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New update: The Surprise Present behind the scenes

When the new UK porn legislation came in, criminalising films showing any spanking that leaves lasting marks, we were advised to edit some behind the scenes footage showing performer consent together in the same video as the main scene.  While it's frustrating to have to jump through hoops like this, when the whole concept of Dreams of Spanking is to make performer consent explicit in the surrounding contextual materials, this mode of working does have one silver lining - it means I've had to edit the behind the scenes videos at the same time as the main film, rather than leaving it until later. As a result, I'm staying on top of the behind the scenes editing for the first time ever, and we've uploaded behind the scenes videos, performer interviews or both alongside the fantasy film for the last seven weeks running!

The most recent behind the scenes video to go up on the site is for The Surprise Present, a steamy F/F bedroom scenario starring myself and Ten Amorette.

Ten Amorette naked behind the scenes at Dreams of Spanking

The Surprise Present: Behind the Scenes

Performers: Pandora Blake, Ten Amorette

Behind the scenes during the filming of The Surprise Present in Los Angeles with Paul Kennedy and Alex Reynolds, including lots of making-of detail showing you the work that goes in to shooting a spanking film. Favourite moments in this include Ten exclaiming over how many bows Alex owns, 'flogger fondling', and some hilarious reactions to Pandora's directons - Ten saying "oh no!" when Pandora suggests she flog her some more, Alex mishearing "I'll give you permission to touch" as something else entirely, and Ten completely cracking up at "maybe Paul could pull out..."!

This was a fun shoot, and there are some really amusing moments in this out-takes film. Ten and Alex are a hoot to work with!

As well as the behind the scenes video, I've also uploaded twelve hand-captured behind the scenes screengrabs, highlighting some of the best, funniest, sexiest moments. Enjoy!

Pandora Blake and Ten Amorette naked behind the scenes at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake and Ten Amorette naked behind the scenes at Dreams of Spanking Pandora Blake and Ten Amorette naked behind the scenes at Dreams of Spanking

A present that both people can enjoy

Merry Christmas! OK, I'll admit it – I'm feeling a teeny bit festive. I hope you're all enjoying the holidays, and that everyone enjoyed the gifts you got them. When I was spending the last week trying to rustle up Christmas presents I was disappointed I couldn't just buy everyone a subscription to Dreams of Spanking. (Although if you've a kinky friend or two, and you're looking for an ultra-last-minute present...?)

So in my festive state of mind I naturally honed in on the 'gift' aspect of our latest film. The story goes like this: Pandora is on the way home from work when she gets a text from her lover – gorgeous, mischievous spanking star Ten Amorette. Ten tells her she's got a surprise present for her, and from the grin on Pandora's face you can tell the gift is going to be smoking hot.

Ten Amorette spanked and flogged in the nude by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

It is, of course, and Ten's utterly beautiful body is the perfect surprise gift. Stripped naked on the bed, and on all fours ready for a spanking, she's even unwrapped already! Who wouldn't be tempted, as Pandora is, to settle in for a long session of teasing play – spanking Ten with her hand and using the flogger to whip her into a hot, writhing mess of arousal?

Ten Amorette spanked and flogged in the nude by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking
Ten Amorette spanked and flogged in the nude by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

Thing is, some of the best presents you can give are gifts to both of you. Ones your partner loves, but you also get pleasure from. Well, that's my theory at least – gifts that delight both the giver and the receiver mean you get two times the joy for the price of one.

So when Pandora starts spanking Ten's bottom, and Ten wiggles and moans with lust, it's pretty clear that the gift is one for both of them.

Ten Amorette spanked and flogged in the nude by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

As it's the festive season, I thought I'd end on something a bit different this week. So instead of just giving you a link to this video and saying 'enjoy' (which I'm sure you will, by the way – it's steamy and intimate and oh so hot, and if you love girl-on-girl erotic spanking then it's pretty much tailor-made for you) I thought I'd also open up a bit of a discussion about surprise presents.

Personally, if I got a text like Pandora receives in this film, I'd hope to arrive home to find my guy (perhaps accompanied by a friend or two) standing over the bed with floggers and straps, ready to turn me bright red from neck to ankle. Or possibly ready for some intimate tying and torture, like in this smoking-hot interrogation photoset.

I imagine that he, if he got a similar text from me, would be hoping for the kind of spontaneous, sexy surprise which Erica Scott gives to Paul Kennedy in The Workaholic - and I expect he'd be a bit more appreciative than Paul was! What can I say? He loves lingerie and heels.

So: naked on all fours, sexy lingerie and high heels, a belt ready to dish out a thrashing, or something I haven't mentioned yet? If you got a text that primed you to rush home for a surprise present, what would you hope to see when you open the door and step inside...?

