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Spankings galore

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As if that wasn't enough, we've also got a treasure trove of spanking scenes to share with you from around the web. Read on for our favourite updates from our friends' sites this week.

At Northern Spanking, our two favourite auburn-haired darlings are in trouble with Mr. Lewis at bedtime. Zille and Irelynn always make an endearing pair, and both can take a thorough spanking. A lovely domestic film featuring cute pyjamas and pink bottoms for two naughty girls!


Dana Kane Spanks have are rather more intense domestic scene called 8 Canes. "It's 5:30, and he's reported for his punishment right on time - but tries to get out of it, even if only for a moment. I instruct him to hand me a cane from the basket and assume the position - he hands over a traditional cane, and it begins. Three strokes, each harder than the one before, sting across his misbehaving behind..."


Meanwhile Lupus Pictures have another fine historical offering for us. As if being made to serve the gentlemen while exotic dancers perform a dance of veils wasn't humiliating enough, in this lord's household the penalties for disobedient servants are severe. Once the entertainment is over, the gentry gather around to watch a new diversion: three maids, shackled and stripped of their clothing, are brought in to be punished. Each girl is secured over the ottoman, her bottom raised by a bolster, and whipped with a cane. The guests sip their drinks and watch in amusement as the poor girls sob and howl.


At Reluctant Young Men Nicholas is 18 years old, straight, cute as hell, and full of the hubris of youth. Rich lowered his pants, took him OTK and delivered a long, hard, aggressive hand spanking that had him grunting and struggling.


And finally, Triple A Spankings have concocted a delightfully geeky sci-fi story for us. John tells us that he is a gullible geek who buys into all the latest gadgets, so when he hears of lifelike submissive spankbots, he decides to try them out for himself. He is presented with two "Stepford Wife" style spankbots that are controlled by a remote device at his command. However, not everything goes to plan, as these are naughty spankbots that don't always follow orders!


New year, new spankings

Evening all! I've got some lovely spanking updates lined up to share with you from our friends around the 'net.

First up, from our joint location shoot in the autumn, Nimue has a new scene featuring me being most unimpressed with her choice of footwear. She has to prove that her heels are not Too High by putting them on to take a brisk caning - without wobbling or falling over. This shoot also included "shoe cam", the third camera recording a close up of Nimue's feet to capture any tiny movement that might occur, to the amusement of all concerned.

Over at Clare Spanks Men, the tall, stunning and dominant Alexis Grace has hired her boyfriend Bradly King to work for her at the office. When he slacks off, she has no recourse but to put him over her knee for a long, hard spanking to put him in his place and turn his cheeks rosy red.


Meanwhile the lovely Molly Malone is in trouble at English Spankers. Her teacher Mr Nightingale has discovered a priceless hockey stick belonging to the school on sale on the internet, and Molly is selling it. After a whacking with the hockey stick itself, her knickers are lowered for the school strap, and then she must touch her toes for a good hard caning.


At Straight Lads Spanked, Dom has been caught goofing off at work and is due for a dose of discipline. Dom receives a very hard hand spanking over old bruises, but a mere spanking is never going to teach this lad a proper lesson. Mr X decides that the birch will do the job more effectively!


And finally Paingate introduce us to the luscious Eve, who arrives at a dinner party to discover that she herself is to be the evening's entertainment. An elegant and tempting lady, she submits with dignity to bondage and the lash.


Striking sparks

I first heard about the story called The Magician's Apprentice when Adele asked me how to create some arcane techno-babble which actually meant something for a new fiction piece she was working on. I have a few useful books on the subject, and was able to provide some names and references. At what point Pandora adopted the story for Dreams of Spanking I'm not entirely sure, but I've been looking forward to the publication of this one for quite some time.

Adele is an excellent writer, and the scenario she created gave us, as actors, plenty to work with. Our day with Daniel R had already included The Captain and the Tavern Wench, so we were well in the mood for high-camp costume drama. We were also looking forward to experimenting with stills to create some visual effects that would have been much  more difficult on video. And as an added bonus, I got to play Mr. Sheridan, Court Magician to the Empire:

The Magician at Dreams of Spanking

Apparently the Empire ran to large beards that season.

