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Dreams of Spanking fan art

While the director's away, the fans come out to play ... or so I discovered when I caught up on Twitter this week after a month travelling Canada and the USA.

It all started when Dreams of Spanking member John Codders sent Ms Vixxxen a fan tweet with the idiosyncratic wording "amazing Ms Vixxxen - You are". Vincent Brennan couldn't let this opportunity for some teasing pass by, and replied "Completely agree, but now I've got an image in my head of Yoda watching spanking films."

Said Codders: Yeah I reckon Yoda likes a bit of a spanking too - you know from the Dark One."

And thus the first fanart was born.

Kod @333Spool333 5:51 AM - 12 Apr 2014
For you @VincentBrennan8 your idea of Yoda having fun watching @MsVixxxen @DreamofSpanking I don't blame him. pic.twitter.com/bZUz3uxMYk

Perhaps Ms Vixxxen should have known better than to 'fan' the flames.

MsVixxxen ‏@MsVixxxen 7:32 PM - 15 Apr 2014 
@333Spool333 @VincentBrennan8 How about a #spanking #comicstrip 'Yoda discovers spanking?'. If this takes off I want a percentage...:-D

Kod @333Spool333 11:08 PM - 17 Apr 2014
Yoda books a 121 thru @dreamofspanking after watching an amazing spanking scene from the site. Damn lucky Jedi. "pic.twitter.com/pUI7cZmb4E

At that point I think he just got a bit carried away.

Kod @333Spool333 10:58 AM - 15 Apr 2014
Imagine the potential @dreamofspanking pic.twitter.com/XcCC1vuh3a

Kod @333Spool333 9:27 AM - 17 Apr 2014
Reckon Boris would have words to say about this London Bus

But all that was simply the appetiser, the prelude to the grand finale - the fanart that made it all worthwhile.

Kod @333Spool333 11:45 AM - 1 May 2014
On 30 May - We Will Rock You Show will play for the last time. What on earth can follow such a fantastic show at the Dominion Theatre London?

Kod @333Spool333 11:46 AM - 1 May 2014
Perhaps this, exclusive to @dreamofspanking for one night only We Will Spank You extravaganza. auditions in progress- pic.twitter.com/S6mcjsjXwV

Isn't that fantastic?

We have Zoe Montana gearing up while Thomas gives his caning arm a (no doubt well earned) rest. I'm bending over centre stage while stage hands bustle around me, Nimue is in cornertime and Ms Vixxxen holds position - both after receiving similar treatment, no doubt. Adele is in the director's chair (hell, I would watch that show!) and Michael and Vincent chat in the front row.

And... is that Lola and Molly waiting to be called, and suddenly, miraculously, both nearly the same height?

Chastised by her strict husband

Long ago, a man's home was his castle, to rule as he liked. In the second chapter of this Victorian spanking trilogy, Dr Richard Barton demonstrates exactly how a strict husband maintains control of his domestic domain.

In Chapter 1 (which you should catch up on now if you haven't seen it already!) the young Alexander Knight is stripped of his dignity by his strict stepmother Molly Malone. Alexander initially tries to get out of the beating by saying that his father wouldn't approve.

Now his father – Dr Barton – has returned home, and we get to see whether Alex was right. Will the patriarch approve of his wife administering corporal punishment in his absence? You can probably guess the answer...

Victorian wife chastised by her strict husband at Dreams of Spanking

Dr Barton won my heart (and quite a bit more of me) in 'Unorthodox Tutorial' - his first scene with Alexander Knight. He has a calm, natural authority that gives you the impression he doesn't ever need to shout to press his point home. Every precise gesture (in this film, for instance, carefully putting his glasses away as he prepares to deliver a spanking) highlights just how much control he has over the person who is about to be chastised.

Because of this, he can be incredibly scary without ever needing to raise his voice. There's a delicious tension in the first part of this scene, as you wonder how he'll react to the news that his wife has been taking discipline into her own hands. When she tells him, all he needs to do is raise his eyebrows and ask “you beat him?” and I'm already getting shivery in anticipation of the upcoming punishment.

When he tells Molly: “I'm rather displeased” it gets even better, and the first (of many) smacks on her bare bottom is a delicious release of the tension that's been rapidly building since the beginning.

Victorian wife chastised by her strict husband at Dreams of Spanking

While we're on the subject of bare bottoms, I can't possibly write this blog without commenting on Molly's exceptional bum, framed by a costume that couldn't be more perfect.

