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Spanking Blogg - Spanking Awards 2014

It's the end of the year, and that means awards time. Spanking Blogg are running some Spanking Awards this year, and we've been nominated in a few categories. In fact, voting has already closed in some categories, but the rest are still open, so there's still time to get some last minute votes in.

I was thrilled to be nominated twice for the blog categories - this blog was nominated for Best News Style Blog, and my personal/political blog Spanked, Not Silenced was nominated for Best Creative Blog. The winners were announced on Christmas Eve and I was surprised and pleased by the results!

My personal blog came second in the creative category, runner up to Alex in Spankingland by Alex Reynolds, Dreams of Spanking cast member and top spanking model. Her articulate, thoughtful blog is always fascinating reading, with some wonderful writing about kink psychology, D/S and social commentary on the wider scene. Plus there are often hot spanking photos and scene reports. I love her blog - and voted for it. I couldn't think of a more deserving winner, and I'm delighted to be her runner up!

As for the news style blog - well, I was thrilled that this blog placed too, coming second to Chross the Spankologist. Given Chross' standing in the scene, and the fact that whenever he links to you in his Spankings of the Week he can send a spike of over a thousand visitors to your blog without even trying, I think that's a fair win. I wasn't expecting this blog to place at all, so it's wonderful that even after three years you still think we're worth reading.

News Style Spanking Blog

1st blog4
Winner CHROSS Spankologist BLOG

2nd blog6

Creative Spanking Blog

1st b1

Winner Alex in Spankingland

2nd b7

Runner Up Pandora Blake – Spanked not Silenced

Voting is still open for the following categories:

It's a tough choice - I wish I could vote multiple times! There are some categories still to come, including Best Male Spankee, Best Website and Most Improved Website, so please do nominate your favourites for those categories, and keep checking back to Spanking Blogg for new polls as they open. And most importantly, please support your favourite performers and producers in the spanking industry by casting your vote!

Spanking Blogg - Spanking Awards 2014

Finally, it's the time of year when the Rise Awards are open for nominations. Last year Dreams of Spanking was thrilled to be a runner-up for the Fan Favourite award - let's see if we can beat that this year! The adult industry is often dominated by the big mainstream sites but its the small cottage sites that are often the most creative and interesting. Head on over and nominate your favourite porn sites - let's give small, queer, independent fetish sites some love! 

New update: The Other School behind the scenes

The Other School - Behind the Scenes

The Other School - behind the scenes

Performers: Alex Reynolds, Christy Cutie, Maddy Marks, Pandora Blake, Paul Kennedy

Lots of giggling and silliness during the shooting of "The Other School". Includes yard bunnies, the chumble blanket, skirts blowing up in the wind, false starts, the logistics of shooting a five-person improvised scene with only two cameras, and Paul accidentally only giving Pandora five-of-the-best! (Don't worry, she kept count and made sure she got the sixth...)

I've just uploaded the behind the scenes and out-takes video for The Other School - six minutes of candid documentary footage from our ambitious four-schoolgirl caning video!

Parts of this are sexy, parts are silly, and parts are pure gold - like this accidentally up-skirt moment when the April breeze catches Maddy Marks' rather short school skirt and flips it up to reveal her knickers!

Upskirt moment behind the scenes with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie - Dreams of Spanking Upskirt moment behind the scenes with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie - Dreams of Spanking

This was a really fun shoot - Maddy, Christy and Alex are all great fun to be around, and the three of them together are a recipe for cute business. It was also lovely to have Alex's boyfriends Paul Kennedy and Rafael Gamboa behind the camera, helped out by Christy's daddy ATP when Paul was performing. The connections and friendships on set made the whole thing feel very safe and relaxed. I love my porn family.

Alex has written a fantastic blogpost about shooting this film which you can read here, and which picks up on quite a few lovely moments which I'd managed to forget:

Obviously, this plan ends badly for Pandora and I, and in my nervousness as we wait to be caned I engage in a lot of excessive anxious hair twirling and the two of us whisper about our fears of what will happen to us next. We're then interrupted by the stern voice of Mr. Kennedy ordering us in.

We filmed this little bit in just a couple of minutes, but it had a strong effect on both Pandora and I. When it comes to school type scenes, we share a lot of the same kinks, and this moment really played into it for both of us. Apprehension, formality, sternness, the bond between those being punished together... all these things were spot on for both of us. I remember after we filmed this bit, Pandora turned to me and said "Well, that's most of my school kink summarized in two minutes".

