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Dreams of Spanking is on PinkLabel.tv

I want to tell you about a project we've been working on: Dreams of Spanking now has a studio at PinkLabel.tv, and we’re really excited about it.

Dreams of Spanking at PinkLabel.tv

PinkLabel.tv combines pay-per-view video streaming with a monthly subscription (PinkLabel+), and it’s basically Netflix for ethical porn. There are thousands of films available, more than even the most determined amongst us will ever watch, and every one of them fits into one of the categories we love: queer, feminist, performer-produced, DIY, subversive and countercultural. The homepage feeds include BIPOC porn, Boygasms, Feminist Porn, Vintage Adult Film, Experimental and Alternative Porn, Edu-porn, and more. There’s loads of kink on there, including plenty of spanking films - and it’s all ethically, responsibly produced by people who were having a fantastic time doing it.

If you enjoy what we do at Dreams of Spanking, you'll find something to like. Pandora and I have both been subscribers ourselves, and it’s swiftly become my go-to place for porn with excellent ethical credentials. (If you’d like to find out what Pandora’s been watching, click here to read a blog post sharing some hot spanking scenes!)

Last month we were delighted to be included in the ‘Best of San Francisco Porn Film Festival’ collection with our Guest Director film ‘A Spot of Bother’, directed by and co-starring Charlie Forrest.

PinkLabel.tv is a movement, and we wanted we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be a part of it. Their business model is innovative and aimed at compensating performers and producers fairly for their work. Studio owners get a commission on all pay-per-view sales, plus a percentage of all PinkLabel+ revenue each month based on view share. Plus studio owners and performers can join their affiliate scheme and get additional income if they link to the site. So you know that creators are being paid fairly for the films you watch - which in this age of free tube sites and internet piracy is super important.

Dreams of Spanking at PinkLabel.tv

Our PinkLabel studio focuses on the best we have to offer from the Dream of Spanking back catalogue - the films we’re proudest of, the ones that have won international awards and been screened at film festivals. We’re also adding anything else we particularly love; films we had a great time making, or that we’re especially fond of. And we're aiming to keep it updated with the best and most creative content we publish going forward. 

This also gives us the perfect opportunity to revisit some of our favourite older films. Dreams of Spanking has been going for nearly a decade now, and in that time we've learned a lot about video production. Everything that goes up on PinkLabel is getting a facelift, meaning that even longtime Dreams of Spanking members will find remastered versions of classic spanking films, including edits which haven't been published on Dreams of Spanking.

So if you missed our recent Back to School special celebrating the start of a new school year with a giveaway of our lesbian school roleplay film Back to School, fear not - the remastered, all-in-one edit of this gorgeous film is available on PinkLabel.

You can use the promo code COMETOGETHER to get 15% off all sales and memberships. If you sign up via our affiliate link we get a small commission too - which is always nice, right?

If you're interested in more than just spanking, a PinkLabel+ membership is a great way to see some of our best work, plus thousands of other films from other studios. And if at any point you decide the subscription isn’t for you, you can also get individual films on a pay-per-view basis - it’s kinky porn Blockbuster as well as kinky porn Netflix!

(Oh god, I just realised we have legitimate of-age members here who probably don’t know what Blockbuster was. Way to make a girl feel old.)


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