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Loud music leads to hard spankings

Our latest male/male spanking video Turn That Music Down is a domestic punishment scene starring Fauni Cate and Richard Barton. In this hot little film Fauni plays a rebellious young metal-head who plays his music far too loud at home. After yet another call from neighbours complaining about the noise, Dr Barton decides to make sure that this time he will get to the bottom of things. He is determined that the punishment, and the lesson, will be well learned.

Fauni Cate gets an OTK spanking from Dr Richard Barton at Dreams of Spanking

Fauni and Richard have a really great on screen connection that plays perfectly into this scene. The combination of Richard’s frustration at having to apologise to yet another neighbour, and Fauni’s resentful attempt to avoid punishment, creates a lovely sense of suspense. I found myself watching closely, waiting to see who would ‘break’ first. As someone who can be a bit of a brat I really felt for Fauni; he has a "I know I’m wrong but I have things to do and you won’t really hurt me” attitude which Ifound very familiar. But the side of me that loves dishing out a punishment was totally with Richard on this one; sometimes you just need to make sure your lesson is delivered in such a way that makes sure it sinks home.

Fauni Cate gets an OTK spanking from Dr Richard Barton at Dreams of Spanking

Fauni’s protests, and complaints as the punishment starts, are lovely but not as lovely as his mumbled apologies that get louder and clearer as his punishment continues. There is a moment where he kicks his legs up, and is quickly reminded that he needs to keep those heavy boots on the floor and away from Richard's face. I love it when a sub wriggles while they’re being punished, even though they know it will only increase their punishment; they just can’t help it. It’s why I don’t always use restraints, watching a spankee wince and apologise as they try to control their involuntary movements is so much fun, and it is one of the things that I loved so much in this scene. At various points Fauni is lying over Richard's lap completely helpless, dangling and kicking with his legs in the air, and it is such a sexy position for a spanking.

Fauni Cate gets an OTK spanking from Dr Richard Barton at Dreams of Spanking

The slight gleeful grin we see flash across Richard’s face as he punctuates his demands - that the young man gets some headphones -  with spanks is terrific. Almost as though he slipped out of character for a second and was just revelling in the sheer delight of delivering a thorough spanking. He also leaves Fauni’s bottom a very gorgeous shade of red, you can even see slight bumps and purpling at the end. This is a simple and very appealing m/m spanking scene between an older man and a cute younger boy, and the punishment is hard enough to make an impression.

Fauni Cate gets an OTK spanking from Dr Richard Barton at Dreams of Spanking

An authentic school punishment caning

“You're supposed to be setting an example. Sixth former or no sixth former you can and will be punished.”

I might have to rein myself in from dedicating this entire blogpost to Dr Richard Barton's withering sarcasm. As Fauni Cate trembles nervously before him, dressed in a way that definitely isn't up to school uniform standards, it's the lip rings that seem to get the strict headmaster most worked up. Dr Barton uses all the lines that people with piercings have heard so often from authority figures - it's a glorious performance of headmasterly pomposity:

“What is all this metalwork? Are you coming apart? Do you need riveting?”
“What happens when you go through a security gate?”

Fauni's nervous shuffles and excuses are all too familiar, and the clipped, wry tone in which Dr Barton berates him creates an atmosphere of swift, no-nonsense school punishment.

This is Fauni's first caning, and it comes at the end of his first ever porn shoot, so these six cane strokes are taken in authentic historical style, over his school trousers. He bends over the desk as Dr Barton flexes the cane, and the sound the cane makes as it falls is amazing.

I'm a wuss when it comes to caning, but I can't get enough of the swish-crack sound the cane makes when brought down good and hard onto someone's bottom. And the beauty of a caning through trousers is you get a louder sound – a nice, smart thwack. This is a real old-fashioned six of the best, with Fauni visibly wincing as each stroke lands. The cracks punctuate Dr Barton's lecture beautifully, as he picks out each of Fauni's dress code failings.