Setting up for this one was almost as much fun as actually shooting it. Quite a lot of the paraphernalia we dressed the set with is either mine or Pandora's, and digging out the Fifth Pentacle of Mercury from The Key of Solomon always provides a good laugh on a wet winter evening. The actual chalk-work was mostly done by Jimmy, who's a fine artist (which I am not) and can write in Arabic (which I can't). We had a whale of a time putting candles everywhere and drawing obscure rude (or geeky) jokes onto the chalkboards in the background.

The Magician's Apprentice is in hot water at Dreams of Spanking The Magician's Apprentice is in hot water at Dreams of Spanking

It's extraordinary how going the extra mile in the set detail affected the atmosphere; what you might call the Weta Workshops effect. The room felt different. Dressing the set created a good deal of tension in itself, and I found it very easy to get into role, even without dialogue, when acting against those elaborate props and backdrop.

I'll try not to spoil too much of Adele's story, but suffice it to say that after the kissing shots, we halted for a protracted faff with candles, to the accompaniment of much giggling. And then, as if by magic...

The Magician's Apprentice is in hot water at Dreams of Spanking
The Magician's Apprentice is in hot water at Dreams of Spanking

... a hand-crafted special effect leads to the young couple's discovery by Mr. Sheridan.

The richness of both colour and texture in the "enlightening" shot really has turned out as well as we'd hoped; I'm impressed by how well Daniel caught the moment.

As well as being a pleasure to work with on a personal level, Daniel kept pace with our rather eclectic imaginations all through the shoot, and always seemed to be able to tune in to what we were looking for. The half gothic, half steam-punk feel of this photostory beautifully matches the texture of Adele's prose.

If memory serves, this was also the first scene ever in which Jimmy and I interacted directly, in a CP sense. Balancing a new scene dynamic with character acting can be difficult, particularly if you are already as well acquainted as Jimmy and me. But on this occasion, it presented no problems at all. The story had a pace and rhythm to it that made staying in role easy, despite the stop-motion logistics of shooting stills, and the CP itself did not seem at all strange within the compelling motivations of the narrative. 

Also, it was just so pretty...

The Magician's Apprentice is in hot water at Dreams of Spanking The Magician's Apprentice is in hot water at Dreams of Spanking
The Magician's Apprentice is in hot water at Dreams of Spanking The Magician's Apprentice is in hot water at Dreams of Spanking

An enormous amount of fun was had, and you've only seen the half of it: the plot thickens for young Sophie soon enough once Giles has faced the Magician's wrath. I'm really pleased with the final results: luxuriant colours and cabbalistic symbols enough to brighten anyone's day. Watch this space for part two.

Monday morning recommendations

It's a bright autumn morning and we're gearing up for another busy week. I'm sorry it's Monday again, and I can't do much about that, but what I can do is share some spanking scenes from around the web that lately caught my eye.

At Firm Hand Spanking we have the latest episode in my Military Training storyline, this time a bare-bottom strapping for undercover officer Amelia Rutherford. Keen as mustard to impress her superiors, Rutherford has to control mind over matter as a leather strap is expertly applied 115 times across her perky bare bottom.

Pandora enjoyed this scenario from Femme Fatale Films, "The Princess Bribe". Spoilt young wife Zoe wants money and she wants it now! Her husband's mental and physical ordeal only gets worse the more he objects, and the stakes seem to get higher and higher...

Spanking Sarah has just released the final part of their current nursing story and I have to say it is a real hot one! At last the truth emerges. As Dr Sarah Bright makes to cane Nurse Molly Malone for stealing pills from the dispensary, Nurse Aleesha Fox confesses to save her friend from a terrible punishment. Aleesha must bend over the bench to take a caning administered by Nurse Malone, who has previously suffered for Aleesha's crimes. Molly lifts the cane and begins one of the hardest canings she has ever administered on film. Nurse Fox is shown no mercy and asks for none as stroke after stroke adds to her pain, leaving her bottom bruised and marked.

Nurse Aleesha Fox caned by Molly Malone Nurse Aleesha Fox caned by Molly Malone
Nurse Aleesha Fox caned by Molly Malone Nurse Aleesha Fox caned by Molly Malone

And we round off with another medical scenario - this time Nurse Fonda paying a home visit on Anthony at Clare Spanks Men. Spanking is well known to boost the circulation and can pay a vital role in any course of medical treatment. Nurse Fonda knows just what to do with a naughty patient, especially one as cute as this!

