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Ten Amorette shows Pandora what a big sister can do

Although Ten Amorette has appeared on Dreams of Spanking before and is well known within the spanking scene, I didn't know her until I watched The Seating Plan. I loved her confident dialogue, and the scene builds fantastically from friendly chat to firm punishment. The film opens with the ladies sitting down to discuss the seating plan at Pandora Blake's upcoming wedding to Ten's little brother, then swiftly descends into a punishment spanking designed to keep Pandora in line for the course of her marriage.

Ten is fantastic as the authoritative big sister, and she certainly knows how to wield a hairbrush. Ten knows that Pandora has a history of cheating on her partners and suspects her of flirting with other men. Ten clearly takes her role as a protective older sister seriously, willing to give a hard hairbrush spanking to the woman she thinks might break her brother's heart.

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I love Ten's completely no­-nonsense approach. She grabs Pandora by the wrist and pulls her over her knee so quickly that impression Pandora doesn't realise what's coming until hard spanks start raining down on her bottom. She squeals and squirms, and five minutes in the over the knee spanking hurts so much that she lets out a strangled growl of outrage.

Ten gives Pandora a hard hairbrush spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Ten is best known for her work as a spankee, but she is clearly an expert spanker. Her punishment of Pandora is utterly relentless – scolding, offering advice and pithy responses to Pandora's bratty comebacks, all the while holding Pandora firmly down over her lap and not letting her escape the firm whacks of the wooden hairbrush over Pandora's sheer tights.

When the time comes to pull Pandora's tights and knickers down, she does it with the same ruthless efficiency. Pandora starts to suspect that Ten spanked her little brother like this too when they were growing up - she is clearly well-practised at dishing out hard punishment spankings with the wooden hairbrush.

Ten gives Pandora a hard hairbrush spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Ten gives Pandora a hard hairbrush spanking at Dreams of Spanking

Look out for my favourite line in the whole scene, when Ten offers to donate her hairbrush to Pandora's future husband as a wedding gift, so he can apply similar punishment in future if she steps out of line again.


Achieving promises to improve

It's great to see Ten Amorette in a dominant role. I like the way her determined spanks gradually extract promises of improved behaviour from Pandora. Ten acknowledges Pandora's comments from time to time with a curt 'uh-huh', as if to say 'ok noted, but I'm going to continue spanking you till I'm sure!'. Also both participants' attire lends a good authenticity to the scene. It's already a favourite of mine.

Thanks Yianni! I liked Ten's "Uh huh"s too. Very sceptical - her manner definitely let me know that I wasn't going to be able to talk my way out of this one :) This was a hard spanking, but I really enjoyed it. I have such a crush on Ten.

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