A while ago there was a BBC documentary called “What the Victorians did for us” which listed some of the great achievements of the Victorian age, and how they influenced life today. One of their largest oversights, to my mind, was failing to mention Victorian split petticoats.

(If split petticoats are your thing, I'd also recommend you watch 'Scholarship girl', in which Lola Marie, wearing beautiful split bloomers, is expertly tawsed by Pandora. If you like Victorian spanking you'll love that one too)

In 'Mrs Barton's Correction', Molly Malone's gorgeous round arse is temptingly revealed through Victorian split petticoats, framing her bum in a kind of heart shape, growing more emphasised during her well-deserved spanking as it turns a beautiful blushing red.

Victorian wife chastised by her strict husband at Dreams of Spanking

I'm told that this scene wasn't part of the plan that day, but after shooting chapter one of the trilogy, Molly decided she wanted a spanking in her beautiful Victorian dress. I don't blame her – after watching her beat her stepson, I was equally keen to see Mrs Barton get her comeuppance, and this video definitely doesn't disappoint.

So, go and enjoy chapter two – 'Mrs Barton's Correction' – and join me in delighted anticipation of chapter three, in which we'll see the strict stepmother and stern father join forces against their privileged, misbehaving son. There are those spine-tingling shivers again...

Shooting with James Darling

James Darling - Photo by Dave NazThere's nothing like meeting porn icons in person - and discovering they're just as charming face to face as they are on camera. I met a lot of people at the Feminist Porn Awards whom I'd previously admired from afar, and in every case the reality exceeded expectations.

I think I first bumped into James Darling at the press conference on the Friday. There weren't many actual members of the press there, but it was at least a good opportunity to meet all the other porn people - and discover that yes, they all really are that hot in person!

I got chatting to James and Wolf Hudson about depictions of men and masculinity in porn, and just as we were about to leave for lunch James dropped into the conversation, "If you're ever looking for a spanking bottom, let me know." Holy shit. James Darling wants to shoot with Dreams of Spanking? Really?

I wasn't sure if we'd actually be able to make it happen. That night was the awards gala, and Saturday and Sunday were fully booked with the conference and afterparties - and I still needed to finish writing my presentations. Here's an indication of how busy things were: James, Wolf and Zahra Stardust ended up shooting their threesome scene in the early hours of Saturday morning after the gala, and didn't finish until nearly dawn. (And wow, I cannot wait to watch that one.) I'd already squeezed in two early morning shoots - both booked in advance, by email - and if I stayed up all night I wouldn't be well rested for my conference talks. So although we were both keen, fitting something in seemed like a tall order.

It wasn't until Saturday night that we touched base and decided we wanted to make it happen. It would have to be late Sunday night after another shoot James was doing - maybe 10pm. On Sunday at the afterparty we confirmed we were both good to go, and brainstormed some scene ideas. James said he was interested in doing a roleplay, something a bit edgy, a bit sexy. He came up with a hotel room honey trap scenario, combining punishment, revenge, and sexy reconciliation.

All we needed now was camera people. I put a call out in my final conference presentation, and immediately started getting replies via Twitter. Dayna and Bee of Cherry Stems offered their services, and we were set. I couldn't believe we'd actually pulled it together.

I negotiated use of the hotel room with my roommates, and met my new camera ladies at the hotel. James had texted to say he'd been running late. While I'd been enjoying post-conference dinner and debrief with fellow pornographers, he'd been operating the camera for Zahra's fisting scene with April Flores. We started tidying and setting up. At midnight there was still no sign of James, but April had tweeted me to say he was on his way.

Dayna went to the shop for Red Bulls. This was the least organised, and least awake, I'd ever been for any shoot ever. My roommates came back and asked if we'd finished; I told them we hadn't even started yet. "Do you mind if we go ahead?" I asked, not wanting to deprive them of sleep. "Oh, sure!" replied Kitty, "but do you mind if we stay and watch?" Not at all.

Then James arrived, bringing lights and cameras. "Are you good to go?" I asked, not wanting to insist if he was too tired.

"I'm better than good. I've just filmed the hottest scene - and now it's my turn. I'm excited!"