Steamier spankings

I don't know about you but we love the heat. Admittedly it's inconvenient if you're carrying heavy things or getting public transport, but any situation that inclines people to get more naked and spend more time outdoors is good with us. 

Things are getting warmer at our favourite spanking sites as well, with some steamy scenes resulting in hot, sore bottoms.

Molly Malone takes to the sunny outdoors with Aleesha Fox at Red Stripe Films. The girls decide to go camping in the country but soon get lost. Molly gets really stressed at this state of affairs and they just decide to camp where they are. To relieve her stress Molly asks Aleesha to give her a good spanking. Aleesha does this with great enthusiasm, and soon brings a good rosy glow to Molly's bottom cheeks.

In episode 2 the girls decide it's time to eat, but Molly finds out that Aleesha has only packed booze, no food! Molly decides a punishment spanking is in order and takes Aleesha over her knee. Spanked first on her denim shorts she knows that she is in for a real painful episode. Next it's her beautiful bare bottom that comes in for some spanking attention from Molly's hard hand.

Meanwhile at Reluctant Young Men, eighteen-year old Trey looks like he belongs over an older man's knee getting what he deserves, and Chic looks like the guy who can give it to him. First Chic spanks him hard and heavy by hand. Nopone can give a hand spanking quite as hard as he does, pounding away until you can see Trey's body heave forward with every blow. Soon the poor young man is crying out in pain. Chic strips him down and continues with the bath brush as Trey kicks, struggles, screeches and howls in pain. Chic is both tough and tender with the young man, just like a dad, as he dishes out an intense punishment until Trey's cute, young butt is red and bruised.


Over at Triple A Spankings, Alex Reynolds is the subject for prefect Zoe Page's study on how to carry out the perfect detention. Alex is a complex subject for Zoe to observe, as this American Exchange Student tries every trick in the book to wriggle out of her guilt until confronted with overwhelming evidence. Miss Reynolds' regulation panties are removed, then she receives various tried & tested methods of discipline on her bare bottom. This includes the heavy hairbrush, a thick leather strap and a painful wooden paddle. Zoe watches eagerly, taking notes as the punishment unfolds so that she can step in when required.


At Femme Fatale Films, Famous TV chef Miss Severity Myers was proud to present her bakery lesson, until her hapless assistant decided to help himself to her stash of cupcakes. What ensues is a humiliating lesson for the assistant, who ends up with four red cheeks and an arse full of icing - and it's all broadcast live on TV!


And finally, something a little different and even steamier at Bright Desire. Sundae Love and Andrew are a real-life polyamorous couple who couldn't wait to fuck and went at it like monkeys. Sundae has no less than six orgasms during their marathon, playful sex session.


"Please don't, Miss!"

This week's updates include something from mine and Pandora's early archives, and something fairly new and very attractive from Pandora and Molly Malone. Our latest video is a second instalment in their instructional series which debuted with Introducing the Cane. In this scene the lovely ladies demonstrate the process and practicalities of scene negotiation. Here's the trailer:

Click to view trailer for Negotiation


In this instructional video Molly and Pandora discuss the best ways to negotiate within a spanking scene. They demonstrate techniques including in-role ways for bottoms to express their needs, ways for tops to check in with their bottoms, and ways to deal with ending or taking time our from a scene if necessary. Finally the ladies discuss how to say "please no" when you mean "please yes". Molly and Pandora demonstrate all these techniques while spanking each other, including thigh spanking, the leather paddle and the tawse!

I particularly liked this moment for Molly's entirely blissed out expression.

Molly over Pandora's Knee at Dreams of Spanking

These shades of green and pink do go together well, don't they?

Molly gets the paddle...

"Please don't, miss!" Pandora bends over for a demonstration of the principles of consensual non-c0nsent.

...And Pandora gets a bare-bottom tawsing.

This is both a hot spanking scene in its own right and a useful, sensitive exploration of consent and negotiation.

For your additional pleasure, we also have a new photo gallery, Kitchen Punishments

Pandora feels the tawse.

Kitchen Punishment

Pandora has been daydreaming about spanking rather than doing her chores. When Tom comes home and discovers the kitchen still a mess, her fantasy is about to become reality.

