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Inspiration from Spanking Blog

Spanking Blog is always a good source of inspiration for spanking films. For instance, check out this amazing true story of a Victorian quack doctor who roamed the country administering spankings to unlucky patients:

He was a tall, lean, lank-looking Yankee, with red hair and whiskers, a light gray eye, and claimed to cure all diseases by “spatting” the patient, or the diseased part thereof, with cold water on his bare palm, the use of a battery, and a pill.

“The Spanker” was not read in medicine. His treatment was the most ridiculous and repulsive of the absurdities of the nineteenth century. The patient was stripped of his clothes, and often so severely spanked as to compel him, or her, to cry out with pain.

Youran the Spanker

What a fantastic premise for a darkly comic period piece!

I also enjoyed this glimpse into a schoolgirl cross-dressing scenario which has real promise as a spanking film:

Amy has decided to sneak into St Hugh’s to see her new boyfriend. She’s managed to get hold of their uniform so she can go in disguise.

Schoolgirl dressed as a schoolboy

Regular viewers will know how much I love a bit of gender-bending or cross-dressing in spanking scenarios - particularly as twists on traditional school or military punishment themes.

The MacKenzies update is just a cute softcore vignette of the girls in their dorm, giggling and discussing the plan as they strip and get changed. But can you imagine this premise as a spanking film? One has to wonder how Amy got hold of a boy's uniform - did she enlist one of her boyfriend's friends to steal some spare items for her from lost property or the sanitorium, or is there an unlucky lower-schooler wandering around in his pants? If she was caught sneaking into the boy's school to visit her boyfriend, I'm sure the true story would come out ... and it would provide a fabulous excuse for a hot sequence in which she was punished while wearing boy's uniform!

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Brotherly Love starring Seani Love and Ron Beastly

Seani and Ruby believe that everyone has the right to authentic sexual self-expression, and they want to build a bridge between all the beautiful and empowering sex-positive resources out there and people like you! If this is of interest, check out the SoulKittens fundraising page and claim your three month Dreams of Spanking membership now!

The sexiest three-word phrase?

How do you turn someone on using the fewest words possible? No pictures allowed, just words or it's cheating. I think there are a fair few three-­word phrases that'd do it for me.

“Remove your knickers,” said in just the right commanding tone, for instance, would get me instantly aroused.

“Open your mouth,” perhaps even more so.

But right up there towards the top of the list would have to be:

Two guys wrestling.”

Two guys wrestling - male/male spanking at Dreams of Spanking

When I watch the hot new updates every week for Dreams of Spanking, I try to pick out one or two things about each scene that strike me as particularly arousing. Whether it's the chemistry between the performers, some particularly intense language, or just how perfect someone's bottom looks in a particular position, there's usually one thing that jumps right out at me. This week's is no different: Two guys wrestling.

Brotherly Love features two brand new performers – Seani Love is the gorgeous top, and Ron Beastly is the equally gorgeous and deliciously bratty spankee. They play brothers - Ron, the playful and bratty younger brother and Seani, the older brother who is sick of his sibling sitting around the house doing nothing.

When Seani decides it's time to dish out some physical punishment to Ron to get him into line, Ron struggles against him. The subsequent tussle gives the scene a brilliant physical energy, and the coarse banter (“Brat.” “Fucker.”) only makes it hotter.

Two guys wrestling - male/male spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Sorry, have I gone on a bit too much about two guys wrestling? I fear I might have. If, like me, this is one of your big turn­ons, then after you've watched Brotherly Love I'd strongly recommend Male Spankee Wrestle-­Off as well. Sebastian Hawley and Michael Darling wrestling over who gets to spank who. It's amazing.

In the meantime, as ever we'd love you to give a really warm welcome to Seani and Ron – when you've watched Seani wrestle Ron over his knee and deliver a humiliating bare bottom spanking, do come and say hello in the comments. And let me know, because I'm curious: what three­-word phrase would instantly turn you on? “Bare bottom spanking”, perhaps? “Twelve cold strokes?” Or something I haven't even thought of yet...

Angry or calm - what's the best kind of spanking?

I think the spankings I've had generally fall into one of two categories: the “I'm so angry with you right now” spanking and the “this is for your own good.”

The “angry” spankings usually happen when I've deliberately been bratty to try and get a harder beating, whereas the others have a kind of calm, sexy intensity that makes me feel as if I'll get what's coming to me no matter how I behave.

Which do I prefer? I'm not sure I can really decide, especially since I've just watched this week's amazing scene with Christy Cutie and Paul Kennedy, in which the beating definitely falls into the 'calm and collected' category.

Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking

Uncle Paul takes his naughty niece Christy in hand when she accidentally messes up his work. He's warned her that he'll be busy while she's staying with him over the summer, but ignoring his advice to stay out of his way, she decides to 'helpfully' go into his office and tidy his desk. This is Dreams of Spanking so – of course – some seriously hot punishment is in order.

He instructs her to bend over the desk and deals out a firm hand spanking over her tight jeans. And here is where I melt a little bit (OK, a lot) with desire.

Paul has a fantastically calm authority. As 'Uncle Paul', he adopts a kind of weary 'why do you make me do this?' attitude that makes me tingle in just the right way.

He's not angry – he's disappointed.

Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking

If you've seen Christy on Dreams of Spanking before (and if you haven't then you should check out Her Married Sister) you'll know that she's utterly beautiful, as well as a brilliant character actress. Her happy-go-lucky naughty niece character works so beautifully against Paul's 'disappointed uncle' and as she squeals with each stinging smack, you can tell she's mainly upset that she's let him down.

Of course, when he asks her to pull down her jeans and knickers for a strapping on the bare bottom, she pouts and trembles just as any naughty niece would, when she knows there's no getting out of it.

Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking Naughty niece Christy Cutie spanked by uncle Paul Kennedy at Dreams of Spanking

I think scenes like this can work both ways. In my fantasies, when I'm the one being strapped over a desk because of some minor misdemeanour, I've often found myself torn between a 'calm' or an 'angry' beating.

Sometimes I picture the guy who is beating me as someone so incensed that he can't prevent himself from lashing out with far more than I really deserve. At other times he's calm, measured, and practically sighing with disappointment that I've let him down again. Both are amazing, but which is your favourite?

I'd recommend you watch Naughty Niece Christy first – when you see Paul berating Christy for requiring punishment and therefore taking up his valuable time, you'll see what I mean about the appeal of a calm, collected disciplinarian.

Dreams of Spanking goes to Berlin!

After a busy summer involving lots of travelling while back home my workload stacked ever higher, I was ready for an autumn of quiet industry in London, battening down the hatches and tackling the backlog. I was even looking forward to it. But the universe had other ideas.

I got an email from Ms Naughty telling us that our collaborative feminist porn film Instructed - her edit of which she had submitted to the Berlin Porn Film Festival - had been accepted, and would be shown on the big screen in front of a cinema full of people!

I realised that out of four festivals my films have been submitted to so far - Bikesmut in 2012, the Feminist Porn Awards and Cinekink in 2014, and now Berlin - the only one where none of my work was screened was also the only one I've been to. Bikesmut and Cinekink, as US festivals, were a little harder for me to get to. But Berlin is only a train ride away. Really, there was no excuse.

So it was that I found myself emailing the organisers to find out that I would be granted a free filmmakers entry to the festival... and started the somewhat intimidating process of sorting out accommodation and transport with only a month's notice. 

I feel intimidated, delighted and a bit overwhelmed by the havoc this will wreak on my carefully-worked-out October budget. (If anyone feels moved to help me get there, please consider booking a 121 spanking session - or ask me for my Playpal address...) But mostly I'm excited. It will be wonderful to see all the friends I made at the Feminist Porn Awards this year again - all the queer porn stars, Zahra Stardust and Ms Naughty, Jennifer Lyon Bell and another feminist porn director whom I was overjoyed to meet when she visited London this summer, Gala Vanting.

Instructed: a feminist porn film by Ms Naughty and Pandora BlakeIt's also going to be a totally new experience to watch my work on the big screen... particularly given that Instructed is my most explicit film to date. If watching you finger yourself at the cinema in high-definition closeup isn't a porn performer's baptism of fire, I don't know what is. I don't know if I'm going to be surprised, embarrassed or hiding behind my program, but I think it will definitely be a once-in-a-lifetime excuse for a selfie!

A part of me is sad that I missed the deadline to submit any of my own film productions to Berlin this year. Ms Naughty was kind enough to list me as a co-director and collaborator on her edit of Instructed, but it's still her version of the film - and the only reason hers is being included rather than mine is that I didn't send them anything. I had the deadline in my calendar, but I would have wanted to edit a tighter, shorter cut of anything I submitted, and I simply didn't have time. Which makes me all the more determined to manage to submit my own freshly edited work to Cinekink and the FPA next year, as well as the other 2015 porn festivals. But it's also, perhaps, a good thing that my work as a video editor won't be up for scrutiny this year. Appearing on on screen as the solo performer is, perhaps, exposure enough without the vulnerability of being judged on my editing technique as well. There is always time for me to take that particular plunge later...

