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New behind the scenes photos

As well as our behind the scenes videos and blooper reels, we also like to upload candid photos which capture out of character moments and give you a glimpse into the atmosphere on set. Here are a few of the behind the scenes photos we have uploaded recently:

Teaching Experience - Behind the scenes Teaching Experience - Behind the scenes Sent to the Dean - Behind the scenes Sent to the Dean - Behind the scenes Naughty Niece Christy - Behind the scenes Naughty Niece Christy - Behind the scenes The Seating Plan - Behind the scenes Davids Strict Governess - Behind the scenes Davids Strict Governess - Behind the scenes Intervention - Behind the scenes Intervention - Behind the scenes Her Married Sister - Behind the scenes

The full size versions of all these photos - and more - are available for members to view if you click through to the individual scene page.

What is it about the stinging whack of the ruler?

At school, along with the inevitabilities of squashed sandwiches and forgotten PE kits, one thing was certain: when it came time to measure things using metre sticks in science or maths class, some wag would use the metre ruler to playfully swat one of their mates. Nothing serious or painful, just fooling around.

At the time something about it gave me a kick, and I didn't understand why. Likewise if a friend whacked me on the hand with one of the smaller plastic rulers. It hurt a bit, but more than that – it was interesting. Interesting in a way that made me realise I... well... perhaps I had a bit of a thing for it.

Rulers aren't naturally my favourite implement, as a spankee: they're whippy and stingy enough that they're reminiscent of the cane – something I struggle to take for more than six strokes before I'm clutching my bottom and praying for a belt or another soft and thwacky implement instead. But to watch, they work wonders. Just like the cane, there's a very specific tone: that of the strict schoolteacher or, in the case of this week's video, the calmly authoritative Dean of a University college.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

This strict male/male spanking scene with Dr Richard Barton and Alexander Knight features a severe punishment with the wooden ruler. It starts out firm but fair, and takes place over Alex's formal trousers. Pragmatic, and a little brusque: Alexander has broken the rules, so he must bend over for a whacking. Although he gasps and winces as the ruler falls, it's obvious from Dr Barton's unruffled demeanour that this kind of corporal punishment is par for the course.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

Afterwards though, when Alexander challenges the method of punishment itself, Dr Barton's character becomes genuinely angry. This is the kind of role I think Dr Barton is perfect for: the authoritarian master of an historical institution, who sincerely believes in corporal punishment as the means to correct poor behaviour.

An upstart student challenging that idea is not to be borne, and he insists that Alexander bends back over - this time lowering his trousers and baring his naked bottom to the stinging wood.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

I think that the fact it's done with a ruler rather than any other implement gives this spanking scene a particular tone. A ruler is a practical tool. A no-nonsense spanking implement that's easily to hand - and one which can potentially deliver surprisingly intense pain with little exertion. It can be used to deliver a firm, measured punishment - but it can also be wielded more fiercely if the spankee isn't paying attention.

Which brings me to the hottest bit of this scene, for me: about ten minutes in, when Alexander is asked a question. The poor boy is flustered and hesitates - presumably still reeling from the burning strokes of the ruler he's just been given – and Dr Barton loses his patience and administers a ferocious flurry of blows that leave Alexander's bottom red and marked.

Strict wooden ruler punishment for a naughty university student

One thing I love about the ruler – a quality it shares with the cane – is the whooshing, cracking sound it makes. It takes me straight back to school, and the memory of the other kids messing around with the metre rules in science lessons. Of course, I was lucky not to go to school at the time this story is set, and my exposure to the ruler was just playful fun, nothing extreme or painful. But watching this video brought back that vivid memory of a whish-smack, and a laugh, and a 'hmmm... I wonder why I find this so interesting.'

It's clear that outwardly, Alexander's character is outraged to be beaten with a wooden ruler by the Dean of his University college. But I think I can detect a slight smile on his face at certain moments in this video - and I can't help but wonder if despite his protests, he is thinking something similar...

