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My top five scenes from the Dreams of Spanking archive

When I started blogging for Dreams of Spanking I felt a little overwhelmed by how much fantastic stuff there was in the spanking archives. Although I get to see the new hot spanking videos as they come out, I couldn't resist delving a little deeper to see if I could come up with a definitive list of my top five favourite scenes.

It's trickier than you'd think, probably because I find myself getting stuck in a particular mode for a while (“I love the strap – let's find all the videos that involve people getting strapped”) and then wandering off into another specific fantasy, before returning to one of my particular favourites and re-watching it a couple of times just to make sure it's exactly as fun as I originally thought it was (it always is).

I am also very aware how much my favourites are driven by my personal desires. When you read the list below you'll probably see deeper into my own filthy mind than even some of my partners have ventured.

My top five spanking videos will necessarily be different to your top five spanking videos, simply because porn is so personal, and everything pushes people's buttons differently. For me, anything that involves hot male subs, the strap, or a certain type of wittily brusque dominant will jump to the top of my own list. Other people might seek out a menacingly quiet top, the most severe caning they can find, or a very specific scene involving gorgeous historical costumes and a firmly-wielded riding crop.

So, after a lot of research (and by 'research' I mean exactly what you think I mean), here's an entirely subjective and quiveringly enthusiastic list of my top five spanking videos. Watch, enjoy, wander down your own avenues of spanking fantasy, then come back to the comments and recommend your own favourites.

Girl and boy spanked together by their strict governess

Punished by a strict governess

“Am I making an impression on that smart mouth of yours yet?” Dana Kane is so far beyond superb in this spanking video that they haven't yet invented a word for her.

She plays a quick, witty, and very strict governess to two naughty youngsters – Pandora Blake and Michael Darling. I love her laser-accurate, painfully swift cane strokes and her withering, no-nonsense scolding. Her brusque, briskly efficient over the knee spanking with hand and paddle hits the spot too.

Above all, though, I am a total sucker for guys in make-up. The gender-bending elements in this scene and Michael wincing through his beautiful eyeshadow are a joy to watch.

Severe caning from a strict schoolmaster

Hot male spankees caned by harsh schoolmaster

When I started writing this post Pandora kindly sent me a list of suggestions to help me get started. This was the first one I clicked on, because she'd so temptingly titled it 'hot male spankees.' And she was not wrong.

It stars Michael Darling again (I cannot resist him - he has one of the most beautiful pain faces I have ever seen) and Sebastian Hawley, who has a gorgeously punky look that makes me weak at the knees. As they practice caning each other to see if they can take it, they get caught by their harsh schoolmaster, Thomas Cameron, who takes them inside for a much more severe punishment six of the best.

Girl and boy forced to punish each other

Boy and girl plead not to punish each other

Punishment by proxy is an unusual scenario, and it grabbed my attention because there's a delicious thrill in two unwilling spankees being made to mete out discipline to each other.

Zoe Montana utterly rules (in both senses of the word) in this spanking video because she delivers such excellent, out-of-patience scolding, as well as a viciously effective over the knee hairbrush spanking.

But the real kick comes about four minutes in, when she orders the trembling twosome to punish each other. Properly. Pandora and Jimmy are both beautifully convincing as the terrified pupils caught breaking the six inch rule, and Zoe's special form of aversion therapy really hits home. Their teacher overrides their initial reluctance and ensures that they spank each other hard enough to really hurt.

Strapped on a wet bottom

A wet strapping for Andrew

This video was bound to be right up my alley because it contains two exceptionally gorgeous people. Andrew – a young, lean, beautiful submissive – and Thomas – a strong-armed, hotly angry top.

You might be able to tell, given that Thomas features in three of my top five videos, that I have a teeny bit of a crush on him. Teeny in the sense that the Amazon is a 'teeny' rainforest.

I love the scenario in this video - Andrew gets caught his sister soaking Pandora in a water fight, so he is hauled inside for on-the-spot punishment. This starts with a firm over the knee spanking over his wet underwear, before Andrew is made to bend over the table for some hard strokes with the strap. The beauty of his punishment is – as Thomas so rightly says - “It hurts more when it's wet.”

