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Sunday spanking crossword

I was tickled pink when a Dreams of Spanking member sent me this gem. It's a cryptic crossword he's created, themed on spanking - and Dreams of Spanking in particular. How clever is that? I thought it would be a perfect game for a leisurely Sunday morning. Here's his explanation:

As well as being into spanking I'm also quite a crossword enthusiast (two great English vices perhaps). Over recent months one or two cryptic crossword setters in the paper I read have on occasion been writing some clues and solutions which include innuendo or double entendre. These themed crosswords are the sort of thing that get used for holiday specials and the like. Of course in a national paper this can only go so far. I thought it might be fun if this went a step or two further and had a go at putting together a rather more forthright spanking-themed crossword. The result was the puzzle below.

As an extra help, in the clues I've underlined the definition parts and left the cryptic bits without underlines. This allows the puzzle to be done as a non-cryptic ordinary crossword hopefully.  Not all clues are fetish related, nor all answers but there are a fair few.

Sunday spanking crossword


1,10 Position for deliveries where you bend your leg. (4,3,4)
5 Harsh as his hands in the middle for illicit smoking. (7)
10 See 1 across
11 Devilish and confused a libido going to California. (10)
12 Order to keep the game going. “Lay on after parking.”
13 Dressing elegantly using a strange bone ring – the opposite of what recipients of 23 across are usually doing! (8)
14 Plenty of these on DoS and the like - sites a fan moves around. (9)
16 In the rear direction r-rub after strict top raised edges. (5)
17 Verse working but it’s a cinema unlikely to be screening DoS material! (5)
19 Confusing strap hiss on the stellar transport. (9)
23 Male ruler on the bridge gets a painful lesson. (8)
24 Market in two seconds how the derriere responds to a 26ac, 1ac, 10ac, 7dn, 23ac. (6)
26 Get one award back after the pub, and another after the motorcycle race for maximum exposure during 23 across. (4-6)
27 See 9 down
28 Abi and gent are confused giving a less erotic sounding 23 across. (7)
29 Yes, pros are about to give fish eating hawks. (7)


2 Ice cream flavour not found in 23 across enthusiasts’ relationships. (7)
3 Rush sounds like why it’s having an oboe’s sound quality. (5)
4 Sound of a bell in his ‘good’ old-fashioned descriptions of 23 acrosses. (7)
6 The morning belonging to us for French love affairs. (6)
7 Flowing locks management tool leaving a blotchy finish after a sound 23 across. (9)
8 One delivering a 23 across ditches king for an indeterminate number to produce a turning tool. (7)
9, 27ac ‘K, right! What Ten does oddly is what you might do to finish off a 23 across unless you’re a nylon fetishist. (4,3,6,4)
15 Horn I concealed in exam was most prickly. (9)
18 Sounds like actor Johnny went to a wild party to become morally corrupt. (7)
20 Backward seer gets round an arithmetic problem and continues. (7)
21 A friendly light slap by the hard method. That’s the route to go. (7)
22 No West windows messed up, so refuse to acknowledge as yours. (6)
25 Brief commercial, then turned red on the bottom. She puts two and two together. (5)

This is so cool. I really do love the little community that is growing around this site, and I keep on being more and more impressed by what an intelligent and interesting bunch you are.

If you want to play, please leave a reply in the comments with your guesses. You can print the crossword out and scribble on it first if you like - just download a jpg version here. The correct answers will be published next Sunday. I hope you have fun with it - I'm tempted to have a go myself!



*Discards Sunday Times crossword in favour of the DOS crossword.*

Thank you
Great fun!

Have fun with it! If you don't want to share your answers with others, feel free to email them to me... maybe I'll give out a free membership for the best effort :)

Sunday Spanking Crossword

I don't often do crosswords and I usually fare very poorly on the cryptic variety. But the theme makes this one enjoyable.

I think I got all but 2 of the clues. Spoiler alert - I'm going to reveal my partial answers for those 2 clues. Read no further if you think that may reduce your own fun.

5 across: ? a ? h ? s ?

15 down: t ? o ? n ? e ? t

James M

Glad you had fun with it! If you want to email me your answers feel free, I'm tempted to offer a prize for the best effort :) A free membership maybe...

Thanks to all who have submitted answers so far!

The answers have now been posted here.

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