James Darling spanked by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

We filmed a couple of interviews. I'd got dressed and put my makeup on but I was still feeling very tired. I wanted to do a good job with this scene, make it fun for James, make a good impression. It was funny, I'd been talking all weekend about ethical production, how to create a good experience on set - and now here we were at 1am, fraying with lack of sleep and buzzing with caffeine and adrenaline, ready to launch into a hastily organised scene we'd barely prepared for. At the last minute, on a whim, I swapped out my knee boots for my tallest patent fetish heels.

But I needn't have worried. As soon as the cameras rolled and the roleplay started, the rest of the world fell away and it was just me and James. We played jealous lovers having a domestic quarrel. I shoved his chest and pushed him onto the bed, ordered him to undress. He was a pleasure to roleplay with, giving me everything I needed and more, and the improvisation flew. I pushed him facedown, smeared his face into the mattress and snarled in his ear. I spanked him, pressed my high heel against his naked skin and ordered him to lick it - a command he obeyed with sensual enthusiasm.

James Darling spanked by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

James made it very easy to dominate him, and the dynamic clicked beautifully. His submission was gorgeous to behold; the willing surrender of a strong person who takes great pleasure in their body and sexuality.

His bottom coloured as vividly under my hand as if he'd never been spanked before, but he took a hand spanking and strapping like a born spanko, lifting his hips and begging for more. I used with my soft leather strap and doubled belt, wrapped the leather around his neck and made him gasp, pushed my fingers into his mouth. 

James Darling spanked by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

I won't be back in the US any time soon, but I hope I get to shoot with James again in the future. The chemistry was great, and next time I'd love to switch with him and get a taste of his dominant side. James is a gorgeous guy and I think you're going to love him just as much as I did. I'm planning to publish this next month, but in the meantime if you want more of James, check out his hardcore site FTM Fucker. I know I will be!

James Darling spanked by Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

Belted while stepmother looks on

When this week's video arrived in my inbox I was so excited. I've really been looking forward to this final chapter in our Victorian spanking trilogy, in which both Alexander Knight and Molly Malone have already felt the sting of old-fashioned domestic discipline.

In chapter one Alex was spanked by his strict stepmother, and Molly took him over her knee with a distinctly gleeful delight, keen to establish herself as a powerful force in the household. In chapter two, Molly's husband Dr Richard Barton returned home and corrected his wife with some calmly authoritative marital discipline for taking matters into her own hands.

In this final chapter, both strict stepmother and stern pater familias present a united front against young Alex. The poor boy is forced to bend over for a thrashing with the leather belt, while a triumphant Molly witnesses his humiliation.

Victorian domestic belt thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Richard and Molly are utterly intimidating as they stand together by the fireplace – exactly as proper Victorian disciplinarians should. Stern, calm, authoritative, you can tell by Alex's trembling voice that he knows he won't be able to argue his way out of punishment.

The build-up to the beating is thrilling – Dr Richard Barton scolds Alex sternly about his behaviour, peppered with all the language that makes the Victorian period such fun for for spanking play. Alexander is told that he looks like a 'dandified fop' - and Dr Barton isn't furious, – he's 'very very displeased'.

What sends shivers down my spine is the very real look of fear on Alexander's face. I get the impression that he's so deep into his role that he's no longer entirely acting - the stern Dr Barton instils a genuine terror - exactly the kind you'd feel if you were really standing before him, waiting to be given a hard thrashing with the belt.

As he bends over, nervously presenting his bare bottom for the punishment, you can see that it is still red raw from the over the knee spanking he got from Molly Malone in chapter one. However, this beating puts that one in the shade.

Victorian domestic belt thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Alex's facial expressions make for compelling watching. When someone's getting spanked I like to know just how much it's affecting them - if you're the same then Alexander doesn't disappoint. From his terrified face after the first stroke to his gasps of shock as the belt lashes his bottom, you can tell the punishment is a severe one.

This thrashing is made even hotter by our knowledge of the relationship between the characters. Unrepentant Molly watches with a face like the cat that got the cream. She had previously threatened Alexander that her husband would take her side - and now she's totally vindicated. There can be few things more embarrassing for a young man than to be punished while a woman watches. Dr Barton is belting the boy because he believes it's the right thing to do, but Molly seems to take a sadistic pleasure in Alexander's suffering, and enjoys his cries of pain with undisguised delight.

Alexander does his best to be stoic and brave, but towards the end he can't help it - this is such a hard belt whipping that he breaks position and chokes back some sobs. At the ninth stroke I was wondering whether he'd make it to the end without begging for mercy. 

Victorian domestic belt thrashing at Dreams of Spanking

Want to find out if he did? Of course you do. 