A strict punishment for two poor evacuees

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

This two-part historical spanking story features Molly Malone and Alexander Knight as two young, trembling, nervous evacuees. Sent away from the city of London to safety during the Blitz, they've obviously heard some horror stories about what might await them - you can practically hear their knees knocking as they warily approach the front door of the big country house that is to be their new home.

As it happens they're right to worry, because they find themselves cast on the mercy of the tremendously strict Dr Richard Barton. I love Richard's style as a top – it works so well in teacher/student scenes, old-fashioned Victorian punishment scenes, and much more. He's so incredibly precise in his speech and movements; carefully smoothing his clothes as he sits down to take Molly over his knee for a spanking, and enunciating every single word with clear gravitas, making sure that she knows exactly what she's in for.

The moment in part two when he turns to her and pronounces “as for you, young lady...” is still making me squirm in my seat.

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

Part one of this story is as much about the tingling build up as the punishment itself.

I'm a huge fan of the simple and beautiful way that guys who top often roll their sleeves up before a spanking, and Dr Barton chooses his moment in this film with devastating precision. Alexander is already quaking in his boots - never having been spanked and having been forced to watch Molly endure a hard hand spanking. He trips over himself to apologise before Dr Barton has even told him off, clearly terrified and not wanting to make things any worse than they already are. He is shaking and breathing hard when he has to lower himself over the knee, and Dr Barton seems to take a particular pleasure in prolonguing his agony, taking the time to carefully unbutton his shirt and roll up to his sleeve in preparation for the spanking to come.

The anticipation is delicious. Throughout the opening sequences of this film I found myself latching on to every warning, every nervous 'yes sir', and every calm order from Richard Barton, just waiting for the moment when he'd express displeasure.

When it comes, it's more compelling because it's clearly the first time either Molly or Alexander's character has been spanked. Their shock at the stinging pain of a bare bottom spanking is expressed in gasps and squeals, and is utterly riveting. It's not surprising that Alexander's reactions should be intense, because in real life this was his first ever spanking film, and the first time he had submitted to a proper punishment spanking in the old-fashioned style. Watching this film I felt very sorry for him - he clearly struggled to take Dr Barton's stinging hand spanks, and his shocked face is almost as red as his bottom.

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

In part two, the story picks up exactly where it left off in the previous scene: Molly's red bottom bared to highlight her humiliation, and both of the evacuees facing the wall while Dr Barton contemplates their next punishment.

I have to admit to some more bias here, which is that I absolutely love the leather strap. Dr Barton brandishes it with relish, clearly enjoying the effect the sight of the long leather implement is having on his young charges. He orders Molly and Alexander to bend over opposite arms of the sofa, bottoms bared and faces screwed up in fear as they wait for the first smacks to fall. Molly tries to console her little brother, clasping his hands and whispering that everything is going to be alright.

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

Again, the build up of tension is key to what works in this scene – I was itching with anticipation as Richard strode around the sofa, berating his charges for their poor behaviour. When the strap inevitably falls, with a loud whack onto Molly's bare bottom, she squeals in agony - making Alexander jump in terror, and his heart pound even harder.

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

Part two sees a solid strapping for Molly, and the gorgeous image of the evacuee brother and sister comforting each other and trying to steel themselves to endure the punishment. Richard is his usual stoic, professional self, giving an impression of a strict headmaster so perfect that it almost exactly matches the kind of aloof disciplinarian who sometimes punishes me in my fantasies. Molly and Alexander play the trembling schoolgirl and schoolboy to perfection. 'The Evacuees' is one of those timeless spanking scenarios which is always a treat to see played out on video, and I suspect this film will be popular with traditional spanking fans for a long time to come.

Strict punishment for two poor evacuees - historical spanking from Dreams of Spanking

School spankings for Pandora and Alexander

Hands up who loves school? Well, school punishment scenes, at any rate. Even if you didn't enjoy your time at school, and dreaded getting detention when you were younger, there's something about school fantasy as an adult. Personally I think there's an irresistible appeal about both of our latest school-themed Dreams of Spanking updates.

