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Male spankee shoot in Bristol

I'm writing this on the train on our way to Bristol for a two day shoot with three new male performers. I'm currently sitting next to David Weston, a brand new spankee who is making his spanking video debut today, shooting F/M scenes with me and Nimue. David is the same age as me - 29 - and a lifestyle submissive, who is into spanking, bratting, femdom, latex gloves and medical play. We've got some awesome scenes planned which definitely play into his fantasies, including Victorian, schoolboy and a story set in a sci-fi medical bay.

David Weston

I don't think either of us got much sleep last night. David tells me he was lying awake with first-shoot nerves, and I was up late with the usual shoot preparations: making callsheets and printing them (which meant going to the shop for a new ink cartridge), sorting everyone's pay into named envelopes, writing costume and props lists, packing, charging cameras, finding memory cards, briefing AJ on various things to do in my absence, and of course finishing this week's video ready to push it live tomorrow. Which, by the way, you are going to love.

We're staying in Bristol overnight and spending tomorrow shooting M/M at the same venue - with another two new guys, Seani Love and Ron Beastly.

Seani Love is a fun-loving erotic and spiritual adventurer who enjoys kink, ritual, Tantra and intimacy. He's a professional top whose interests and skills include  healing, transformation, vicious BDSM, spanking, rope bondage and ritual initiation into the mysteries.

Seani Love

I first heard of Seani when I saw these amazing photos of him topping Zoe Montana (AKA Helena May):

Seani Love and Helena May - photos by Leela Sky Seani Love and Helena May - photos by Leela Sky
Seani Love and Helena May - photos by Leela Sky

I met Seani for coffee in March and we came up with loads of scene ideas for both M/F and M/F, and I'm looking forward to bottoming to him myself on future shoots. This time, however, he will be working with Ron Beastly. Ron is a trans man and aspiring queer porn star, cam model, and self-described furry creature and pixie boy. Molly Malone met him at a queer event in London at the start of the year and when she found out he was kinky and interested in working in porn, she eagerly put us in touch with him.

Ron Beastly Ron Beastly


In addition to their ginger furriness (talk about a great casting for father and son!) Seani and Ron share an interest in the magical, mystical and sacred. We will be exploring various fantastical themes in our shoot tomorrow, including beast play, werewolves, witches and wizards. The scene I'm most looking forward to, however, is the one I know least about. Seani and Ron are both practitioners of dark tantra and conscious kink, and so I will be opening the floor to them for a conscious kink ritual. I have no idea what it will look like, but I'm excited.

Check out Ron's blog for a post about his anticipation about his first spanking shoot, as well as some hints about some of the other stuff we'll be filming with him for a new, secret project.

You can follow Ron Beastly and Seani Love on twitter at @RonBeastlyxxx and @Seanifool.


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