So I'm going to Berlin - and so is Dreams of Spanking. I'm not currently planning any shoots there - I don't have the space in my budget - but perhaps if some more trade or collaboration opportunities present themselves, I might fit something in. As a method of working, it seems to have been pretty successful so far!

New behind the scenes and performer interview!

If you click through to Naughty Niece Christy you will see two behind the scenes videos - the out-takes film. and a performer interview featuring Christy Cutie and Maddy Marks.

Part of my mission with Dreams of Spanking is to create a truly performer-centric porn site. Our spanking stars are creatively involved in writing their scenes, choosing their co-stars, and they have input into the implements and severity of the CP they receive. We are also passionate about always talking about our wonderful performers respectfully. No degrading porn buzzwords here!

When watching spanking and punishment porn I think it's so important to know that the people on the receiving end are genuine spanking enthusiasts, and had a good time making the film. I'm constantly looking for new ways to let the performers I work with express themselves - in their own terms, without putting words in their mouths. One way is to make all the performer interviews on Dreams of Spanking totally free to watch, so even non-members can get to know our wonderful spanking stars! Another way is to put the interviews on YouTube - when they aren't too naked, of course... (so that's most of my interviews out, then!)

Here we have Christy Cutie, the bubble-bottomed star of our new strapping video, and tall, elegant redhead Maddy Marks, talking about kink, relationships, switching, their oldest fantasies and more. A chance to get to know two amazing fetish professionals and lifestyle kinksters.

And the members-only outtakes video for Naughty Niece Christy contains some pure behind the scenes gold. My favourite moments are the texts mischievous Christy sends Paul - which are too full of cute smilies and emoticons to show on camera; and the smile on her face after the scene has wrapped, when she tells Alex Reynolds, "that's a yummy strap!"

Behind the scenes out-takes video for Naughty Niece Christy - only at Dreams of Spanking

By the way, if you've been paying attention you'll have noticed that Naughty Niece Christy has a new type of streaming video player for those of you who prefer to watch online rather than downloading. Replacing our old flash-based popup player, the new player uses HTML5 video. There's a fullscreen option if you want to watch in full resolution, or you can stream using the player embedded in the page. I'd love to know how it plays on your different devices. We won't be applying the changes retroactively, but going forward every new scene will use this format for streaming video - and with a bit of work, I'm hoping we might even be able to turn it into a workable video player for smartphones and ipads.

Members can watch the full film of Naughty Niece Christy and the behind the scenes outtakes video, and non-members can test the new player by watching the free video trailer and the interview with Christy and Maddy. Let me know how it looks!

Sci-fi porn and sexy storytelling

Storytelling is sexy. Whether it's written, audio, or dramatised on screen, storytelling can make the difference between something that's hot while you're watching it, and something that stays with you for a long time afterwards.

When I write the blogs for Dreams of Spanking, it's always important to pick the right key phrases so that people can find scenes during search. Judicial caning, hand spanking, over the knee, etc – it means that everyone knows what they'll get if they click through, and also serves to get people horny. If you're anything like me then the phrase 'over the knee' probably conjures instant hot mental images, so if a scene involves that kind of punishment I'll make sure to be clear about it.

But the problem with this kind of directness is that there are lots of other more nuanced things that might be particularly erotic, but that aren't as instantly recognisable. Let's face it – lots of people search for 'six strokes of the cane' but fewer people search for 'depersonalised punishment' or 'endurance punishment'. That's where storytelling comes in.

The Clone's Training - sci-fi porn featuring judicial caning at Dreams of Spanking

Depersonalised punishment is a really interesting thing to explore – the idea that someone is receiving a beating because they have to rather than because they specifically deserve it. Rituals and ceremonies are both great vehicles for this: the punishment can be impersonal because it's not an individual need but part of a greater story.

Our new film, The Clone's Training, is sci-fi porn that fully explores this concept. Clone number eight – played by the gorgeous David Weston – is being drilled in the nuance and detail of the behaviour of his progenitor, the Crown Prince. Identical genetically, the clone and the Crown Prince are impossible to tell apart just by looking. Birthmarks and scars have all been faithfully reproduced, and the clone now needs to perfect his behaviour so he can infiltrate the royal family and 'become' the prince.

The Clone's Training - sci-fi porn featuring judicial caning at Dreams of Spanking The Clone's Training - sci-fi porn featuring judicial caning at Dreams of Spanking

Instructor Pandora Blake gives firm and strict directions: stride purposefully, keep your chin up, hand behind your back. Every movement, in other words, must match the Prince's own gestures. And, of course, he must also be marked so that any blemish on his body matches exactly the ones on the Crown Prince.