Alexander Knight stars in the amazing film 'Unearned Punishment', suffering a harsh-looking caning from headmaster Dr Richard Barton. There's a delicious build up to his undeserved punishment caning as he stands with Pandora Blake outside the headmaster's office, both wincing in sympathy as they overhear the swish and crack of the cane, and the tortured cries of poor Molly Malone being beaten inside.

Unearned school punishment caning at Dreams of Spanking

Check it out if you love school caning stories, and especially if you (like me) love Alexander Knight – he has an exceptional pain face, and looks especially cute in grey school shorts. It's probably because it's the start of summer, but I have a real thing for shorts right now. Luckily this video will keep me topped up on shorts-based filth for a while!

Unearned school punishment caning at Dreams of Spanking

We've also got an amazing schoolgirl spanking photoset for you, and a bonus video to go with it. If you're a fan of the slipper, as well as Pandora's lovely bottom, check out 'Schoolgirl's Secret'. Pandora gets dressed up in a tight school skirt, complete with shirt, tie and inexcusably sexy knee-high socks, then treats herself to a solo spanking.

It's a brilliantly intimate video – just Pandora and the camera – and if you've ever wanted to watch a schoolgirl fantasy behind closed doors, as it were, then this is the perfect opportunity.

Schoolgirl spanking for Pandora Blake in a tight school skirt Schoolgirl spanking for Pandora Blake in a tight school skirt

So there we have it - two sexy school-themed updates: a solo spanking with hand and slipper and a vicious unearned punishment caning. Way more fun than homework, I'm sure you'll agree!

Belted while stepmother looks on

When this week's video arrived in my inbox I was so excited. I've really been looking forward to this final chapter in our Victorian spanking trilogy, in which both Alexander Knight and Molly Malone have already felt the sting of old-fashioned domestic discipline.

In chapter one Alex was spanked by his strict stepmother, and Molly took him over her knee with a distinctly gleeful delight, keen to establish herself as a powerful force in the household. In chapter two, Molly's husband Dr Richard Barton returned home and corrected his wife with some calmly authoritative marital discipline for taking matters into her own hands.

In this final chapter, both strict stepmother and stern pater familias present a united front against young Alex. The poor boy is forced to bend over for a thrashing with the leather belt, while a triumphant Molly witnesses his humiliation.

Victorian domestic belt thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Richard and Molly are utterly intimidating as they stand together by the fireplace – exactly as proper Victorian disciplinarians should. Stern, calm, authoritative, you can tell by Alex's trembling voice that he knows he won't be able to argue his way out of punishment.

The build-up to the beating is thrilling – Dr Richard Barton scolds Alex sternly about his behaviour, peppered with all the language that makes the Victorian period such fun for for spanking play. Alexander is told that he looks like a 'dandified fop' - and Dr Barton isn't furious, – he's 'very very displeased'.

What sends shivers down my spine is the very real look of fear on Alexander's face. I get the impression that he's so deep into his role that he's no longer entirely acting - the stern Dr Barton instils a genuine terror - exactly the kind you'd feel if you were really standing before him, waiting to be given a hard thrashing with the belt.

As he bends over, nervously presenting his bare bottom for the punishment, you can see that it is still red raw from the over the knee spanking he got from Molly Malone in chapter one. However, this beating puts that one in the shade.

Victorian domestic belt thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Alex's facial expressions make for compelling watching. When someone's getting spanked I like to know just how much it's affecting them - if you're the same then Alexander doesn't disappoint. From his terrified face after the first stroke to his gasps of shock as the belt lashes his bottom, you can tell the punishment is a severe one.

This thrashing is made even hotter by our knowledge of the relationship between the characters. Unrepentant Molly watches with a face like the cat that got the cream. She had previously threatened Alexander that her husband would take her side - and now she's totally vindicated. There can be few things more embarrassing for a young man than to be punished while a woman watches. Dr Barton is belting the boy because he believes it's the right thing to do, but Molly seems to take a sadistic pleasure in Alexander's suffering, and enjoys his cries of pain with undisguised delight.