This is the sequel to Messy Kitchen, and is the last set of photos from that shoot in 2006. It was our first attempt to shoot our own spanking photos at home, with a photographer recruited from Net-Model (who preferred not to be named), no lighting, and not even much idea of what we were going to do during the shoot.

Pandora is paddled in the kitchen. Pandora is paddled in the kitchen. Pandora is paddled in the kitchen. Pandora is paddled in the kitchen.

Pandora had only done a couple of spanking shoots for other producers, and had already been bitten by the bug to shoot her own material. She had a vague idea she might want her own site "one day", but no concrete plans, or even a name, as yet. Still, I liked spanking her and even better doing so on camera, so we decided to have a go regardless.

We've come such a very long way since those early days, with a clearer vision, higher production values and a great deal of hard work and laughter along the way. We would never have made it without support from our members, so thank you all, and we hope you enjoy looking back to where it all began!

Sun and spankings

Hi all! We've been loving the gorgeous weather in England these last couple of weeks, and hope you have too. We've also been enjoying the latest adventures of our spanking friends around the web. 

First up from English Spankers we have The Slipper for a Schoolgirl. Lola Marie is home from school and she is in trouble. The rules of the house are punished at school, punished at home.


She knows what that entails. First off she has to bend over the knee for a good spanking on her white school knickers, then it's knickers down and out comes the slipper.


We're pleased to announce that Dreams of Spanking will be shooting with Lola Marie in September, and we can't wait to work with her.

At Clare Spanks Men, Clare has taken on her cute friend Bart as a houseguest for some "friends with benefits" action, but he has broken the rule about having young sluts over. Clare catches him with a pair of another girl's panties, and it is over her knee for a searing bare ass spanking with hand and hairbrush. If anyone is going to be anyone's sex toy it will belong to the lady of the house who is letting him stay for free. 


At Spanking Sarah, Sarah has caught Ten Amorette romping with a guy on her bed and is not well pleased. She puts Ten into the diaper position and uses a nasty leather slipper on her bottom and thighs. Next she makes a naked Ten stand up and bend over. She is going to be caned and caned hard. The cane is a very English way of handing out punishment, and this young lady from America does not appreciate the finer points of the stinging swish of a flexible cane on her bare bottom.


And over at Sarah Gregory Spanking our very own Pandora Blake takes charge of a sensual scene with Sarah.


Pandora is not too happy when her girlfriend, Sarah, completely ignores her at the spanking party. Sarah plays with everyone else and makes her lover feel very unloved.


Pandora gives Sarah the punishment she deserves, before they enjoy the kind of sensual spanking they both like best.


Exploring Nimue's World

One of the pleasures of my night job is that I have had the opportunity to work with a number of the celebrity names on the UK scene, and even some of the more adventurous Americans (hi there, Ten!). Two of my favourite co-stars are Nimue Allen and Alex Reynolds, who was the main feature of our last report. When Alex came across on her whistle-stop tour of the UK scene, she shot for us one day and then immediately spent a day working with Pandora and Nimue on a shoot for Nimue's own site. We thought this provided a good opportunity to take a peek at Alex's adventure's in Nimue's World.


Nimue is one of the most beautiful, and most versatile, performers I've worked with from the UK scene. Her world is a place full of adventurous people and, for a site with strong BDSM tendencies and a dark side to the stories, a great deal of laughter. When I shot for the site some months ago, the first photoset we did was a puppy-play sequence in which the only prop was a pair of balled-up socks. I've never done anything even remotely like it on camera or in private, but enjoyed myself immensely. To my surprise, in the photos I almost look like I know what I'm doing.


It was such a happy little scene that I found it very easy to play, although I had no idea what was coming next. Nimue's grace in directing and scene-setting while also being a bouncy puppy displayed impressive multi-tasking skills! Like Pandora's work, Nimue's is composed with a strong aesthetic eye and constructed with a view to allowing real chemistry and passion from models to carry through the lens to the audience. But while Pandora dreams mostly of spanking, Nimue's world is a very adventurous place with spankings, bondage, exhibitionism and very much more: where hard-core BDSM and a variety of other kinks might be found around any corner.

