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What will I be told to do?

Instructed: a new film by Ms Naughty and Pandora BlakeI'm incredibly excited about the film I've been editing this week, the submissive solo scene I shot in collaboration with Bright Desire at the Feminist Porn Awards. Thanks to Ms Naughty 'Instructed' has been submitted to the Berlin Porn Film Festival this year, and it will be released on both our sites this Saturday, 5th July.

This film is a big deal for me. I'm totally stoked to have collaborated with award-winning feminist pornographer Ms Naughty, a female gaze porn pioneer who continues to produce cutting-edge porn eroticising male bodies for a female audience. Not only that, but this shoot was featured on BBC News - bringing her innovative work (and mine!) to a wider, more mainstream audience.

I had no idea what D would tell me to do until I opened his letter live on camera. On the day of the shoot I was nervous and excited to find out what dirty acts lay in store for me - and the anticipation definitely added a certain something to the experience.

Although I didn't know it beforehand, D's instructions led to some of my most explicit acts on film to date. I've masturbated to orgasm before on Dreams of Spanking - in My Inner Little Girl - but this is... well. You'll see.

The idea of my dominant sending me orders from afar is one I've played with in private - as has anyone, I imagine, who has been in a long-distance dom/sub relationship. But I've not seen it explored in porn before. Travelling Canada and the US on my own, I felt very touched that D would contribute creatively to a shoot experience from half the world away - and very loved.

He didn't only tell me what to do (and oh, the things he told me to do!), he also recorded himself reading the letter out loud to me, to use in the film as voiceover. His full appearance in a video, visually as well as aurally, is still something I've got to look forward to, but in the meantime if you like gravelly-voiced dominant men with London accents telling you to do filthy, filthy things, you will like his instructions as much as I did.

So I'm excited about this one, and I would love if it you wanted to share the link to the film when it's up. If you're excited too, leave a comment on this post and I'll make sure you're one of the first to know when it goes out!

Edit: Ms Naughty has posted a trailer and a bit more information about the things D told me to do... click through to her blog to find out more.


Looks great to me.

I love the hands and knees naked spanking position (for women,) on that alone I'm overflowing with anticipation. All the rest is a bonus. And there seems to be quite a bit of that.

Thank You

Instructed - a review

I watched 'Instructed' on the Bright Desire site this morning and can only say I highly recommend it for viewing by all Dreams members! This is quite different to most of the other videos on Dreams of Spanking, with an amazing solo performance by Pandora which is very intimate and highly erotic.

The start is full of edgy anticipation of what is to come, as set out in D's letter. I love Pandora's facial expressions and shy little smiles as she realises what she must do. Having D's voice reading out the instructions is also a stroke of genius and really enhances the storyline.

I won't spoil the film for others by giving it all away, but I did have to smile at one point where D instructs Pandora to spank herself 6 times with the hairbrush as hard as she can. Whereupon Pandora spanks herself 9 times as hard as she can! (Why are we not surprised).

All in all a fantastic film, with a beautiful climax. Really great Pandora! And oh I just love those stockings :-)

Thanks for the glowing review John! You know, even after editing the film I hadn't noticed that I gave myself 9 hard spanks rather than 6 until you pointed out. Clearly I really I am a glutton for punishment!

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