Alexander does his best to be stoic and brave, but towards the end he can't help it - this is such a hard belt whipping that he breaks position and chokes back some sobs. At the ninth stroke I was wondering whether he'd make it to the end without begging for mercy. 

Victorian domestic belt thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Want to find out if he did? Of course you do. 

Victorian spanking for Alexander

In order to really knock someone down, first you've got to build them up. That's why, when Alexander Knight walked into the first shot of this latest video, I rubbed my hands with glee. Dressed in an incredibly smart outfit, complete with waistcoat and bow tie, he looks dignified, posh, privileged, and the ideal candidate for being taken down a peg or two.

Molly Malone's strict stepmother character is the perfect person to do it: severe and authoritative, she is clearly determined to make Alex see the error of his ways. The build up to his punishment is beautiful power play, partly because of his utter astonishment that his own stepmother intends to physically punish him – he protests that she is “barely a year older” and the idea of her spanking him is “utterly, utterly ridiculous”. Yet there's a delicious anticipation as we know – from Molly's firm reprimands and barked instructions – that this is a power struggle she will most certainly win.

Victorian spanking from Alexander's strict stepmother at Dreams of Spanking

After the intense chastisement at the beginning, I'd have expected Alexander to be meek and humble as he accepts his inevitable fate. But it's infinitely more fun than that – as Molly delivers smack after smack onto his lovely bottom, he continues with his outraged protestations. She grips him tight around the waist to keep him in place as he's spanked, and you can see him growing redder in the face as well as the arse – it's the perfect humiliation.

As I say, it's far more fun to knock someone down if they're on a pedestal to begin with, and my favourite thing about this video is watching Alex go from blustering surprise to outraged resistance, and finally settling in to anguished acceptance of his fate. About four and a half minutes in his expression twists into a reflection of his pain, and by seven minutes he's twitching and clenching his teeth with every smack of the paddle.

Victorian spanking from Alexander's strict stepmother at Dreams of Spanking

Molly plays her part to perfection too – from the high-necked dress and old-fashioned bonnet, reminiscent of a Victorian governess, to her clipped tones and barked orders, she is every inch the strict stepmother. The way she holds Alex so firmly across her lap as she delivers a hand-spanking and some hard smacks with the paddle show that she is practised in doing this – it makes you wonder just where her character learned to spank so beautifully, and if she's been on the lookout for an opportunity to wield the paddle on Alex's bottom...

Pandora tells me that this is the first in a three-part series, and I cannot wait for part two, which sees the arrival of Alex's father – Molly's husband – played by Dr Richard Barton. This is going to be awesome – in 'Spanked by Stepmother' Molly tells Alex that her husband would thoroughly approve of her dishing out domestic discipline to her stepson, and Alex wasn't quite brave enough to call her bluff. I can't wait for the second instalment to see if she was really correct...

So keep an eye out for part two which is on its way soon, and in the meantime enjoy Part 1, with Molly Malone as the strict stepmother and Alexander Knight as the naughty stepson who is eventually stripped of his dignity - as well as his trousers.

Click to view trailer for Spanked%20by%20Stepmother

Male student goes over his tutor's knee

A calm, softly-spoken correction from an older male tutor? Yes please. How about a lithe, beautiful male spankee with a gorgeous smile? Yes please again.

In the latest video for Dreams of Spanking, Alexander Knight plays a University student with serious time-management issues, and Dr Richard Barton is his supportive tutor – keen to correct his mistakes in any way he can.

In this case, the correction involves a very efficient over the knee spanking on Alex's bare bottom

Click to view trailer for An%20Unorthodox%20Tutorial

Richard is fantastic as the calmly authoritative tutor, who initially jokes that Alex's problems are so serious he might benefit from 'a damn good hiding.' The moment he makes the suggestion Alexander's eyes light up.