My straight-girl porn lament

Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking

I've heard it from many straight girl friends before – the porn lament. You know the one: “I found some porn that really presses my buttons and all, but there's one problem: the guys in it are either looking disinterested, or notable by their absence.”

I've felt the same. Casually browsing some porn ,I'll come across a scenario that floats my particular boat, then halfway through utter a cry of rage and frustration when they cut away from shots of the guy. Women are beautiful, and I love seeing gorgeous women getting it on (or off, as the case may be), but I want to see the men too. Men with shoulder muscles, filthy grins, and lots of screentime.

I was going to write this blogpost about the latest photoset – Lace and Ribbon – and describe all the many ways in which it's awesome. But there are loads of awesome things you can see straight away: Pandora, dressed in a stunning lace ensemble, and subsequently just in tiny ribbon knickers that frame her perfect arse. Pandora bending over the arm of a sofa to display her hot naked self. Some beautiful couple shots where, watching D's hands caressing her, you get the feeling of being a voyeur – enjoying some of the couple's most intimate moments.

Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking

All these things get my heart racing.

But what gets my heart (and other parts lower down) positively thumping, is the fact that the camera gives D a lot of love too.

Hot, tattooed guy playing with a gorgeous girl? Yes please. Hot, toned guy grinning sexily and using his strong hands to caress every inch of his lover? Oh God don't stop. Hot, naked-from-the-waist-up guy wielding a riding crop? Just... hold me.

Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking

Of course, seeing more of everyone is one of the things I love about Dreams of Spanking anyway – no matter who's getting spanked and who's doing the spanking, we see beautiful body shots, loads of arse close-ups, and most importantly faces – the looks of lust, pain, and everything in between.

You really get a sense of who the people are, both male and female, the beauty of this is so apparent in the photosets Pandora and D do together. Both Lace and Ribbon, and the filthy, sensual, hardcore photoset from Valentine's Day have a similar atmosphere – that of two people who are really into each other. Both of them are centre-stage, with Pandora's desire for D as evident and reflected in the pictures as his for her.

We see her perfect arse in tiny ribbon knickers, bent over the sofa, framed at the window, and sigh with the same kind of desire we imagine D to have done. And then we get to see D, lounging on the sofa with riding crop in hand, and imagine the shivers it must have sent down Pandora's spine. Well, it would have if she were me.

Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking Sensual couple spanking in ribbon knickers and fetish heels at Dreams of Spanking

Sadistic scientist spanked

'Doctor of Pain' was one of the first videos I watched when I started writing for Pandora a couple of months ago. It's a Hammer Horror-esque film, complete with eccentric scientist, funny performances and sexy punishment. You should definitely watch it if you haven't already, it's a great combination of ultra-hard spanking and hilarious dialogue, and it'll also set you up nicely as an intro to part two – The Lab Rat's Revenge.

In this sequel Pandora, initially the lab rat for Leia-Ann Woods' 'science of pain' experiments, is now the one in control. And she has an axe to grind as she ties the sadistic doctor to her own experimenting table and seeks revenge.

Sadistic scientist tied down and beaten at Dreams of Spanking

The scene starts with Pandora trapped in a cupboard. Vulnerable, wearing only her knickers and bound hands and feet, the tension mounts as she struggles against her bonds. There's a definite horror film flavour - as she escapes, tiptoeing towards Leia-Ann and trying not to wake the eccentric doctor for fear of being captured again, you're still half wondering whether she'll manage to turn the tables.

I'll be honest – I enjoyed 'Doctor of Pain' so much that a part of me was hoping she would get caught, tied up and tormented some more.

Sadistic scientist tied down and beaten at Dreams of Spanking

But it's well worth rooting for Pandora. Leia-Ann Woods is so good in her role as the sadistic scientist that seeing her getting her comeuppance is a total joy. She's a great actress, and watching her face and hearing her cries of pain and outrage when she's tied down and beaten is incredibly good fun. When Pandora brings the wooden paddle into play, outrage takes a back seat and the doctor starts to gather some new and very personal insights on pain.

I love it when the tables get turned, and someone who has been on the receiving end of a beating gets to give their tormentor a taste of their own medicine. In this scene Pandora is clearly enjoying the opportunity for vengeance. Laying into the doctor with a flogger, tawse and other implements, she takes obvious pleasure when Leia-Ann squirms, and taunts her “are we learning something about pain?” But even as hot wax drips and burns her bare skin, the doctor stubbornly maintains that when it comes to science, the end justifies the means.

