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Inside the circle

Seani Love and Ron Beastly hold hands and look in each other's eyes at Dreams of Spanking

A BDSM scene can be a great many things. Sometimes it’s a bubble of fantasy, a roleplayed world in which the participants get to be lifted entirely out of their own minds. Other times it’s a microcosm of a particular relationship, a particular dynamic - an exploration of the connection between two people that belongs only to them.

In Conscious Kink, it’s something else again. For Seani and Ron this was a new experience; neither of them had performed on camera before. The scene they created together was a collaborative, almost sacred space, with every inch carefully negotiated between themselves.

Ron Beastly is in rope bondage at Dreams of Spanking

This film is a deep dive into that space, and into the connection it developed between the people inside it. We get to go on the journey with them - from their first discussions about what they might use their play together for, through to the beginnings of their aftercare as they decide it’s time to wrap up.

It’s a totally different look at kink and BDSM than many of our films here. It’s a very raw, real experience: you can really feel your way through Ron’s shivers under the impact of the blows he asks for. It also gives the viewer a chance to learn a little something about how to play with conscious kink - and how to create deep, mindful BDSM experiences of their own.

Three Spooky Spankings to Enjoy This Halloween

Something wicked this way comes. All Hallows’ Eve is almost upon us, and current circumstances mean trick-or-treating is out the window. You still need to get your spooky fix, and we have plenty of films here on Dreams of Spanking that will satisfy your cravings. So much of spanking and kink fits into the themes of Halloween - mysterious, a little dark, scary to outsiders, and magical to those in the know!

1. The Beastmaster (M/M) - Ron Beastly and Seani Love 

In this M/M whipping fantasy, Seani Love must subdue the beast. Werewolf Ron Beastly is punished by his wizard master, snarling as he's forced into a collar and lead. But can the wild beast be tamed?

Fun fact about this clip: when Dreams of Spanking was censored by the UK government under regressive obscenity laws, this film was watched by the censor more than any other video, a fact that made us fall in love with it all over again. Who knew priggish Government officials were secretly into gay male wizard/werewolf porn? We hope they had as much fun watching it as Ron and Seani clearly did making it.

The Beastmaster is also on PinkLabel and listed in their roundup of 13 scary sexy porn films.

2. The Magician’s Apprentice (M/M) (M/F) - Adele Haze, Jimmy Holloway and Thomas Cameron

The Magician’s Apprentice is a story and photoset which is split into two parts. Accompanied by an original spanking story by star of the show Adele Haze, it tells the story of Sophie, the magician's apprentice, who brings a boy home and is caught in a compromising position. Both halves of the guilty couple are punished in turn as a harsh lesson to Sophie on accidentally wielding her magical powers.

The attention to detail in this photo set is what makes this such an immersive story. From the intricate symbols on the chalkboard to the moment when a roomful of wax candles spontaneously flares into life, you can enjoy every moment in glorious detail.

3. A Ghost Story (M/F) - Amelia Jane Rutherford, Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron

While spending the night at a quaint old B&B, Amelia's sleep is disturbed by horrible dreams of mistreated girls in Victorian times. What dark secrets does this building keep - and can it really be haunted?

This film flips from sepia to colour as we witness both Amelia’s dreams, and reality. There are nods to horror movie tropes throughout this film, from mysteriously opening doors to suspenseful music, and even a ghost lamenting their demise! It’s certainly the spookiest film in our collection, and will have you double-checking the locks before you fall asleep. What will you dream of after watching it?

There is much more Halloweeny content to be sampled in our archive, such as kinky audiostory The Keys to the Kingdom (look out for part 2 this coming week), or wizarding school punishment film Potions.

To let you enjoy all of our eerie content, we’re offering a Halloween discount! For this weekend only (from now until midnight Sunday) site memberships are 20% off when you use discount code SPOOKY. 

No beasts were harmed in the making of this scene

Ron Beastly lives up to his name this week, because in our latest film he plays an actual wild beast – growling, furry, dangerous and almost impossible to tame.

Wild beast Ron Beastly whipped and tamed at Dreams of Spanking
Wild beast Ron Beastly whipped and tamed at Dreams of Spanking

This scene is a pretty rare thing – a kink that's almost totally new to me. But the more I think about it, and google around beast porn and beast sex play, the more of it I find.

Beast porn has a pretty long and colourful history, and when you start looking you'll find it in a fair few places. From Marian Engel's famous 1976 novel 'Bear' (in which a librarian falls in love with, and is ravished by, an actual bear) to tamer modern hints, like the sexy werewolves in the Twilight books. I know it's not really on to mention Twilight, but I'm throwing it in there because it's surprising just how often particular kinks bubble up in our popular culture.