A punch to the hip should replicate a bruise the Prince sustained, but to truly fool the medical scanners, clone number eight will have to have a six stroke judicial caning, just as the military Prince received only the day before...

The Clone's Training - sci-fi porn featuring judicial caning at Dreams of Spanking

You don't often see sci-fi porn, probably because most people associate it with either huge budgets or crap special effects. But there's a wealth of hot potential in science fiction, and you don't need CGI to make the concept work. Dystopic worlds in which individuals must behave a certain way. 1984-style future societies where citizens unquestioningly obey. And, of course, the deliciously sexy possibilities of armies of identical human-looking robots (I'm looking at you, Battlestar Galactica, with your sexy Cylons) and cloning technology.

This film plays on the clone scenario to dish out an incredibly clinical, depersonalised punishment. While many will watch this because they just love caning stories, others will be aroused by the impersonal nature of the punishment itself. The medical officer and instructor, played by Pandora, is concerned only with shaping clone number eight into as close a copy of the Prince as possible. As a consequence, when she strikes him with the cane it's not in anger or lust, but with a calculated necessity. And when he bends over to receive the strokes it's not because he feels he deserves them, it's because he is so used to obedience that it doesn't occur to him to question why he has to go through this. He just knows he must fulfil his destiny.

The Clone's Training - sci-fi porn featuring judicial caning at Dreams of Spanking

When you've watched The Clone's Training, if you're after more porn with amazing stories, it's well worth exploring Dreams of Spanking's 'sci-fi and fantasy' tag. The Royal Wedding is an audio story about a medieval princess, featuring an amazing public flogging which – again – is an impersonal ritual, but has more significance when told from the perspective of the princess who endures it. I also really like 'Psychic Weapon C' – another sci-fi porn story, but here the pain is used as a means to extract information. It's not quite as clinical, because the victim is actively fighting against the beating, but the fact that it's administered by henchmen makes it – in my opinion – an awesome example of pain being dished out as a matter of unflinching necessity.

So that's why storytelling is sexy – it's not just about a simple act, it's about the before and after, the build up and the tension. I could watch any scene in which a beautiful guy gets six of the best, and be delighted to have seen it, but the story turns it into something I think about for a long time. Not least because I can't help imagining exactly what happened to clones one through seven...

Sharing the love

I know I say this every week... but wow, it's been a busy couple of weeks. To be honest with you I'm still reeling from editing The Clone's Training. That was a challenge - and a steep learning curve. But although it took twice as long as I was expecting, I feel like I learned a lot. And then, because we all know I'm a masochist, I went straight from that into a marathon, sleepless, three-day edit of a privately commissioned feature film, which felt like another giant step in my editing career. It's like I can feel my brain expanding - I look back over the last year and I can really see how far I've come. I know I've still got a lot to learn, and I'm excited!

Like most pornographers I think, I'm totally self-taught when it comes to film-making. It's an interesting career path -learning your trade solo, reading online tutorials, messing around with software, watching films at festivals with your jaw on the floor and making mental notes about awesome techniques to try for yourself.

Running a paysite is not always an ideal environment for improvement. Putting out a new film every week is a brutal commitment, and it can be hard to find time for the play and experimentation that really help you grow. Sometimes it can feel like hammering out weekly films on a budget is in danger of becoming a rut that I'm stuck in, without the leisure to explore new ideas, or craft and perfect a piece until I'm completely happy with it. But that's why it feels so amazing to I take a risk and get away with it - like with The Clone's Training, a concept so ambitious, so convoluted and psychological, that I wasn't sure we could pull it off. But David pulled out all the stops with his acting, and his courage and dedication in playing two identical roles and taking his first ever judicial-level cold caning - on his first ever spanking shoot, no less - inspired me to rise to the occasion and give it all I had.

Films like this might seem like whims to some people - the vegetables on the side of the plate next to the meat of good old traditional punishment scenarios, perhaps. But believe me, it's the experimental films, the creative risks, the over-ambitious challenges, that keep pornographers interested. Putting that much effort in every week wouldn't pay the rent, but once in a while, it is so worth doing.

Anyway, I didn't come online to blather on about video editing. I've been made to blush a few times lately by the kind things people have said, and I wanted to share the love.

Lucie Blush loves feminist porn - and spanking!

I met Lucie Blush at the Feminist Porn Awards - she's an up and coming young French director and all-round cutie. She also loves spanking, as she admits in a recent post on her ethical porn blog "We love good sex". And she mentioned my spanking scene with Zahra Stardust! Thank you Lucie!