New update: The Seating Plan behind the scenes

The Seating Plan - Behind the Scenes with Ten Amorette and Pandora Blake

The Seating Plan: Behind the scenes

Performers: Pandora Blake, Ten Amorette

Out-takes and behind the scenes footage from the shooting of "The Seating Plan". Includes giggles and silliness, a vibrating phone interrupting proceedings, and camera woman Alex Reynolds absolutely nailing the continuity. Plus post-scene hugs!

I think my favourite moment in this is when Ten sticks out her tongue at me. Serious top is serious :)

The Seating Plan - behind the scenes with Ten Amorette and Pandora Blake
The Seating Plan - behind the scenes with Ten Amorette and Pandora Blake

Ten Amorette shows Pandora what a big sister can do

Although Ten Amorette has appeared on Dreams of Spanking before and is well known within the spanking scene, I didn't know her until I watched The Seating Plan. I loved her confident dialogue, and the scene builds fantastically from friendly chat to firm punishment. The film opens with the ladies sitting down to discuss the seating plan at Pandora Blake's upcoming wedding to Ten's little brother, then swiftly descends into a punishment spanking designed to keep Pandora in line for the course of her marriage.

Ten is fantastic as the authoritative big sister, and she certainly knows how to wield a hairbrush. Ten knows that Pandora has a history of cheating on her partners and suspects her of flirting with other men. Ten clearly takes her role as a protective older sister seriously, willing to give a hard hairbrush spanking to the woman she thinks might break her brother's heart.

Click to view trailer for The%20Seating%20Plan

I love Ten's completely no­-nonsense approach. She grabs Pandora by the wrist and pulls her over her knee so quickly that impression Pandora doesn't realise what's coming until hard spanks start raining down on her bottom. She squeals and squirms, and five minutes in the over the knee spanking hurts so much that she lets out a strangled growl of outrage.

Ten gives Pandora a hard hairbrush spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Ten is best known for her work as a spankee, but she is clearly an expert spanker. Her punishment of Pandora is utterly relentless – scolding, offering advice and pithy responses to Pandora's bratty comebacks, all the while holding Pandora firmly down over her lap and not letting her escape the firm whacks of the wooden hairbrush over Pandora's sheer tights.

When the time comes to pull Pandora's tights and knickers down, she does it with the same ruthless efficiency. Pandora starts to suspect that Ten spanked her little brother like this too when they were growing up - she is clearly well-practised at dishing out hard punishment spankings with the wooden hairbrush.

Ten gives Pandora a hard hairbrush spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Ten gives Pandora a hard hairbrush spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Look out for my favourite line in the whole scene, when Ten offers to donate her hairbrush to Pandora's future husband as a wedding gift, so he can apply similar punishment in future if she steps out of line again.

Office caning - touch your toes!

Pandora Blake bending over, touching her toes, and taking an incredibly painful-looking twelve stroke cold caning. Those who like your spankings traditional will be delighted by this workplace punishment video - a classic office caning story in which Pandora receives a hard punishment from her boss, Paul Kennedy.

Office Caning presses all the buttons for a quintessential caning sequence. The verbal chastisement as Paul scolds Pandora for making a silly mistake. Her initial reluctance and shock to be told she will be physically punished. The anticipation as he tells her to stand in the corner while he goes to fetch the cane. The look on her face as she nervously lifts her skirt, lowers her knickers and bends over to touch her toes for the cane.

Pandora Blake touches her toes for an office caning Pandora Blake touches her toes for an office caning

In this scene Pandora is a promising young executive still in her probationary period. She is on a career fast track, and the flipside of the quick route to promotion is correspondingly strict standards. I love the idea of having a 'disciplinary clause' in a work contract that means your boss can beat you if you do something wrong. Not in real life, obviously – I've had some awful bosses in the past - but as a fantasy it really does it for me. An authoritative older guy taking me to task for not meeting his high expectations, then making me bend over to take a hard caning. And the caning Pandora takes is certainly hard enough to make her eyes water, and make her jump up and clutch her bottom in horror at the pain, and the fact she has ten more strokes still to go.

The image is even hotter when you imagine how much you'd want to make your boss proud of you - and how brave you'd have to be as the cane strokes start to sear your bottom...

Pandora Blake touches her toes for an office caning

Of course, some of you would happily be on the other end too – and would imagine yourself as the one who wields the cane and delivers punishments in the form of a cold, hard, bare bottom caning to wayward employees.

Whether you're picturing yourself as the top, or bent over, trembling in nervous anticipation of the next burning stroke, sit back and enjoy Office Caning – a 'short, sharp shock', and a definitive caning fantasy.

Click to view trailer for Office%20Caning

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