In fact, when you start looking for it, there's plenty of beast porn on the internet, but most of the fantasies are either animated or slashfic (there's plenty of Beauty and the Beast porn written by eager online writers, for example) – it's rare to be able to watch a beast fantasy played out on screen by real people.

Wild beast Ron Beastly whipped and tamed at Dreams of Spanking Wild beast Ron Beastly whipped and tamed at Dreams of Spanking

Ron makes a perfect beast – partly because, with his furry body draped in more furs, and chained up in a sleeping pose, he looks every inch the slumbering creature. But more so because beast play is one of Ron's own fantasies. He suggested the idea for this scene, and so it's his own desires that are played out – giving him the chance to be the beast that he fantasises about.

As Seani Love tries to tame him, he's whipped, collared, and led around the room on all fours. He's even fed strips of meat from a bowl, as his master alternates the food treats with whippings in an attempt to make the beast behave.

Wild beast Ron Beastly whipped and tamed at Dreams of Spanking Wild beast Ron Beastly whipped and tamed at Dreams of Spanking

Ron's own take on the scene can be found on his blog here – and it's well worth a read, to get a glimpse inside his head as he's performing as 'the beast.'

Next we did a scene that was a suggestion from me, in which I was a beast that was captured by a magician who wanted to harness my power to use to his own ends. I really got into the performance, though it got pretty intense for me, partly because it was very physical and partly because there were a couple of moments where it felt very real. I realised that, while it was fun to let the beast out of me, I really don’t want to be doing scenes where they are punished and subdued. I would really like to do a scene that was a kind of sequel to this, where the magician’s wife/daughter/whatever finds me tied up, cowering and subdued, then unties me and encourages me to be wild and to ravage her in a rather exciting and filthy manner (if anyone wants to shoot this let me know!). I was a little bit shaken afterwards, but the after care was awesome, with Pandora giving me a marvelous happy spank then feeding me carrot sticks and hummus while I was curled up on her lap (do all directors provide this service?).

The happy aftercare spanking Ron mentions was also captured on film, and if you're interested you can watch it here.

Ron's proposed follow-up, in which the beast is released from submission, and encouraged to ravish the kindly person who's released him, brings the fantasy neatly back round to the focus of much of the slashfic and other beast porn that I found in my research. Beast fantasy seems, for the most part, to eroticise the wild, untameable nature of the beast. The darker things that can be done by creatures that have no moral agency, no code, and which are essentially untameable.

I like the fact that this scene is a bit ambiguous as to whether the magician succeeds in taming the beast. He can whip and punch the creature into submission, put on a collar and lead and to all intents and purposes look like he's subdued it, but ultimately we can tell from Ron's growls and snarls that he's still a wild animal. Perhaps a wild animal just looking for a chance to let his instincts take over again...

Wild beast Ron Beastly whipped and tamed at Dreams of Spanking

Letting go - a spanking for pleasure

There's something utterly delicious about letting yourself go. I am always in awe of porn performers who can stay in character in the face of some intensely hot beatings. In fact I'd love to know more about how different performers prepare for a scene – how do you get in the right headspace for performing? Are there certain elements (like costume, dialogue rehearsal, a cup of tea with their co-performers) that each actor prefers before they start performing? Perhaps a topic I can tempt some of the Dreams of Spanking cast into exploring in another post...

I know that Pandora makes sure all our performers have the opportunity to shape the scenes they're in and control what happens on camera – the spanking, scenario and interaction. As well as being a crucial element in ethically produced porn, I suspect this also makes it easier to fully immerse yourself in a scene.

This approach is also a large part, for me, of what makes a porn video enjoyable to watch: seeing genuine pleasure as the participants let themselves get caught in the moment, relishing an erotic spanking that perfectly fits their own desires and kinks.

Our latest F/M film comes from just such a performer contribution, and as a result the video is a really candid depiction of the desires of the spankee. Ron Beastly – trans porn performer, gorgeous bear cub, and owner of more than his fair share of excellent pants – had been shooting some more traditional punishment scenes in the morning, and over lunch he requested a change of pace: a simple spanking for pleasure.

