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While the director's away...

I wrote recently about the uncertainties of running a porn site during the holiday season - not knowing whether or not you, our lovely viewers, will be here on any given week, ready and waiting to watch our latest update, or whether you're all off having fun in foreign climes. The truth is that it's not only your absence that affects things over the summer months. Running a spanking website is hard work at the best of times - it's even harder when the director goes on holiday.

I went away for a week at the end of July, and if I hadn't had AJ and Girl on the Net in London to hold the fort, things would have fallen apart. I edited and uploaded the week's film (The Evacuees - Part 2) before I left, but it was Girl on the Net who wrote the scene blurb and the blogpost, AJ who kept on top of email and tech support requests and posts pictures on Fetlife and Tumblr, and both ladies took turns managing the Twitter account.

In fact if they hadn't been around, there wouldn't have been an update that week. On Saturday, two days before I was due to come home, I got a call from AJ to tell me that the server was down. It was terrible timing - our new scene goes live at the weekend and Saturday is usually our best day for new sign-ups. Instead, the server was down for 8 hours during the middle of the day. Not only could users not log on, neither could AJ, so the new scene hadn't even gone live yet. It was AJ who posted updates on social media until the site was up and running again - and AJ who logged in straight-away and pushed the new film live. I really am very lucky to have a team who care so much about the site that they're willing to work weekends and take the initiative in an emergency.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm going away again til Monday, and once more I'm relying on the Dreams of Spanking ladies to keep things ticking over in the meantime. It's good for me to take some time off (those of you who know me will know how rare this is!) but it's good to know that my baby will be in safe hands. 

The downside of going away is that I have to rush to get everything done before I leave. That's why I'm typing this at 2am, while waiting for an audio effect to process on this week's forthcoming spanking film. I've done the multicamera edit, nailed the music (if I do say so myself), and am just tidying up the audio. Next it's colour grading, digital zooms, frame cropping and other finishing touches - and I still have to make the trailer and pack for my long weekend before my friends come to pick me up tomorrow lunchtime. Somehow I don't think I'm going to get much sleep tonight.

Still, it'll all be worth it in the end - I'm looking forward to a wonderful four days away, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of this week's scene when I get back. It's from our location shoot with Leia-Ann Woods last year and is a dark, sinister vignette which implies, but doesn't show, a longer dominance and submission narrative. This is one of the scripts I wrote before the site even existed, and it's a pleasure to bring it to life.

I think the finished film is going to be just as atmospheric as I imagined - if I get it done in time. My audio's finished processing now, so I'm going to get stuck back in. In the meantime, I'll leave you with an exclusive preview photo...

Leia-Ann Woods caned at Dreams of Spanking


Weekend away

Dear Pandora

I'm glad you're having a weekend away - and don't worry about all us fans out here, there's more than enough material on your wonderful website to keep us happy while you're away. Have a good weekend, and come back with your beautiful bottom rested and ready for more action.

With love and spanks,

Sweetsong xoxo

Aw, thank you for this! Actually I got the week's video edited before I went away, and AJ and Girl on the Net pushed it live for me and updated the social media accounts. It's good to have such reliable, awesome team members :)

The idea of taking a week off isn't one that really fits into my concept of this site. We're coming up to our third birthday and I've never missed an update.

Thanks for the good wishes, my weekend was wonderful and my bottom was very well rested. Hot tubs are marvellous things!

Thank you girls for your help while Pandora was away ,best spanks to you all from ,Timx

I don't know what I'd do without them!

Hols and breaks are important! That preview pic of Leia is a brilliant taster (and love the full film now released). Great camera angle and exquisite outfit. Sexiest seams on the site perhaps??!


This is a stunning picture of Leia witk her very spankable ass,

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