Read the rest of this post »

Check out the scene page for lots more fun behind the scene moments!

Behind the scenes during the filming of The Other School - Dreams of Spanking Behind the scenes during the filming of The Other School - Dreams of Spanking Behind the scenes during the filming of The Other School - Dreams of Spanking

Would you volunteer to share a caning?

When Girl on the Net started to help with the blogposts about our new scenes, I immediately felt like a weight had been lifted. I didn't realise how draining it was to promote my own films - particularly the ones I was in - until I no longer had to do it. But sometimes it turns out I still have something to say, and our latest film, The Other School, is one such case. I liked what Girl on the Net had to say about it - but I hope she doesn't mind if I add my own comments, too.

Six of the best cold cane strokes for four schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

Girl on the Net: Ouch, ouch, ouch. I winced at every single cane stroke in this video (and there are plenty of them to wince about!). After sneaking out of school, naughty schoolgirls Pandora Blake and Alex Reynolds are in serious trouble. Not only do they both have to bend over for a cold caning, but each girl is made to stand and watch while the other is punished. I felt a certain solidarity in wincing at Alex's cane strokes, because Pandora, standing in the background, was wincing right along with me.

Six of the best cold cane strokes for four schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora Blake: I certainly was! Alex already had a very sore bottom by the time we came to film this scene, and this was definitely one of those instances where my director self felt guilty for being responsible for my friend getting punished. Just like Maddy and Christy in this film, in fact. They play the two schoolgirls from the more modern, relaxed school, who get away with only detention after encouraging me and Alex to play truant with them.

Girl on the Net: ;It's not just Pandora and Alex who are in for a beating - this video has four totally gorgeous spankees, all in some way responsible, and all in for a share of the punishment. Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie play the troublesome friends whose bad influence tempted the other girls to play truant, and the always excellent Paul Kennedy plays the firm but fair teacher.

Six of the best cold cane strokes for four schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora Blake: I loved the idea of a story based on four schoolgirls from two different schools: one regular high school, where Maddy and Christy are allowed to wear cute uniforms, short skirts, hair bows and heels - and the much stricter school across the park, where discipline is still severe and old-fashioned, with corporal punishment administered to naughty schoolgirls behind closed doors. For me, the hottest thing about school punishment is the horror of it - the idea that it's the worst thing that could possibly happen, and so humiliating that you would never talk about it in front of your friends from a more lenient school. Which is why Maddy and Christy don't realise how much trouble they're causing until it's too late...

Girl on the Net:  When they see how harshly their friends are being dealt with, Maddy and Christy intervene, and request that they receive a share of the punishment. Missing the last lesson of the day to go and have fun was their idea, after all - so it's only fair.

Their selflessness is admirable, and headmaster Paul Kennedy is impressed by their honesty and courage. He agrees to split the punishment between all four schoolgirls. After each girl has received her punishment, she steps back to the wall – bare bottom still on show, of course – and the others gather round to hold hands and comfort her.

Six of the best cold cane strokes for four schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

I'm not sure, personally, what I would prefer: twelve cane strokes over my knickers in front of an audience of just one, or six cane strokes on my bare bottom but in front of three of my friends. What do you think? I like the idea of crowding together after a shared caning, comparing marks and comforting each other, but at the same time I think in front of others I tend to try and muffle my squeals, and act far more stoic than I'm feeling inside. 

Pandora Blake:  There's certainly a difference between Alex's full-blooded squeals when it's only me watching, and her more restrained reactions once Christy and Maddy are present. To be honest, I don't know if I'd feel guilty or grateful if my friends decided to rescue me by volunteering to share my punishment.  Fewer strokes sounds good -  but if I went to a very strict school and my friends went to a more relaxed one, I'm not sure I'd want them to see what went on behind closed doors.  It would be embarrassing enough to have to bend over and bare my bottom for a caning – never mind doing so in front of my friends who weren't used to this method of discipline.

Six of the best cold cane strokes for four schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking
Six of the best cold cane strokes for four schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

Girl on the Net: So did Christy and Maddy do the right thing? Pandora and Alex seemed pretty grateful. At the end of the scene there's a gorgeous shot of all the girls' bottoms lined up in a row – cane marks burning bright red against their pale skin. The marks look painful, but it's hard to forget that the punishment would have been twice as bad if it weren't for their friends' intervention.