Ron Beastly gets a spanking for pleasure at Dreams of Spanking

During his interview, Ron talks about the kind of spanking that he likes best - a pleasure spanking in which he can really let go. You can see the full interview on Ron's previous scenes (his introductory photoset, a magical school spanking, and an over the knee spanking from his 'big brother' Seani Love), but this spanking video includes some snippets of the interview too, so you can watch Ron's explanation as well as the gorgeous fulfilment of his desires side-by-side in the same video.

Ron explains that spanking actually hurts more for him if he can't wiggle around and respond freely. If he's supposed to pretend that he doesn't enjoy it, he doesn't enjoy it, as he needs to move his body freely in order to process the pain.

I can see exactly where he's coming from, and I think that's part of the joy of well-tailored spanking play, or any kind of pain play: the same intensity of smack can induce very different sensations or emotions depending on your perception of the scene – what your motivations are, whether you move or cry out, and a number of other things. I'll certainly be more hurt by a smack that comes as a 'punishment' than a smack that comes as a 'treat', and I love being able to explore both different feelings at different times.

The spanking in this video falls firmly into the 'erotic spanking' category, with Ron moaning and writhing with pleasure at the feeling of Pandora's hands on his bum. She caresses and holds him firmly over her lap as well as giving him a long, thorough over the knee spanking that varies in intensity as he responds to every touch.

The gorgeous thing about this little scene is that it so simply captures Ron's genuine reactions - you can identify the moment that he really lets go, and I loved his gleeful grin of pleasure as he arches his back and pushes his bum up to meet Pandora's hand.

Ron Beastly gets a spanking for pleasure at Dreams of Spanking

This video is a really good way to get to know not only Ron, but another dimension of masochism and kink. I love the intimacy of it – watching someone else let go, getting inside their head and understanding a bit more about how kink works for them.

For me personally, I often find it easier to get that same feeling – heading to that happy place that's the perfect balance between pleasure and pain - if I'm masked or restrained. Something about struggling against my bonds, but feeling helpless, helps me to process the pain, and feel the smacks as tingling pleasure. I'm also similar to Ron, I think, in my desire to cry out: I enjoy something more if I can be a bit vocal – whether that's erotic moaning or just sharp intakes of breath.

I suspect what helps someone to relax into a spanking is as individual as the kind of spanking they like in the first place, but I'm really curious – so I'd love to hear in the comments if there's something in particular that helps you reach this kind of happy place....

And, of course, please do go and visit Ron in his happy place!

Ron Beastly and Nimue Allen are punished by the potions master

If there's one thing I know about studying witchcraft and wizardry it's that you should never ever piss off the potions master. Ron Beastly lands himself in hot water in our latest film, along with fellow student Nimue Allen, when the pair experiment with a hair growth potion that gets a bit out of hand.

Naughty schoolboy and schoolgirl punished by the potions master at Dreams of Spanking

When Ron Beastly made his début on Dreams of Spanking, I couldn't help but compare him to his wizard namesake: ginger hair, a cheeky smile, and a certain kind of twinkle in his eye. So I'm delighted that Pandora and the team have put together a funny, playful spanking scene set in a school for trainee witches and wizards...

Pandora tells me that Ron was really keen to do a scene that played off his name, and what better time to release it than on Halloween?

Naughty schoolboy and schoolgirl punished by the potions master at Dreams of Spanking

In researching this blog post (because I am a consummate professional, even though my 'professional' work too often falls into the 'fun' category), I discovered that there's a fair market out there for Halloween porn. In an average month, Google registers around 12,000 monthly searches – from the UK and the US. That number skyrockets in October when everyone's getting into the 'spirit' of things (sorry – I'm crap at puns).

Whether those people are looking for Halloween porn that is playful and fun, or videos that combine terror and arousal to create a genuine porn horror story, I like the fact that people are hunting down unique and interesting scenes.

Rule 34 of the internet states that 'if you can think of it, someone has made porn about it.' Well, I can assure you that it works the other way around too: if you work on a porn site, you'll realise that no matter what you dream up, there are already people looking for it.

And I have to say, if you're looking for something unusual and imaginative, you can't beat a spanking from the potions master after a backfiring hair-growth potion now, can you?

Naughty schoolboy and schoolgirl punished by the potions master at Dreams of Spanking

I hope you all had a happy Halloween - and now that the dressing-up is over, why don't you spend some time with this playful scene of Ron Beastly and Nimue Allen getting a bare bottom spanking from potions professor Seani Love? Bending over the teacher's desk to receive a hand spanking is probably nothing compared to what the Dark Lord can dish out, but it certainly pretty humiliating for this pair of magic students.