The set-up to this scene is so perfectly British. From the initial scolding about handing in work late to the subtle 'I-want-it-but-don't-want-to-say-I-want-it' discussion about a disciplinary spanking, both Alexander and Richard are pitch-perfect. Their chemistry and coy discussion or the merits of corporal punishment creates a really believable scenario, and I genuinely felt the tension of the build-up.

There's a beautiful moment when you see Alex weigh up the benefits of a short, sharp spanking versus a longer period of less exciting correction. It's a Dreams of Spanking video, so you know he's going to choose the spanking, but watching him decide is completely delicious. Especially because when he does decide to go for the over the knee spanking, his authoritative professor immediately sets to with a calm and deliberate lesson in how punishment used to be done.

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

Two things about this stand out as particular 'oh God that's so hot' moments for me. Firstly, it cannot be overstated just how gorgeous Alexander Knight is. Not just for his smile, which is so filthy it actually makes me grin along with him, nor just for his arse, which is perfectly round and goes beautifully red as the scene builds. No, to my mind the hottest thing about Alex is the noises he makes when he gets spanked. For me, noises make the difference between 'ooh' and 'oh my God yes'. Particularly when it comes to spanking, I love hearing that a beating is being loudly appreciated. The spanking starts with some gorgeous shots of Alex's arse clad in jeans, but only a minute later Alexander pulls down his jeans to feel the sting of Richard's hands more intensely. From the sounds he makes you can really tell it's making an impact.

I'll be hearing his 'argh's and 'ouch's in my dreams for the next couple of nights, for sure.

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

The second thing I love about this scene is the character that Richard plays. He isn't a terrifying top, or a loud one: his calm determination makes this a genuinely 'unorthodox' scenario. From his initial jocular reluctance to deal out an over the knee spanking to his eventual hard slaps and careful elucidation of the problems he's trying to correct, everything he does is measured and calm, and it creates an atmosphere that you don't often get to see. There's a genuine warmth between both of the characters: Alexander wants to do better, and Richard genuinely wants to help him. It just so happens that his 'help' comes in the form of some delicious, arse-reddening pain.

Oh, and Richard also happens to do the hottest pre-spank thing that any man can do (in my humble opinion). As Alexander bends over his knee and prepares to be spanked, Richard neatly and calmly rolls up his sleeves. I have no idea why this gets me so worked up, but it really really does.

So what are you waiting for? A gorgeously controlled male top dishing out an over the knee correctional spanking to an appreciative male spankee – watch it now, and keep an eye out for Richard's rolled-up sleeves, Alex's filthy grins, and that first delicious moment when the pain (and the lesson) really hits home...

Gorgeous male submissive Alexander takes a firm over the knee spanking

Watch 'An unorthodox tutorial'

Exciting news: photo-editing and copywriting

It's been quite a week - in a good way. Last weekend I attended (and presented at) an erotic fiction writers' conference, which was a fantastic opportunity for inspiration and networking. Among other things I took away the desire to do more sex blogging, which led to me writing about the breast punishment scene D surprised me with on Monday night. I also made a number of useful connections including - most excitingly - hiring a new professional copywriter for this website.

If you like spanking, hate patriarchy and read sex blogs, you probably already know Girl on the Net. I'm over the moon to be able to announce that she is joining the Dreams of Spanking team as a freelance copywriter, and will be writing film blurbs, blogposts and other bits and pieces. I love her sharp, punchy writing style and am really excited about this collaboration. She loves spanking, loves porn and has an eye for hot men, so I think she'll be perfect.

The other exciting news behind the scenes is that my assistant AJ is expanding her role to take on some of the photo editing. This should hopefully make it easier for us to include midweek photosets in our update schedule, and well as freeing more time for me to focus on video editing, business development and promotion. AJ has a background in photography and has done image processing before, so when I spent the afternoon showing her the ropes last Thursday she picked it up without any problems.

It's a pleasure to be able to delegate more of the regular work involved in the running of the site, and to give AJ's level of responsibility a boost. I'm confident that she will deliver fantastic images and can't wait to share her work with you.

