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What's the best thing to say during a beating?

Sometimes you want to stay silent, revelling in the sensation of cane, strap, slipper or hand as it smacks against your skin. Sometimes you want to moan with pleasure, letting the person wielding the implement know just how much you love it. Sometimes you count. And occasionally, like Pandora in this week's scene, you want to ask for it even harder...

Lying vulnerable and exposed on the bed, Pandora makes a lot of sexy sounds in our new spanking video. Moans of pleasure as she's strapped hard across the bare bottom, and occasional squeals of 'ouch' at some of the harsher whacks. As the punishment gets harder, she counts out twelve vicious strokes with the strap, thanking John Phillips for each and every stinging blow.

Pandora Blake receives a hard strapping and caning at Dreams of Spanking

But it's when the cane comes into play that she starts making requests - “I'm ready for a bit more thud now,” she says, as John pauses after a set of strokes. And later: “I know this is weird but I think I need them to be a bit harder.”

Pandora Blake receives a hard strapping and caning at Dreams of Spanking

Which leads to my potentially obvious conclusion: I think the one of the hottest things to say during a beating is 'Harder.' There's that tense moment after you've uttered it, and you're waiting for the next smack to fall. If the previous stroke was about five on the pain scale, where will the next take you - six? Eight? Eleven?

Then there's the reaction from whoever's beating you. When I ask for things harder my guy usually responds with a kind of casual but enthusiastic surprise. The way you would if challenged to do something you didn't realise the other person wanted, but that you secretly crave.

Obviously a top will usually aim to beat someone within their limits – to make sure that they're enjoying what you're doing and that your whacks, smacks and stings are spot-on. But there's also that desire to really put your back into it – to deliver a beating that takes someone's breath away and makes them squeal with pleasure and pain. Despite usually being on the receiving end, I've beaten people in exactly this way before – with belts and straps mostly, which allow for the satisfaction of swinging your arm back behind your head to deliver a cracking blow. I've heard squeals and grunts and 'more please!' as well as people counting strokes and saying 'thank you.' I even once had a guy who asked me to gag him, because 'I'm not sure I can keep quiet while all this is happening.' Naturally I obliged.

These are all pretty damn hot, but I think there's a clear winner. A well-timed 'ouch' or a moan of pleasure can compliment a beating perfectly, but saying 'harder' hits all the right buttons: an invitation to give the most satisfying, hard strokes that you can muster, in the knowledge that it's exactly what your spankee desires the most.

John Phillips rises to the challenge, delivering 24 strokes with a nice thick cane. And, much to Pandora's satisfaction, they're deep, thuddy, and very hard.

Pandora Blake receives a hard strapping and caning at Dreams of Spanking



I really enjoyed reading this piece. Now it might sound a bit bizarre but I've always likened good CP to heating up a pan on the stove! You don't want to bring the contents straight to the boil by turning up the heat to maximum, but keeping everything gently simmering results in the best taste and flavour.
I think I tend to slightly 'undercane' (if thats a word) rather than overcane my sub partners when I am.topping, but you are absolutely right when you say the hottest thing is to hear those magic words "harder please"! Then of course it's a question of determining just how much harder, and for how long. In fact one of my earlier partners, Tanya, simply used to say "another 6 please" time after time, when she was in the zone.

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