Naughty schoolboy and schoolgirl punished by the potions master at Dreams of Spanking

And if you're in the mood for something more chilling, last year's Halloween-themed caning might suffice - Amelia-Jane Rutherford dreaming of Victorian girls in nightdresses being tormented by the cane.

The sexiest three-word phrase?

How do you turn someone on using the fewest words possible? No pictures allowed, just words or it's cheating. I think there are a fair few three-­word phrases that'd do it for me.

“Remove your knickers,” said in just the right commanding tone, for instance, would get me instantly aroused.

“Open your mouth,” perhaps even more so.

But right up there towards the top of the list would have to be:

Two guys wrestling.”

Two guys wrestling - male/male spanking at Dreams of Spanking

When I watch the hot new updates every week for Dreams of Spanking, I try to pick out one or two things about each scene that strike me as particularly arousing. Whether it's the chemistry between the performers, some particularly intense language, or just how perfect someone's bottom looks in a particular position, there's usually one thing that jumps right out at me. This week's is no different: Two guys wrestling.

Brotherly Love features two brand new performers – Seani Love is the gorgeous top, and Ron Beastly is the equally gorgeous and deliciously bratty spankee. They play brothers - Ron, the playful and bratty younger brother and Seani, the older brother who is sick of his sibling sitting around the house doing nothing.

When Seani decides it's time to dish out some physical punishment to Ron to get him into line, Ron struggles against him. The subsequent tussle gives the scene a brilliant physical energy, and the coarse banter (“Brat.” “Fucker.”) only makes it hotter.

Two guys wrestling - male/male spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Sorry, have I gone on a bit too much about two guys wrestling? I fear I might have. If, like me, this is one of your big turn­ons, then after you've watched Brotherly Love I'd strongly recommend Male Spankee Wrestle-­Off as well. Sebastian Hawley and Michael Darling wrestling over who gets to spank who. It's amazing.

In the meantime, as ever we'd love you to give a really warm welcome to Seani and Ron – when you've watched Seani wrestle Ron over his knee and deliver a humiliating bare bottom spanking, do come and say hello in the comments. And let me know, because I'm curious: what three­-word phrase would instantly turn you on? “Bare bottom spanking”, perhaps? “Twelve cold strokes?” Or something I haven't even thought of yet...

Shoot with Ron, Seani and Nimue

After our shoot with David Weston, Nimue and I headed across Bristol to meet with our next new male spankee - Ron Beastly. It was Ron who had recommended the fantastic studio we were using, as he lived nearby. We got together for dinner and a lovely evening of chatting and getting to know each other. It was clear the three of us had plenty of things in common beyond a mutual interest in making queer, ethical porn, and by the time we settled down for a good night's sleep I couldn't wait get started.

The day kicked off with two scenes for a new porn project Nimue and I are developing. This was our first shoot for the new site, which will be considerably more sexually explicit than Dreams of Spanking. Given Ron had previously done camming and escorting, he wanted to start with the hardcore scenes as being more in his comfort zone than the spanking scenes we had planned. Both scenes went well and were incredibly hot - if the rest of the shoots for the new project go as well then you are in for a real treat! I'll be posting more updates regarding this new hardcore site as things develop.

Furry creature Ron Beastly - new FTM porn performer at Dreams of Spanking

We also took some introductory photos of Ron for Dreams of Spanking, as we do with all new performers who have never done spanking porn before. He proved himself a natural flirt as he posed for the camera, and gradually revealed his body to show off his bare bottom until he was fully nude.

A furry trans man covered in natural ginger body hair, Ron is wonderfully comfortable in his skin. It's always a pleasure to shoot someone who so clearly enjoys being in front of the camera. I love giving new performers a platform to express themselves and indulge their natural exhibitionism!

Furry creature Ron Beastly - new FTM porn performer at Dreams of Spanking Furry creature Ron Beastly - new FTM porn performer at Dreams of Spanking

At that point I had to make a conscious effort to stop taking pictures, or I would have got distracted taking art nude photos of his lovely furry body, and we would never have got round to the spanking...

Our male top for the day, Seani Love, arrived and we got ready for the first spanking scene.

In addition to their ginger furriness (talk about a great casting for father and son!) Seani and Ron share an interest in the magical, mystical and sacred. We will be exploring various fantastical themes in our shoot tomorrow, including beast play, werewolves, witches and wizards. The scene I'm most looking forward to, however, is the one I know least about. Seani and Ron are both practitioners of dark tantra and conscious kink, and so I will be opening the floor to them for a conscious kink ritual. I have no idea what it will look like, but I'm excited. (May 2014)

The first scene of the day evolved out of conversations with Seani and Ron, and was set in a certain school of witchcraft and wizardry. Ron's porn name, after all, is a play on Ron Weasley, and in this story Nimue played his swotty classmate who was too good at magic for her own good.

