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The sexiest three-word phrase?

How do you turn someone on using the fewest words possible? No pictures allowed, just words or it's cheating. I think there are a fair few three-­word phrases that'd do it for me.

“Remove your knickers,” said in just the right commanding tone, for instance, would get me instantly aroused.

“Open your mouth,” perhaps even more so.

But right up there towards the top of the list would have to be:

Two guys wrestling.”

Two guys wrestling - male/male spanking at Dreams of Spanking

When I watch the hot new updates every week for Dreams of Spanking, I try to pick out one or two things about each scene that strike me as particularly arousing. Whether it's the chemistry between the performers, some particularly intense language, or just how perfect someone's bottom looks in a particular position, there's usually one thing that jumps right out at me. This week's is no different: Two guys wrestling.

Brotherly Love features two brand new performers – Seani Love is the gorgeous top, and Ron Beastly is the equally gorgeous and deliciously bratty spankee. They play brothers - Ron, the playful and bratty younger brother and Seani, the older brother who is sick of his sibling sitting around the house doing nothing.

When Seani decides it's time to dish out some physical punishment to Ron to get him into line, Ron struggles against him. The subsequent tussle gives the scene a brilliant physical energy, and the coarse banter (“Brat.” “Fucker.”) only makes it hotter.

Two guys wrestling - male/male spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Sorry, have I gone on a bit too much about two guys wrestling? I fear I might have. If, like me, this is one of your big turn­ons, then after you've watched Brotherly Love I'd strongly recommend Male Spankee Wrestle-­Off as well. Sebastian Hawley and Michael Darling wrestling over who gets to spank who. It's amazing.

In the meantime, as ever we'd love you to give a really warm welcome to Seani and Ron – when you've watched Seani wrestle Ron over his knee and deliver a humiliating bare bottom spanking, do come and say hello in the comments. And let me know, because I'm curious: what three­-word phrase would instantly turn you on? “Bare bottom spanking”, perhaps? “Twelve cold strokes?” Or something I haven't even thought of yet...


Three little words

Glad you like the scene, Girl-On-The-Net - it was wonderful to spank the Beastly one and the spanking was, as you can see, much deserved!

I think for me a three word phrase that (said in the right way) is bound to light my fire might be along the lines of:
"I'm sorry sir" or "Please forgive me". both phrases that are going to kick start my engines and see whoever said them over my knee or bound in rope and punished for their misdemeanours. Forgiveness is much easier, after all, if I can spank the person who is pleading for it.

Best wishes, Seani Love

Oooh, yes - I think "please forgive me" is an excellent one. I might have to use that myself when I'm in trouble and see what effect it has =)

And I can see why the beating was deserved - Ron plays 'bratty' incredibly well, I think!


There's something about the rhythm of three word phrases. Some favourites for me are (albeit rather clichéd but still send a tingle through the spine)

"Fetch my hairbrush"
"I've been naughty"
"Come here now"
"How dare you"

What's also great in ordinary literature is coming across a trigger word. Obviously whenever 'spanking' suddenly crops up. It's amazing how it still causes a little quickening of the pulse. (There are a couple of points where the word suddenly appears in the Game of Thrones books - around book 3 pt2 or 4 I think). But other fetish words in the genre like 'punish' 'strict' etc.

Three-word phrases

The simplest, possibly most hackneyed, yet still amongst the most powerful, is:

BEND OVER, BOY! (or GIRL, according to context!)

I remember the word 'whack' being fairly prominent in a lot of the old school-type stories I read when I was younger. You're right, it does have something of an instant effect. I haven't read the Game of Thrones books yet as I don't want spoilers for the TV series, but your comment makes me feel like I should reconsider this and start reading them soon...

I can't off-hand think of a favourite three-word phrase I'd like to hear, but I can offer you one that I like to deliver, and which might fit on your own list:

"Kneel down. Now."

Three Word Phrases

Two more come to mind:

Hands on head
Stand very straight

I like these because they mean that there's a spanking coming, but not yet. Waiting, extended anticipation, is so powerful.

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