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Loving discipline for submissive boy Fauni Cate

Is there any better remedy for the stress of adult life than going over the knee for a long, loving spanking? For Fauni Cate, that's certainly his preferred way to deal with it when things at work start to get too much. He has a long-standing relationship with his paternal disciplinarian, Dr Richard Barton, and an open invite to call and come round whenever he needs to.

Still, the fact that Fauni needs - and craves - this punishment doesn't mean he isn't nervous. This male/male spanking scene opens with him arriving at the house, biting his lip and clearly struggling with last-minute anxiety about what awaits him, before he summons his courage and rings the bell. Dr Barton lets him in, and asks how things are going. Fauni stammers with nerves as he quietly confesses that he feels in need of some spanking, struggling to meet his disciplinarian's eye.

During the out-of-character conversation before shooting this scene, Richard and Fauni negotiated what they want to happen, and it's clear that both participants are on the same page. Fauni is fond of age play and paternal domestic discipline; and Richard finds a scene like this very authentic, as he provides this sort of discipline in real life from time to time, for boys who come to visit him for spanking. That sense of mutual collaboration and consent continues within the scenario itself.

The mood is caring and nurturing as Dr Barton asks Fauni what would suit him best - a spanking punishment with implements, or an OTK hand spanking? The pair reach a decision together, and it's obvious that although Fauni is putting himself in Richard's hands, he also fully wants and needs some loving discipline. Dr Barton fetches a wooden chair from by the wall, places it in the centre of the room and tells his submissive boy, "You know the drill", and Fauni does indeed: he obediently bends over Richard's lap and offers his bottom for punishment. Richard begins smacking with a brisk pace over Fauni's jeans, before ordering him to take them down, and continuing Fauni's punishment over his underwear, and finally on the bare until Fauni's bare bottom is bright red.

Loving discipline with Fauni Cate and Dr Richard Barton at Dreams of Spanking

Fauni is a brave boy, and this discipline session isn't given in anger. Dr Barton reassures Fauni that he's taking his punishment well, and that he's proud of him. Still, Dr Barton has a hard hand, and Fauni can't help wriggling and gasping as the spanks rain down without a pause. Finally he is told to get up and undress. Totally naked, Fauni seems that much younger and more vulnerable as the consensual power exchange between the two men is completed, and he fully submits to Dr Barton's dominance.

That submission is tested when Fauni is invited to select an implement from the ones laid out on the bureau. His hand hovers over several, picking them up and considering them before settling on a heavy leather strap. He brings it to Richard and offers it to him, looking every inch the good boy.

Loving discipline with Fauni Cate and Dr Richard Barton at Dreams of Spanking

Dr Barton is surprised by his choice, and once his charge is in position over the arm of the sofa, he tells Fauni that he's picked out a very fierce implement. He wants to check; does Fauni knows what he's in for? Fauni is determined to get the stress relief spanking he needs, and it seems that he's in the mood to receive a severe strapping. But as Dr Barton begins, it's clear that this strap is no joke. Has Fauni bitten off more than he can chew, and will the ferocious sting of the leather strap prove too much for him?

Loving discipline with Fauni Cate and Dr Richard Barton at Dreams of Spanking

Fauni is adorable in this scene, with some fantastic facial reactions as he receives his punishment. I love the closing shot of Fauni kneeling naked by Richard's feet, receiving some tender caresses and looking up at his top with adoring eyes. You only have to hear the way Fauni spontaneously cries out "Yes..." as the intensity of the spanking increases to know that this is truly what he needs.

Loving discipline with Fauni Cate and Dr Richard Barton at Dreams of Spanking

Male student goes over his tutor's knee

A calm, softly-spoken correction from an older male tutor? Yes please. How about a lithe, beautiful male spankee with a gorgeous smile? Yes please again.

In the latest video for Dreams of Spanking, Alexander Knight plays a University student with serious time-management issues, and Dr Richard Barton is his supportive tutor – keen to correct his mistakes in any way he can.

In this case, the correction involves a very efficient over the knee spanking on Alex's bare bottom

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Richard is fantastic as the calmly authoritative tutor, who initially jokes that Alex's problems are so serious he might benefit from 'a damn good hiding.' The moment he makes the suggestion Alexander's eyes light up.

The set-up to this scene is so perfectly British. From the initial scolding about handing in work late to the subtle 'I-want-it-but-don't-want-to-say-I-want-it' discussion about a disciplinary spanking, both Alexander and Richard are pitch-perfect. Their chemistry and coy discussion or the merits of corporal punishment creates a really believable scenario, and I genuinely felt the tension of the build-up.

There's a beautiful moment when you see Alex weigh up the benefits of a short, sharp spanking versus a longer period of less exciting correction. It's a Dreams of Spanking video, so you know he's going to choose the spanking, but watching him decide is completely delicious. Especially because when he does decide to go for the over the knee spanking, his authoritative professor immediately sets to with a calm and deliberate lesson in how punishment used to be done.

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

Two things about this stand out as particular 'oh God that's so hot' moments for me. Firstly, it cannot be overstated just how gorgeous Alexander Knight is. Not just for his smile, which is so filthy it actually makes me grin along with him, nor just for his arse, which is perfectly round and goes beautifully red as the scene builds. No, to my mind the hottest thing about Alex is the noises he makes when he gets spanked. For me, noises make the difference between 'ooh' and 'oh my God yes'. Particularly when it comes to spanking, I love hearing that a beating is being loudly appreciated. The spanking starts with some gorgeous shots of Alex's arse clad in jeans, but only a minute later Alexander pulls down his jeans to feel the sting of Richard's hands more intensely. From the sounds he makes you can really tell it's making an impact.

I'll be hearing his 'argh's and 'ouch's in my dreams for the next couple of nights, for sure.

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

The second thing I love about this scene is the character that Richard plays. He isn't a terrifying top, or a loud one: his calm determination makes this a genuinely 'unorthodox' scenario. From his initial jocular reluctance to deal out an over the knee spanking to his eventual hard slaps and careful elucidation of the problems he's trying to correct, everything he does is measured and calm, and it creates an atmosphere that you don't often get to see. There's a genuine warmth between both of the characters: Alexander wants to do better, and Richard genuinely wants to help him. It just so happens that his 'help' comes in the form of some delicious, arse-reddening pain.

Oh, and Richard also happens to do the hottest pre-spank thing that any man can do (in my humble opinion). As Alexander bends over his knee and prepares to be spanked, Richard neatly and calmly rolls up his sleeves. I have no idea why this gets me so worked up, but it really really does.

So what are you waiting for? A gorgeously controlled male top dishing out an over the knee correctional spanking to an appreciative male spankee – watch it now, and keep an eye out for Richard's rolled-up sleeves, Alex's filthy grins, and that first delicious moment when the pain (and the lesson) really hits home...

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

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