The potions master catches Ron sporting a large ginger beard, and upon questioning it transpires that he asked Nimue to cast a spell on him to help him grow facial hair! The spell backfired and Ron found himself with a huge ginger beard and covered in hair all over his body. The two are in big trouble for unauthorised use of magic, and their teacher wastes no time in giving them a firm ticking-off and bending them over the desk in his study for a spanking.

Ron Beastly, Seani Love and Nimue Allen at Dreams of Spanking Ron Beastly, Seani Love and Nimue Allen at Dreams of Spanking
Ron Beastly, Seani Love and Nimue Allen at Dreams of Spanking Ron Beastly, Seani Love and Nimue Allen at Dreams of Spanking

Both Ron and Seani were new to spanking roleplay, but this was a fun and lighthearted scene to warm up with. I also deliberately had Nimue get spanked first, partly to reassure Ron in real life that it wasn't going to be too terrible, and also to give him the chance to watch and see what would be expected of him.

Next I had wanted to cast Seani and Ron in a father/son scene for some over the knee hand spanking (I know how many of you are keen to see more embarrassing male/male OTK!). However, when we talked the scene through we realised that the guys felt too much like equals for the roleplay to feel convincing. Instead I cast them as brothers in a bratty domestic scene with plenty of arguing and talking back.

Ron is a student staying at his big brother's house during the summer, refusing to help out with the chores and spending all his time lazing around in his pants eating snacks and playing games on his phone. Seani lays down the law, but Ron is unimpressed by his brother's authoritative attitude - until Seani pulls him over the knee for a spanking with hand and slipper. This turned into a very entertaining scene, one of my favourites from the day, and really gave Ron the chance to let out his cheeky side!

Brotherly Love - Ron Beastly and Seani Love at Dreams of Spanking Brotherly Love - Ron Beastly and Seani Love at Dreams of Spanking
Brotherly Love - Ron Beastly and Seani Love at Dreams of Spanking Brotherly Love - Ron Beastly and Seani Love at Dreams of Spanking

Then it was time for lunch and a well-deserved break for Ron, who had done four videos already that morning! He really is a born performer, with boundless energy and enthusiasm in front of the camera. We filmed a video interview with Ron and Seani to give them a chance to introduce themselves and plug various projects they are working on, and then it was time for the afternoon - when we had some rather more unusual scenes lined up.

Drawing on Ron and Seani's love of the fantastical, Seani's experience as a kink professional helping men connect with masculine archetypes including the "Beast", and Ron's beast play fetish and self-defined identity as a furry creature, I'd written a scenario which combined all these elements. Seani played a magician who has captured a werewolf and intends to subdue it so he can use its power in a spell. The scene was very physical, with Seani using chains, a collar and lead, tone of voice, touch, punching and a singletail whip to tame the beast. Ron became very immersed in the role, snarling and growling and snapping at Seani. We even had bits of cured meat for Seani to feed the beast and use as rewards!

The Beastmaster - Ron Beastly and Seani Love at Dreams of Spanking The Beastmaster - Ron Beastly and Seani Love at Dreams of Spanking
The Beastmaster - Ron Beastly and Seani Love at Dreams of Spanking The Beastmaster - Ron Beastly and Seani Love at Dreams of Spanking

This scene had an incredible energy and was great fun to shoot, but very tiring, and afterwards as Ron came back into his body and his day-to-day identity he needed lots of cuddles and aftercare. I made sure he was well fed and snuggled up on the sofa to provide some much-needed strokes after being a poor mistreated beast. He even requested an out-of-character pleasure spanking from me, to help put him back into a good headspace. Well, it's a hard life, but someone's got to do it!

Finally, intrigued by the fact that both Seani and Ron are conscious kink practitioners, I gave them the floor to construct a ritual to do whatever they wanted. We talked long and hard beforehand about what to incorporate, and eventually the idea crystallised to have a ceremony honouring Ron and Seani's first professional porn shoot, integrating all the disparate elements of the day into a single scene. They centred the rite around the phrase "Solve et Coagula", which means to take apart and put back together.

This was a fascinating experience for me and Nimue behind the camera. I have been involved in rituals before and even led my own erotic magic rites as part of spanking scenes, but I had never tried to capture one on camera before. I wanted it to be as real as possible, without artifice, and I also wanted to try and break down the barrier between "performer" and "camera operator" and include all of us in the ritual space, both behind and in front of the camera.