Sadistic scientist tied down and beaten at Dreams of Spanking

I won't spoil the ending, although it's worth watching this film in its entirety to see one of Leia-Ann's most memorable performances ever. Throughout the scene she and Pandora build a really fun, witty exchange into what is also an incredibly hot spanking, tawsing and paddling. Check it out for yourself, and see the unforeseen results of the Lab Rat's Revenge.

Click to view trailer for The%20Lab%20Rat's%20Revenge

Shooting in LA: Christy and Maddy

Schoolgirls Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie, Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake at Dreams of Spanking

The first Sunday I was in Los Angeles, Paul Kennedy put together a group shoot for Dreams and Northern Spanking, with Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie, me and Alex Reynolds, plus Alex's boyfriend Rafael helping out behind the camera.

Paul booked us a big studio with lots of different spaces - far more, really, than we had time to use over six scenes. We used four different sets in total plus the outdoor areas, and having so many people on set made the transitions surprisingly straightforward, so that the day as a whole felt very relaxed.

We had an epic snack table. Ethical porn might not be all about the catering, but good food on set definitely helps!

Shoot food at Dreams of Spanking

I hadn't shot with Christy and Maddy before, but I'd heard great things about them and was looking forward to meeting them. I also knew they were good friends with Alex and guessed they'd work well together. It turned out that the three of them together are quite the brat pack. What with the bows, the pigtails and the seemingly endless reserves of excitable energy, it was like a cuteness explosion!

Cute schoolgirls Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie at Northern Spanking

It's an unwritten law of spanking video production that when you have the opportunity to shoot with three or more bottoms at once, you have to do a school scene. The schoolgirl genre has been so overdone that I'm getting pretty bored with it these days (schoolboy, on the contrary, I am still entirely delighted by), but particularly when you have to find a plausible setup for a school scene with only one girl. For me, the point of the school kink is group punishments, social dynamics and public embarrassment.

So multiple spankees make it much more interesting, and given the opportunity to have up to four spankees and one spanker in front of the camera at once, both Paul and I leapt at the chance. We shot three school scenes overall that day, two for Northern and one for Dreams.

Schoolgirls Alex Reynolds and Christy Cutie paddled by headmistress Pandora Blake at Northern Spanking

Christy and Alex were too adorable in their matching school uniforms for Northern Spanking. Even better, I got to paddle them both side by side in my role as the strict headmistress!

When planning the Dreams of Spanking scenes, I'd emailed Christy and Maddy beforehand and consulted them. It was hard to know what would work without seeing the venue first - and without having met them yet. I scoured their blogs and tweets for inspiration.

I wanted each of them to bottom twice, so each girl would only be spanked four times over the course of the day, which required a bit of juggling. I asked if they liked to switch, and Christy seemed a little more keen than Maddy, so in the end I plumped for an F/F scene with Christy spanking Maddy, an M/F scene between Paul and Christy, and a four girl scene with Paul caning all of us.

Christy Cutie spanked at Dreams of Spanking

The girl/girl scene was inspired by an illustration I found on tumblr, which to me suggests the power dynamic between a newly married sister and the one still living at home. In olden times, of course, when young ladies always lived at home until they were married. To give it an extra twist, I made Christy the younger sister, who lords it over her older unmarried sister Maddy in much the same way as Lydia does over Jane and Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice, when she comes back as Mrs Wickham.

Christy Cutie is Maddy Marks' married sister at Dreams of Spanking

Our school film was based on a storyline by Steve C, a friend in the scene, who originally wrote it for two schoolgirls and two schoolboys. (So tempting - but I don't know when or if I'll ever be able to assemble that sort of cast! Perhaps I can reprise the idea later if it becomes possible.) Alex and I took on the roles played by boys in the original, as swots from the posh, private school which is very strict. Here we are in our boring plain uniforms.

Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake as schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking Alex Reynolds and Pandora Blake as schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

Meanwhile, Christy and Maddy's school is considerably more relaxed - and their uniforms are way cuter!

Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks and Christy Cutie as schoolgirls at Dreams of Spanking

The story is about the contrast between the disciplinary styles at the two schools ... and how Christy and Maddy get an in-person demonstration of strict, old fashioned school punishment. I think Rafa snapped this photo of the other three while I was touching my toes in the school hall for a caning. Given they're waiting by the wall for their turn, I'm pretty sure they should all be looking more sympathetic - or nervous...

