I recently published a cold caning video in which I bent over for twelve hard strokes from Paul Kennedy. Paul is one of my favourite caners. He has a wonderful calm, stern manner which really puts me into the right headspace when we're roleplaying, and his use of the cane is expert, administering precisely calibrated, accurate strokes." />
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What was I thinking?

Touching my toes for a cold caning - Pandora Blake

I recently published a cold caning video in which I bent over for twelve hard strokes from Paul Kennedy. Paul is one of my favourite caners. He has a wonderful calm, stern manner which really puts me into the right headspace when we're roleplaying, and his use of the cane is expert, administering precisely calibrated, accurate strokes.

Few people are able to land twelve strokes of the cane that leave perfectly parallel lines, evenly imprinted across both buttocks and perfectly spaced from top to bottom of my preferred spanking zone. He enjoys aiming low strokes to land just above my crease - or even exactly on it - as much as I love receiving them, and he has a lovely habit of saving the best, hardest, lowest strokes til last. Caning perfection.

Anyway, it seems that several of you liked this scene as much as I enjoyed filming it, which makes me happy. One commenter asked:

I actually think that this needs a blog post, but in any case what I would like to know is what was going through your mind as you were reaching for your toes? "Now this will all be over in a week or so," or "What on Earth was I thinking," or "I need to get milk the next time I go shopping," or something else.  

Good question! Let me mentally rewind, and imagine myself back in that room, bending over and nervously anticipating the first stroke...

Touching my toes for a cold caning - Pandora Blake

Ugh, I wish I could touch my toes properly. I need to do more yoga. Okay, breathe through the pain in my hamstrings, concentrate on bending at the hip. That's as low as I can go. I guess it'll have to do.

I hope the cameras are all lined up correctly. No it's fine - we just set up the shot with my bending over, and James and Alex are keeping an eye on it. They'll let me know if something's not right. Relax, Pandora.

Oh gosh, this is going to hurt. I'd better be brave or my members will think I can't take it. But it'll be worth it - the marks will be really pretty. At least I hope so. I hope Paul does it hard enough. I asked him to be severe. If it's not hard enough to leave nice marks this will all have been for nothing.

Okay, breathe, breathe. Come on, Pandora, you've done this before. You can take it. Easy peasy. You love the cane. Okay, Paul is lining up the first stroke. Breathe in. Slowly. Count to four. And... just as I can hear the cane swishing down... breathe out. And there it is. Ow. Keep exhaling. Nice and slow. Good girl. Okay, ow, ow, ow. That really fucking hurts.

Come on, you can do this. Let it out. A bit of reaction is good for the video. You can make a bit of fuss. That's it.

Oh god, that's actually getting worse, it's getting more painful by the second. Can I really take eleven more of these? What the hell was I thinking?

As it turns out, I could take them. It helped that we cut after six strokes to change James' shot, and I admit I was not at all disappointed to have a minute to catch my breath!

The first six strokes were hard to take. The second landed higher than is pleasurable for me, and I jumped up and clutched my bottom, relieved that this wasn't a scene where I had to be completely stoic. Reacting physically and vocally to a caning really helps me process the pain. The next four weren't as high on my bottom, and that made them easier for me to take.

After six strokes and a breather, my endorphins had kicked in. The last six therefore felt delicious. Deep, thuddy impacts that made me groan with satisfaction. My breathing exercises moved me into a meditative, calm, floaty space where I ws glad I didn't have to think of any lines of dialogue, and could just be present in my body, in the moment, totally immersed in the intense sensations of a slow, hard caning.

By the end, those low, hard strokes on my crease were so erotically pleasurable that I had to focus on sounding like I was in pain, and not just deeply aroused. Somehow I figured that letting my natural, giggly moans of pleasure surface wouldn't quite have fit the mood of an office punishment scene...

Touching my toes for a cold caning - Pandora Blake

So now you know what I was thinking as I bent over and touched my toes for a cold caning. Was it anything like what you expected?


Thank You Much

for a very through and interesting reply. I don't know what I expected but I guess this is along the lines of what I would imagine.

I for one am glad that you let it out when it hurts or when it turns you on, I don't care for any acting when I'm watching somebody get it, I prefer to see them enjoy it but if it hurts just be yourself. Just please no fake crying.

Anybody that thinks you can't take it has not been paying attention. I can't remember all the names of the scenes where you really got it but one of my favorites is "After the Party." The way you held your ass up for the next one. (I'm getting sidetracked.)

I'm in bandwidth purgatory right now but as soon as I get out this will be added to my collection.

Thanks again

Well, sometimes a little acting is required. For instance, it wouldn't have been appropriate in the latter half of this caning scene for me to let on how much I was enjoying it! I quite often find myself having to pretend I hate it when I'm actually liking it. Far better than the other way round!

Adornment and After the Party are two of my favourite ever scenes. I love playing with Zoe.

Composure and recovery

Superb video Pandora - one of my top 10 favourites. You know, the part I really like is the last minute or so, when you are re-dressing and just stop to compose yourself and recover after your caning. You have that look which says "That was tough - but I did deserve it - and I can take it". Total admiration for your and Paul's performances.
(And yes I well remember 'After the Party' mentioned by Bacchus - another in my top 10!)

Thanks John! I wasn't sure if the getting-dressed part would be boring for some people, but it felt right to me to leave it in. Glad it worked for you :)

Aggressive Submission

I'm glad that Bacchus prompted such a fascinating blog post and I don't think that any one will be surprised that you weren't thinking about your next shopping trip.

Of course when the submissive is also the director/producer, that adds a completely different dimension that most of us will never experience. But from a performer's perspective, a severe scene is much more straight forward, you don't need to think about your reaction because it's all so real.

I'm thinking now of a quote from Madison Young that you tweeted from the Feminist Porn Awards,

"I'm very aggressive in my submission. I swallow and engulf dominant energy and pain like I would a part of their body."

Young puts it so perfectly, a caning can be so hard to take, especially the early strokes, but ultimately so utterly exhilarating and so empowering.

Yeah, I loved that quote too. Caning is unique for me in making me feel strong when I take it. Other forms of punishment might break you down and put you back together. Caning - for me anyway - just feeds me, like I'm absorbing the kinetic energy of each stroke and am being strengthened by it.

your breather

I watched this again after reading your blog-post, which made it interesting in a new way. I realise that the 'breather' you mention accounts for the noticeable change in colour in the marks between the first six and the last six (though the first time I saw it I was barely conscious of that) - how long is the gap in real time that has that effect?

(Sorry to be always asking questions, but I am very interested in the grey area between acted fiction and reality. And I suppose you are happy to have this interaction - it gives a large part of the special flavour of this site!)

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