Spanking star Lola Marie at Dreams of Spanking

We love Lola Marie - and so does the Cherry Red Report, which has collated a pictorial tribute to the spanking scenes of one of the UK's hottest porn performers. It was lovely to see three different Dreams of Spanking scenes included - but then, Lola really did pull out all the stops for her shoot with us. I'm impatient to work with her again!

Lady Laid Bare: Sex, love and life - one awkward pause at a time

I mentioned Lady Laid Bare's amazing multi-part review of Dreams of Spanking before, but I didn't share the best part - the climax - the list of her top five spanking films. I was chatting to a viewer only yesterday about how his favourites change frequently. How much foes Lady Laid Bare's list have in common with yours?

Last but not least, I was tickled pink by the new review of Dreams of Spanking by My Sex Porn. Want to make me blush? Write things like this:

The site offers aesthetically appealing and sensually rewarding spanking episodes with the whole package, the story, the costumes – and of course the incredibly sexy spanking.
Dreams of Spanking has this warm, welcoming atmosphere. The young lady explains her passions and her project in a lot of detail – and you can preview a lot of stuff as well. The thing about Dreams of Spanking, it’s so decadent, so Victorian, so English, and so breathtaking you will want to get inside and just keep watching – right away.
Dreams of Spanking has this wonderful homely feel, like it’s the ultimate destination for any spanking erotica fan. You are finally in the place where you belong, and this place cares for you.
With their terrific collection of very original exclusive content with super extensive categorization by just about anything which may be of interest to a spanking erotica aficionado, Dreams of Spanking is your dreams of spanking made very real. And very enjoyable, too! Traditional English punishment, intelligent attitude, great performances and high definition content all together!
Dreams of Spanking has to be the finest spanking erotica hotspot we have ever seen. Combining the English tradition of corporal punishment with conscious, intelligent attitude and breathtaking episodes with great storylines and intense spanking action, Dreams of Spanking leaves nothing to be desired. If you have even the smallest thing for hot bratty girls getting spanked, punished and disciplined, we just can’t let you miss this one. This is the king, the masterpiece of kinky yet honest, heartfelt spanking erotica.

(And hot bratty boys, too - don't forget the hot bratty boys!)

Seriously, though, thank you, MySexPorn. I am blushing all over again. You guys. ♥

Secretarial caning - with a hot queer twist

There are some things that are just hard-wired into my brain as sexiness triggers: words which will make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, or give me that gut-punch of arousal that is almost impossible to describe. One of those things happens in our latest video, and I want to keep playing it over and over.

Donna Draper – a twist on Mad Men's Don Draper – is a ruthlessly strict boss. Played by Pandora Blake, Donna Draper takes no shit whatsoever from her secretary Vix Vixxxen. These two have an amazing dynamic in this caning scene – from Pandora's brusque instructions, “Stop talking right now.” to Vix's sassy and insubordinate retorts – everything about this relationship crackles with hotness.

1950s secretary caned by her strict boss at Dreams of Spanking

Pandora's dressed in a tailored suit and tie, every inch the authoritative boss. Vix is dressed in a tight black skirt, hold-up stockings and sheer blouse: the perfect sexy secretary. But her eye-rolling, smart-mouthed counterpoints to Pandora's reprimands show that she's not one to take correction meekly, and I love the way she insists on disagreeing with her boss, even after she's been given six firm strokes of the cane.

There are some sparkling moments of recognition here – the homage to Mad Men in lines like “You're a woman, and you're lucky to have this job,” as well as the question “Are you married?” which almost had me phoning the employment tribunal. I love the way Donna Draper has the attitudes of a 1950s boss, but Vix is a much more souped-up version of Peggy Olsen: she stubbornly maintains her opinion, even when being given a secretarial caning for her attitude.

After the first caning doesn't have the desired effect, Vix is given a pretty humiliating task to hammer home the lesson that she must not get ideas above her station. The very thought of the phrase 'ideas above her station' gives me the shivers, because it comes from the same dark place as a lot of my fantasies about being controlled by authority.

Similar effects occur when Pandora points out that it's only three days til payday, and if Vix won't bend over for a second hard caning over her sheer knickers, then she may just be turfed out on the spot.

1950s secretary caned by her strict boss at Dreams of Spanking

Neither of these was what hit my ultimate hot spot though, but I'm sure you can guess what it was that did it. All I'll say is: it's something that happens a lot in Battlestar Galactica, and it involves using a term we nearly always reserve for men. Flipping genders, especially when choosing terms for people in authority, is incomparably hot. Agree? Then let me hear you say 'yes, Sir!'


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