Severe punishment of 100 strokes of the leather belt Severe punishment of 100 strokes of the leather belt

Severe belt whipping for Pandora in denim shorts

Lastly, I went on a really specific hunt. I wanted to find the video that – of all the amazing scenes on Dreams of Spanking – most captured one of my own fantasies.

When it's late at night and I'm lying in bed, one of the most common sex fantasies I reach for is that of the older guy punishing me as I try to struggle and get away. In the notes for this video, Pandora explains that one of the hot buttons for her is the severity of the beating which is disproportionate to her crimes. This tallies perfectly with what runs through my head when I'm alone at night: a severe beating from an older man, that makes me cry out in pain and anguish.

That's the primary reason I find this video so hot. The second reason, and the thing that made it leap out at me and give me that stomach-kick of lust, is Pandora's arse in tiny denim shorts. Tiny denim shorts being one of the hottest outfits in which to be beaten, and Pandora's arse being one of the hottest arses on the internet.


Tell me what your top spanking videos are...

So, there you have it – the top five spanking videos according to me. As I say, it took a lot longer to decide on my favourites than I thought it would, because every single time I thought I'd honed the list, I fall in love with yet another performer, or scenario, or implement (right now my fantasies involve Thomas Cameron, in the schoolroom, with a hairbrush).

But given that it's completely subjective, I won't spank you if you disagree. In fact, here's a perfect opportunity to do an archive tour yourself – pick a performer, implement, or scenario, and follow the trail of tags until you've found your favourites. Then come back and answer the sixty-million dollar question - which are your top spanking videos on Dreams of Spanking, and why?


My top 5 videos

Almost impossible to choose just 5 as there are dozens of great videos on the site, but here are mine.
1. Adornment.
A very simple storyline, just featuring Pandora taking a cold caning from the amazing Zoe Montana, who leaves the most beautiful set of stripes on Pandora bottom. OMG! Just fab.
2. After the Play Party
Pandora and Zoe together again, in a very erotic, sensuous film - what more can I say!
3. A taste of their own medicine.
Classic tale of two school prefects (Pandora and Jimmy) getting their comeuppance - from Zoe! (can you see a trend emerging here?)
4. Leaving Day.
In which Pandora is just sensational in her topping role. Featuring the wonderful Adele Haze and Ireland Login.
5. The Fix
I have to have at least one video featuring the fantastic America Jane Rutherford, not forgetting Carolyn Grey! A stunningly good video.

So that's my favourite five. I look forward to seeing other member's top 5!

Damn predictive text! That should of course have read Irelynn Logeen and Amelia Jane Rutherford!!

Oooh, gorgeous choices =) I have to say, 'a taste of their own medicine' very nearly made my list too - it's so hard to decide though!

Dreams of Spanking

The site as I expected has evolved in to something rather special and that comes from those who founded it. Intelligent and innovative thinking has led to imaginative and ground braking content. It is the spanking site for the masses as it portrays scenes in such a way as to gather the interest of tops and bottoms alike, male and female. There is no predictability. it indulges you, bringing fun and the reality of the spanking scene. It takes us on a journey and we know that this journey has so many facets to its creation with so many more scenarios and discipline sessions and story lines still to enjoy.

Take Five

Tricky this as I love lots of the films but here's a shot at one top five. The top five can vary depending on mood - bit like favourite music.

Over his knee - love the vigorous and extended nature of this OTK spanking Thomas performs with you. A very red bottom and thigh backs from that one, Pandora. Also some excellent over the shoulder angles at one point.
Alex's POV - love the extended OTK again and Alex's whimpering. Alex's underwear is gorgeous both over and under her cheeks and the mirror is a nice touch. The camera focus right behind Alex is wonderful.
The Edwardian Governess - you, Amelia Jane and Caroline together is a combination I love. The mock righteous indignation of the two recalcitrants in this film contrasted with your sternness and determination to spank them for the error of their ways is great. The use of a nice slappy paddle as well as hand adds further spice.
The Taxman Cometh - nice concept to this film with an accountant coming to then end of her tether with a client who won't keep her side of the bargain. I like that it's straightforward OTK spanking, and the introduction of a hairbrush to finish. Love Kaelah's deft catching when the slippery brush threatens to fly from her grasp. And also of course, the thought of a spankee over a black stockinged pair of thighs is a real draw.
Difficult to choose just five as I said. So perhaps a last one where Will is added to the trio of you, Amelia Jane and Caroline - The Spy. Just love the concept here. The devious meanness of the punishers, the predicament Will finds himself in when his girlfriend Caroline is punished.