If you've watched Fauni and Dr Barton before – in their fantastic Pride video, with Fauni as the cheeky, queer punk determined to disobey – then you'll already know just how well these two work together. I'm a sucker for male/male spankings, and the sheer contrast between straight-laced Dr Barton and pierced, punky Fauni Cate gives their scenes a fantastic atmosphere.

Authority figure versus youth. Headmaster versus student. Convention versus rebellion. And a strict punishment for the rebel who is caught... 

Can you tell that I really fancy Fauni Cate?

Fauni Cate is very much My Type. He’s punky, pierced, and he wears more black eyeliner than I do. When Pandora sent me his intro photoset the other week, I melted a little bit, and had to spend a couple of minutes in a puddle on the floor before I could start writing the copy.

Queer porn performer Fauni Cate Queer porn performer Fauni Cate

This week’s scene - his first ever spanking film - delivers everything I’d hoped for. Fauni has just returned from Pride, and he has to face the wrath of his strict uncle Dr Richard Barton, whose authoritative, no-nonsense spanking style I completely adore. In this scene Dr Barton definitely plays the villain, explaining that while Fauni lives in his house, he must suppress his true queer self, wipe the makeup off his face, and learn to conform.

Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking
Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking

It’s an interesting dynamic, because I don’t want the homophobic uncle character to win - I want Fauni to fight back and emerge triumphant. And, as a massive fan of guys wearing eyeliner, naturally I don’t want him to take the makeup off.

But at the same time, as a spanking fan, I want Fauni to get spanked. I really want Dr Barton to take him over his knee and smack his bottom while delivering a stern lecture. And that, of course, is exactly what he does.

Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking
Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking

I love that the Dreams of Spanking team don’t shy away from having ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’. After all, while there’s a delicious hotness about spankings that are nurturing, and done out of care, there’s also a hotness about a mean old spanker delivering a disproportionate or unjust punishment.

There’s so much grey space between these dynamics. For instance, the caring spanking in Little Ten is worlds away from the vicious and disproportionate beating Pandora imagines for herself in Pandora’s Belt Whipping Fantasy - and the Dreams of Spanking archive is full of scenarios exploring all the nuance and complexity inbetween.

Dr Barton had to do some serious acting to play the character of Fauni's repressive uncle who spanks him for attending Pride. Fauni, on the other hand, was playing a role closer to his actual self - although thankfully divorced from his real home experiences. Check out Fauni’s pre-shoot interview for more discussion of this - he and Pandora chat about the fact that his character is the ‘goody’ in this scene, and how character choices can often have a big impact on the way different punishments feel. Is it hotter (or easier) to play a character closer to yourself, as Fauni does in this scene? And does he have a preference for strict tops, or those who are more nurturing?

I’ve probably spoken before about my personal preference - in fantasy at any rate - for beatings that are unjust. In this scene, although Fauni’s spanking isn’t frighteningly severe (just enough to turn his bum a deliciously dark red), the dynamic of being spanked at the hands of a homophobic, cruel uncle adds an extra layer of atmosphere.

Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking
Strict uncle Dr Richard Barton takes queer punk Fauni Cate over the knee for a hard spanking

So, now that I’ve told you about the scene (and you should totally go and watch it if you haven’t already) let’s get back to my current favourite subject - Fauni.

This job is one of the easiest in the world, because I get to write about amazing porn. Every scene has a unique tone, and something in particular that jumps out and strikes me as particularly horny. But every now and then there’s something a bit more - a performer who melts my heart (and my knickers) on screen in exactly the way I suspect they would if I brushed past them on the tube. Whether it’s a look, a way of speaking, or the hot way they roll up their sleeves before delivering a spanking, there are some things that just turn me back into a teenage girl, having crushes on celebrities and wanting to put their posters on my bedroom door so I can stare at them for ages. Fauni’s like that. Punk and queer and pierced and beautiful.

Please do welcome him to the site, because I for one hope we’ll see a lot more of him.

