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Performer Spotlight: Rosie Bower

Performer Spotlight
We are delighted to feature Rosie Bower in our Halloween special: Captured Pirate Queen.

This is not Rosie's first time on Dreams of Spanking: some of you will know her as Rosie Bottomley. Rosie eagerly offered up her bottom to fight UK porn censorship and took 50 strokes of the cane for our sponsored caning fundraiser. 

Rosie has also written stories for Dreams featuring naughty schoolgirls and their punishments. You can hear her tales Head Girl, Stacey's Caning and Lucy's Punishment

We sat down with Rosie this week to chat all things spanking, and her experience on set with Pandora.

How did you get into spanking and working with Dreams of Spanking?

I’ve worked for various different sites in the past, and it was very exciting to finally get a chance to work on DoS. I’ve known Pandora for a long time, but logistics have never quite worked out for me to appear on the site before now. 

It was a particularly satisfying shoot because in addition to this scene, we filmed a couple of others which gave me the chance to play a real range of different characters, from completely rebellious in this scene, to coy and curious in another, to very enthusiastic. That’s something that I’ve always loved about DoS; there’s such a variety of scenarios, with concepts and characters you can really get your teeth into. It always feels very well-thought-out and genuine.

What have you been working on?

During lockdown I’ve mostly been filming with my girlfriend, Nimue. I love novelty and variety, and luckily she does too, so it’s always fun coming up with new ideas for content. I'm very excited to start expanding my horizons again now that things are gradually getting more back to normal, and I have plans to get spanked by someone new very soon, which I'm thrilled about. You can find me on Nimue’s sites: nimueallen.manyvids.com and pocketstars.com/nimueallen.

Tell us about your experience shooting Captured Pirate Queen

The fun of this scene actually started before we were filming, because we both had a lot of fun getting dressed up — Pirate Queen is a big change from the usual sorts of costumes you get to wear for a spanking scene! I was terribly spoiled during the shoot because I always have more fun when I’m comfy, so we spent a while arranging pillows and getting the cuffs just right. We actually started out using a riding crop, but it sprang apart quite dramatically a few minutes in, so we had to switch to the paddle. The paddle we used left really interesting vivid marks — I had these lines of dots where the stitching was, which lasted a very long time afterwards. 

I got very into the character, and had an absolutely fantastic time being recalcitrant and stubborn and chewing up the scenery like the villain in a cheap horror film. Pandora couldn’t get me to stop talking back long enough to actually end the scene!

You can see Rosie Bower with Pandora Blake in our upcoming film, Captured Pirate Queen. Available Saturday 3pm BST on Dreams of Spanking.


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