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Shooting with Erica Scott

While I was in Los Angeles in April I had the pleasure of meeting a number of spanking scene stars I'd followed online, but hadn't had the chance to speak to face to face before. Of these I think the most long-awaited meeting was with Erica Scott.

Erica has been writing a blog about "life, love and spanking" for longer than I've been reading spanking blogs. Her writing style stands out for being fresh, candid, truthful and hilariously snarky. She is open and honest about all aspects of her life, and equally at home writing about the bad times as the good. She's also been impressively consistent, writing several posts a week for what must be over seven years now. No wonder she has one of the most loyal followings on the spanking web.

Not only that, but Erica is a published author, and her heartfelt, funny, fascinating autobiography "Late Bloomer" is well worth a read. If you want to learn more about her journey into the world of spanking and making spanking films, I highly recommend it.

She started out as a spanking performer working for Spanking Epics, and has since worked with studios including Northern Spanking and Shadowlane. Ever since reading her book I've been keen to work with her, but for some reason I didn't put two and two together and realise that she lived in LA. When Alex mentioned that they lived near each other, I wouldn't shut up until we'd arranged a lunch date.

Erica Scott, Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake

"Are you shooting on this trip?" Erica asked me. "Oh man, I would have loved to shoot with you."

"Really? I would LOVE to shoot with you. I just didn't realise you were local!"

I didn't have many free hours left before my flight to Atlantic City, but I was determined to set something up. And we managed to squeeze something in - a single scene, in the evening after my second shoot with Clare Fonda Worldwide, but one scene is better than none, right?

Erica only bottoms to men, but luckily we had Paul Kennedy on hand to do the honours. She expressed a preference for deserved punishment - her character really needed to have earned the beating. At my suggestion, she put out a call for scene ideas on her blog, and the comments started rolling in. We both liked this one from Kelly:

You two are a married couple and he's a workaholic who's been neglecting you. After changing into your sexiest lingerie he doesn't even look up when you try to get his attention. So you get pissed off and grab the report he's painstakingly written for a huge work presentation. Before he can say a word you grab it and run it through his paper shredder.

Erica Scott and Paul Kennedy for Dreams of Spanking

Erica's trademark wit and indignation worked perfectly for this scene. Tempers flared and the spanking she earned herself had a definite angry edge. But after a long, hard punishment with the wooden hairbrush and the leather strap, the characters were reconciled, and the scene ended on a positive note.

Erica Scott and Paul Kennedy for Dreams of Spanking Erica Scott and Paul Kennedy for Dreams of Spanking

Alex helped me out behind the camera, and we all had great fun with it. Erica has written a detailed report of the shoot on her blog, including some hilarious behind the scenes moments. I was glad to see how easily she and Paul slipped into the improvisation:

We had some spirited dialogue and lots of spanking -- hand, hairbrush and strap. I had never played with Paul before, but I'd always wanted to; I'd watched him with others, I had always liked him, so it felt like a very natural progression and we bantered with ease. Read more »

Erica was an absolute pleasure to work with. This lady has class, humour, intelligence, integrity and a simply fantastic body, and she can take one hell of a spanking. A true spanking star, and I'm delighted to have her join us on Dreams of Spanking. I very much hope this won't be the last chance we have to shoot with her!

Erica Scott and Paul Kennedy for Dreams of Spanking


That lingerie is rather splendid. Very nice.

I love it. Doesn't Erica look stunning?

Waiting in vain

When will this movie be available to view. I'm tempted by recent updates but it's always slightly disappointing, to me, that Erica has not featured yet. I defer resubscribing, reasoning that: it may be the next update.

It's currently scheduled for Friday October 3rd, so if you bought a month subscription now that would cover it :)

Keenly anticipating

Looking forward to it x

Liar, liar..

...pants on fire 😄

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