Shoot previews - Fauni Cate

I know it happens from time to time, but so far in three years of running Dreams of Spanking, I've never had a performer fail to show up to a shoot. Maybe it's luck, or maybe it's a consequence of mostly shooting with my friends, people I already know and trust. The closest I've come was our M/M shoot in January last month. I'd booked a European performer who had applied by email, but three days before when I wrote to him to confirm some final details, he told me that his travel plans had changed and work was now sending him to China instead.

I already had a top - Dr Richard Barton - and a venue booked, but now I needed a bottom. I hastily sent messages around to a few kinky friends asking if they'd be interested - or know anyone who would. To my relief, one turned out to be both willing and available. It was a bit of a long shot - I'd met him at a sex party and knew he was a fetishist, but I wasn't sure how he felt about spanking. As we chatted on the train, I discovered that he was an enthusiastic spanking switch who enjoyed playing both ways with his girlfriend. Result.

Queer porn performer Fauni Cate

It turned out that Fauni Cate had been thinking of doing porn for a while, but was yet to take the plunge. There are few things more exciting than a brand new spankee, and I felt honoured that he trusted Dreams of Spanking with his first time.

Before the change of plan, the scenes I'd planned had been all traditional, old-fashioned domestic punishment, with an emphasis on over-the-knee hand spanking. I do love to indulge my taste for the fantastical from time to time - and my fetish for male/male spanking is rooted in Roald Dahl and Charles Dickens, with their emphasis on formalised, severe school canings. But the most popular M/M scenes on this site have been simple, classic spanking scenarios featuring over the knee bare bottom hand spanking, such as School Report and An Unorthodox Tutorial. It seems that a lot of you enjoy the squirming embarrassment of a lad who is old enough to know better taken over an older man's knee to be spanked like a little boy.

Luckily, this sort of scenario is ideal for a first time spanking performer - and when I ran my ideas past Fauni, he was enthusiastic about all of them.

We started with an introductory photoset, taking advantage of some rare January sun to indulge in a bit of cheeky flashing in the garden.

Queer porn performer Fauni Cate flashes his cute bum in the garden Queer porn performer Fauni Cate flashes his cute bum in the garden

Then it was time for the first video - always a bit of a nerve-wracking experience, even with a top as seasoned as Dr Barton. We started with a scenario that had been tailored to Fauni, casting him as a queer youth who defies his uncle's wishes to attend Pride. He looked the part in a rainbow t-shirt and punky jewellery, and the roleplay went smoothly - although it took mild-mannered Dr Barton a bit of effort to get into character as the repressive homophobic uncle. Fauni took direction well - and he took the spanking well, too. This scene has just gone up - you can watch Fauni take his first ever spanking on video here.

Queer youth Fauni Cate is punished by this uncle with a hard over the knee spanking Queer youth Fauni Cate is punished by this uncle with a hard over the knee spanking

The second scene continued the domestic theme with a "short sharp shock" style paternal punishment, in which Fauni drives Richard up the wall by playing his music too loud. After the third complaint from the neighbours. Richard hauls Fauni in by his ear and takes him over the knee for a brisk, on-the-spot spanking. Given their relative sizes it was easy for Fauni to kick and struggle over the knee, and we were able to indulge the requests I've received by email for over the knee punishments where the male spankee has both feet kicking off the floor.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

Film number three was my personal favourite. This time, we departed from the theme of strict old-fashioned punishment with a more nurturing scene, in which Fauni visits Richard for some consensual discipline. Fauni has a strong Daddy/boy kink and Richard plays in this way in his real life, so it suited them perfectly.