Headmaster Paul Kennedy makes it clear that he's proud of Christy and Maddy for taking responsibility and owning up to their part in the mischief. But what would you do in that situation? I confess tend to shrink from the cane – it terrifies me in a way most implements don't – so I suspect I'd have kept schtum, maybe buying my mates a drink later to say sorry for their sore bottoms. On the other hand, I do have a pretty sizeable crush on Paul Kennedy, so perhaps I'd be tempted to sneak into the gym and see if I could take six hard cane strokes from him. How about you?

New behind the scenes photos

As well as our behind the scenes videos and blooper reels, we also like to upload candid photos which capture out of character moments and give you a glimpse into the atmosphere on set. Here are a few of the behind the scenes photos we have uploaded recently:

Teaching Experience - Behind the scenes Teaching Experience - Behind the scenes Sent to the Dean - Behind the scenes Sent to the Dean - Behind the scenes Naughty Niece Christy - Behind the scenes Naughty Niece Christy - Behind the scenes The Seating Plan - Behind the scenes Davids Strict Governess - Behind the scenes Davids Strict Governess - Behind the scenes Intervention - Behind the scenes Intervention - Behind the scenes Her Married Sister - Behind the scenes

The full size versions of all these photos - and more - are available for members to view if you click through to the individual scene page.

New behind the scenes and performer interview!

If you click through to Naughty Niece Christy you will see two behind the scenes videos - the out-takes film. and a performer interview featuring Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks.

Part of my mission with Dreams of Spanking is to create a truly performer-centric porn site. Our spanking stars are creatively involved in writing their scenes, choosing their co-stars, and they have input into the implements and severity of the CP they receive. We are also passionate about always talking about our wonderful performers respectfully. No degrading porn buzzwords here!

When watching spanking and punishment porn I think it's so important to know that the people on the receiving end are genuine spanking enthusiasts, and had a good time making the film. I'm constantly looking for new ways to let the performers I work with express themselves - in their own terms, without putting words in their mouths. One way is to make all the performer interviews on Dreams of Spanking totally free to watch, so even non-members can get to know our wonderful spanking stars! Another way is to put the interviews on YouTube - when they aren't too naked, of course... (so that's most of my interviews out, then!)

Here we have Christy Cutie, the bubble-bottomed star of our new strapping video, and tall, elegant redhead Maddy Marks, talking about kink, relationships, switching, their oldest fantasies and more. A chance to get to know two amazing fetish professionals and lifestyle kinksters.

And the members-only outtakes video for Naughty Niece Christy contains some pure behind the scenes gold. My favourite moments are the texts mischievous Christy sends Paul - which are too full of cute smilies and emoticons to show on camera; and the smile on her face after the scene has wrapped, when she tells Alex Reynolds, "that's a yummy strap!"

Behind the scenes out-takes video for Naughty Niece Christy - only at Dreams of Spanking

By the way, if you've been paying attention you'll have noticed that Naughty Niece Christy has a new type of streaming video player for those of you who prefer to watch online rather than downloading. Replacing our old flash-based popup player, the new player uses HTML5 video. There's a fullscreen option if you want to watch in full resolution, or you can stream using the player embedded in the page. I'd love to know how it plays on your different devices. We won't be applying the changes retroactively, but going forward every new scene will use this format for streaming video - and with a bit of work, I'm hoping we might even be able to turn it into a workable video player for smartphones and ipads.

Members can watch the full film of Naughty Niece Christy and the behind the scenes outtakes video, and non-members can test the new player by watching the free video trailer and the interview with Christy and Maddy. Let me know how it looks!

Angry or calm - what's the best kind of spanking?

I think the spankings I've had generally fall into one of two categories: the “I'm so angry with you right now” spanking and the “this is for your own good.”

The “angry” spankings usually happen when I've deliberately been bratty to try and get a harder beating, whereas the others have a kind of calm, sexy intensity that makes me feel as if I'll get what's coming to me no matter how I behave.

Which do I prefer? I'm not sure I can really decide, especially since I've just watched this week's amazing scene with Christy Cutie and Paul Kennedy, in which the beating definitely falls into the 'calm and collected' category.

Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking

Uncle Paul takes his naughty niece Christy in hand when she accidentally messes up his work. He's warned her that he'll be busy while she's staying with him over the summer, but ignoring his advice to stay out of his way, she decides to 'helpfully' go into his office and tidy his desk. This is Dreams of Spanking so – of course – some seriously hot punishment is in order.

He instructs her to bend over the desk and deals out a firm hand spanking over her tight jeans. And here is where I melt a little bit (OK, a lot) with desire.

Paul has a fantastically calm authority. As 'Uncle Paul', he adopts a kind of weary 'why do you make me do this?' attitude that makes me tingle in just the right way.

He's not angry – he's disappointed.

Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking

If you've seen Christy on Dreams of Spanking before (and if you haven't then you should check out Her Married Sister) you'll know that she's utterly beautiful, as well as a brilliant character actress. Her happy-go-lucky naughty niece character works so beautifully against Paul's 'disappointed uncle' and as she squeals with each stinging smack, you can tell she's mainly upset that she's let him down.

Of course, when he asks her to pull down her jeans and knickers for a strapping on the bare bottom, she pouts and trembles just as any naughty niece would, when she knows there's no getting out of it.

Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking

I think scenes like this can work both ways. In my fantasies, when I'm the one being strapped over a desk because of some minor misdemeanour, I've often found myself torn between a 'calm' or an 'angry' beating.

Sometimes I picture the guy who is beating me as someone so incensed that he can't prevent himself from lashing out with far more than I really deserve. At other times he's calm, measured, and practically sighing with disappointment that I've let him down again. Both are amazing, but which is your favourite?

I'd recommend you watch Naughty Niece Christy first – when you see Paul berating Christy for requiring punishment and therefore taking up his valuable time, you'll see what I mean about the appeal of a calm, collected disciplinarian.

Vintage 1950s spanking with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie

When Pandora sent me Her Married Sister to watch, she gave it a content warning: “Our sympathies are with Maddy's character, Dreams of Spanking does not endorse patriarchal power structures ;)” I couldn't help but laugh. That's one of the things I love about this site - Pandora takes traditional fantasy scenarios and creates playful, beautiful, hot videos that subvert these old tropes rather than reinforcing them.

In this vintage spanking film, the 1950s context means that although it's terribly unfair, we know that Christy is within her rights at the time to dish out punishment to Maddy. The hotness comes just as much from the underlying power play as from the gorgeous bottoms.

Click to view trailer for Her%20Married%20Sister

In 'Her Married Sister' Christy Cutie is eager to exert authority over her older sister Maddy Marks. Now that she's married, Christy considers herself to be in charge of household matters, and she thinks her sister must be punished for giving orders to the staff.

Maddy is not just upset and humiliated – she's outraged! Although she submits to the spanking, she protests and squeals with frustration throughout. Of the pair, she's clearly the one most keen to break out of the traditional roles – like Mad Men's Peggy Olsen she's raging against an old-fashioned system that gives married women greater respect.

I sympathise - it must be hard enough having to put up with old-fashioned sexist views that say a woman is more valuable when she's attached to a man, but to have to let your younger sister put you over her knee and spank you? I'd be as unhappy as Maddy is.

Humiliating sister spanking with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie

These two ladies are absolutely stunning - Maddy with gorgeous red hair and a perfectly-shaped bottom, tall and willowy in beautiful contrast with Christy Cutie's luscious curves. They're not just different in looks, though – from the way the sisters bicker back and forth you can tell they have very different outlooks. Maddy's outrage is made more exciting by the fact that Christy is clearly revelling in the rules that give her the upper hand, giggling and smiling like the cat that's got the cream. Each smack on her older sister's bare bottom underlines her new-found authority.

I'd continue the Mad Men analogy, but although Christy's got the gorgeous looks of a Joan, I'm not sure any character in the series is as delighted with the old-fashioned status quo as Christy seems to be! Not only does she think it's her right to spank her older sister, but she's thoroughly enjoying every stinging smack. From her arrogant assertion that 'I'm in charge' to her giggles and grins when her sister squirms under her firm hand, I'm certain this won't be the last time Christy insists on giving her sister a bare bottom spanking.

Humiliating sister spanking with Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie

Shooting in LA: Christy and Maddy

Schoolgirls Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

The first Sunday I was in Los Angeles, Paul Kennedy put together a group shoot for Dreams and Northern Spanking, with Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie, me and Alex Reynolds, plus Alex's boyfriend Rafael helping out behind the camera.

