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Shooting in LA: Christy and Maddy

Schoolgirls Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

The first Sunday I was in Los Angeles, Paul Kennedy put together a group shoot for Dreams and Northern Spanking, with Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie, me and Alex Reynolds, plus Alex's boyfriend Rafael helping out behind the camera.

Paul booked us a big studio with lots of different spaces - far more, really, than we had time to use over six scenes. We used four different sets in total plus the outdoor areas, and having so many people on set made the transitions surprisingly straightforward, so that the day as a whole felt very relaxed.

We had an epic snack table. Ethical porn might not be all about the catering, but good food on set definitely helps!

Shoot food at Dreams of Spanking

I hadn't shot with Christy and Maddy before, but I'd heard great things about them and was looking forward to meeting them. I also knew they were good friends with Alex and guessed they'd work well together. It turned out that the three of them together are quite the brat pack. What with the bows, the pigtails and the seemingly endless reserves of excitable energy, it was like a cuteness explosion!

Cute schoolgirls Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie at Northern Spanking

It's an unwritten law of spanking video production that when you have the opportunity to shoot with three or more bottoms at once, you have to do a school scene. The schoolgirl genre has been so overdone that I'm getting pretty bored with it these days (schoolboy, on the contrary, I am still entirely delighted by), but particularly when you have to find a plausible setup for a school scene with only one girl. For me, the point of the school kink is group punishments, social dynamics and public embarrassment.

So multiple spankees make it much more interesting, and given the opportunity to have up to four spankees and one spanker in front of the camera at once, both Paul and I leapt at the chance. We shot three school scenes overall that day, two for Northern and one for Dreams.

Schoolgirls Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie paddled by headmistress Pandora Blake at Northern Spanking

Christy and Alex were too adorable in their matching school uniforms for Northern Spanking. Even better, I got to paddle them both side by side in my role as the strict headmistress!

When planning the Dreams of Spanking scenes, I'd emailed Christy and Maddy beforehand and consulted them. It was hard to know what would work without seeing the venue first - and without having met them yet. I scoured their blogs and tweets for inspiration.

I wanted each of them to bottom twice, so each girl would only be spanked four times over the course of the day, which required a bit of juggling. I asked if they liked to switch, and Christy seemed a little more keen than Maddy, so in the end I plumped for an F/F scene with Christy spanking Maddy, an M/F scene between Paul and Christy, and a four girl scene with Paul caning all of us.

Christy Cutie spanked at Dreams of Spanking

The girl/girl scene was inspired by an illustration I found on tumblr, which to me suggests the power dynamic between a newly married sister and the one still living at home. In olden times, of course, when young ladies always lived at home until they were married. To give it an extra twist, I made Christy the younger sister, who lords it over her older unmarried sister Maddy in much the same way as Lydia does over Jane and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice, when she comes back as Mrs Wickham.

Christy Cutie is Maddy Marks' married sister at Dreams of Spanking

Our school film was based on a storyline by Steve C, a friend in the scene, who originally wrote it for two schoolgirls and two schoolboys. (So tempting - but I don't know when or if I'll ever be able to assemble that sort of cast! Perhaps I can reprise the idea later if it becomes possible.) Alex and I took on the roles played by boys in the original, as swots from the posh, private school which is very strict. Here we are in our boring plain uniforms.

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake as schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake as schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

Meanwhile, Christy and Maddy's school is considerably more relaxed - and their uniforms are way cuter!

Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie as schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

The story is about the contrast between the disciplinary styles at the two schools ... and how Christy and Maddy get an in-person demonstration of strict, old fashioned school punishment. I think Rafa snapped this photo of the other three while I was touching my toes in the school hall for a caning. Given they're waiting by the wall for their turn, I'm pretty sure they should all be looking more sympathetic - or nervous...

We rounded the day off with an austere institutional scene for Northern Spanking, with all of us punished in the great hall on stage while Paul addressed an imaginary assembly. Hot!

Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie and Pandora Blake are orphans punished at Northern Spanking Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie and Pandora Blake are orphans punished at Northern Spanking

I really enjoyed working with Christy and Maddy - they are both enthusiastic spankos and great fun on set. They look fantastic and have great roleplay skills, and they can take a good spanking too! Alex has written a great report on this shoot on the Northern Spanking forum, with lots of behind the scenes tidbits and more details about the scenes we shot for Northern.

After the shoot we all went out for dinner and Maddy and Christy's boyfriends joined us too. The night was rounded off with some fun in the hot tub. Overall it was one of the most relaxed shoot days I've ever been on. If only it was always that easy!


This was such a fun shooting day! It was really surprising to me how smoothly things could go with so many people on set: I tend to think that the more people involved, the more complicated it gets but it was really the exact opposite. I guess this was caused by the fact that everyone was awesome. ^_^
I miss you too much, Pandora. Come back to LA again sooooooon.

Yes, exactly - normally more people means more complication but you, me Paul and Rafa just found a groove getting things set up behind the camera. I think having enough space to move around in, and let whoever was performing go to the other side of the hall to get ready and out of the way of the setup, really helped as it meant crew and performers weren't distracting or obstructing each other between scenes.

Do you know when these three films will be released on Northern?

Unfortunately, I'm not really sure. I know that our orphanage scene will be the last to be released because we need to introduce Maddy and Christy on the site before then. I'm voting to put up Maddy's scene sooner rather than later, simply because I want it to be edited for my own personal use. So hot.

Posing with Christy and Maddy, I love the innocent smile on Alex's face and then . . . . oh . . . . !

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