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Mastercard on Dreams of SpankingSix months from now - to the day - Dreams of Spanking will be three years old. It's wonderful to see the site continue to grow and develop - and it's a good time to announce some exciting news.

Just over a year ago, on May 24th 2013, MasterCard implemented an annual fee of $500 as a requirement for accepting payments on what MasterCard deemed as high-risk sales. This includes adult e-commerce sites, and so if we wanted to continue to accept MasterCard we would need to pay the fee every year. At that time, it didn't feel like the site could afford it, and so unfortunately we had to stop accepting MasterCard payments.

For a year we've been making do with alternate payment methods such as Amazon gift cards, but it's been inconvenient and I'm sure we've lost business from those who didn't get in touch and ask about the options. So I'm delighted to announce that, having done some sums, I've worked out that we can now afford to pay the annual MasterCard fee, and as of last Friday Dreams of Spanking is able to accept MasterCard payments.

We now accept MasterCard, Visa, JCP and Discover via CCBill. If none of those work for you, you can still contact us to enquire about our alternate payment options, which include Amazon Giftcard, UK online bank transfer, cash in post and another widely-used online checkout system.

I hope this change will make it easier for Mastercard users to enjoy our films and photo galleries, and I look forward to welcoming some new members to the site!


Pandora this is good news I shall take a recurring sub with your spanky site soon ,best spanks from ,Tim.

Thanks for your recurring subscription, Tim - I'm really glad the MasterCard billing is useful to you!

This is excellent news. People will pay for a quality product.

We'd certainly like to make it as easy as possible for people to do so! Sadly the credit card companies don't always have the same idea.

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