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Sadistic scientist spanked

'Doctor of Pain' was one of the first videos I watched when I started writing for Pandora a couple of months ago. It's a Hammer Horror-esque film, complete with eccentric scientist, funny performances and sexy punishment. You should definitely watch it if you haven't already, it's a great combination of ultra-hard spanking and hilarious dialogue, and it'll also set you up nicely as an intro to part two – The Lab Rat's Revenge.

In this sequel Pandora, initially the lab rat for Leia-Ann Woods' 'science of pain' experiments, is now the one in control. And she has an axe to grind as she ties the sadistic doctor to her own experimenting table and seeks revenge.

Sadistic scientist tied down and beaten at Dreams of Spanking

The scene starts with Pandora trapped in a cupboard. Vulnerable, wearing only her knickers and bound hands and feet, the tension mounts as she struggles against her bonds. There's a definite horror film flavour - as she escapes, tiptoeing towards Leia-Ann and trying not to wake the eccentric doctor for fear of being captured again, you're still half wondering whether she'll manage to turn the tables.

I'll be honest – I enjoyed 'Doctor of Pain' so much that a part of me was hoping she would get caught, tied up and tormented some more.

Sadistic scientist tied down and beaten at Dreams of Spanking

But it's well worth rooting for Pandora. Leia-Ann Woods is so good in her role as the sadistic scientist that seeing her getting her comeuppance is a total joy. She's a great actress, and watching her face and hearing her cries of pain and outrage when she's tied down and beaten is incredibly good fun. When Pandora brings the wooden paddle into play, outrage takes a back seat and the doctor starts to gather some new and very personal insights on pain.

I love it when the tables get turned, and someone who has been on the receiving end of a beating gets to give their tormentor a taste of their own medicine. In this scene Pandora is clearly enjoying the opportunity for vengeance. Laying into the doctor with a flogger, tawse and other implements, she takes obvious pleasure when Leia-Ann squirms, and taunts her “are we learning something about pain?” But even as hot wax drips and burns her bare skin, the doctor stubbornly maintains that when it comes to science, the end justifies the means.

Sadistic scientist tied down and beaten at Dreams of Spanking

I won't spoil the ending, although it's worth watching this film in its entirety to see one of Leia-Ann's most memorable performances ever. Throughout the scene she and Pandora build a really fun, witty exchange into what is also an incredibly hot spanking, tawsing and paddling. Check it out for yourself, and see the unforeseen results of the Lab Rat's Revenge.

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