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Greetings from the Dreams of Spanking backstage area! I can't quite believe it's been almost 4 months since I came to work for Pandora, it doesn't seem anywhere near that long. Time flies when you're having fun, right? I've had to learn a lot of new things, and I've tripped over myself once or twice, but it's still the most positive working environment I've ever been in. We're coming up to a very busy few months, what with Pandora's trip across the pond, and shooting fantastic new scenes with some fabulous new performers. We're going a mile a minute at the moment - but I wouldn't have it any other way!

I'm a little ashamed to admit that I don't always have the time to watch all the new scenes in their entirety (though this is gradually fading the longer I work here), but Pandora insisted that I'd enjoy her newest film with Mila Kohl and Paul Kennedy, and she wasn't wrong. It's a light-hearted age play scene with Mila at her bratty best; her protestations of innocence are hilarious and adorable, and you'll love the way she kicks and wriggles over Paul's knee! 

Click to view trailer for Colouring


Pandora loves to tease her little cousin Mila, but Mila takes things too far one day when she retaliates by colouring in Pandora's face in red pen. Pandora runs to tell. Mila is outraged to find herself taken over Paul's lap and spanked, and vows to get her own back. Mila returns with a slipper and blackmails Pandora into bending over and taking a spanking until her bottom is also coloured as red as felt tip pen!

Pandora gets little Mila in trouble with Paul, but Mila gets her own back with the slipper. Pandora gets little Mila in trouble with Paul, but Mila gets her own back with the slipper.
Pandora gets little Mila in trouble with Paul, but Mila gets her own back with the slipper. Pandora gets little Mila in trouble with Paul, but Mila gets her own back with the slipper.

This scene is definitely my favourite since I started working here; it's sweet, funny and adorable throughout, and Mila's expressions and exclamations during her spanking feel so authentic that you genuinely feel for the punishment she's getting. Paul doesn't hold back with his punishment, but even so, you can feel the love in every impact. However, the best part is when Mila turns her misfortune back on Pandora, and gives her a thorough and well-deserved pummelling with a slipper! Mila is equally comfortable as spanker or spankee and it's wonderful to see how fluidly she and Pandora communicate and move around each other through the scene. I never thought I'd be able to describe a spanking video as heartwarming, but it really is, and it's capped off by the cutest victory squeal you'll ever see. 

Pandora gets little Mila in trouble with Paul, but Mila gets her own back with the slipper. Pandora gets little Mila in trouble with Paul, but Mila gets her own back with the slipper.

We hope you've enjoyed this delightfully silly interlude after the pure heat and intensity of Valentine's Day; I know I have, and I promise to be a good girl in future, and make more time to watch all the productions. There's a lot of amazing material to look forward to as we move into Spring and beyond... I really hope you'll come along for the ride!

Nude, sensual and giggly

Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking

Our recent scenes Caning Makes Me Giggle and Spanking Sensuality were shot one after the other, in that order. After her final film of the day (Caned Before Dinner) Mila had some lovely stripes, but was a little wiped out. I didn't want to pressure her to do another video straight away, so I volunteered my own bottom for a candid scene with Paul to give her a breather (entirely altruistic on my part - hated it), and afterwards she and I showed off our cane stripes in a sensual bedroom photoset.

Click to view trailer for Caning%20Makes%20Me%20Giggle

Caning Makes Me Giggle

I have recently bought a new cane I want to try, and I ask Paul for a taste of it. He is more than happy to oblige. I willingly bend over and lift my bottom for a hard, consensual beating that makes me giggle with pleasure.

I hope this fun little candid scene leaves you in no doubt that I really, truly love being caned - the harder the better.

Pandora Blake lifts her bottom for hard cane strokes at Dreams of Spanking

The cane I brought back from Atlantic City in April, courtesy of UK company Correction Collection. It has rapidly become my new favourite, especially when I'm on the receiving end. There's just something about the way it feels that is pure pleasure. It's long, thick, flexible and seems to wrap itself lovingly into my flesh with enough bite to make me jump, and enough thud to make me purr.

Pandora Blake lifts her bottom for hard cane strokes at Dreams of Spanking

Speaking of purring, aside from Paul's lovely topping the star of this scene is my cat Fatface, who occupies the foreground throughout with nose down and ears tilted back. She barely moves a muscle throughout the whole video, nor acknowledges the weird stuff the humans are getting up to behind her. Spanking Blog has written a hilarious analysis of my cat's reactions in this scene which I enjoyed hugely (spoiler: they are much less dramatic than mine).