Paul booked us a big studio with lots of different spaces - far more, really, than we had time to use over six scenes. We used four different sets in total plus the outdoor areas, and having so many people on set made the transitions surprisingly straightforward, so that the day as a whole felt very relaxed.

We had an epic snack table. Ethical porn might not be all about the catering, but good food on set definitely helps!

Shoot food at Dreams of Spanking

I hadn't shot with Christy and Maddy before, but I'd heard great things about them and was looking forward to meeting them. I also knew they were good friends with Alex and guessed they'd work well together. It turned out that the three of them together are quite the brat pack. What with the bows, the pigtails and the seemingly endless reserves of excitable energy, it was like a cuteness explosion!

Cute schoolgirls Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie at Northern Spanking

It's an unwritten law of spanking video production that when you have the opportunity to shoot with three or more bottoms at once, you have to do a school scene. The schoolgirl genre has been so overdone that I'm getting pretty bored with it these days (schoolboy, on the contrary, I am still entirely delighted by), but particularly when you have to find a plausible setup for a school scene with only one girl. For me, the point of the school kink is group punishments, social dynamics and public embarrassment.

So multiple spankees make it much more interesting, and given the opportunity to have up to four spankees and one spanker in front of the camera at once, both Paul and I leapt at the chance. We shot three school scenes overall that day, two for Northern and one for Dreams.

Schoolgirls Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie paddled by headmistress Pandora Blake at Northern Spanking

Christy and Alex were too adorable in their matching school uniforms for Northern Spanking. Even better, I got to paddle them both side by side in my role as the strict headmistress!

When planning the Dreams of Spanking scenes, I'd emailed Christy and Maddy beforehand and consulted them. It was hard to know what would work without seeing the venue first - and without having met them yet. I scoured their blogs and tweets for inspiration.

I wanted each of them to bottom twice, so each girl would only be spanked four times over the course of the day, which required a bit of juggling. I asked if they liked to switch, and Christy seemed a little more keen than Maddy, so in the end I plumped for an F/F scene with Christy spanking Maddy, an M/F scene between Paul and Christy, and a four girl scene with Paul caning all of us.

Christy Cutie spanked at Dreams of Spanking

The girl/girl scene was inspired by an illustration I found on tumblr, which to me suggests the power dynamic between a newly married sister and the one still living at home. In olden times, of course, when young ladies always lived at home until they were married. To give it an extra twist, I made Christy the younger sister, who lords it over her older unmarried sister Maddy in much the same way as Lydia does over Jane and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice, when she comes back as Mrs Wickham.

Christy Cutie is Maddy Marks' married sister at Dreams of Spanking

Our school film was based on a storyline by Steve C, a friend in the scene, who originally wrote it for two schoolgirls and two schoolboys. (So tempting - but I don't know when or if I'll ever be able to assemble that sort of cast! Perhaps I can reprise the idea later if it becomes possible.) Alex and I took on the roles played by boys in the original, as swots from the posh, private school which is very strict. Here we are in our boring plain uniforms.

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake as schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake as schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

Meanwhile, Christy and Maddy's school is considerably more relaxed - and their uniforms are way cuter!

Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie as schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

The story is about the contrast between the disciplinary styles at the two schools ... and how Christy and Maddy get an in-person demonstration of strict, old fashioned school punishment. I think Rafa snapped this photo of the other three while I was touching my toes in the school hall for a caning. Given they're waiting by the wall for their turn, I'm pretty sure they should all be looking more sympathetic - or nervous...

We rounded the day off with an austere institutional scene for Northern Spanking, with all of us punished in the great hall on stage while Paul addressed an imaginary assembly. Hot!

Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie and Pandora Blake are orphans punished at Northern Spanking Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie and Pandora Blake are orphans punished at Northern Spanking

I really enjoyed working with Christy and Maddy - they are both enthusiastic spankos and great fun on set. They look fantastic and have great roleplay skills, and they can take a good spanking too! Alex has written a great report on this shoot on the Northern Spanking forum, with lots of behind the scenes tidbits and more details about the scenes we shot for Northern.

After the shoot we all went out for dinner and Maddy and Christy's boyfriends joined us too. The night was rounded off with some fun in the hot tub. Overall it was one of the most relaxed shoot days I've ever been on. If only it was always that easy!

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