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Inspiration from Spanking Blog

Spanking Blog is always a good source of inspiration for spanking films. For instance, check out this amazing true story of a Victorian quack doctor who roamed the country administering spankings to unlucky patients:

He was a tall, lean, lank-looking Yankee, with red hair and whiskers, a light gray eye, and claimed to cure all diseases by “spatting” the patient, or the diseased part thereof, with cold water on his bare palm, the use of a battery, and a pill.

“The Spanker” was not read in medicine. His treatment was the most ridiculous and repulsive of the absurdities of the nineteenth century. The patient was stripped of his clothes, and often so severely spanked as to compel him, or her, to cry out with pain.

Youran the Spanker

What a fantastic premise for a darkly comic period piece!

I also enjoyed this glimpse into a schoolgirl cross-dressing scenario which has real promise as a spanking film:

Amy has decided to sneak into St Hugh’s to see her new boyfriend. She’s managed to get hold of their uniform so she can go in disguise.

Schoolgirl dressed as a schoolboy

Regular viewers will know how much I love a bit of gender-bending or cross-dressing in spanking scenarios - particularly as twists on traditional school or military punishment themes.

The MacKenzies update is just a cute softcore vignette of the girls in their dorm, giggling and discussing the plan as they strip and get changed. But can you imagine this premise as a spanking film? One has to wonder how Amy got hold of a boy's uniform - did she enlist one of her boyfriend's friends to steal some spare items for her from lost property or the sanitorium, or is there an unlucky lower-schooler wandering around in his pants? If she was caught sneaking into the boy's school to visit her boyfriend, I'm sure the true story would come out ... and it would provide a fabulous excuse for a hot sequence in which she was punished while wearing boy's uniform!


Softcore fantasy

Great mention of MacKenzies. That idea of cross dressing is certainly really hot, and good both ways too (eg Mr Brennan a while back in stockings over Molly's lap).

One or two of the models who appear on sites like MacKenzies and Only Tease do also crop in the spanking arena (with one who of course does this extensively whose work we all love!). I always find it really hot to imagine some of the other women who don't appear in spanking related porn secretly being into the same thing.

I love cross-dressing both ways! We've kept it relatively balanced so far, but since The Schoolgirl's Revenge I think it's time for a girl in drag next :)

I think it's interesting how much of a market there is for softcore sites like MacKenzies still. I find it heartening that people still want to see erotica that is a bit more implicit - it suggests that rather than the industry getting more and more extreme as some fear, there are different strokes for different folks and we'll be able to maintain a good balance of styles.

Cross-dressing girl punished in boys' uniform? Yes please! (And, of course, the boy who lost his uniform could be unfairly punished for doing so, and the boyfriend could be punished for encouraging the girl, and then punished again after cross-dressing in order to sneak into her school ...)

Mmmmmmm. Yes. I definitely want to make this film!

The question is, would Amy be punished at the boys' school - or should she be sent back to hers to be dealt with by her own headmistress? I rather like the idea of her and her boyfriend being punished in front of each other... but then I would.

Could she not be punished at the boys school, in front of her boyfriend, who then gets punished in front to her, and then sent back to her own headmistress and get punished again, just to drive the message home?

Oh, and Amy would definitely be wearing her sexiest lingerie under the uniform, for her boyfriend.

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