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I know I say this every week... but wow, it's been a busy couple of weeks. To be honest with you I'm still reeling from editing The Clone's Training. That was a challenge - and a steep learning curve. But although it took twice as long as I was expecting, I feel like I learned a lot. And then, because we all know I'm a masochist, I went straight from that into a marathon, sleepless, three-day edit of a privately commissioned feature film, which felt like another giant step in my editing career. It's like I can feel my brain expanding - I look back over the last year and I can really see how far I've come. I know I've still got a lot to learn, and I'm excited!

Like most pornographers I think, I'm totally self-taught when it comes to film-making. It's an interesting career path -learning your trade solo, reading online tutorials, messing around with software, watching films at festivals with your jaw on the floor and making mental notes about awesome techniques to try for yourself.

Running a paysite is not always an ideal environment for improvement. Putting out a new film every week is a brutal commitment, and it can be hard to find time for the play and experimentation that really help you grow. Sometimes it can feel like hammering out weekly films on a budget is in danger of becoming a rut that I'm stuck in, without the leisure to explore new ideas, or craft and perfect a piece until I'm completely happy with it. But that's why it feels so amazing to I take a risk and get away with it - like with The Clone's Training, a concept so ambitious, so convoluted and psychological, that I wasn't sure we could pull it off. But David pulled out all the stops with his acting, and his courage and dedication in playing two identical roles and taking his first ever judicial-level cold caning - on his first ever spanking shoot, no less - inspired me to rise to the occasion and give it all I had.

Films like this might seem like whims to some people - the vegetables on the side of the plate next to the meat of good old traditional punishment scenarios, perhaps. But believe me, it's the experimental films, the creative risks, the over-ambitious challenges, that keep pornographers interested. Putting that much effort in every week wouldn't pay the rent, but once in a while, it is so worth doing.

Anyway, I didn't come online to blather on about video editing. I've been made to blush a few times lately by the kind things people have said, and I wanted to share the love.

Lucie Blush loves feminist porn - and spanking!

I met Lucie Blush at the Feminist Porn Awards - she's an up and coming young French director and all-round cutie. She also loves spanking, as she admits in a recent post on her ethical porn blog "We love good sex". And she mentioned my spanking scene with Zahra Stardust! Thank you Lucie!

Spanking star Lola Marie at Dreams of Spanking

We love Lola Marie - and so does the Cherry Red Report, which has collated a pictorial tribute to the spanking scenes of one of the UK's hottest porn performers. It was lovely to see three different Dreams of Spanking scenes included - but then, Lola really did pull out all the stops for her shoot with us. I'm impatient to work with her again!

Lady Laid Bare: Sex, love and life - one awkward pause at a time

I mentioned Lady Laid Bare's amazing multi-part review of Dreams of Spanking before, but I didn't share the best part - the climax - the list of her top five spanking films. I was chatting to a viewer only yesterday about how his favourites change frequently. How much foes Lady Laid Bare's list have in common with yours?

Last but not least, I was tickled pink by the new review of Dreams of Spanking by My Sex Porn. Want to make me blush? Write things like this:

The site offers aesthetically appealing and sensually rewarding spanking episodes with the whole package, the story, the costumes – and of course the incredibly sexy spanking.
Dreams of Spanking has this warm, welcoming atmosphere. The young lady explains her passions and her project in a lot of detail – and you can preview a lot of stuff as well. The thing about Dreams of Spanking, it’s so decadent, so Victorian, so English, and so breathtaking you will want to get inside and just keep watching – right away.
Dreams of Spanking has this wonderful homely feel, like it’s the ultimate destination for any spanking erotica fan. You are finally in the place where you belong, and this place cares for you.
With their terrific collection of very original exclusive content with super extensive categorization by just about anything which may be of interest to a spanking erotica aficionado, Dreams of Spanking is your dreams of spanking made very real. And very enjoyable, too! Traditional English punishment, intelligent attitude, great performances and high definition content all together!
Dreams of Spanking has to be the finest spanking erotica hotspot we have ever seen. Combining the English tradition of corporal punishment with conscious, intelligent attitude and breathtaking episodes with great storylines and intense spanking action, Dreams of Spanking leaves nothing to be desired. If you have even the smallest thing for hot bratty girls getting spanked, punished and disciplined, we just can’t let you miss this one. This is the king, the masterpiece of kinky yet honest, heartfelt spanking erotica.

(And hot bratty boys, too - don't forget the hot bratty boys!)

Seriously, though, thank you, MySexPorn. I am blushing all over again. You guys. ♥


Without wishing to sound sycophantic, I think those review comments capture the unique nature of DoS very well. It is a site where you feel very welcome, at whatever degree of 'outness' you have in the genre. With glass in hand, bottoms up! (in more ways than one) to continued development and seriously erotic spanking fun.

...and you made me blush again. Thank you Yianni!

I'm really glad to have managed this - creating a safe space was very much at the heart of my aims with this site. The way I see it, my erotic imagination is so twisted I need to balance it with a lot of positivity. ;) If there is anything I can do to make this site more accepting and more welcoming, I am always interested to hear it!


I hereby place my vote for more Lola Marie, thankyouplease. :-D

Noted! Hoping to put something together in 2015 :)

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