Alex has written an excellent series of posts about her travels (which you should go read some of!) and she spent some time talking about her explorations with Nimue in this one. As I had, Alex found herself being drawn into a first scenario which was both exactly her thing, and which took her out of her experience zone towards a new type of play. Nimue is very good at helping a new model to feel comfortable within her style and process, and the results she got from Alex were superb:

"In part two of my School Bully series, I've decided it's time to assert my authority over the exchange student, Alex Reynolds. When she refuses to go and get my text book for me, I drag her to the floor, rip off her clothes, and give her a hard bum and thigh spanking to show her that I mean business."


From Alex's report:

"She spanked me, including doing it in very non-traditional positions and she rolled me over and slapped me on the breasts. This was pre-negotiated, although I'd never done it before.

Holy. Shit. That hurt.

[...] I often see myself as being a pretty heavy player. I've taken some epic beatings in my day. When I'm well, in a secure environment and playing with someone I love, I've never actually found an upper limit of what I can tolerate in terms of spanking. This reminded me that I'm not actually all that physically tough: I'm just good at taking spankings. As odd as it may sound, it felt really nice and refreshing to be reminded of that. It made me tremendously vulnerable, but I felt safe and trusting towards everyone who was around me. But every slap, even though entirely not hard compared to what I was used to, took my breath away."

In my not at all humble opinion the scene is brilliant, and you can see a trailer for it on Nimue's blog. By what was now day two for Nimue and day three or more for Alex and Pandora the lovely ladies had consumed a good deal of pink wine and had found a creative groove that was very productive indeed. For their next scenario, they had Alex playing the Best Girlfriend Ever:

"Pandora comes in and catches me and chastises me for not being safe, as well as for keeping my desires to experiment with bondage to myself instead of asking her to tie me up. I try to explain that I was doing it to surprise her. She responds by spanking me with her hand and then a leather paddle, and also gives me a number of slaps on my breasts while they're bound in a rope harness. In my opinion, Pandora made this scene crazily hot. There's a lot of sexual energy between us in the film (and it's genuine, she and I are involved off camera) and it's really wonderful."



When we were shooting the previous day for Dreams of Spanking, I had encountered Alex's rather delightful bunny-suit (and once I'd stopped laughing, I had a great deal of fun spanking her in it). Once it had been brought out I think it was inevitable that Nimue's fertile imagination would find a way to make use of it and the resulting photo-set is a neat exemplar of her talent for evocative compositions.

"Little Alex wants her hair in braids, but she moans and complains that it hurts when I brush her hair, and that I pull too hard when I'm braiding. She needs something to calm her down, and I reach for the closest thing I have to hand - the hairbrush. After I turn her bottom a bright pink to match her onesie, she is much calmer, and curls up with me for a nap."


Part of why we find Nimue so easy to work with, although the two sites have very different kink spreads and primary target audiences, is that she has the same ethic for finding the liminal spaces in a model's practice of kink and exploring them in unusual settings. Nimue's made a habit of using behind-the-scenes material in part to allow viewers to see the model's joy behind a character's pain or humiliation, just as we have. In this quite cute and fluffy age-play scene, there was still a note of complexity to be teased out:

"I love having my hair touched in just about any way: tender playing, brushing, rough horribleness, it all works for me. I had to think of all sorts of horribly unfair things in order to inspire my tantrumy faces."

In Nimue's world, there's a lot more going on than just the spankings. I happen to be something of a BDSM fan, and to like unusual and dark fantasies, so much of the site works very nicely for me. Yes, there are beautiful and dangerous things going on here that simply aren't my kink: and I like that. I like knowing that while my own interest might be in seeing Alex or Pandora get spanked or tied up and otherwise dreadfully abused, Nimue always has something gnarly on her mind. I like her sense of aesthetics; I like her fearlessness in the choices of fantasies she'll put on camera, and I like very much the vitality which sparks between her models, be it in stills or on film. Nimue is a talented producer and photographer but she is also a kink catalyst; she has the gift of helping other people to let out their playful side.

The last few months of Nimue's updates have been particularly good for us spanking fans, though, so I'm going to leave you with a few more sneak previews behind some of the bedroom doors in Nimue's World.