Pandora Blake lifts her bottom for hard cane strokes at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake lifts her bottom for hard cane strokes at Dreams of Spanking

The truth is that sometimes, caning really does make me giggle - especially the rapid fire, all-at-once style which I request right at the end. I really enjoy making these out of character, “just because” films from time to time. They represent my real life more than my fantasy life. I will probably always fantasise about non-consent scenarios, but the consensual stuff is a much more honest representation of how I play with my real play partners 99% of the time. I think it’s important to give that a showing in porn as well as fantasyland. I hope that knowing that the strokes, the scenario, the emotions, the relationships and the reactions are all real makes the resulting video hot in a different way from a staged, fictional narrative.

Whatever your fantasy, the truth is that spanking can be, and usually is, conducted in a fun, safe way between consenting adults who find it physically pleasurable. Caning can make me yelp or cry or scream, but sometimes it makes me purr - and sometimes it makes me giggle.

Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking

We took the photos in Spanking Sensuality immediately afterwards, while my cane marks were still fresh. Sadly, Mila's had faded, and after examining the state of each other's bottoms I decided that hers needed a top-up, and took her over my knee.

Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking

We go on to explore an unscripted and spontaneous exploration of sensual spanking for mutual pleasure. By this time Mila and I had been shooting together all day and had grown very comfortable with each other, as well as perhaps developing a bit of an attraction for each other. (Well, I can only speak for myself, but I had a good old crush). I have very fond memories of shooting this scene, and at the end of it I think all three of us were rather hot and flustered!

Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking
Naked bisexual girls Mila Kohl and Pandora Blake enjoy sensual girl/girl spanking

Caned to tears

I'm very fond of our domestic punishment film Caned Before Dinner, starring Mila Kohl and Paul Kennedy, which went up the week before last.

Click to view trailer for Caned%20Before%20Dinner

Caned Before Dinner

After her behaviour at the last Rotary Club dinner, Mila's father decides to punish her before this one as a pre-emptive measure. He visits her in her room before they leave, and explains what is expected of her. Twelve strokes of the cane will drive the message home. She might not have done anything wrong yet this evening, but sitting down on a sore bottom all night will remind her to behave.

This was Mila's last spanking video of the day, and we wanted to make it count. Mila loves spanking but has very little experience of the cane, and is very frightened of it.

That fear combined with Mila's genuine tears and Paul's quiet, intense, paternal scolding, turned this simple concept into a memorably intense scene. This might not be the most physically severe caning on the site, but in terms of the emotions and anticipation it's incredibly powerful.

Be sure to watch the behind the scenes videos, which include some lovely out of character moments between Paul and Mila, and give you the chance to get to know this remarkable and beautiful young lady a little better.

Brides, bubbles and wooden brushes

We've had three domestic female spankee punishment scenes over the last couple of weeks, featuring some very sexy performers and classic spanking photography.

I'm extremely fond of Molly Malone and Nimue Allen's switch scene Bridezilla. Both ladies look stunning, including Molly in white lacy bridal lingerie, and the acting is just superb. But don't take my word for it, watch the trailer for yourself:

Click to view trailer for Bridezilla


Molly is stressed out on her special day, and making life miserable for her long-suffering maid of honour. She even insists on punishing Nimue with a leather strap for imagined wrongdoings, which Nimue goes along with in hopes it will soothe Molly's temper and they'll be able to get on with the day.

Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking

Even after dishing out twenty-four hard strokes, however, Molly is still in a strop, and so Nimue turns the tables and gives the pouting bride some much needed discipline. A spanking and caning will leave Molly feeling calmer, and perhaps a sore bottom under her dress will help her behave a little more reasonably for the rest of the day!

Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking
Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking Bridal punishments at Dreams of Spanking

Molly is getting married for real in August, and I hope she has a much happier day than her character in this film! I suspect she won't be anywhere near as stressed out, but she has mentioned that it might be a good idea to have Nimue along, just in case...

Last Wednesday we uploaded Bath Bubbles, a timeless spanking photoset starring the lusciously curvy Mila Kohl nude in the bathtub, covered in bubbles and being spanked by Paul Kennedy of Northern Spanking. I took the photos in this gallery, and was aiming to create some classic spanking images showing off Mila's beautiful body to best advantage. Admittedly, it isn't hard to make Mila look good:

Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking
Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking

Bath Bubbles

Paul comes in while Mila is relaxing in a bubble bath, and the naughty girl can't resist the urge to blow foam at him, earning herself an on-the-spot spanking on her wet bottom.

Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking Mila Kohl spanked in the bath at Dreams of Spanking

Finally, our latest video is an adorable age play scene starring myself and Alex Reynolds (who is wearing the cutest pink bunny romper ever) getting spanked by Thomas Cameron's hand and wooden hairbrush. Here's the trailer:

Click to view trailer for Sofa Fort

Sofa Fort


Alex and Pandora are having a lovely time in their sofa fort. It's the best fort ever! They camp out inside it in their pyjamas and bunny rompers and play with all the stuffed animals. Alex shows Pandora the red marks from her latest spanking, and Pandora decides Alex deserves extra spanks for hitting her with her heavy lavender-filled bear.

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking

But the giggly girls' fun and frolics are interrupted when Tom appears, and wants to know why the hell they've rearranged the lounge when he's expecting business guests for dinner this evening. Alex and Pandora are very sorry for forgetting, but they're about to be even sorrier. Tom hauls them out of the safety of the fort and bends them over one by one to be spanked. By the time his heavy hand and stingy wooden hairbrush have done their work, both girls are sobbing, begging and sorry. Slowly Alex and Pandora learn that no matter how cute they are, it won't save them from spankings.

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking

This is an adorable domestic discipline video for fans of age play, cuteness and painful wooden hairbrush punishments. Keep watching to the end for the super-cute alternate ending!

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking

Editing this video made me squee a lot, but it was also kind of embarrassing because oh my god, I did not take that hairbrush with anything approaching grace or dignity. Alex, who is somewhat tougher than me, especially when it comes to wood, hollers a lot but basically stays still and submits to her spanking. I do not. I squirm and yell and move out of position and am basically a total wuss.

I hope that my total lack of fortitude is, at least, hot to those of you who like to know a spanking really hurt (and my word, this one REALLY did), but having watched my sorry performance I feel motivated to film another wooden hairbrush spanking, and aim to take it more submissively. I'm thinking an over the knee position, with my bottom high in the air over Tom's lap, possibly one of his thighs trapping mine in place. A really immersive scene with lots of anticipation to give me a chance to psych myself up for it properly; either a romantic dominance/submission scene or a roleplay in which my character has done something really bad, and genuinely deserves it.

Wooden hairbrushes are a huge part of my kink, and I fantasise about them all the time, quite possibly because they are so evil and difficult to take in reality. Being my own worst sadist, this is more than enough reason for me write myself lots of wooden hairbrush spankings. If you have any particular requests let me know, because I am determined to do this again, and hopefully take it a little better next time.

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake spanked for building a sofa fort, at Dreams of Spanking

Clothed female, nude female

Lady in Waiting is our first scene with the lovely Mila Kohl. It's not about a real lady-in-waiting, although that would make a fab historical scenario one of these days. Instead it's a domestic dominance and submission storyline which provides the opportunity for these delightful art nude photos of Mila by Paul Kennedy.

Mila has been given instructions by her dominant: to undress, and wait for her to arrive. She obeys nervously, wondering what awaits her, trying to arrange herself in a posture that will be found pleasing. Eventually Pandora comes home to find Mila fully nude, waiting submissively on her knees.

Pandora takes Mila over her knee and rewards her obedience with a firm but caring hand spanking.

Mila is beautiful in this gallery, a natural in front of the camera, with a charmingly shy submissive demeanour. She is also a highly intelligent, creative lady and a pleasure to work with, and this first scene was a lovely ice-breaker to help us get to know each other.

The dynamic of nude submissive, clothed dominant is one that is well explored in heterosexual pairings. CFNM (clothed female, nude male) is a genre of its own - one I didn't realise I liked until I discovered I'd unwittingly made spanking porn that counted.

CMNF also seems to be an acronym people use (clothed male, nude female), and barely a day goes by without images like this turning up on Tumblr:

The pattern is always the same: the submissive nude, and the dominant in formal clothing, either a smart suit or evening wear. The suit/nude dichotomy works regardless of gender. It's about contrasting the trappings of status, power and protection with vulnerability.

Clothed female has more versatility than clothed male however, as a ballgown fits the pattern just as well as a business suit.

This is a fascinating genre when it comes to thinking about gender presentation and power dynamics. The business suit/power dressing thing codes dominance as masculine; but elegant evening wear can also represent power as hyper-feminine. Either way, the tropes of masculinity and femininity tend to be heightened in these images; whether heteronormatively associating dominant with butch and submissive with femme, or queering those expectations.

