the cane.

Afterwards she is left with her hands on the wall and her bottom on display, for all to see.

I don't know when the association between stables and spanking was formed in my young mind, but I've always fantasised about equestrian punishments. When D and I had the opportunity to shoot in a real, actual stableyard, we couldn't pass it up. I didn't own a pair of jodhpurs in those days, so we decided to match in leather trousers, which I suppose is a kink all its own, and tailcoats. D in that outfit pressed my buttons, at least!

By contrast, our latest film The Spy is a more innovative scenario combining spanking, bondage and interrogation, with a man and woman spanked together.

Click to view trailer for The%20Spy

You've already seen Will Savage tied up in Musclebound:

In The Spy, you can see him receive his first spanking on film alongside gorgeous Caroline Grey.

Ariel Anderssen (AKA Amelia Jane Rutherford) provided the superb rope bondage in this scene, rigged live on video.

Here's the storyline. Captured spy Will Savage is brought in and bound for questioning. Interrogators Blake and Rutherford suspect that their associate Grey has been fraternising with the spy, and they devise a loyalty test: she is ordered to beat him.

Her hesitation confirms their suspicions, and Grey finds herself tied in place opposite Savage, and subjected to the same punishment as him. Despite his defiance, it seems that this spy has a chivalrous heart. If he won't talk to save his own skin, he might to save that of his lover - if lover she is.

How much does Grey know, and how well do she and the spy know each other? Who is his contact? And who will break first?

This is an edgy, fast-paced interrogation film featuring two gorgeous spankees in tight rope bondage, and hard F/M and F/F spanking. Click here to view The Spy »

As any fule no

I made a fool of myself on Monday.

@Steampunkato posted a link to this announcement revealing that her site Steamgirl would expand to include a new brother site, Steamboy.com. I admired Steamgirl when it launched a few weeks ago for the quality of its fashion, interior and graphic design - and it's always good to see models opening their own sites and doing their own production and marketing. Never mind that the models are all white, skinny women for now - it's a solo model site, and diversity can come later.

So when I learned that the announced launch of Steamboy.com, rather than being good news for fans of the female gaze, was instead an April Fool, it made me realise how wrong I've been.

I mean, can you imagine? A porn site devoted entirely to pictures of men? The very idea! How silly of me to think for an instant that they might have been serious. Men in porn are of course inherently hilarious, and only a fool would believe that anyone would actually want to look at them erotically. Who would take that idea seriously? The whole concept is just beautifully absurd. What a funny, funny joke!

Of course in good old reality, the truth of the matter is that male bodies are gross. In fact they are so aesthetically disgusting that no-one in their right mind would want to look at them, and the idea of doing so is inherently hilarious. I mean ewwww, can you imagine looking at a man? They have those awful dangly bits, you know! Disgusting and silly, all in one package! Hahaha, ew!

No no. Everyone knows only women are ever sex objects - in fact, this is their prime purpose, so much so that they are capable of little else, and the word "sexy" is practically synonymous with "feminine". It is literally impossible for something to be simultaneously "sexy" and "masculine" or "male". This is because only heterosexual men have sexual desires. I mean some weird minorities might find the occasional man sexy - such as queer men, or maybe women - but they don't count because everyone knows women don't actually like sex. And it's not like anyone other than heterosexual men has EYES. 

Dear me, how stupid I've been all this time to think that anyone wanted to look at men. In porn! As if they were sexy! I just feel so silly, you know? All these years I've been thinking men could look pretty damn hot, but now I find out they're actually disgusting! More fool me!

Another person who clearly didn't get the "men are gross" memo is Not Just Bitchy, who has written a post about how much she enjoyed our photos of Will Savage:

Whoever decided which photos were going to end up on dreamsofspanking.com has an eye for what a dominant woman wants to see in a photo. If you buy a membership (which you really should. Judging by just the Musclebound set, Pandora creates amazingly high quality content), you’ll see that in the whole set there are quite a few photos of my very favourite pose (the one up top, as it happens). In that kneeling pose, Will just looks so deliciously open and vulnerable. His gorgeous creamy skin would look amazing marked up a little, and oh I love the way muscular men look in bondage. I hate the myth that only weak, pathetic men ever submit, so it’s especially nice to see someone in bondage who looks like he could pick me up and toss me around.

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Luckily, Fetlife commenters are around to set us right.

For instance, when I posted the above preview photo of our new spanking film The Tailor's Apprentice, starring Michael Darling and Sebastian Hawley, and it looked like some people might actually enjoy looking at it, red_handed_OTK rushed in to correct us all:

Bubblebutt41 is quite right, of course. It is physically impossible for Michael's bottom to be peachy, curvy and gorgeous at the same time as being masculine. Some off-the-wall types might enjoy looking at it, but this is only possible because Michael's bottom is secretly a woman's. It's the only logical explanation! It can't be manly and also sexy, after all. The two are mutually exclusive - as any fule no.