Just to say , I totally go along with your choice of Punished by a Strict Governess. Again it's OTK and with both male and female on the receiving end from the brilliantly no nonsense Dana Kane. Lovely slappy spanking with what looks like just the right level of sting for a fun time (despite the apparent discomfort!).

Could easily have been a top ten (top twenty even)

1 Charley says – simply two gorgeous ladies lose themselves in total ecstasy during this scene, and the whole scene seems so natural, beautifully made.

2 + 3 Adornment & After the party – the on-screen chemistry between Pandora and Zoe is just off the scale. The punishments and teasing which go on is just beautifully done, but so much more, the costumes, the plots, the set, the close ups on Pandora’s bottom as the punishments are ongoing, the looks captured on Pandora’s face as she’s taking her punishment, it’s all just superbly produced.

4. Bridezilla – Performances by both Nimue and Molly are so naturally the way the whole scene runs, and the punishment Molly dishes out to Nimue over the back of the sofa is just amazing.

5. Stableboy – I luv the dynamic between Pandora and Thomas the entire way through the scene, Thomas in his half-hearted kind of forgive and forget and Pandora totally opposite – no we need to beat the living daylights out of poor Michael. Michael’s performance is outstanding as Pandora’s strapping is definitely one to remember.

6. Wish I could have a sixth – Nursing a grudge – fun fun fun !!!

Yeah these top fives are always tricky! Good choices. I like the way different people's choices reveal the sometimes quite subtle variations in what people find the most exciting within the genre as a whole. It's a bit like one genre of music. Take, say, heavy metal. To someone not much interested in that sort of sound it might all seem very similar. But an aficionado is going to see many many sub genres and styles, some of which he or she will love, some they may abhor. Vive la difference basically.

I couldn't agree more - love your music analogy! When I first started getting into spanking, I couldn't have anticipated just how many subtle (and not-so-subtle!) differences there could be within it. The vastly different feelings created by different implements, scenarios, combinations of people, etc. To this day I'll still find new and different scenarios that hit me with surprise, like 'ooh, I'd never thought about it like that' - things like 'Bitch', for instance, which was so intense it took me by surprise and added yet another colour to my spanking palette. I agree with the commenter above - variety is one of the things that Dreams does so so well.

Top Five

Geez, now there's homework.

Okay, in no particular order:

After Party and Adornment, I put these two together because they are sort of the same scene and I can make my list longer. Anyway, I like willing spankees that get a good one. I also have a thing for the spankers boobs being in the scene, and an nice ass that is held up for her swats, and After party just has it all for me.

Eco Spanking. Sort of like above, I just like it.

Fix. I have a thing for Caroline, and she and Ameila together is always a treat. The spankings are what I like, firm without being brutal.

Prove Your Love, two good paddlings willingly taken.

Hand, for once Tome manages to spank her without looking like he is trying to conduct an orchestra. And a good spanking it is.

There are many others that might make the list on another day. Caroline's acting in New Head Girl is superb, But otherwise I don't care for it. I like all the Pandora and Molly ones but none particularly, I like all the Caroline/Amelia ones.

And I have not seen Office Caning, but I have a feeling it will crack the top five.

This has been an interesting excursion down memory lane, or hard drive lane, Thanks for bring it up.

"...he has one of the most beautiful pain faces I have ever seen..."

Oh my! I'm flattered, darling.

You're more than welcome =)

Pandora I enjoy age play scenes ,best spanks,Tim.

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