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Best Spanking Site 2014!

Dreams of Spanking - Best Spanking Site 2014

So here's a piece of good news - the results are in, and I was absolutely gobsmacked to discover that Dreams of Spanking was voted the Best Spanking Site 2014 in SpankingBlogg's Spanking Awards! The site and our performers qualified in multiple categories, but site of the year was the title I really cared about, and after all our hard work this year I'm overjoyed that to have been awarded it.

Winning an award like this has been a dream of mine since before I launched Dreams of Spanking. I know that with our radical politics and independent way of doing things, we do fall outside the usual porn categories. As a feminist spanking porn site, we're not like any other spanking sites - but we're not like any other feminist porn site either. It can be a little lonely, and it's so validating to know that although we're different, the spanking community appreciates our unique way of doing things. Thank you so much to everyone who voted - we couldn't have reached this point without our wonderful fans, and honestly Dreams of Spanking viewers are one of the best bunch of people on the internet. Thank you all.

So with three years of weekly film and photo updates and a sought-after web award under our belt, and a whopping 236 spanking scenes in our archive, it's time to look back at our top scenes from 2014. It seems that we must have been doing something right. Here are my twelve favourite spanking films and photogalleries from the year in which we were officially the Best Spanking Site:

January: The Whipped Maid

One of my all-time top fantasies: a hapless Victorian maid punished with a double caning by the Master and Mistress of the household. 50 hard strokes, straight on the bare.

Victorian maid receives a severe caning at Dreams of Spanking

Feb: Tangled with You

For Valentine's Day, a highly erotic photoset featuring me and my lover D. More than anything else we've ever shot, these photos express the intimacy and sexual chemistry between us. Definitely the most explicit images on Dreams of Spanking!

Intimate hardcore photography and real couple sex at Dreams of Spanking

March: An Unorthodox Tutorial

One of our most popular M/M scenes ever, Alexander Knight's debut made an impression. As the tousle-headed innocent student who is curious about spanking, he contrasted perfectly with fair-minded disciplinarian Dr Barton. With educated, well-spoken scene players who understand the psychology of punishment, it's easy to see why this pairing was a hit. Alex's sensitive, peachy bottom was the icing on the cake.

An old-fashioned over the knee spanking for a wayward student at Dreams of Spanking

April: Victorian Spanking Trilogy

Can I cheat and have a trilogy for April? This storyline started life as a single scene, but quickly evolved as the performers got their teeth into it. Alexander Knight plays the wilful young son of strict Victorian pater familias Dr Barton - and Molly Malone the young wife who quickly turns into Alex's wicked stepmother. A compelling period drama crammed full of domestic discipline, over the knee spanking and unfair punishment.

Young man spanked over his stepmother's knee - Victorian Spanking at Dreams of Spanking

May: The Honey Trap

Filmed at the feminist porn awards last year, this was a fantasy of FTM porn star James Darling. A hot and filthy femdom scene with lots of sexy domination, spanking, strapping and belting, foot worship, breath play and dirty talk.

FTM porn star James Darling spanked and dominated by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

June: Intervention

I really didn't expect how popular this scene would turn out to be. We wanted to shoot a three-way scene in which we played adults, not young girls, and came up with a scenario in which Caroline and I play the resentful colleagues who team up to confront their badly behaved colleague Amelia. Two wooden hairbrushes wielded by two angry ladies - ouch!

Double wooden hairbrush spanking for Amelia Jane Rutherford at Dreams of Spanking

July: Instructed

One of our most cinematic films to date, and one of the sexiest too. Instructed tells a story of dominance and submission, long-distance romance, and shows the real-life love, trust and connection between me and my partner D - even though he wasn't present on the shoot. Plus explicit solo masturbation, a cracking orgasm, and my favourite - butt play. Hot!

Instructed - remote dominance and sexy submission at Dreams of Spanking

August: Day Ten of Her Training

An atmospheric vignette starring Thomas Cameron as the predatory, self-contained master and Leia-Ann Woods as his poised, graceful submissive. She remains obedient as he pushes her mental and physical limits, finding fault with her efforts to please him, tightening her corset, and making her bend over and touch her toes in high stiletto heels for the cane.

Submissive secretary Leia-Ann Woods bends over for a cold caning from her exacting boss at Dreams of Spanking

September: Donna Draper's Secretary

A queer twist on Mad Men, with me playing the masculine, domineering boss and Vix Vixxxen my smart-mouthed secretary. Struggling against the confines of her social situation, Vix rebells - and pays the penalty.

Sassy secretary Vix Vixxxen bends over for the cane from her strict boss at Dreams of Spanking

October: The Workaholic

Finally I got a chance to work with spanking star Erica Scott, and it was so worth the wait. Erica plays the demanding neglected wife - Paul Kennedy the stressed husband. Sparks fly, and Erica's bottom glows bright red as she provokes Paul into taking her over the knee.

A hard strapping for spanked wife Erica Scott in sexy lingerie at Dreams of Spanking

November: The Other School

A schoolgirl caning extravaganza about a group of friends from two different schools - one modern and relaxed, the other strict and old-fashioned. After getting Alex and Pandora into trouble, Christy and Maddy sneak into the other school to see what's going to happen to them - and end up getting involved in the punishment that follows.

The Other School - four schoolgirls caned at Dreams of Spanking

December: Behind the Bike Sheds

Last but not least, we returned to our roots with one of our most distinctive types of scene - a naughty girl and boy punished together by a strict disciplinarian. Real life couple Talia Lane and David Weston hold hands and flirt as their teacher gives them a stern telling-off and over the knee spanking. This was Talia's debut on the site, and we can look forward to seeing a lot more of her in 2015!

Naughty girl and boy spanked together by strict teacher Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

It wasn't easy picking just twelve - there was some stiff competition in May and September particularly. Did I miss out any of your favourites? Let me know what you most enjoyed watching in 2014 - and what you'd like to see more of in 2015.


Very well deserved. And IMO particularly for: creativity; quality of scenes - especially attention to storylines and character interaction; and provision of an open space for members to comment make suggestions in the form of the scene comments and the blog, including picking up on the ideas from members and fans here and there. I really like seeing what other members think.

To add to the fine pick of scenes from the year, I also especially enjoyed 'Slight Damage to the Rear-End', 'Nursing a grudge', and a personal top favourite of the year - 'The Seating Plan'. Don't see Ten as a top that much, and for me the scene was perfect.

Thank you Yianni! I'm using more and more member ideas for videos at the moment - in fact the film we've got coming up this weekend was a script submitted by a viewer.

Great picks - The Seating Plan was extremely hot for me personally, love Ten as a top. And Slight Damage will always be one of my favourites! Nursing a Grudge was an ace debut from Vincent but I have to say if I had to pick one of his films, I would choose The Loose Hem. :)

Massive congratulations, and thoroughly deserved. What marks DoS out from the pack is the sheer breadth of imagination on display.

In 2015, I would like to see more Adele Haze.

Thanks N. I love working with Adele! I think that can probably be arranged :)

Awww! So honored to be a part of this wonderful list. And congratulations, sweetie! Well deserved. ♥

Most flattered that Yianni should mention 'Nursing a Grudge', it seems such long time ago now.

Looking at Pandora's choices, I'm reminded how good Thomas, Leia, Molly, Alexander and Pandora her self look in period costume. But my favorite scene of 2014 is a contemporary one, 'Bathtime' with "Spankee of the Year" Alex Reynolds. Alex has such an wonderful personality and her friendship with Pandora comes across so well in the film.

congratulation !

best spanking site in the world :)
you deserve that !

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