We rounded the day off with an austere institutional scene for Northern Spanking, with all of us punished in the great hall on stage while Paul addressed an imaginary assembly. Hot!

Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie and Pandora Blake are orphans punished at Northern Spanking Alex Reynolds, Maddy Marks, Christy Cutie and Pandora Blake are orphans punished at Northern Spanking

I really enjoyed working with Christy and Maddy - they are both enthusiastic spankos and great fun on set. They look fantastic and have great roleplay skills, and they can take a good spanking too! Alex has written a great report on this shoot on the Northern Spanking forum, with lots of behind the scenes tidbits and more details about the scenes we shot for Northern.

After the shoot we all went out for dinner and Maddy and Christy's boyfriends joined us too. The night was rounded off with some fun in the hot tub. Overall it was one of the most relaxed shoot days I've ever been on. If only it was always that easy!

What's the best spanking material?

I've waxed lyrical on this blog before about transparent knickers – the pair Vix Vixxxen wears in her introductory shoot being a perfect example of sheer panties that are ideal to get spanked in. You can watch her bum turning red as she gets smacked, and the sheer material itself adds so much to the experience.

Then there's spanking over denim short shorts. For instance, in Corporal Punishment we can see Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey being spanked over tight denim.

Ms Vixxxen spanked in sheer knickers at Dreams of Spanking Amelia Jane Rutherford and Caroline Grey spanked in denim shorts at Dreams of Spanking

Our latest photoset will be perfect if you're into leather. Pandora Blake and Thomas Cameron enjoy a flirty, playful outdoor spanking. He's dressed in a leather jacket, and she's wearing tiny leather shorts – that snugly encase her bottom for the paddle.

Pandora Blake spanked in leather shorts at Dreams of Spanking

So it got me thinking: do you have a preference? I'm a sucker for denim and leather. Both to wear and to watch. There's a delicious hard thuddy sound when you get beaten through either of these fabrics, and getting spanked in jeans is one of my favourite things. You can still feel it but the denim takes the edge off the sting, freeing you up to enjoy the delicious thud. I love being spanked in jeans knowing that they'll soon come off.

I know others prefer latex or PVC – do they sting harder when you're belted or caned through them? I think so. Lacy or ribbon knickers are perfect for presentation, tempting whoever sees them to pay attention to your arse. White cotton is signature for that innocent feel.

So I thought I'd throw the question open to spanking enthusiasts – by which I mean you lovely lot – what's your favourite material to get spanked in? Or to spank someone in? Leather? PVC? Latex? Denim? Or something else I haven't thought of yet...

Pandora Blake spanked in leather shorts at Dreams of Spanking

Male spankee shoot in Bristol

I'm writing this on the train on our way to Bristol for a two day shoot with three new male performers. I'm currently sitting next to David Weston, a brand new spankee who is making his spanking video debut today, shooting F/M scenes with me and Nimue. David is the same age as me - 29 - and a lifestyle submissive, who is into spanking, bratting, femdom, latex gloves and medical play. We've got some awesome scenes planned which definitely play into his fantasies, including Victorian, schoolboy and a story set in a sci-fi medical bay.

David Weston

I don't think either of us got much sleep last night. David tells me he was lying awake with first-shoot nerves, and I was up late with the usual shoot preparations: making callsheets and printing them (which meant going to the shop for a new ink cartridge), sorting everyone's pay into named envelopes, writing costume and props lists, packing, charging cameras, finding memory cards, briefing AJ on various things to do in my absence, and of course finishing this week's video ready to push it live tomorrow. Which, by the way, you are going to love.

We're staying in Bristol overnight and spending tomorrow shooting M/M at the same venue - with another two new guys, Seani Love and Ron Beastly.

Seani Love is a fun-loving erotic and spiritual adventurer who enjoys kink, ritual, Tantra and intimacy. He's a professional top whose interests and skills include  healing, transformation, vicious BDSM, spanking, rope bondage and ritual initiation into the mysteries.