Dudes in distress

As someone who likes looking at naked men, it sometimes feels as if the world of rope bondage photography thinks that only women ever get tied up. I've enjoyed watching men submit to bondage in real life, and I've always wanted to see more of it in porn. For a while now I've been particularly fascinated by the idea of seeing a physically strong man in artistic rope bondage; tight rope curving around bulging muscles. The idea of strength subdued and power restrained.

With his athletic physique and experience as a nude model, our newest switch performer Will Savage provided the perfect opportunity to test my ideas.


Introducing new switch performer Will Savage, freshly oiled and showing off his muscular physique. Strength and power are slowly tamed as he kneels and submits to tightly tied hemp rope.

Many thanks to rigger Ariel Anderssen (AKA Amelia Jane Rutherford) and photographer Hywel Phillips for helping me bring this vision to life. I love the results, and producing this male bondage photo set has only whetted my appetite for more.

It seems I'm not alone, either.

Musclebound went up on Friday. On Saturday, I uploaded a couple of preview images to Fetlife. By Sunday night, one image had climbed to the top of the "Kinky & Popular" feed, with over 1000 "loves". The other followed not far behind.

This feed is not just based on how many likes or comment a picture has, but has an algorithm that seems to take into account recent activity, maintaining a balance of media types, and quite possibly some human moderation as well. The tendency of the feed to include a majority of white, skinny, naked women has been well documented. Men are rare; male submissives are practically invisible. (Likewise, the Fetlife homepage always includes a photograph, usually of rope bondage, always, always of a female, white, skinny bottom.)

As I write this, our photo of Will Savage bound in rope has 3,734 "loves" and 390 comments, all positive, both numbers climbing by the minute. A lot of people have commented on how rare it is to see a male submissive featured in K&P, and how much they appreciated it. Here's a tiny sample:

Take one look at this thread and tell me again that "men just aren't that nice to look at naked" or "women just aren't that visual".

The kinky world, or at least the part of it that spends time on Fetlife, is crying out for more beautiful imagery eroticising and celebrating male submission. I am absolutely bowled over by the scale of the response this photo has received. It's renewed my determination to continue the work I'm doing to produce imagery that depicts male submission, as well as female, as positive, sexy and beautiful.

If you like Musclebound, you may enjoy a couple of other sites I've found recently which provide sexy photos of men in bondage.

FM Concepts is a digital download site which contains fetish photos and videos starring both male and female subs. Their Men in Bondage section contains a large number of titles including, interestingly, many scenes in which men and women are tied up together, as well as F/M scenarios. Seems I'm not the only one who thinks that boys and girls getting into trouble together is hot.

The other link I stumbled across this week is a tumblr site called Dudes in Distress which publishes original male bondage photography by two kinky ladies. The boys are cute, the photography and the bondage are beautiful, and the predicaments are creative.

Dreams of Spanking is first and foremost a spanking site, so aside from introductory model photosets like this one of Will, bondage is mostly something I will only include as part of a spanking scene. But there is clearly a need for more beautiful imagery of men in bondage, as well as more D/S erotica focussed on the male submissive. I already have all sorts of ideas about potential spin-off projects.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Musclebound; and we have two scenes featuring all three of Will Savage, bondage and spanking still to come.

I'll leave you with a poem about the submission of a strong, powerful man by the excellent Labcoats and Lingerie, which I think is beautiful.

Give me the lion

What use have I for worms?
I am no gardener.
Where I could crush with the toe of my boot,
I’m reluctant to step.

For they are hard to see, down there,
competing to wriggle the lowest.
From the height of a human it’s hard to tell one from another.
So I wait,
and watch–kindly–so as not to interrupt
as they wriggle away in search of a thing that I’m not.

I do not need a worm.

Give me the lion.

Give me the lion with the orange mane,
the teeth, the sweeping tail,
quiet paws, and the unmistakable
curve of his spine.

No housecat he, declawed and docile,
content with long-dead food.
He tears his meat with me,
my lion.
‘Til I challenge him:
tossing scraps on the ground and watching his hackles rise.

We test one another.

If I do not stand over him–if I turn, and assume his obedience–
he may tear me to pieces
(and I will deserve it).
You must. Respect. The beast.

Therefore he tests
the still and wordless strength
in my gaze, and the tension I keep on the chain in my hand;
in return I test his will, and smile
when he finally lowers his head to obey me
and eats.

He wears my collar, but it doesn’t make him tame.
It just makes him mine.
Astride his ferocity I am ferocious:
marking his rippling hide,
or twisting a hand through the curls of his mane to hold him.
When I mount him, and ride,
I command the world.

So keep your worms, and give me the lion.
Give me the lion, a chair and whip,
and time,

and we shall roar.

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