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Subverting the expected tropes

Anty gets scolded by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

I have a confession to make: when I first saw the opening shots of this film, I assumed Anty would be the one doling out the punishment.

It seems like the expected choice, really, doesn’t it? The surly butch dealer type, taking our Pandora in hand. Pandora herself is ever so femme in this scene, in a floral camisole and figure-hugging skirt, and my mind went directly to the classic butch top/femme bottom dynamic. But Dreams of Spanking has a long history of subverting the expected tropes, and this is no exception.

As the plot develops, it transpires that it won’t be like that at all - rather, a recalcitrant Anty is to be punished for her misdemeanours, bent over and beaten till her backside glows bright red. Pandora administers the punishment with clinical precision, taking time to line up every stroke and letting us see the excited glint in her eye. The resulting collection of welts is a sight to behold, and I winced in sympathy for Anty as Pandora instructed her to pull up her jeans. I too know how much that can sting!

Anty pulls her jeans up over her cane welts at Dreams of Spanking

In the end, though, my very favourite thing about this scene isn’t part of the punishment itself at all (though believe me, it’s a good’un). There’s this bit toward the end, just after the spanking has finished, where our co-stars are looking at each other in a long-angled shot - and for a moment, the screen sizzles with sexual tension. For all I knew it wasn’t part of the film, I half expected them to jump each other anyway.

And really that’s what we love most about Dreams of Spanking, isn’t it? So much of what we see here is real, even when the performers involved are actors playing a part. There’s nothing faked about the stingingly beautiful state of Anty’s bottom at the end of her punishment, and I reckon there wasn’t much faked in that snapshot of domme/sub desire either.

I could be wrong, of course. But if you’d like to see this scene for yourself - and it’s great fun from start to finish - it’s out now, and you can find it right here.

(PS - my second favourite thing about this film is Anty’s response when Pandora tells her she won’t hiring her as a dogsitter again: “But I love your dogs!”. We here at Dreams of Spanking are pleased to reassure you that no dogs were harmed in the making of this fantasy.)

On the wonders of aural sex

Paddle, flogger and dice at Dreams of Spanking

I’ve always thought there wasn’t enough audio porn in the world.

Partly that’s down to my own particular set of, er, ‘interests’. I once came just from someone talking me into it, no physical touching required, and I’ve always harboured a deep-seated interest in submissive hypnosis - I could write an essay on the wonders of a chatty dominant!

It’s not just that, though: it’s also because audio erotica lets you get lost in your own mind like nothing else does. Much as I prefer radio soaps to their televisual counterparts (because on radio the pictures are better), aural porn is as close as it gets to a two-person solo experience.

In-ear headphones help a lot with this. They sound like the speaker’s voice is right inside my own head, and that feeling has been a powerful element of some of my most memorable sexual experiences. Even when you’re alone, with audio porn there’s no barrier between you and the fantasy at hand; there’s no bright screen to keep an eye on, no variably-formatted text to squint at on your phone. You can invite the story into your mind and let yourself get lost in it.

One of the things that makes porn difficult - both to create as a performer and to find as a consumer - is that everyone wants porn that is exactly their thing. Cis men are usually the assumed viewer, especially if one’s interests run primarily to the femdom end of the spectrum (I can’t really be the only queer female sub who wants to watch femdom stuff, can I?) - and even when that’s not a problem, most of us still want to find porn where the performers are our physical ‘type’ and the setting is one that resonates.

None of that matters with audio erotica. I’m especially fond of scenes like our recent Snake Eyes where the story is essentially a monologue; the submissive is never described, never gendered, never referred to other than as “you”. The encounter could be taking place anywhere - a dungeon, a castle, your own bedroom. Zak, with her calm, commanding voice, could be anyone you wanted to put yourself at the mercy of. This is a story of random factors and precise paddling that comes tailor-made for any subby spanking fan who listens to it.

I get that humans tend to be highly visual creatures, of course, but goddamn - sometimes, I just want someone to whisper into my ear.

Honest Porn Reviews

Screengrab of review of Dreams of Spanking on HonestPornReviews.com

We know we're back with a bang - porn review site HonestPornReviews.com have updated their review of Dreams of Spanking. They’re a great resource for comparing porn sites around the web, so I was really happy that they wanted to update their page for us - they last reviewed the site before our ATVOD-imposed hiatus. They’ve given us a high score of 8.3 - thank you very much HonestPornReviews.com!

They’ve made some lovely comments in their new review. The reviewer praised the site for our diverse mix of genders and orientations, adding that “this is an equal opportunity site in every single way, and that is why it is a cut above most other spanking fetish sites that I have seen.” This is something which is really important to our values, and it's great to know it matters to other people too. They also singled out our web design and user experience, saying “This is a beautifully presented site that does almost everything right”. Always good to hear! 

The only low score we received was on download speed. This is really interesting to me, as the server the site is hosted on is the one I use for everything, and I've always experienced fast download and upload speeds. What's your experience of the site's download speeds? I want to make the site a pleasure to use, so this is something I want to look into if it's something others have noticed. Perhaps it's time to switch to a new server.

In addition to the official HonestPornReview score, there's also a "user score" which is simply an average of the score given by users who leave comments on the review. Our user score is a little lower - 7.3. This is down to two older comments. One person gave us a 5/10 shortly after our ATVOD hiatus began, saying that we’d closed down, which of course was fair enough at the time but no longer relevant (hurrah!). There’s also a 1.5 score from back in 2014, from someone claiming that “the English spanking models are nowhere near as attractive as the European models”. I’ll admit it, I got a laugh out of that one.

So I’ve got a quick ask for all you wonderful blog readers - if you’ve got a minute, I’d love it if you popped over and left a comment and a score out of 10 yourselves. It doesn't need to be long, and the user score updates in real time, so it’s satisfying to see it change once you’ve added your opinion! We love reading your comments on new posts and updates, and we really value your input - so here’s your chance to tell the world what you think of us. Especially if you feel moved to score us ten out of ten *cough* - er, I mean, we’re always interested in hearing your frank and honest opinions of our work!

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