Seani Love

I first heard of Seani when I saw these amazing photos of him topping Zoe Montana (AKA Helena May):

Seani Love and Helena May - photos by Leela Sky Seani Love and Helena May - photos by Leela Sky
Seani Love and Helena May - photos by Leela Sky

I met Seani for coffee in March and we came up with loads of scene ideas for both M/F and M/F, and I'm looking forward to bottoming to him myself on future shoots. This time, however, he will be working with Ron Beastly. Ron is a trans man and aspiring queer porn star, cam model, and self-described furry creature and pixie boy. Molly Malone met him at a queer event in London at the start of the year and when she found out he was kinky and interested in working in porn, she eagerly put us in touch with him.

Ron Beastly Ron Beastly


In addition to their ginger furriness (talk about a great casting for father and son!) Seani and Ron share an interest in the magical, mystical and sacred. We will be exploring various fantastical themes in our shoot tomorrow, including beast play, werewolves, witches and wizards. The scene I'm most looking forward to, however, is the one I know least about. Seani and Ron are both practitioners of dark tantra and conscious kink, and so I will be opening the floor to them for a conscious kink ritual. I have no idea what it will look like, but I'm excited.

Check out Ron's blog for a post about his anticipation about his first spanking shoot, as well as some hints about some of the other stuff we'll be filming with him for a new, secret project.

You can follow Ron Beastly and Seani Love on twitter at @RonBeastlyxxx and @Seanifool.

Honey trap beating for James Darling

If you've been reading Pandora's blogposts from the Feminist Porn Awards, you'll already know how excited she was about shooting with James Darling, the gorgeous FTM porn star who runs FTM Fucker.

The Honey Trap begins with Pandora confronting James over his betrayal – he's been contacting other women for femdom, under the (mistaken) impression that his girlfriend Pandora wouldn't want to dominate him. Having replied to one of his online ads under a different name, Pandora arranges to meet him, and when she turns up at his hotel room to confront him, sparks fly.

Click to view trailer for The%20Honey%20Trap

This isn't one of those subtle, slow build-ups during which we all ache with anticipation. The Honey Trap is intense, angry, and in-your-face. Pandora orders James to strip naked and get on the bed so she can spank him like a naughty boy. James – clearly delighted that she's embracing her dominant side – obliges eagerly. He arches his back, begs for extra strokes, and moans deliciously throughout the hard spanking with hand and belt.

James Darling spanked and dominated by Pandora Blake

When I talk about the 'unngh' feeling, I mean that impossible-to-describe kick in the gut of lust that strikes you when someone does something just right. It might be a firm hand smacking your arse or pushing your face into the bed, or the way someone runs the belt along your spine before delivering a stinging thwack. All this and more happens in this film, and at each moment James perfectly expresses that hot feeling with moans and happy groans that punctuate every stroke.

Pandora certainly makes the most of getting her hands on one of her porn idols - this is one of her most explicit scenes to date. She gets physical with James, gripping by the throat, running her hands all over his gorgeous arse, and she even makes him lick and worship her patent fetish heels while she decides how best to punish him.

What is it about high heels? I always find that wearing them makes me feel that bit more dominant. I walk taller and carry myself in a more confident way. For Pandora, they clearly provide inspiration for humiliation and pain – she not only makes him kiss them, but trails the smooth patent leather and sharp heel teasingly down his body, and even presses the toe into his crotch, teasing him with threats of being trampled. The heat rises as James submits, and the result is a very sexy femdom spanking.

James Darling spanked and dominated by Pandora Blake

I love the dialogue in this scene. James' surprise that Pandora is willing to dominate him is contrasted with Pandora's angry indignation that he'd try to get his spanking needs met somewhere else.

“I've never seen you like this before.”

“You've never made me this angry before.”

She shows her anger not just with words – calling him a 'slut' and a 'dirty boy' – but with actions. She pushes and holds him firmly in position for punishment - on his hands and knees on the bed for a bare bottom spanking, with his face pressed submissively into the bedsheets for the belt... and she even wraps the belt around his neck to pull him upright for a kiss.

There's a raw intensity here – a chemistry born of excitement and novelty. James admits in his interview that although he loves to be spanked he hasn't been seriously worked over in some time, and based on his post-shoot tweets, this scene seemed to hit the spot. Having read Pandora's write-up of filming with James Darling, I can feel what it was like to be there. Late at night, tired but excited, keen to put on an awesome performance with one of your porn crushes.

Towards the end, Pandora sits on James and pins him to the bed as she fingers him and rubs his trans dick. It's clear from the behind the scenes materials how much fun they're both having. I get the distinct impression that Pandora at least doesn't want the scene to be over quite yet...

James Darling spanked and dominated by Pandora Blake

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