So when Seani and Ron created the ritual container, they included me and Nimue, cameras in hand, inside the space. Cameras and camera operators were part of the rite. We broke the fourth wall and shamelessly got into each other's shots. The cameras - the fact of filming it - are part of this scene just as much as the performers. This also made it easier to get some intimate close-ups without worrying about catching each other in shot or "crossing the line". There was no line.

I had zero expectations or plans for this scene and gave the boys carte blanche to do whatever felt right to them. The resulting scene involved lots of tantric breath, impact play, ecstatic laughter and Ron begging to be hit harder, until he was flying on endorphins. That was the "breaking apart". Then Seani used rope to pull him back into his body and bring everything back together. Nimue and I held space while Seani tied him, and then we sat together with hands touching Ron, stroking him as he re-grounded and re-integrated. It was an amazing, intimate experience and a first for me as a director in many ways.

It is thrilling to continue expanding my horizons, taking the lead from the incredible performers I am so lucky to work with, and providing a space for them to express their kinks, their personalities and their sexualities on camera. Sometimes it leads to places I would never have expected, and that is so much more exciting for me than when everything follows the script I've written. I was humbled to work with Seani and Ron, and very grateful to them for putting so much creativity and energy into the shoot. I can't wait to share their scenes with the world!

You can read Ron's write up of this shoot on his personal blog here. His introductory photoset went live on the site this morning, and the spanking scenes will be published over the next few months. In the meantime, if you can't wait to see more, you can watch Ron's self-published solo scenes at his clips4sale store, and follow their adventures at their websites, Ron Beastly and Seani Love.

Male spankee shoot in Bristol

I'm writing this on the train on our way to Bristol for a two day shoot with three new male performers. I'm currently sitting next to David Weston, a brand new spankee who is making his spanking video debut today, shooting F/M scenes with me and Nimue. David is the same age as me - 29 - and a lifestyle submissive, who is into spanking, bratting, femdom, latex gloves and medical play. We've got some awesome scenes planned which definitely play into his fantasies, including Victorian, schoolboy and a story set in a sci-fi medical bay.

David Weston

I don't think either of us got much sleep last night. David tells me he was lying awake with first-shoot nerves, and I was up late with the usual shoot preparations: making callsheets and printing them (which meant going to the shop for a new ink cartridge), sorting everyone's pay into named envelopes, writing costume and props lists, packing, charging cameras, finding memory cards, briefing AJ on various things to do in my absence, and of course finishing this week's video ready to push it live tomorrow. Which, by the way, you are going to love.

We're staying in Bristol overnight and spending tomorrow shooting M/M at the same venue - with another two new guys, Seani Love and Ron Beastly.

Seani Love is a fun-loving erotic and spiritual adventurer who enjoys kink, ritual, Tantra and intimacy. He's a professional top whose interests and skills include  healing, transformation, vicious BDSM, spanking, rope bondage and ritual initiation into the mysteries.

Seani Love

I first heard of Seani when I saw these amazing photos of him topping Zoe Montana (AKA Helena May):

Seani Love and Helena May - photos by Leela Sky Seani Love and Helena May - photos by Leela Sky
Seani Love and Helena May - photos by Leela Sky

I met Seani for coffee in March and we came up with loads of scene ideas for both M/F and M/F, and I'm looking forward to bottoming to him myself on future shoots. This time, however, he will be working with Ron Beastly. Ron is a trans man and aspiring queer porn star, cam model, and self-described furry creature and pixie boy. Molly Malone met him at a queer event in London at the start of the year and when she found out he was kinky and interested in working in porn, she eagerly put us in touch with him.

Ron Beastly Ron Beastly


In addition to their ginger furriness (talk about a great casting for father and son!) Seani and Ron share an interest in the magical, mystical and sacred. We will be exploring various fantastical themes in our shoot tomorrow, including beast play, werewolves, witches and wizards. The scene I'm most looking forward to, however, is the one I know least about. Seani and Ron are both practitioners of dark tantra and conscious kink, and so I will be opening the floor to them for a conscious kink ritual. I have no idea what it will look like, but I'm excited.

Check out Ron's blog for a post about his anticipation about his first spanking shoot, as well as some hints about some of the other stuff we'll be filming with him for a new, secret project.

You can follow Ron Beastly and Seani Love on twitter at @RonBeastlyxxx and @Seanifool.

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