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What's in a name?

Pandora Blake is the name that I've been using for my porn work since I first began in 2006, starting with my shoots on English Spankers and Girls Boarding School. In that time I've matured. I've had a child, come out as non-binary, become a business owner and activist. I've undergone immense personal growth and hope to continue to do so. I've retained the name because it's very recognizable for people who are fans of my early work, but I don't feel that it expresses my full self.

Pandora, as a very feminine name, feels like a persona that I put on for work when I'm playing a feminine character. When I'm doing activism work, I tend to go by Blake as a gender neutral version of my name which feels more comfortable for me and more expressive of my non-binary self. So on Dreams of Spanking, when I'm performing as a woman, which I'm still very happy to do, I will be referred to as Pandora and she/her. But when I'm playing a male role or doing a scene where I'm my own non-binary self, I will be referred to as Blake and they/them.

I know that for many people sexual desire is highly gendered. Our fantasies are often informed by the cultural categories we grow up with, and a lot of us are attracted to very masculine, or very feminine, archetypes. I get that. And so I don't mind playing those masculine or feminine roles in adult roleplay; in fact I actively enjoy it. It's an outlet for two facets of my complex gender identity. 

I am Pandora. I am also Blake. I am Pandora / Blake.


We love they x

Blake, bloke, Pandora, Mandora— they is all gorgeous x

Mandora!! I love it :D

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