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Sleepy Lola Marie gets spanked awake

I feel Lola Marie's pain in this week's video. Not just the stinging pain of Thomas Cameron's smacks on her bare bottom, but the agony of having to get out of bed when you're warm and cosy and tucked up in your PJs.

Sleepyhead starts with some gorgeous shots of the sleeping girl luxuriating in the joy of a nice lie-in, and soon turns into a cheeky and playful punishment scene. Thomas realises that Lola is far too reluctant to get out of bed, and decides to punish her with a wake-up spanking – which grows harder as he's compelled to punish her for cheeky back-chat as well.

Sleepy girl Lola Marie spanked in pyjamas at Dreams of Spanking

The first part of the spanking is delightfully flirtatious, as Thomas takes Lola over his knee she's by turns sulky and funny, playing with him just enough to make sure she deserves her punishment. There's a gorgeous exchange shortly after the spanking begins when she tells Thomas just how warm her bed is, and he replies: “I can organise warmth in more than one way.” I know he's referring to the warmth that comes from a spanked bum, but there's a genuine warmth between the two characters here too, which reminds me of many of my favourite sexy mornings in bed...

Sleepy girl Lola Marie spanked in pyjamas at Dreams of Spanking

This is an elegantly simple spanking video, and Lola's costume is the definition of sexy casual – short pyjamas that show off her gorgeous round bottom. It can't be said enough: Lola-Marie has a beautiful arse. All the shots in this video make the absolute most of it – from the beginning when she settles herself over Thomas's knee, to right at the end where we're treated to lots of close-ups of it bright red and stinging as she gets spanked on the bed.

One of the best things about this scene in my opinion is prompted by Thomas's requests to “arch your hips for me now please” - the neat efficiency with which Lola arches her hips, to allow him to pull down her short pyjamas and knickers, and her beautiful bottom as he slides her PJs down – could there be a sexier wake-up call than this?


beautiful young woman

I have enjoyed all of the scenes with Lola, did you really do all of your scenes with her in one day?

We did indeed - and this scene, Sleepyhead, I was directing/filming immediately after shooting my 100 stroke belt whipping! Crazy, hey?

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