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A name cleared and a bottom striped

Proof of Innocence
is something of a hidden gem; it was shot over a decade ago, and then released by its visiting performers on their own blog. We’ve always wanted to share it with the Dreams of Spanking audience, though, so we’ve pulled it out and polished it up - and, as an added treat, released it entirely for free to the world at large. Who doesn’t love free spanking porn?

This was a particularly special film to shoot: it was made entirely by two real-life D/s couples, both of whom brought their electric chemistry and authentic dynamics with them to the set. It was the first time Kaelah had done anything like it on camera, and the first time she’d played with anyone other than Ludwig. She wrote a beautiful post about it on her own blog, and Pandora has written about it too; both posts are well worth reading, and give beautiful insight to the context of the film itself.

The film also represents the beginning of a beautiful journey for Kaelah and Ludwig, who went on to shoot for Dreams of Spanking several more times. If we’ve whetted your appetite and you’d like to see more, you’ll find their other scenes right here - each one featuring inspired plot, in-depth characterisation and a blistering spanking.


Thank you for polishing the gem

“Proof of Innocence is something of a hidden gem; it was shot over a decade ago, and then released by its visiting performers on their own blog.”

Actually, that is not quite correct. I am embarrassed to say that in the eleven-and-a-half years since we filmed this (it was August 2010), I never managed to edit the damn video! I did a version that was about 80 percent finished a couple of years ago, but then Kaelah and I moved in together and became parents, so the focus of our lives has changed rather drastically. There hasn’t been a lot of time for kink since then, never mind editing old kinky videos.

So, in fact, this is a world premiere. Drums, fanfares, cheers!

A big thank you to Pandora / Blake and the DoS team for finishing this old project and finally releasing it. You did a fine job.

Kaelah and I still have fond memories of the shoot. It was a challenge for Kaelah in particular, because she had never done CP play with anyone other than me, and moreover, she had to do all this dialogue in a foreign language. So Kaelah was extremely nervous during the filming – which was good, in a way, because it fit the character she was playing. And thanks to Pandora / Blake and Thomas Cameron, who were very supportive and encouraging, everything turned out great.

The story was Kaelah’s creation. When we were throwing ideas around before our trip, she said: “I’m not into schoolgirl spanking videos, but it’s such a common theme, I suppose I should film one sometime. So let’s get it out of the way. But let’s do a different kind of story. I was never a sassy pupil. I was the goody-goody eager beaver. So we’ll do a video where the goody-goody eager beaver gets caned!”

Seeing the finished video after all these years is strange, because it feels like we filmed this in another lifetime entirely. And at the same time, we’re very happy with the result. I tend to be super-critical of everything I was involved in myself, but for once, I am content. I think this is quite good, actually. We tried to do something different from the usual schoolgirl CP fare in terms of story, and the caning “action” is good as well.

Kaelah and I hope that the Dreams of Spanking audience enjoys the video as much as we do.

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