I'm looking forward to playing with this theme further, and exploring the question of how presentation and dress relate to gender, power and consensual power exchange. I have a couple shoot coming up next month with D which will include some CMNF, and I'm not sure if we'll play it straight yet or include some sort of twist. I'd also love to shoot some clothed male, nude male at some point. As always, I'm open to ideas about ways we can create images of dominance and submission that are hot, interesting and innovative.

Shoot previews - Mila Kohl

Our shoot with Mila Kohl last week was a funny one. I hadn't planned to shoot this month - I have more than enough scenes in the bank, especially starring female spankees. But she was visiting the UK and looking for work, and Paul Kennedy of Northern Spanking went out of his way to facilitate it, including driving her to my place and offering his services as top and cameraman, so it all sort of fell into my lap.

Plus, of course, Mila is gorgeous. Who wouldn't want to shoot her?

As a result, I didn't put much planning into this shoot and didn't have much invested in it - it was a "bonus extra" rather than a large scale production into which I put a lot of thought. We were shooting at my place, so I couldn't try to bring any of my more ambitious costume dramas to life. Instead I came up with some simple domestic scenarios, aiming for a relaxing, fun day rather than trying to fit too much in.

And you know what? It was one of the most chilled, enjoyable shoots I've ever been on. No stress, no expectations, and no anxiety about whether I'd achieve the results I wanted. Paul and Mila were both super professional and easygoing. We shot mostly in natural light, we didn't move the furniture around too much, and we shot three scenarios as photos only, which is always simpler than trying to shoot video as well. As a result the day turned out to be exceptionally streamlined, with everything happening ahead of schedule. And the results look great.

I don't think I'm going to scale back my ambitions any time soon, but it just goes to show that you don't always need to put in huge amounts of time, money and effort to create hot, good-looking spanking erotica. Sometimes a beautiful model, a simple scenario and good chemistry can be enough.

In the first scenario, Mila played a submissive who has been instructed by her dominant to undress, and wait for her to come home. I'm hoping to put this photo gallery up on the site this week.

Next we filmed a fun age-play video which may or may not have been inspired by Mila and Alex's sisterly bickering over twitter. Mila and I played cousins who were colouring and playing with our stuffed animals, but got into a fight which ended up with Mila drawing on my face in pen. I rushed off to tell on her, and her uncle Paul came in and spanked her.

However, Mila was sick of getting into trouble - after all, I had started the fight, it wasn't fair that I shouldn't be spanked. So she plotted her revenge, confronted me and threatened to tell Paul one of my biggest, worst secrets if I didn't take a spanking too.

I really love the photo gallery we shot next, featuring Mila relaxing in a bubble bath and blowing foam at Paul when he comes in to talk to her. Needless to say, she gets hauled out of the warm water and spanked on her wet bottom.

After lunch we moved the cameras into the bedroom, and shot a more serious scene. Mila played a young lady who had behaved very badly at the last dinner her father hosted. This time, he canes her before dinner so that the stripes will serve as a reminder during the meal to be on her best behaviour. Mila pouts and considers this pre-emptive punishment to be dreadfully unfair, but she has no choice.

Mila was very nervous about the caning, but she took it beautifully and the resulting stripes were gorgeous. I loved Paul's scolding in this as well - quiet, intense, loving and strict. I can't wait to edit this video.

After her caning I felt Mila had earned a bit of a break, so she relaxed with a glass of wine and I stepped in front of the camera for a caning of my own. There's nothing like watching someone else take the cane to put me in the mood for it! Paul and I shot an affectionate and somewhat giggly candid video which nonetheless involves a relatively serious cold caning with my newest cane.

I don't have any screengrabs of that yet, but since I now had some lovely cane stripes, we showed them off in one final photo gallery of me and Mila nude on the bed.

I'm so glad that I decided to take a chance on this shoot and squeeze it into my schedule, even though I'd initially felt that I didn't have time. The day turned out to be an absolute delight - as did Mila. I hadn't really spoken to her much at the Texas All-State Party where we met for the first time last year, but she is the sweetest girl and I really enjoyed spending time with her. She is also an absolute beauty and incredibly easy to work with, and I can strongly recommend her to any interested photographers or spanking producers!

It was also lovely to finally be able to bring my friend Paul, with whom I have been shooting spanking video on and off for six years now, into the Dreams of Spanking cast and crew. I love the photos he took for us, and being caned by him was a real treat. I expect he'll be back before too long.