Spank Break, with our own lovely Pandora:

Rosie's Red Bottom:

Warmed Before Bed:

Sunday spankings

Our latest film continues the story begun in The Tailor's Apprentice (part 1), in which a young gentleman makes such a nuisance of himself while getting measured for a suit that the tailor's apprentice is obliged to take drastic measures.

In Part 2, Mr Darling returns to the scene of the crime...

Click to view trailer for The Tailor's Apprentice (Part 2)

The Tailor's Apprentice (Part 2)

Returning to collect his suit, Mr Darling musters his courage to confront the tailor's apprentice about the indignities he suffered on his previous visit. Humiliated, angry and sore, only one thing will satisfy him now: revenge. Sebastian is obliged to bend over and endure an embarrassing bare bottom spanking.

Meanwhile at Firm Hand, our own Thomas Cameron takes a tough approach to interrogation training, including humiliation. Cadet Leia-Ann Woods is bent over, bare bottom ready for 130 stinging smacks with a wooden hairbrush. “It was hard to take,” she admitted.


Spanking Sarah presents a story from St. Justs Academy where Bow is frantically trying to persuade Molly Malone to let her copy some of her exam answers. Molly refuses, so when the teacher returns Bow tells him that Molly tried to sexually interfere with her. I love Molly and Bow's facial expressions in this first photo. And the theme of a good girl being unfairly punished at school is always hot.


Bow's claim outrages the very moral Mr. Nightingale and he knows he has no choice but to take immediate and painful action. Molly is called to the front of the class and bent over a desk. She is first of all spanked on her drum tight white school knickers and then on her large firm bare bottom.


At Triple A Spanking, the lovely Alex Reynolds joins Paul Kennedy and Zoe Page for an exercise in conducting the perfect detention. Mr. Kennedy demonstrates the proper techniques of traditional school discipline, while Alex tries her best to avoid the consequences of her past transgressions, and Prefect Page takes notes for later.


Finally, Femme Fatale Films welcomes us to a day in the life of Mistress Eleise's houseboy. Failing her white-glove test leads to firm retraining. He is reminded of his position through the application of a slave collar, butt plug, corporal punishment, and psychological control. He will learn the painful pleasure of serving an uncompromising Mistress in the real world. 


Beauties in bloomers

Tom here, standing in for Pandora as she makes preparations for her US trip next week. Our latest film is a very exciting historical drama starring two of the most talented and beautiful actresses in the British spanking scene, Caroline Grey and Amelia Jane Rutherford. The scene page includes a gallery of 107 high quality, visually stunning photos by Amelia's real life husband, renowned fetish photographer Hywel Phillips.

This twenty minute film features strict scolding, authentic vintage bloomers and petticoats, plenty of flouncing and pouting, and firmly administered over the knee spankings.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

The Edwardian Governess

Sneaking out to a dance in town, spirited young ladies Caroline and Amelia are caught by Amelia's stuffy governess. She hauls them both upstairs and shows Caroline what happens to young ladies in this house when they misbehave. Miss Blake takes each girl over her knee and gives her a firm, no-nonsense spanking with her hand and leather paddle.

I've very much enjoyed watching Pandora's professional topping style evolve and develop over the past year or so, and this piece gave her more opportunity to exercise her dominant voice than most. I always find improvised scolding the hardest thing about topping on camera, and so I notice it when done well by others. Pandora presents a well-controlled performance, poised and strict without being overly harsh.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake
The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

Those who've been following our progress over the years will know that we do like our historical dramas at Dreams of Spanking. Twisted history has long been a favourite source of fantasies for many people. It also offers wonderful costume opportunities; impressively, Caroline and Amelia both created the vintage outfits they wear in this film themselves.

Many of us, if pressed, would admit that we do what we do in part out of a love of playing dress-up (when we're not building sofa-forts). Ladies in bloomers are always a beautiful sight, and both Amelia and Caroline look stunning with their perfect, peachy bottoms rising out of parted white cotton and frothing petticoats.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

That day the team also filmed a sequel in which the young ladies are joined by a dashing young footman, played by our newest star Will, who joins them in getting into trouble with the strict governess.

The Edwardian Governess at Dreams of Spanking, starring Amelia-Jane Rutherford, Caroline Gray and Pandora Blake

The Edwardian Governess is a must-see film for anyone who shares our tastes for firm-but-fair discipline and the stylings of a by-gone age.

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