We filmed a negotiation between the two of them beforehand, and Richard let Fauni call the shots by asking for what he wanted and choosing the implements. The scene was affirming and positive, and gave Fauni a chance to relax into the spanking without having to worry about staying in character.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

This turned into an extended nurturing dominance/submission scene, and I'm planning to release it in two parts. I particularly loved the ending, with Fauni kneeling naked at Richard's feet for some gentle aftercare.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

The final scene made use of the study (famed from Sting Pictures films), with Dr Barton as the sarcastic headmaster and Fauni as the rebellious schoolboy called up for uniform violations - from his dyed hair and facial piercings to untucked shirt and wonky tie. A straightforward, no-nonsense telling off and over-the-trousers six of the best. Short, sweet and simple. This was Fauni's first ever caning, which gave his schoolboy character some very authentic nerves, but he took it bravely.

Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking
Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking Male/male spanking with Dr Richard Barton and new male spankee Fauni Cate at Dreams of Spanking

All in all, it was a very relaxed and successful first shoot. I was impressed by Fauni's professionalism and really enjoyed working with him. Given this shoot started out with my first ever last-minute performer cancellation, things definitely turned out for the best.

It was a pleasure to give Fauni his queer porn debut, and he's welcome back at Dreams of Spanking any time he likes. I'm looking forward to seeing where his fledgeling porn career takes him next!

New behind the scenes photos

As well as our behind the scenes videos and blooper reels, we also like to upload candid photos which capture out of character moments and give you a glimpse into the atmosphere on set. Here are a few of the behind the scenes photos we have uploaded recently:

Teaching Experience - Behind the scenes Teaching Experience - Behind the scenes Sent to the Dean - Behind the scenes Sent to the Dean - Behind the scenes Naughty Niece Christy - Behind the scenes Naughty Niece Christy - Behind the scenes The Seating Plan - Behind the scenes Davids Strict Governess - Behind the scenes Davids Strict Governess - Behind the scenes Intervention - Behind the scenes Intervention - Behind the scenes Her Married Sister - Behind the scenes

The full size versions of all these photos - and more - are available for members to view if you click through to the individual scene page.

What is it about the stinging whack of the ruler?

At school, along with the inevitabilities of squashed sandwiches and forgotten PE kits, one thing was certain: when it came time to measure things using metre sticks in science or maths class, some wag would use the metre ruler to playfully swat one of their mates. Nothing serious or painful, just fooling around.

At the time something about it gave me a kick, and I didn't understand why. Likewise if a friend whacked me on the hand with one of the smaller plastic rulers. It hurt a bit, but more than that – it was interesting. Interesting in a way that made me realise I... well... perhaps I had a bit of a thing for it.

Rulers aren't naturally my favourite implement, as a spankee: they're whippy and stingy enough that they're reminiscent of the cane – something I struggle to take for more than six strokes before I'm clutching my bottom and praying for a belt or another soft and thwacky implement instead. But to watch, they work wonders. Just like the cane, there's a very specific tone: that of the strict schoolteacher or, in the case of this week's video, the calmly authoritative Dean of a University college.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

This strict male/male spanking scene with Dr Richard Barton and Alexander Knight features a severe punishment with the wooden ruler. It starts out firm but fair, and takes place over Alex's formal trousers. Pragmatic, and a little brusque: Alexander has broken the rules, so he must bend over for a whacking. Although he gasps and winces as the ruler falls, it's obvious from Dr Barton's unruffled demeanour that this kind of corporal punishment is par for the course.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

Afterwards though, when Alexander challenges the method of punishment itself, Dr Barton's character becomes genuinely angry. This is the kind of role I think Dr Barton is perfect for: the authoritarian master of an historical institution, who sincerely believes in corporal punishment as the means to correct poor behaviour.

An upstart student challenging that idea is not to be borne, and he insists that Alexander bends back over - this time lowering his trousers and baring his naked bottom to the stinging wood.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

I think that the fact it's done with a ruler rather than any other implement gives this spanking scene a particular tone. A ruler is a practical tool. A no-nonsense spanking implement that's easily to hand - and one which can potentially deliver surprisingly intense pain with little exertion. It can be used to deliver a firm, measured punishment - but it can also be wielded more fiercely if the spankee isn't paying attention.