On Friday night we found ourselves both working on Dreams of Spanking photosets at the same time - her on a forthcoming gallery introducing new male spankee Alexander Knight, and me on the stills accompanying our latest film, Slight Damage to the Rear End. It was lovely to have someone sharing the load behind the scenes, and we chatted away in IRC and even co-ordinated preview tweets!

AJ Levi@wanktruffle
Working on a new photoset for @DreamofSpanking, featuring our adorable new boy, Alexander. Lovely smile, lovely bum! pic.twitter.com/VeKi7pGKnv


Pandora Blake @pandorablake
Processing photos for tomorrow's @DreamofSpanking update. Love this shot of @Naughty_Molly preparing to dish it out! pic.twitter.com/ayi8muRP6v


I hope this is the start of two long and happy collaborations. Watch out for updates from AJ and Girl on the Net this week - and if you haven't read GotN's brilliantly filthy blog yet, take a look, I highly recommend it.

Introducing Alex and Richard

I'm pleased to announce two new male performers who have been cast for our first shoot of 2014! Alexander Knight and Richard Barton will be joining us alongside experienced hands (and bottoms!) Nimue AllenMolly Malone and our old scene friend John Beecroft for a two day spankstravaganza next week.

With John's help, we've found a lovely old-fashioned venue which will enable us to explore traditional and historical themes including evacuees, wicked stepmother, university student and plenty of school scenarios. Molly, John and Nimue are all switches, which means that over the course of the two days we'll be able to shoot every gender orientation! As always, however, I have far more female spankee material already filmed than male spankee, so the focus for me will be M/M with Alex and Richard on day two.

Dr Richard Barton has made a name for himself as a no-nonsense M/M top for sites such as Sting Pictures, CP Services and Manc Spank. Dr Barton is known for his deadly accuracy with the cane, his fluent scolding and wicked sense of humour.

Richard is a lifestyle player who makes spanking videos for the love of it. He greatly enjoyed the believable storylines and high production values of Sting Pictures, but when they stopped filming in the UK he missed working with them. I was flattered that when he saw Dreams of Spanking, he was sufficiently impressed to write and offer his services.

To find out more about Richard Barton, have a read of this interview over at Jockspank from 2010, which contains some fascinating questions and answers, as well as lots of tantalising spanking photos from various of his films.

I particularly enjoyed his description of the following spanking fantasy he'd love to see immortalised in film:

A seventeenth century schoolroom with lots of dark wooden desks and panelling. At the front is a large desk for me, the schoolmaster. I am dressed in black cap and gown and next to the desk is the birching horse, with a birch rod lying across it. In a basket in the corner of the classroom is a collection of freshly made birches.

The boys are seated at their desks, sweating over their Latin primers. A few of them are already sitting rather gingerly as they have made silly mistakes in their compositions and taken a trip across the horse to have their bare bottoms crispy swished with the stinging twigs – what bliss!

I don't think next week's location will quite do as a seventeenth century oak-panelled schoolroom, but it certainly seems that Richard and I are on similar wavelengths. I'm really looking forward to working with him.

I'm also incredibly excited to introduce our new male star Alexander Knight. I've known Alex for a couple of years. He's in his mid-twenties, a lifelong kinkster with a penchant for rope, spanking and dressing up. He describes himself as a "pain slut" and has been spanked hard in the past, but not as often as he'd like. Best of all, he's a total cutie.

(Photo © Ara McBay for an unpublished shoot for Filament Magazine.)

Alex is totally new to spanking video. He's a switch, but he's a bit nervous about performing on camera and so wants to just play the spankee role until he's got the hang of shooting video. That's fine by me, and I'm sure that by the end of his first day shooting his nerves will be a thing of the past!

We've got some great scenes lined up for Alex, with a mixture of fair and unfair punishments, casting him as hapless schoolboy, deserving student, and gallant Victorian gentleman. And to mix it up a bit, he and Richard will be joined by Molly Malone for a touch of M/FM and MF/M.

I'm really looking forward to this shoot, and to working with Alex and Richard. I'll be sure to report back on what we get up to!

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