On writing update schedules

I've just been working on the Dreams of Spanking update schedule for the next three months. This is a complex, ever-evolving beast that takes ages to write and a lot of thought. I never stick to it - but without it I'm completely lost. Week by week I look at the plan and re-organise things as I see fit, but some weeks it's nice to have a schedule to stick to without having to think about it.

At this point in time, I have enough spanking scenes filmed and saved (multiply backed up, of course) on various hard drives that if I never shot again, I would still have enough material to keep updating the site with one or two scenes a week until mid-November. Of course, I will shoot before then, because shooting is my favourite thing about running a spanking website.

Having so many scenes in the bank is a blessing: it gives the business a certain amount of security, and it gives me the luxury of uploading a diverse range of scenarios each month (rather than simply updating the site with a run of scenes starring the same performer every time I shoot with someone new). Diversity is a core part of the Dreams of Spanking concept, and each month I try to release a balance of material catering to a variety of tastes. (I love all of it, but then I'm coming to learn that most people are a little more discerning than me.)

You'd think that the more shoots you have to work from, the easier it would be to keep things nice and varied, right? I was surprised at just how complicated it turned out to be. Here are the (rough) guidelines I have set myself when planning my updates, as much as possible:

  • No updates starring the same spankee two weeks running;
  • Alternate male and female spankees; in general, don't feature the same gender orientation (F/F, F/M etc) two weeks running;
  • Include one example of each gender combination (F/M, F/M, M/F, M/M) every month;
  • Vary locations - spread out scenes shot in the same venue over time;
  • Vary type of scenario week to week (ie no two school scenes, or domestic discipline scenes next to each other)

After the precarious juggling act involved in meeting all the former requirements, the last one is the one that most often slips. I also sometimes make exceptions for "theme weeks" - for instance, I recently deliberately uploaded Ring of Fire and Short Shorts in quick succession, as they are both candid, unscripted F/F spanking-for-fun videos, and I thought they went together nicely. 

The resulting mix does throw up some interesting correspondences. When I uploaded The Undergardener's Birching I'd just published another fairly serious F/F Victorian punishment fantasy, and I had in mind that a similar F/M scene would provide a pleasing balance. I didn't realise until after The Rites of Spring went live a couple of weeks later how similar the slightly fantastical, romantic Beltane photo gallery was, visually, to Sebastian's punishment. Both scenes feature a spankee in period costume being birched bare bottom, outdoors, while holding on to the trunk of a tree. Clearly, my fantasies have recurring themes.

The other issue I keep running into is that I have a lot more F/F material than anything else. This is quite simply a consequence of how many female performers are already working in the industry (since pretty much every other site only pays women, a gender imbalance in the available performers is fairly inevitable). I'm constantly looking out for new male spankers and spankees that meet my high standards for casting, but meanwhile, female colleagues and friends are often travelling around and looking for work. Particularly in the case of international performers visiting the UK, it seems daft to miss an opportunity to shoot with someone awesome.

As a switch I can play either role, so the easiest way to put together a low-budget shoot with a friend visiting the country is for me to work with them, whether they are top or bottom. The result is twice as much F/F as any other orientation.

Luckily, most people love F/F, but I care about maintaining the site as a gender-balanced space. Although I have enough scenes filmed to keep me going until November, most of them are female spankee, and I keep running out of male spankee material and having to book new shoots. And so more scenes get added to the bank, and the cycle continues...

Really, though, this is a "diamond shoes are too tight" sort of problem. I love shooting with people of any gender, I love working with my friends, and I love having a reassuringly large content buffer. So when I heard that gorgeous young US model Mila Kohl is visiting the UK this month and seeking work to pay her way, I couldn't turn her down. I met Mila at the Texas All State Spanking Party last summer, where she struck me as clever and adorable, and I'm looking forward to seeing her again.

She's staying with our mutual friend Paul Kennedy of Northern Spanking, and Paul is going out of his way to facilitate Mila's shoot with us, which is very kind of him. He'll be involved in our shoot as top and cameraman, and I'm looking forward to welcoming both new faces to the Dreams of Spanking cast.

Of course, after the shoot with Mila my carefully-arranged schedule will be thrown into disarray as I'll have a handful of new scenes to work in, at least some of which I'll want to show you sooner rather than later. But juggling too many spanking videos of hot boys and girls is my favourite type of problem.

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