Which brings me to the hottest bit of this scene, for me: about ten minutes in, when Alexander is asked a question. The poor boy is flustered and hesitates - presumably still reeling from the burning strokes of the ruler he's just been given – and Dr Barton loses his patience and administers a ferocious flurry of blows that leave Alexander's bottom red and marked.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

One thing I love about the ruler – a quality it shares with the cane – is the whooshing, cracking sound it makes. It takes me straight back to school, and the memory of the other kids messing around with the metre rules in science lessons. Of course, I was lucky not to go to school at the time this story is set, and my exposure to the ruler was just playful fun, nothing extreme or painful. But watching this video brought back that vivid memory of a whish-smack, and a laugh, and a 'hmmm... I wonder why I find this so interesting.'

It's clear that outwardly, Alexander's character is outraged to be beaten with a wooden ruler by the Dean of his University college. But I think I can detect a slight smile on his face at certain moments in this video - and I can't help but wonder if despite his protests, he is thinking something similar...

School spankings for Pandora and Alexander

Hands up who loves school? Well, school punishment scenes, at any rate. Even if you didn't enjoy your time at school, and dreaded getting detention when you were younger, there's something about school fantasy as an adult. Personally I think there's an irresistible appeal about both of our latest school-themed Dreams of Spanking updates.

Alexander Knight stars in the amazing film 'Unearned Punishment', suffering a harsh-looking caning from headmaster Dr Richard Barton. There's a delicious build up to his undeserved punishment caning as he stands with Pandora Blake outside the headmaster's office, both wincing in sympathy as they overhear the swish and crack of the cane, and the tortured cries of poor Molly Malone being beaten inside.

Unearned school punishment caning at Dreams of Spanking

Check it out if you love school caning stories, and especially if you (like me) love Alexander Knight – he has an exceptional pain face, and looks especially cute in grey school shorts. It's probably because it's the start of summer, but I have a real thing for shorts right now. Luckily this video will keep me topped up on shorts-based filth for a while!

Unearned school punishment caning at Dreams of Spanking

We've also got an amazing schoolgirl spanking photoset for you, and a bonus video to go with it. If you're a fan of the slipper, as well as Pandora's lovely bottom, check out 'Schoolgirl's Secret'. Pandora gets dressed up in a tight school skirt, complete with shirt, tie and inexcusably sexy knee-high socks, then treats herself to a solo spanking.

It's a brilliantly intimate video – just Pandora and the camera – and if you've ever wanted to watch a schoolgirl fantasy behind closed doors, as it were, then this is the perfect opportunity.

Schoolgirl spanking for Pandora Blake in a tight school skirt Schoolgirl spanking for Pandora Blake in a tight school skirt

So there we have it - two sexy school-themed updates: a solo spanking with hand and slipper and a vicious unearned punishment caning. Way more fun than homework, I'm sure you'll agree!

Belted while stepmother looks on

When this week's video arrived in my inbox I was so excited. I've really been looking forward to this final chapter in our Victorian spanking trilogy, in which both Alexander Knight and Molly Malone have already felt the sting of old-fashioned domestic discipline.

In chapter one Alex was spanked by his strict stepmother, and Molly took him over her knee with a distinctly gleeful delight, keen to establish herself as a powerful force in the household. In chapter two, Molly's husband Dr Richard Barton returned home and corrected his wife with some calmly authoritative marital discipline for taking matters into her own hands.

In this final chapter, both strict stepmother and stern pater familias present a united front against young Alex. The poor boy is forced to bend over for a thrashing with the leather belt, while a triumphant Molly witnesses his humiliation.

Victorian domestic belt thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Richard and Molly are utterly intimidating as they stand together by the fireplace – exactly as proper Victorian disciplinarians should. Stern, calm, authoritative, you can tell by Alex's trembling voice that he knows he won't be able to argue his way out of punishment.

The build-up to the beating is thrilling – Dr Richard Barton scolds Alex sternly about his behaviour, peppered with all the language that makes the Victorian period such fun for for spanking play. Alexander is told that he looks like a 'dandified fop' - and Dr Barton isn't furious, – he's 'very very displeased'.

What sends shivers down my spine is the very real look of fear on Alexander's face. I get the impression that he's so deep into his role that he's no longer entirely acting - the stern Dr Barton instils a genuine terror - exactly the kind you'd feel if you were really standing before him, waiting to be given a hard thrashing with the belt.

As he bends over, nervously presenting his bare bottom for the punishment, you can see that it is still red raw from the over the knee spanking he got from Molly Malone in chapter one. However, this beating puts that one in the shade.

Victorian domestic belt thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Alex's facial expressions make for compelling watching. When someone's getting spanked I like to know just how much it's affecting them - if you're the same then Alexander doesn't disappoint. From his terrified face after the first stroke to his gasps of shock as the belt lashes his bottom, you can tell the punishment is a severe one.

This thrashing is made even hotter by our knowledge of the relationship between the characters. Unrepentant Molly watches with a face like the cat that got the cream. She had previously threatened Alexander that her husband would take her side - and now she's totally vindicated. There can be few things more embarrassing for a young man than to be punished while a woman watches. Dr Barton is belting the boy because he believes it's the right thing to do, but Molly seems to take a sadistic pleasure in Alexander's suffering, and enjoys his cries of pain with undisguised delight.

Alexander does his best to be stoic and brave, but towards the end he can't help it - this is such a hard belt whipping that he breaks position and chokes back some sobs. At the ninth stroke I was wondering whether he'd make it to the end without begging for mercy. 

Victorian domestic belt thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Want to find out if he did? Of course you do. 

Chastised by her strict husband

Long ago, a man's home was his castle, to rule as he liked. In the second chapter of this Victorian spanking trilogy, Dr Richard Barton demonstrates exactly how a strict husband maintains control of his domestic domain.

In Chapter 1 (which you should catch up on now if you haven't seen it already!) the young Alexander Knight is stripped of his dignity by his strict stepmother Molly Malone. Alexander initially tries to get out of the beating by saying that his father wouldn't approve.

Now his father – Dr Barton – has returned home, and we get to see whether Alex was right. Will the patriarch approve of his wife administering corporal punishment in his absence? You can probably guess the answer...

Victorian wife chastised by her strict husband at Dreams of Spanking

Dr Barton won my heart (and quite a bit more of me) in 'Unorthodox Tutorial' - his first scene with Alexander Knight. He has a calm, natural authority that gives you the impression he doesn't ever need to shout to press his point home. Every precise gesture (in this film, for instance, carefully putting his glasses away as he prepares to deliver a spanking) highlights just how much control he has over the person who is about to be chastised.

Because of this, he can be incredibly scary without ever needing to raise his voice. There's a delicious tension in the first part of this scene, as you wonder how he'll react to the news that his wife has been taking discipline into her own hands. When she tells him, all he needs to do is raise his eyebrows and ask “you beat him?” and I'm already getting shivery in anticipation of the upcoming punishment.

When he tells Molly: “I'm rather displeased” it gets even better, and the first (of many) smacks on her bare bottom is a delicious release of the tension that's been rapidly building since the beginning.

Victorian wife chastised by her strict husband at Dreams of Spanking

While we're on the subject of bare bottoms, I can't possibly write this blog without commenting on Molly's exceptional bum, framed by a costume that couldn't be more perfect.

A while ago there was a BBC documentary called “What the Victorians did for us” which listed some of the great achievements of the Victorian age, and how they influenced life today. One of their largest oversights, to my mind, was failing to mention Victorian split petticoats.

(If split petticoats are your thing, I'd also recommend you watch 'Scholarship girl', in which Lola Marie, wearing beautiful split bloomers, is expertly tawsed by Pandora. If you like Victorian spanking you'll love that one too)

In 'Mrs Barton's Correction', Molly Malone's gorgeous round arse is temptingly revealed through Victorian split petticoats, framing her bum in a kind of heart shape, growing more emphasised during her well-deserved spanking as it turns a beautiful blushing red.

Victorian wife chastised by her strict husband at Dreams of Spanking

I'm told that this scene wasn't part of the plan that day, but after shooting chapter one of the trilogy, Molly decided she wanted a spanking in her beautiful Victorian dress. I don't blame her – after watching her beat her stepson, I was equally keen to see Mrs Barton get her comeuppance, and this video definitely doesn't disappoint.

So, go and enjoy chapter two – 'Mrs Barton's Correction' – and join me in delighted anticipation of chapter three, in which we'll see the strict stepmother and stern father join forces against their privileged, misbehaving son. There are those spine-tingling shivers again...

Introducing Alex and Richard

I'm pleased to announce two new male performers who have been cast for our first shoot of 2014! Alexander Knight and Richard Barton will be joining us alongside experienced hands (and bottoms!) Nimue AllenMolly Malone and our old scene friend John Beecroft for a two day spankstravaganza next week.

With John's help, we've found a lovely old-fashioned venue which will enable us to explore traditional and historical themes including evacuees, wicked stepmother, university student and plenty of school scenarios. Molly, John and Nimue are all switches, which means that over the course of the two days we'll be able to shoot every gender orientation! As always, however, I have far more female spankee material already filmed than male spankee, so the focus for me will be M/M with Alex and Richard on day two.

Dr Richard Barton has made a name for himself as a no-nonsense M/M top for sites such as Sting Pictures, CP Services and Manc Spank. Dr Barton is known for his deadly accuracy with the cane, his fluent scolding and wicked sense of humour.

Richard is a lifestyle player who makes spanking videos for the love of it. He greatly enjoyed the believable storylines and high production values of Sting Pictures, but when they stopped filming in the UK he missed working with them. I was flattered that when he saw Dreams of Spanking, he was sufficiently impressed to write and offer his services.

To find out more about Richard Barton, have a read of this interview over at Jockspank from 2010, which contains some fascinating questions and answers, as well as lots of tantalising spanking photos from various of his films.

I particularly enjoyed his description of the following spanking fantasy he'd love to see immortalised in film:

A seventeenth century schoolroom with lots of dark wooden desks and panelling. At the front is a large desk for me, the schoolmaster. I am dressed in black cap and gown and next to the desk is the birching horse, with a birch rod lying across it. In a basket in the corner of the classroom is a collection of freshly made birches.

The boys are seated at their desks, sweating over their Latin primers. A few of them are already sitting rather gingerly as they have made silly mistakes in their compositions and taken a trip across the horse to have their bare bottoms crispy swished with the stinging twigs – what bliss!

I don't think next week's location will quite do as a seventeenth century oak-panelled schoolroom, but it certainly seems that Richard and I are on similar wavelengths. I'm really looking forward to working with him.

I'm also incredibly excited to introduce our new male star Alexander Knight. I've known Alex for a couple of years. He's in his mid-twenties, a lifelong kinkster with a penchant for rope, spanking and dressing up. He describes himself as a "pain slut" and has been spanked hard in the past, but not as often as he'd like. Best of all, he's a total cutie.

(Photo © Ara McBay for an unpublished shoot for Filament Magazine.)

Alex is totally new to spanking video. He's a switch, but he's a bit nervous about performing on camera and so wants to just play the spankee role until he's got the hang of shooting video. That's fine by me, and I'm sure that by the end of his first day shooting his nerves will be a thing of the past!

We've got some great scenes lined up for Alex, with a mixture of fair and unfair punishments, casting him as hapless schoolboy, deserving student, and gallant Victorian gentleman. And to mix it up a bit, he and Richard will be joined by Molly Malone for a touch of M/FM and MF/M.

I'm really looking forward to this shoot, and to working with Alex and Richard. I'll be sure to report back on what we get up to!

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